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May 15, 2013

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Announces Infrastructure Initiatives to Address Flooding Water and Power Systems

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Last month there were a bunch of water main breaks in Hoboken that brought attention to its aging infrasturture. Here are the latest developments from the desk of the Mayor that will hopefully be able to improve this problem…




Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined by officials from North Hudson Sewerage Authority and United Water today to announce major initiatives to upgrade Hoboken’s infrastructure and address flooding, water distribution, and power resiliency.

Mayor Zimmer announced a partnership with North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) to build Hoboken’s second wet weather flood pump in order to further alleviate Hoboken’s 200 year flooding problem. The City and NHSA will work together to apply for a low interest $9 million loan from the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust. The City would pay for and own the pump, while NHSA has agreed to pay for the engineering, permitting, loan application preparation, and operations and maintenance, a contribution estimated at nearly $5 million over 20 years. The pump, with a capacity of 50 million gallons per day, would further alleviate flooding in Western Hoboken.

The City has reached an agreement with United Water through which the water utility will pay for the costs of conducting a complete master plan of Hoboken’s water distribution infrastructure. The plan will provide a prioritized schedule for upgrading the City’s water distribution system. In order to fund these capital improvements, the City is also in the process of renegotiating the existing agreement with United Water – a 30 year agreement that was entered into in 1994 which did not provide any planning or funding for non-emergency infrastructure upgrades.

To improve the City’s resiliency to power outages, the City of Hoboken is entering into a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, and PSE&G to design an energy resilient “smart grid.” The design methodology uses advanced, smart grid technologies and distributed and renewable generation and storage resources as a way to improve the reliability, security, and resiliency of the electric grid. The City of Hoboken will be one of the first non-military applications of this methodology from Sandia National Laboratories.


Flooding remains one of Hoboken’s historic challenges. Parts of the city, which were previously tidal marshes, still lie below the level of the Hudson River at high tide. As a result, when strong storms occur at high tide, the water cannot drain into the river by gravity, and it backs up, flooding streets. To alleviate the flooding, the stormwater must either be prevented from entering the sewer system or pumped out more quickly than it enters.

The City is pursuing both approaches – through the installation of additional pumps and through “green” technologies to divert, capture and store stormwater. In addition to pursuing the installation of the second flood pump, the City is supporting the North Hudson Sewerage Authority’s Hazard Mitigation funding application for additional pumps. The City has also submitted its own grant applications for Hazard Mitigation funds to acquire land for three parks in western Hoboken. Hoboken was awarded a technical assistance grant to study the feasibility of building large underground detention basins under these parks to store stormwater runoff. Similarly, Mayor Zimmer has suggested to NJ Transit that the agency consider converting the Long Slip Canal just south of Hoboken Terminal into an additional stormwater detention system.

During Hurricane Sandy, Hoboken flooded because the storm surge caused the Hudson River to flow into the City from low lying areas in the south, including through the Long Slip Canal, and from the north. The City has applied for $44 million in Hazard Mitigation funding for a system of flood barriers, berms and gates at the north and south to protect the city from future tidal surges. The City is working to have its plan incorporated into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regional study. If a flood protection plan receives the approval of the Army Corps and the City is designated a “Shaded X” area, property owners in that area will no longer be required to purchase flood insurance.

Hoboken was one of three recipients of a grant from Together North Jersey for technical assistance to develop a Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan. The plan will develop stormwater management and flood control strategies, strategize key updates to the aging water system, look for ways to improve the resiliency of transit infrastructure, and identify important steps to help plan for climate adaptation. Through the Planning Board and input from the public, the City is developing a sustainability plan (Green Building & Environmental Sustainability Plan Element of the Master Plan) that will provide guidance for stormwater management, utilities, infrastructure and other sustainability priorities.

