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May 13, 2013

Mommies 24/7 triples number of city sites in New Jersey

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Mommies 24/7 may have started in Hoboken, but much like this editor’s waistline it keeps expanding to many other cities in New Jersey…..

Mommies 24/7 triples number of city sites in New Jersey

Mommies 24-7 Hoboken Website May 2013Mommies 24/7, the online community that has reached thousands of moms in just four New Jersey towns, is expanding to meet moms throughout the region. The original sites in Hoboken, Summit, Montclair and Nutley have added neighboring towns across Hudson, Union, Essex, and Morris Counties.

The sites connect moms online and in real life with playdates, family fun nights, expectant mother socials and exciting nights out for moms. The sites publish original content, list local businesses and events, and review trusted service providers. Moms can create free profiles to meet and share tips whether they’re raising newborns, teenagers or anything in between.

Mommies 24/7 founder Sarah Himmelbaum said that after launching the flagship site in Hoboken last February, she kept meeting moms from surrounding towns. “Moms were coming to our events from Jersey City, Edgewater and beyond,” she said. “We realized we have to expand and meet the demand for the community and networking that Mommies 24/7 provides.”

New Jersey moms can visit the main Mommies 24/7 website and choose their home city. The new cities include Berkeley Heights, Bloomfield, Chatham, Glen Ridge, Jersey City, Madison, Millburn, New Providence, Short Hills, Verona, and West Orange and others.

Stacey Chaleff, who launched the Summit site last December, said she’s excited to expand. “We’ve had such a warm welcome in Summit and have met many great moms and local businesses that it felt natural to broaden the scope,” she said. “We moms are all in this together; we all go through the same highs and lows, and there’s just no better way to share them then through Mommies 24/7. Mommies are Mommies no matter what zip code you live in!”

Himmelbaum said she’s always eager to meet moms who want to launch Mommies 24/7 sites in new towns, whether in New Jersey or anywhere in the United States. Moms who are interested in starting a new career owning and editing a site should contact her at sarah@mommies247.com.

In the meantime, visit www.mommies247.com, get a free profile, and begin meeting, mixing, sharing and dishing with all the moms in your town!

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April 15, 2013

Moving Into or Out of Hoboken? – Save 5% Instant Cash Back with Unpakt

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As wonderful as Hoboken is to live in, it is still quite the transient community where people change jobs a careers as well as move to the suburbs once their children grow older. As such it can help of you can minimize moving costs a bit.Unpakt Logo

The website Unpakt lets you find reputable movers, compare exact prices and book online – instantly. Think of it like Kayak or Expedia for trustworthy moving companies. Named one of The Next Web’s Top 10 Apps for Home and Work, Unpakt streamlines the entire “booking a mover” process to under an hour and features over 25 of the best moving companies in the NJ/NY area.

Receive 5% instant cash back on your next move! Enter promo code: UNPAKT5 on www.Unpakt.com when booking and save. Move must be booked by 7/31/13.

Please use this URL when linking to Unpakt (to give Theboken.com credit for promo): Link to Deal

Unpakt Moving Coupon Hoboken Use by 7-31-2013

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Hoboken Startup A Brighter Mile to Help Parents with Childcare Decisions

A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) is an online community that connects local families with educators who babysit, tutor and coach. They are a small business looking to help the Hoboken community by creating jobs and providing local families with the highest-quality childcare available.

Some quick facts about the company are:

  • They currently have 30 educators listed on the website and are growing rapidly.
  • All listed educators live or work in Hoboken.
  • Founded by a special education teacher and a large contingency of our teachers have special education backgrounds.
  • Strong advocate for anti-bullying and children with special needs.
  • Monthly ($30), Half-Year ($120) and Yearly ($200) memberships
  • Listed on Hoboken Mommies and Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group websites.

Below is a business launch press release detailing the company….

A Brighter Mile Hoboken



After a year of behind-the-scenes work, Hoboken resident Allison Bartels unveiled her solution for families seeking reliable childcare services. On Monday, April 1st, A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) went live as Hoboken’s new one-stop-shop connecting local families with educators who offer babysitting, tutoring and coaching services.

Unlike other babysitting sites and agencies, A Brighter Mile childcare providers must be licensed to work within a state school system. Listed childcare providers are local teachers, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists – all professionals who work with children on a daily basis.

To simplify how parents connect with educators, the site allows users to conduct searches based on qualifications such as education level, special education background, and CPR/Epi-Pen certifications, to name a few. All educators have detailed profiles listing areas of expertise and availability to help families find the best and most suitable care for their children.

