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November 28, 2012

Ho Ho 4 Hoboken! Santa Claus Day, an Eat, Drink, Shop Hoboken Citywide Event! -Saturday, December 22, 2012 from 2:00pm until 9:00pm

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This event is being promoted by Rory Chadwick of Hoboken, and occasional writer and source for TheBoken.com. This is like Santa-Con with not just the booze, but eating and shopping as well. Here is Rory’s promo below….

Ho Ho 4 Hoboken! Santa Claus Day, an Eat, Drink, Shop Hoboken Citywide Event!

Saturday, December 22, 2012 from 2:00pm until 9:00pm

Ho Ho Ho 4 Hoboken is a community coming together for a fun filled day of eating, shopping and drinking. Rather than have a crawl, were going to expand the day to incorporate specials from not just certain bars. Every bar, restaurant and retail store can send in their specials to the organizers so that everyone can participate. Patronizing the entire Hoboken business community versus having a short list of bars to go to will benefit every business just before Christmas arrives. Shortly, a website will go live and it will be updated daily to show you the specials.

It is free to attend and you can choose to get dressed up, or you can come just as you are. It is a day to patronize the entire community. Hoboken, having been badly devastated by Hurricane Sandy needs local business more than ever before. To help make our community better and stronger, sooner rather than later. We’re offering a specials bracelet for just $20, the bracelet will give you access to all the specials in Hoboken and your $20 will benefit rebuildhoboken.org. We’re shooting to raise $20,000 and with a great turn out, we can make that happen! Buy bracelets here http://www.indiegogo.com/hohoho4hoboken?c=home&a=356456

Again, this is open to any business in Hoboken that wants to participate. In the wake of Sandy, every business in town needs your financial support, so as a community we should visit everyone and not just certain places. So many great landmark businesses are on the verge of losing everything, so many business owners have massive out of pocket costs. Far too many residents lost everything and have no place to call home, they are homeless. As the amazing Hoboken community that we are, we will Ho Ho Ho 4 Hoboken on Saturday, December 22nd and while we spread $$ to the awesome businesses of Hoboken, NJ we are also raising money for our friends, businesses and colleagues in need. Registration locations to be announced shortly, as well as other important details

It will be a great day! Please remember that while we’re all out to have a good time and raise money for www.rebuildhoboken.org, we do need to respect our neighbors and community. Please drink responsibly and have a good time :) For further information or detail please send messages through this page or post your questions. Together, as a Hoboken community we can have a fun time and make a huge difference.

Buy bracelets or make donations here:  http://www.indiegogo.com/hohoho4hoboken?c=home&a=356456

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/492787114085670/

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December 9, 2011

Drunken Polar Bear’s Hoboken Weekend Outlook for 12/9-12/11/2011

Here is a another weekend roundup from columnist The Drunken Polar Bear…

Happy Friday Hobokenites!  Now and then we like to give you a quick snapshot of what’s going on this weekend so you make the most of your break from the daily grind…

Hoboken Weather Outlook

Unlike those other Hoboken blogs,  at TheBoken.com you get the advantage of having a semi-pro meteorologist on your side who will give you a detailed and accurate weather forecast!  We had a good few days of above average temperatures earlier this week before some heavy rains and colder weather moved in.  Get ready for a dry and sunny weekend, albeit a very cold one.  Another larger and stronger cold front will be moving into the area late Friday bringing even chillier temperatures in the area.  Highs on Saturday & Sunday will be 42 and 40 degrees with lows dropping below freezing at night.  Bundle up!

Local Sports Action

It’s going to be a big weekend for local football fans as both the Jets and Giants are fighting to make the playoffs.

  • The Jets face the QB-depleted Kansas City Chiefs at home on Sunday at 1pm (CBS).  Jets are favored to win but must first slow down the Chiefs prolific rushing attack.  This Polar Bear will be there live rooting them on.
  • The Giants square off against the surging Cowboys Sunday night at 8pm (NBC) who sit a game above the Giants in the standings despite a last minute loss to the Cardinals last week.  This could be a make or break game for the whole Giants season.

Hockey updates – Devils host the visiting Canadians Saturday at 1, the Islanders host the Penguins Saturday night at 7 and the Rangers have games both Saturday and Sunday nights against Buffalo and Florida.

What’s Going on Around Town?

Beware the Santas!:  Saturday marks the annual “SantaCon”, an all-day bar crawl/drinking extravaganza where hundreds (if not a few thousand) locals dress up in their best holiday costumes and work their way through the bars of Manhattan.  Although this doesn’t take place in Hoboken don’t be alarmed if you see a march of the Santas to the Path early in the day or drunken Santas spreading their holiday cheer later Saturday night.

 A Theatrical Weekend:

  • Mile Square Theatre continues their run of the holiday classic – It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Hoboken High School stages “Voices from High School” – a realistic, contemporary teen play that consists of small scenes, vignettes, and monologues that depict the joys and difficulties of being a teenager in high school.
  • Hoboken Women’s Choir lifts their voices in holiday fashion with a “Songs for a Winter Night” on Saturday evening.

Scotch, Scotch, Scotch for another weekend (sorry postponed until January 2012)

  • Northern Soul was planning to host a Scotch Tasting on Saturday night but due to a scheduling conflict had to reschedule to early January of 2012.

DPB’s Weekend Recommendation

Each weekend I will try and give you something new and fresh to do.  This weekend’s suggestion – catch a sunrise from one of the many waterfront vantage points or parks Hoboken has to offer.  During the week we are all running around trying to get to work so we don’t get to take advantage of some of the natural treasures our city has to offer.  Saturday and Sunday promise to have clear skies and good sunrises.  It’s a little earlier, but grab a cup of coffee, a warm bagel and find a spot.  Sunrise times (tested this morning on a run!) are about 630-715 and its gorgeous.

What are you all doing this weekend?  Any suggestions?

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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