In addition to applying for funding that would enable the City to create detention systems under newly purchased open space, the City is pursuing a variety of other green initiatives to address flooding. Hoboken was recently awarded a grant to install rain garden curb extensions to capture stormwater runoff and has incorporated rain gardens in designs of new parks. The City legalized the use of rain barrels in 2011 and has required the use of green roofs in redevelopment areas to minimize runoff. The Shade Tree Commission completed a pilot program to expand tree pits and install new street trees along Washington Street between 1stStreet and 2nd Street, setting standards for other property owners. The Commission will launch a program to encourage more property owners to install street trees, which play an important role in reducing stormwater runoff.


The City has applied for approximately $2 million in Hazard Mitigation grants to install permanent emergency backup generators at critical community facilities including the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, City Hall, Fire Headquarters and stations, Police Headquarters, the Public Works Garage, Multi-Service Center, Wallace School (shelter), and radio repeaters for the Police and Fire Departments. The City strongly supports PSE&G’s proposal to consolidate Hoboken’s three substations into two and to elevate and protect the remaining two substations from flooding.

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November 9, 2012

City of Hoboken Announces Community Meetings for Disaster Relief and Information for Residents Without Power

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City of Hoboken Announces Community Meetings for

Disaster Relief and Information for Residents Without Power

Hurricane Sandy Flooding Hoboken

Two community meetings will be held to provide residents and businesses with information and resources for recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

Meeting for Individuals

A meeting will be held on Monday, November 12 from 7pm-9pm at the Hoboken High School (8th St & Clinton St).

Meeting for Businesses

The City of Hoboken is co-sponsoring a meeting with the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce and Hoboken Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, November 14 from 5:30pm-7:30pm at the Hoboken High School. Businesses from outside of Hoboken are also welcome to attend.

For both meetings, agencies including FEMA, Flood Insurance, Small Business Administration, Construction Office, Health Department, Transportation Department, and others will be on hand.


For those still without power, the Construction Office will open on Saturday from 9am to 4pm to facilitate the power restoration process. The office will also open on Monday (Veterans Day) from 9am to 4pm. If you still do not have power, please call PSE&G at 800-436-7734 then submit your information via this form: https://hoboken.wufoo.com/forms/hoboken-power-outage-reports.

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November 7, 2012

City Of Hoboken – Information for Residents on Trash Removal, Power and Gas Restoration and Parking

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The latest form the City of Hoboken on Hurricane Sandy recovery and the transition to more normalcy in the Mile Square….


Tonight’s City Council Meeting will be rescheduled to Tuesday, November 13 at 7pm due to the weather.


The City has been running 8 to 10 extra garbage trucks every day in addition to the 3 regular trucks in order to deal with the overwhelming quantities of trash. Bobcats and other heavy equipment are being added to deal with the large amounts of trash. At the moment, residents are asked to postpone placing any more trash outside until the impending storm has passed. Further, they are asked delay throwing out bulk items if possible until crews are able to catch up with trash removal. All streets have had trash pickup, however large amounts of garbage continue to be placed on the curb immediately following each pickup as sidewalk space becomes available. If an area requires additional service, please submit a “trash” request via www.hoboken311.org.

If you are gutting your apartment, please apply for a container permit: www.hobokennj.org/docs/env/Container-Permit.pdf.

Residents are asked to place any storm-generated debris on the public right-of-way: the area of residential property that extends from the street to the sidewalk, ditch, utility pole or easement.

Do not place debris near a water meter vault, fire hydrant or any other above-ground utility. Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection until further notice. Please follow the normal garbage and recycling pickup schedule. No hazardous waste (including paint). No electronics.

If all debris is not picked up during the initial pass, please continue to push remaining debris to the right-of-way for collection on subsequent passes.