In addition to its online community, A Brighter Mile will be active within the Hoboken community. On May 5th, A Brighter Mile will have a booth at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. On May 15th, President and Founder, Allison Bartels, will be speaking at the Hoboken Mommies – Mommy Lunch. Over the course of the summer, other events will include CPR classes hosted by FDNY paramedics, child outings to Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars, and parent seminars on Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB).

While A Brighter Mile is currently focused on serving the Hoboken community, it is expanding its reach throughout the New York Metro Area by allowing educators to indicate their willingness to travel nearby. Prior to joining, families from surrounding areas are encouraged to preview listed educators to determine if there is one who meets their needs.

A Brighter Mile offers monthly ($30), half-year ($120) and yearly ($200) memberships. However, now through April 18th, the site is offering a 25% discount on all initial rates to promote their launch.

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February 20, 2013

hMag hMixer at Lousie and Jerry’s Thursday February 21st, 2013 7pm-11pm

Here are the latest hMag hMIXER Details coming up this Thursday in Hoboken…..

hMag Mixer 2-21-2013

Presented by: hMAG, Louise & Jerry’s and Saint Mary Advocates. Live music by Nipsy. Drink specials: Jameson, Jack Daniels, and Heineken.

Date: Thursday, February 21st, 2013
Time: 7PM – 11PM
Place: Louise & Jerry’s
Address: 329 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ.

Live Music: Nipsy

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January 22, 2013

hMAG’s January 2013 mixer at Carpe Diem in Hoboken Thursday January 24 7-11pm!

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Join Hoboken Volunteers at hMAG’s January 2013 mixer at Carpe Diem Thursday January 24 from 7-11pm!

hMag Mixer Carpe Diem 1-24-2013

Presented by: hMAG, Carpe Diem and Hoboken Volunteers. Live music by Adam McDonough. Drink specials by Bootlegger Vodka. Raffles will benefit the Hoboken VFW.

Date: Thursday, January 24th
Time: 7PM – 11PM
Place: Carpe Diem
Address: 1405 Grand Street, Hoboken, NJ
Phone: (201) 792-0050

Live music by  Adam McDonough

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/226755407460893/




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July 31, 2012

Discovery Map – Hoboken

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The company Discovery map has merchant sponsored maps for many cities in the US and Hoboken is one of them as well as neighboring Jersey City. This map seems to be heavily sponsor driven so many establishments are not included. Wouldn’t it be a great ideato have an interactive map as well as printed map that includes all Hoboken establishments both retail, bar and restaurants? And one that is done in a classy upscale style to reflect the shopper demographic potential. At least some merchants think so and one in particular mentioned the idea.  Expect to possibly see more on this coming soon if Midtown Authentic owner and TheBoken.com correspondent Rory Chadwick has his way…

Anyway, below is the embedded map of Hoboken from Discovery Map. For direct access to their website go to http://hoboken.discoverymap.com/. They also have a mobile version as well.

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September 19, 2011

Half Buzzed Hostess Blog in Hoboken Rates the Cannoli

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Hoboken centric Food Blog “Half Buzzed Hostess” has a post up on who has the best cannoli in Hoboken. She chose Cammareri’s Brooklyn Bakery, Carlo’s Bakery and Giorgio Pasticcerie Italian for a taste test amongst her 100% Italian or 50% Italian friends and family.

Cannoli Taste Off

From left to right: Cammareri’s Brooklyn Bakery #1, Carlo’s Bakery #2 and Giorgio Pasticcerie Italian #3 for the taste test. This was not the order of finish.

TheBoken can tell you that Carlo’s Bakery did not win the taste test but will not give away a complete spoiler and give you the link to the final results instead. It just goes to show you that success can have its down side when you try to mass produce bake goods on a larger scale.

Link to the cannoli taste test article: http://halfbuzzedhostess.com/2011/09/14/the-best-cannoli-in-hoboken/

Question: Were any other bakeries left out that should have been included? What is your favorite place for cannoli in Hoboken. Share your thoughts below….

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August 30, 2011

TheBoken Thanks Its Readers for Their Support and Big Traffic Increase

The Boken Irene Stats 8-22 8-29

During the last 8 days TheBoken has seen record traffic numbers with 53,424 pageviews over that period. A good portion of that was due to Hurricane Irene. Readers came to the Boken for valuable information during a storm  that could have been very destructive but thankfully was not. Our peak day was Sunday with 16,412 page views according to Google Analytics. Now, we are sure that this traffic will not be sustainable from that peak day but this event in all likelihood increased our base of readership.

