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April 17, 2013

Enter TheBoken.com’s Two Ticket Giveaway to the 4-24-2013 Dishcrawl (a $90 Value) Free!

Dish Crawl Hoboken 4-24-2013

Dishcrawl Returns To Wednesday, April 24th Hoboken!

Join the folks at Dishcrawl on Wednesday, April 24th as they explore four of the city’s most tantalizing eateries, each boasting 3 unique chef chosen specialties, guaranteed to delight your taste buds. A city rich in diversity, culture, and tradition, Hoboken is a foodie’s dream! With over 200 restaurants nestled within a bit over 1 square mile, Hoboken Dishcrawl brings the culinary excitement of New York City without the dreadful commute or exorbitant prices.

Don’t wait, tickets are selling quickly! In fact only 5 are left as of 2:00pm April 17th.

It’s a guessing game! They are keeping the names of the restaurants secret for now, but here and there they will give you some hints. Follow them on Twitter @Dishcrawlhob and be the first to know!

Where to Meet Up:  All ticket holders will be notified of meeting location via email, 48 hours prior to the event.

I’m a Vegetarian: Vegetarian options are available, however the may not be able to accommodate other dietary restrictions. If you have any particular requests or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact them.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are taken only if given 48 hours advance notice. All Dishcrawl events are held rain or shine.

Questions?: Contact Alexandra: She is your Hoboken Dishcrawl Ambassador! Her email is Alexandrab@dishcrawl.com.

About Dishcrawl: Food, Fun, and Exploration! We here at Dishcrawl aim to provide you with a premier culinary social experience by bringing together neighborhood restaurants, local chefs, regional food producers and fellow food enthusiasts. Join Dish Crawl if you’d like to embark on a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure!

Get Tickets: Go to http://www.dishcrawl.com/hoboken/ to buy tickets or enter (drumroll please) ….

TheBoken.com’s Two Ticket giveaway to the 4-24-2013 Dishcrawl

Option 1:

  1. Follow TheBokenOnline on Facebook or let us know what your Facebook account is if you already do in the comments below.
  2. Comment below with your name and Facebook Account and that you’ve entered via FB!

Option 2:

  1. Follow TheBoken @TheBoken on Twitter ot let us know what your Twitter account is if you already do in the comments below.
  2. Comment below with your name and Twitter Account and that you’ve entered via Twitter!

Option 3:

Hoboken Girl is also having a contest as well giving away two free tickets. Go to her post to see her rules which are slightly different. The link is: http://hobokengirl.com/dishcrawl-round-2-is-april-24th-win-2-free-tickets-giveaway/

The Boken.com’s giveaway ends Monday, April 21st at 08:00am. If you really have to go and not leave it to chance-  make sure to purchase your tickets – seats are limited! The winner will be drawn at random from all completed entries. Please note that comments are filtered due to spam bots so please be patient for your comment to go through. You will be contacted via a follow up post Monday morning April 21st. If you are the winner send confirmation to theboken@gmail.com as soon as you can.

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March 24, 2013

DJ Kurt Hudson Tavern Party Recap – TheBoken.com Spins Tunes Till Closing Time

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DJay Screen Shot DJ Kurt

One of the best apps for iPad by far and away in my humble opinion is DJay by Algoriddim. The link for the app is at http://www.algoriddim.com/djay and this app gives you pretty much a full functioning portable DJ studio, all just on your iPad. The app allows you to automix, scratch, adjust tempo without bending pitch, access your iTunes Library, loop and provide a variety of effects like the pros. The interface is slick and and very easy to learn and I have had a lot of fun with it during my DJ Kurt nights every Wednesday at the Elysian Cafe Fall through Spring. I usually start there at 9:30pm or when the dinner crowd winds down. You can spin tunes and playlists just using the standard iTunes app but this just adds a lot more possibilities.  I had started out doing my guest DJ duties with the old school iPod wheel but this app can make an amateur keep a lively mix and dance party going.

Last night I was guest DJ at the Hudson Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. Normally Ruben who bartends there weekends runs the music show but he was off duty last night and the other Saturday bartender Kerry asked me to fill in as a guest DJ. I would like to thank Kerry for the invite and all my friends and acquaintances who seemed to enjoy the night. I play a wide variety of music from different eras but on a Saturday night you generally have to stick with party rock and upbeat danceable songs. Still, I was able to sneak in some Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Ray Charles to give the night a bit of old school variety. Professional DJ’s need not worry about me taking over the Hoboken Club scene, I just occasionally do it for fun as being editor of TheBoken.com is enough of an extracurricular activity. I did not promote this event but next time I get the call as guest I will let readers know.