Due to the impending storm, the mobile truck providing the phone lines for the Utility Help Line will be relocated and will no longer be operational. If you are without power and/or gas, your home or business may not be able to accept the service, and until it is certified as safe, PSE&G will not restore service. If you still do not have power, or if PSE&G has red tagged your home and shut off gas, please follow this process after calling PSE&G at 800-436-7734 (red tagging does not necessarily mean that new equipment is required, however the equipment must be inspected):

  1. Call a licensed electrician (power) or plumber (gas) – below is a list of contractors that have worked with our office that you may want to consider contacting if you do not have a contractor.
  1. After they complete an inspection and make any necessary repairs, they will let our construction office know (201-420-2066), who will then let PSE&G know to restore power or gas. The contractors on the list are all familiar with the process and our construction office. Due to the emergency nature of the situation, we have cut the red tape and paperwork typically involved in this process to make sure power and gas can be restored as quickly as possible.

The contractors have been instructed to immediately inform our Construction Code Office once you have been cleared to receive service. Once our construction office receives word that your home has been inspected and is safe, they immediately contact PSE&G to instruct them to restore service.

 NOTE: We are providing this partial list only to facilitate connecting residents as quickly as possible to services needed to restore gas and electricity. This partial list of contractors is not affiliated, endorsed, or approved by the City in any way, nor does the City make any representation or warranties, express or otherwise, in connection with the quality of the services any of them may provide. Residents may use any state licensed plumber or electrician. Licensed contractors who wish to be added to this public list may contact the Construction Office at 201-420-2066.

Plumbing Contractors

  • A&C Plumbing – 201-262-8887
  • A&D Plumbing -201-832-7499
  • A&J Plumbing – 201-222-9634
  • Luongo Plumbing – 201-420-8721or cell 201-390-2686
  • Dependable Plmg – 201-863-0770 or 201-481-5069
  • Gene Turnois Plmg & htg – 201-653-1847
  • AK Plumbing & Heating – 201-261-0264
  • A NAS Plmg & htg – 908-355-0150
  • AGA Plumbing & heating – 201-943-1772
  • AJ Plumbing – 201-222-9634
  • JL Plumbing – 201-222-7900
  • Quality Plumbing – 201-662-1600
  • S&B Plumbing – 201792-1184
  • Ed Plumbing – 201-988-5787
  • Sal Trippi – 201-206-9256
  • Joe M & G – 201-481-4106
  • Howard Cook- 201-653-0219
  • Aladin P&H – 973-344-2911
  • Gamarello Plubmbing – 551-221-0952 or 201-653-6702
  • Viggiani Plumbing – 201- 232-0482
  • Dependable Plumbing & Heating – 201-481-5069
  • Guarini- 201-315-7693 or 201-207-9923
  • Steve Purdy – 201-240-6311
  • Bruce Zabransky – 201-296-0633
  • P & L Plumbing – 732-417-0099 or 732-803-3001
  • George Feurtado – 201-882-5278

Electrical Contractors

  • Cirillo Electric – 201-807-1235
  • Pegasus Electric – 201-867-7105 or 201-874-7512
  • Hoboken Electric – 201-659-0291
  • North Hudson  – 201-954-7475 or 201-832-7522
  • Jerry Keller – 973-775-2590
  • Positive Flow Electric – 201-954-1174
  • ANJ Electric -201-388-0588
  • Beacon Electric – 201-659-4204 cell 201-410-3515
  • DiBrita Electric – 732-706-5946 or 201-207-7362
  • Apex Electric -973-296-5508
  • Premium Electric -201-217-3232 or 732-742-5254
  • San Tec – 201-230-2677 or 201-866-3224
  • Ralph Arias – 201-403-5555
  • AJD – 908-309-4144
  • Mauro Caputi – 201-9369092
  • Joe Cusati – 201-838-7229
  • Joe Cunningham – 914-482-0911
  • D’Anna Electric – 201-866-8334
  • Delgado Electric- 201-303-0038
  • Hill Electric – 201-522-3064
  • Haddad Electric – 201-376-5809
  • JMG 201-852-5545
  • R. Johnson 201-320-0611
  • Tony Catanio – 973-344-7708 cell 908-400-6260
  • Constantinos parademas -973-882-5568 cell 973-979-4647
  • Mike Malfetone – 201-978-2041
  • Millennium 201-424-2364
  • Monroe electric 201-792-0765
  • MV Electric – 201-481-7419
  • Mancini Electric – 201-446-3951
  • Morgan Kite & key 201-705-2416
  • Power Electric 973-390-3174

