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May 31, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle – Medicine Man Pharmacy And Compounding Coming Soon to Hoboken

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding Hoboken 511 Washington Street

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding will be coming to Hoboken soon at the former location of Hoboken Antiques at 511 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ. This summary of what they do is from their website http://medicinemanrx.com/:

“Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding is a full line pharmacy. We offer our patients personalized health care, which includes; medication therapy management, complimentary and alternative medicine, homeopathy, compounding, monitoring of chronic disease states, and many more tailored health care services. Visit our store and learn how we help our patients live their lives to the fullest.”

After Barron’s Drug closed shop in midtown last year and sold their customer list to Walgreen’s, it is nice to see someone try to make a go of it and attempt to service the people’s pharmaceutical needs with a customer focused approach. At least that is how they are advertising it. For mid-towners like me this could make picking up medication even easier.

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding

Address: 511 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Phone:  (201) 555-5555

Fax: (201) 555-5555

Website: http://medicinemanrx.com/


Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding Hoboken 511 Washington Street

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October 18, 2011

Cream and Sugar Cafe Opens in Northwest Hoboken

Cream And Sugar Cafe Hoboken

Cream & Sugar Café opened today on the corner of 1001 Madison Street in Hoboken. The café has been undeveloped for several months and adds some competition to the very busy Dunkin Donuts in the northwestern part of  Hoboken. The location offers an assortment of beverages, lots of sugary treats and seating.

According to their site:

Cream & Sugar Café is a “grab and go” destination place that caters your unique appetite cravings. Be it a craving to satisfy your sweet tooth or a craving to satisfy your hunger. Each of our establishments have a “Grab and Go” setting to help individuals that are constantly on the run. Therefore, each of our locations has been strategically selected based on keeping you, the consumer in mind. You will have a palette of choices to choose from. We offer a selection of rich blended American Coffee as well as Italian blended Latte’s, Frappe’s, Espresso, Smoothies and freshly made Juices from our exotic Juice bar.

In addition, we carry an elegant selection of the freshest gourmet Cupcakes, Cakes and Pastries, as well as individually wrapped sandwiches and salads. We also have an array of beverages to choose from to go along with your purchase.

Some quick cell phone photos:

Cream And Sugar Cafe Hoboken

Cream And Sugar Cafe Hoboken

Cream And Sugar Cafe Hoboken

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