The Live Blog was a valuable tool that took in input from residents of Hoboken as well as local media via Twitter feeds to give next to real time data for Hobokenites to process in one place. The next big event such as a volcano or an alien invasion will have TheBoken using this tool once again. Kudos to all who sent in pics to the Boken or the Twitter hashtag #Hoboken. It gave the readers assessments of what was happening as it was happening.

Another plus from this weekend was the growth in Twitter followers for TheBoken. We added over 300 new followers last week alone and now have almost 5,800 followers on Twitter. The Founders of TheBoken started this site on Twitter first and that legacy is one of the strengths of TheBoken’s online presence. The number of retweets of our tweets was staggering this weekend.

The Boken Twit Sprout 1

TheBoken is averaging 15.8 new followers per day. On Sunday alone TheBoken sent out over 80 tweets to keep Hoboken in the know as well as our normal website posts.

The Boken Twit Sprout 2

Our Facebook presence also showed good growth over the last month. Our lifetime likes increased 133 to 1,755 with 1,505 monthly active users and 155,038 post views.

The Boken Facebook Stats 8-30-2011

And lastly Quantcast shows that the latest US monthly readership is over 22,000 people. Quantcast is a nice tool since it does not count traffic from unscrupulous website owners that use bots to artificially drive up traffic. It levels the playing field and TheBoken finds it a valuable tool. We are now ranked the 64,574th website in the US based on total number of monthly people. We are now at the point where we don’t care what Hoboken 411 is up to and that is good for the community as a whole. At least now Hoboken has another truly authentically local alternative and that’s what the free market is all about. The Quantcast ranking is a big jump up in the rankings for us. It is only possible with your support. Thanks again readers.

The Boken Quantcast

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August 20, 2011

The Boken Online has More Monthly Reach than Hoboken 411 According to Quantcast

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According to Quantcast.com’s latest numbers, TheBokenOnline has now exceeded Hoboken411 in terms of monthly US people that visit the site. In the most recent month TheBokenOnline had about 8,652 US people and Hoboken 411 had about 8,337 US people.

The caveat to this statistic is that Hoboken 411′s is currently estimated by Quantcast. At one point it was directly measured but the website owner Perry Klaussen, who is known to wear shorts year round and gives his dog Oscar hideous haircuts, blocked it from public view somewhat after his nose-diving traffic numbers were featured in an article on HobokenPatch.

TheBokenOnline is happy to reach this milestone for at least one method of website traffic measurement. TheBoken feels that our mostly positive message about Hoboken events and place to meet up offer an alternative to the sometimes brooding misery and negativity over at Hoboken411. Now this does not conclusively mean that our website has more traffic. It just means that the order of magnitude that Hoboken411 claims simply does not exist with a high degree of statistical certainty. Quantcast also has methodology to take out traffic generated by programmatic means (i.e. bots) that unscrupulous website owners use to pump up their traffic.  Local advertisers should take note. TheBokenOnline still has ad space available.

Most recent month- TheBokenOnline has 8,652 US people!

TheBokenOnline Quantcast 8-20-2011

Most recent month- Hoboken411 has 8,337 US people, a bit less than TheBokenOnline

Hoboken 411 Quantcast stats 8-20-2011

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July 13, 2011

New Website Townery Launch at the Wicked Wolf Thursday, July 14th 7 – 9pm

There is yet another new website being launched out of Hoboken, for Hoboken – Townery. It’s a new destination where people can find, post and share events in their town and easily navigate the events by nine different categories or by timeframe – this week, this weekend or today.  It is being launched  this week in four different towns: Hoboken, Brooklyn and two areas down the New Jersey Shore Belmar/Point Pleasant and Wildwood/Cape May. You can see the site here: http://www.townery.com/

Townery Launch Party

Launch Party: Townery is  having a launch party on Thursday, July 14th at the Wicked Wolf from 7pm – 9pm. More information is provided here about the Party: http://www.townery.com/events/1047793479

Drink Special: Show www.Townery.com on your smartphone and you’ll get a wristband to buy $3 drinks – well drinks, draft beer and wine.

Editor’s Note: TheBoken does have event features as well as Hoboken Patch and perhaps Townery could become a competitor for ad revenue but TheBoken is confident in its market niche. After all, of all Hoboken related sites we have the largest social media presence with over 5,100 Twitter followers.

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