Construction Contractors

  • Red Construction – 908-868-5840
  • Birchtree Construction – 201-600-5409
  • Anthony Sacci – 201-424-3611
  • PC Construction – 201-532-3553
  • Zeeshan – 201-304-4162
  • Artisan Design Group – 201-889-6667
  • R. Jenny Construction – 212-518-7633
  • Sabia Construction – 201-832-9629
  • A M Construction – 201-697-7719
  • B & M Construction – 201-656-8977
  • Jaime Restoration – 201-993-9572
  • Jetco – 201-798-3178
  • MH Construction – 201-376-5339
  • 7diamond construction – 201-546-6694
  • Platinum Construction- 201-662-9310
  • A&A Construction – 201-973-467-4342
  • 222 Contractors – 201-465-9811


  • George Weiner – 973-222-8745
  • Dennis Devino – 201-988-4907
  • Rob Feinstein – 201-294-7278
  • Jim McNeight – 201-246-7515
  • Frank Minivini – 201-386-0637
  • Peter Johnson –201-659-7400
  • Dean Marchetto – 201-795-1505
  • John Nastasi – 201-653-2577
  • Tom McGinty – 201-420-1328


All parking regulations are suspended through the end of Monday, November 12 (11:59pm). Parking enforcement will resume on Tuesday, November 13 at 12:00am.

Garage B (2nd St. between River St. and Hudson St) & D (215 Hudson St) are open to the general public – normal rates apply ($5/day through Friday for residential permits only). All residential permit cars must be moved out of the garage by Friday, November 9th at 6pm. The Midtown Garage (HUMC) is closed until further notice except for monthly and hospital employees.

If your car was damaged in the flood

All damaged cars must be towed by Monday, November 12.

If you rent a car

You cannot transfer your residential sticker or license plates to a rental car. You must apply for a temporary permit.

If you buy a new car

You cannot switch the permit unless the new vehicle is registered with the Parking Utility.

If you buy a new car with temporary plates

You must apply for a temporary permit. You cannot switch your permit to a temporary plate.

Buying a car is expensive, owning a car in Hoboken is a burden. If you don’t drive to work, it’s probably cheaper to use Hoboken Corner Cars (car-sharing) instead of owning a car. Information and sign-up link can be found here: www.hobokennj.org/cornercars.

All permits and changes can be made through www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline or at the HPU office in the basement of City Hall.

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November 3, 2012

PSE&G Restoration Update – November 3, 2012 Evening – Progress Made

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PSE&G Restoration Update – November 3, 2012 8 p.m.

The last 12 hours have been very productive. We’ve energized an additional eight substations since our report this morning. Those stations serve parts of Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, West New York, Weehawken, Plainfield, North Bergen, Carteret, Linden, Metuchen, Union Township and Woodbridge. Power was immediately restored to some neighborhoods in these towns; in others cases, there are additional repairs that need to be made to the local distribution system before power comes back.

While we have restored power to many neighborhoods, it should be noted that we sometimes have to temporarily disrupt service so that workers can safely repair nearby circuits.

The significant progress we’ve made on the transmission system means we’re now increasingly focusing our efforts on our distribution system. This means that our work will be more visible in your neighborhood.

And, we’ll have more help. Tomorrow we will have additional feet on the ground and more trucks rolling through New Jersey’s streets. Another 600 workers will be joining the more than 3,000 linemen and tree contractors already working in our area. The federal government is flying some of these workers and their equipment from California into McGuire Air Force Base, located near Trenton.

