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May 29, 2012

Photo of the Day Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken Mural

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Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

Today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day is from Windmill Hotdogs in Hoboken featuring their colorful mural that adorns the restaurants back wall.

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May 12, 2012

Windmill Hotdogs Makes Grand Opening Yesterday in Hoboken

Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

Windmill hotdogs had their grand opening yesterday at 79 Hudson Street in Hoboken. Comedian Artie Lange, other celebrities  and Mayor Dawn Zimmer were there earlier in the afternoon to try the hot dogs and other fare. TheBoken.com tried the regular hot dog and the chili dog and has the following initial observations:

  1. The hot dogs are huge. They extend out of the bun]
  2. The taste is great and these are high quality dogs.
  3. The chili sauce was also very tasty.
  4. The crinkle cut French fries were crispy.
  5. They also do have some healthier choices on the menu as well. 

Their website is http://www.windmillrestaurantsusa.com and this replaces the Lucky Burger restaurant that had a brief run in Hoboken. They currently have franchises in New Jersey but plan to expand to other states as opportunities come up. Below are some photos of the new restaurant…..


Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

The mural was done by Melinda’s Window Advertising and Mural’s. She can be reached at melindows@optonline.net

Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

The kitchen area

Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

People having conversation while eating hot dogs. Yes, it is possible. Their hot dogs are so good!

Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

The large sized menu

Snooki at Windmill Hotdogs Hoboken

And perhaps nothing says sensuality more than Snooki eating a hot dog on her way to Jersey City. Just kidding on that one. Smile

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