But just in case someone else needs a guest DJ I have a new logo in mind:)……

DJ Kurt with phrase


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June 29, 2012

“Ted” The Movie Preview at Hoboken Clearview Cinemas Recap and Weekend Schedule

Hoboken Cinemas InteriorUniversal Studios reached out to the TheBoken over a week ago to do another movie preview event with us for the upcoming comedy movie “Ted” starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis and Written by Seth MacFarlane of the TV series “The Family Guy”. The event was held at 7:30 pm Wednesday June 27th at Hoboken Clearview Cinemas and TheBoken.com was able to giveaway over 100 free passes the the event. The theater was mostly full for this “free” preview and the quality of the movie in terms of comedic value made it well worth it for those in attendance.

While the plot may have been a little bit thin, the movie consistently delivered laughs throughout the entire 106 minutes. The main character “Ted”, a CGI rendered talking Teddy Bear with a penchant for foul language and rude remarks was voiced by Seth MacFarlane himself and had so many one-liners it was hard to keep track. The humor in the movie is certainly not PC and McFarland not worried about the FCC is able to let loose here.  Still, despite the plethora of lower brow humor in the film, there are moments of wit to match but both styles of comedy are superbly executed.

TheBoken.com highly recommends this film for anyone over 17 who is not easily offended and appreciates a good laugh.This will easily go into my top ten list of comedies in the last decade or so. Seth MacFarlane really knocks it out of the park in his big screen debut.

Ted Showtimes at Clearview Cinemas in Hoboken this weekend:

Below are some reviews of Ted:

NY Times (negative): http://movies.nytimes.com/2012/06/29/movies/ted-by-seth-macfarlane-with-mark-wahlberg-and-mila-kunis.html

Rolling Stone (positive): http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/reviews/ted-20120628

Daily News (mostly positive): http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movie-review-ted-article-1.1103978?


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May 11, 2012

Hoboken Photo Booth Recap- TheBoken.com gets some free publicity at Arts and Music Festival

Hoboken Photo Booth 3

On Sunday May 6th, Photo Adventure Trading used some of the Photos from our Photo of the Day series to paint a black and white backdrop for their photo booth that ran from 11-6pm at the festival that day. They used photo from Mario’s Pizza, Hoboken City Hall, 1st Street Barbershop, and Empire Coffee and Tea as well as others. Nothing like a bit of free advertising for TheBoken.com as well as the featured businesses. I would like to thank Anastacia form Photo Adventure Trading for reaching out to us and helping spread the good new about our website and Hoboken’s great photo graphic landmarks. As editor of this website,  I was more than happy to share my photographic perspective and glad to see she could put those photos to good use.

Link to event recap: http://www.photoadventuretrading.com/hoboken-in-springtime.html

Here is a brief thank you note from Photo Adventure Trading:

“Our Springtime celebration photo booth was colorful and fun! We were thrilled to participate in the Hoboken Spring Art and Music Festival with this one-of-a-kind photo booth.

Thanks to Kurt from TheBoken.com, whose Photo of the Day series inspired our hand-painted backdrop.

We hope you enjoy your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!”

Hoboken Photo Booth 2

Hoboken Photo Booth 1

Below is one of the two photo galleries from the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival May 6th:

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May 10, 2012

Photo of the Day – Court Street Restaurant and Bar

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Court Street Bar HDR

Here is a photo of Court Street Restaurant and Bar’s bar area which is one of my favorite stops in Hoboken for this editor. Let us know your favorite bar and TheBoken.com Will try and get some photos as well. Drop us an email for photo of the day suggestions let us know at theboken@gmail.com. Also let us  know if you are interested in learning HDR Photography basics. If enough interest is generated TheBoken.com could have a introductory class at some point.

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May 8, 2012

DJ Kurt and Hoboken Social Sandbox at O’Nieals in Hoboken Friday May 11th 8pm

TheBoken.com is sponsoring a DJ Happy Hour with Hoboken Social Sandbox at Hoboken’s cozy neighborhood bar and restaurant  O’Nieals on Friday May 11th at 8pm. The first 20 people get a complimentary drink:  beer, wine, or house liquor on TheBoken.com. Why only 20? Hey, we are not Patch with a $160 million dollars to throw around courtesy of AOL but we do promise that you will have a good time if you like good music and dancing. Kudos to Alexis from the Hoboken Social Sandbox and Christina, bartender at O’Nieals for making this event happen.

What:  Hoboken Social Sandbox and DJ Kurt Happy Hour
When: Friday May 11th starting at  8pm
Where: O’Nieals Hoboken, NJ 07030
Address: 343 Park Avenue Hoboken, NJ

Drink Specials: The first 20 people get a complimentary drink:  beer, wine, or house liquor on TheBoken.com.

Link to Event: http://www.hobokensocialsandbox.com/events/63924032/

Theboken.com‘s editor “DJ Kurt” will be playing the tunes via iPod and iPhone to help keep the party lively.  As DJ (I use the term loosely) and editor of this site my tastes vary from 70′s funk, 80′s pop, classic rock,  old school hip hop, and some of the newer folk based alternative rock and party music as well. I change up my playlists based on crowd reaction and my mantra is to keep it mostly upbeat and varied.

