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August 1, 2012

Mumford and Sons Weather Forecast in Hoboken – Possible T-Storms Until 7PM but Clear After That

With the Mumford and Sons Concert at Pier A Park scheduled for tonight Hoboken in focus: here is an update on the weather that has some concerned that it could rain out the show that has 15,000 concerts goers expected to attend. The latest forecast according www.weather.com has possible isolated T-storms and t-storms starting at 5pm but ending at 7pm. This could effect early opening acts but if the forecast holds up will still allow for three hours or so of performance time even in the worst case scenario. The radar shows a system that isn’t too large so once it passes things should be ok. Keep in mind that this information is from the weather experts¬† and not TheBoken.com.

Suggestion: Since people are not allowed to bring umbrellas perhaps a poncho should be worn just in case.

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