Our biggest challenge is in Hoboken, where our stations were submersed in more than 3 feet of water. It took several days for this water to recede. Much of the equipment was corroded by salt water and needs extensive work. We have more than 100 out-of-state workers who specialize in substation repairs, many of whom are concentrating their efforts in Hoboken.

PSE&G is working with FEMA to get large-scale generators from the federal government to key spots in the city to provide relief to residents.

In response to a request from the Governor’s office, PSE&G released a list today of where it will focus resources in the next three days. The list reflects our most current plans, prioritizing repairs to equipment that can get the largest number of customers restored first. While the boxes marked with an “x” indicate that there will be significant activity and progress made in specific towns, it does not guarantee that every customer’s service will be restored. It should be regarded as a guide. This storm event and our work to assess, repair and restore power is a fluid situation. Plans may change and resources may be redirected given unexpected damage and conditions.

“We understand that this is hard on our customers – it is also hard on our employees, who live in almost every town we serve,” said Ralph LaRossa, president and chief operating officer of PSE&G. “We appreciate the patience our customers are showing and the words of encouragement being offered to our employees and the thousands who have come from around the country to help us restore power. Please understand that this is dangerous work. We need to be focused on thoroughly, carefully and safely restoring power. Please do not distract our employee from the task at hand.”

PSE&G’s mobile Customer Service Centers: To provide relief to communities particularly hard hit by the storm, PSE&G has established mobile Customer Service Centers (CSCs). These locations are providing ice, drinking water and power strips for recharging devices at no cost. Food is being given out at our centers in Newark, Jersey City and Hoboken. In Jersey City tomorrow we will have tankers of fresh drinking water, rather than bottles. Customers will need to bring containers to fill. The company has representatives at these centers to provide customers with information about our efforts to restore power. The current list of mobile CSCs is as follows.


Town Location Hours of Ops
Hoboken CVS Parking Lot 59 Washington Ave. 24/7
Moonachie Red Neck Grove(John Stevens Baseball Field) 8-9p.m.
Paramus Paramus Park Mall 8-9p.m.
Jersey City Westside and Claremont Ave 8-4p.m.
Newark St James Church Parking Lot (Elm St and Madison St) 8-4p.m.

Some frequently ask Questions from our customers:

Q. Why are my neighbors back and I’m not?
A. Homes very near to each other can be fed from different circuits. One of them may be damaged and not the other. It’s also possible that one part of a circuit is damaged while other sections are not. Circuits from a station usually have two sections. If one section is damaged, we can open a breaker to stop the flow of electricity to that section while keeping the other section in service.

Q. I hardly ever lose power. Why am I out now?
A. These are conditions we haven’t experienced in decades. Damage to switching stations, the backbone of the system, was extensive, and there were unusual amounts of damage to the transmission lines that bring power to the distribution system. If there is no power to their feeder station then their particular circuit will have no power. This storm also took an unusually high number of trees down, greatly increasing the number of customers affected and the amount of time it takes to bring power back.

Q. Why don’t I see anyone working on this?
A. We have to fix the transmission and substation issues first, or no power will flow to the circuits that serve you. Much of the work that goes into getting your power back is done out of sight. We have unprecedented amounts of tree damage that caused many circuit faults. Once we have transmission and substations restored, we prioritize jobs that involve critical infrastructure (such as hospitals and police stations) and those that have the most number of customers affected. With damage this severe, it is taking time but we are working our way through that process.

Q. Why don’t you know when my power will be back?
A. Under normal circumstances we know how long it takes to respond to reports of problems and restore service. This is not your average storm. Hurricane Sandy has caused twice the damage as Hurricane Irene. This means that even assessing the damage is slow, with new information constantly filling in the picture of the conditions that need to be addressed. We’ve also continued to bring additional out-of-state crews to help, and move them around to the areas they are needed most.

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