Also, the Hoboken Social Sandbox has these two upcoming events:


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May 3, 2012

TheBoken.com’s Photo of the Day and Photo Adventure Trading Company Photo Booth at Arts and Music Festival May 6th

TheBoken.com and  Photo Adventure Trading Company have combined their efforts to present to you a unique opportunity to take photos with your friends with Hoboken in the backdrop for this weekend’s Art and Music Festival this Sunday May 6th. The photos for the backdrop are provided by TheBoken.com’s Photo of the Day Series and used to create a  hand-painted backdrop for the photo booth by Anastasia Spada of Photo Adventure Trading Company.

Photo of the Day- Art & Music Fest Photo Booth May 6th

Thus, Photo Adventure Trading Co is excited to have a special photo booth at this weekend’s Hoboken Spring Art & Music Festival May 6th from 11am -6pm!
They  have been bringing interactive & original photo booths to local events for over a year now.  Their  photographer, props, and special backdrops make the your photos fun and unique!
For the Springtime in Hoboken Photo Booth, celebrate your favorite things about Spring with colorful props and word bubbles.  Thanks to Theboken.com‘s Photographer, Editor, and Occasional Guest DJ,  Kurt Gardiner, they have  prepared a unique backdrop featuring scenes of Hoboken in celebration of this year’s Festival.
And, with Mother’s day the following weekend, this photo booth opportunity is the perfect time to create unique photo memento for Mom.

Sample from Past Photo Booths with Photo Adventure Trading Company

So find their  photo booth at the fair:  It’s only $5 per person to take as many pictures as you want. The first ten people to mention this article from theboken.com get their photos free!
Step into the spotlight, and let their  photographers help you make a one-of-a-kind photograph celebrating Spring in Hoboken!
Editor’s Note: For a sneak peek of potential backdrops here are some of the photos I sent to the studio that are on a Flickr photo set:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34937556@N05/sets/72157629896727431/. Thanks to Anastasia Spada for the suggestion and collaborating with TheBoken.com.
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March 22, 2012

TheBoken.com’s @TheBoken Milestones as of March 22nd 2012

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TheBoken.com has been under new ownership since late February of last year when Brian Pepe and Adam Lazzara, TheBoken’s founders, had to say good bye to Hoboken for various reasons. They still love Hoboken and TheBoken.com  and check in from time to time. The new ownership including me as the editor still has the goal of presenting information about happenings Hoboken in a positive light and becoming a real positive, constructive and objective community asset for the Mile Square. The websphere for Hoboken is highly fragmented and will probably remain so for the near future and but we at  TheBoken.com love this town and want to see the best for it and are happy with the niche we have carved out. Here are some of our milestones achieved recently:

  • Over 3,000 posts since site inception.
  • Almost 1900 posts since 3/1/2011.
  • Over 2,020 Facebook Likes.
  • Over 7,300 Twitter Followers.
  • NYG Superbowl Celebration in Hoboken video has over 9,100 views!
  • Very positive feedback on recent photo of the day photos. We did not invent that series as many other blogs do it but I try to capture elements and angles of Hoboken that I hope readers find interesting instead of  trash bags outside a bar for example.
  • Our community involvement has helped raised awareness and money for many good causes like 300 Washington Street fire victims fund, Hoboken Shelter, and many other charities.

Out of all the milestones the last one is most important to us. Additionally, business that have advertised with us have benefited from the value of our positive and increasingly upmarket brand. Simply being mentioned on the Boken doesn’t have with it some of the negative connotations as another infamous site that has really lost focus as of late as well as draw ire from people across the Hoboken spectrum for misleading and quite spiteful posting on a variety of topics. That’s what not do.

TheBoken.com would like to extend thanks to columnists Hoboken Robin, Christin, Drunken Polar Bear, Mark (on music) and recent addition Hoboken Girl for their valuable contributions recently as well as our readers and contributors. Any hot tips that you care to share as well as photos of the day and suggestions, please email us at theboken@gmail.com. We are here for the Hoboken Community.

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January 8, 2012

NY Giants vs. the Atlanta Falcons Live Blog Sunday 1/8/2012 starting at 12:45pm

Check back in with TheBoken.com Sunday at 12:45 pm for the showdown between the NY Giants and the Atlanta Falcons. We will be hosting a live blog similar to the one we did for Hurricane Irene. The boys in blue were the only NY team to make this year’s NFL playoffs so we expect many in Hoboken to be geared up for this event. We will be using Coveritlive software for the live blog so you can even participate from home or if you are out and about and have a Droid or Iphone mobile phone. Yep, they have an app for that.

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October 5, 2011

Hoboken Photo of the Day: Pier C Park Walkway


Today’s Hoboken photo of the day is of Pier C Park walkway courtesy of Anthony S. Torres of AST Photos.

AST Photos – Photography by Anthony S. Torres

Website: www.astphotos.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/astphotos
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/astphotos
Phone: (845) 445-8278
Email: ast AT astphotos.com

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