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August 1, 2011

Mario’s Classic Pizza and Café Bailout Plan: $20 gets you $30

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Marios Bailout Plan

Mario’s Classic Pizza and Café located at 742 Garden Street in Hoboken still has its”Bail Out” plan in place. If you purchase a $20 value card you can actually get $30.00 worth of food and beverages. That is a savings of 33%. TheBoken recently tried this and the value card will keep track of your purchases and in tough times like these it is great to be able to save some money. Mario’s meatball sub is very good and as the sauce and meatballs are very flavorful.

And if you are into busting chops a bit which owner Mario is known for himself, tell him you rented from Corner Cars just to get pizza from his restaurant. Mario is no fan of Corner Cars so be prepared for a reaction and then quickly tell him TheBoken put you up to it. Mario’s outsized and endearing personally as well as the quality of the food make this local pizzeria worth coming back to. Mario’s Classic Pizza is more than a pizzeria, it is a slice of Hoboken community.

Marios Classic Pizza

Marios Interior

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July 11, 2011

3 Dollar Salads at HomeMade Pizza Company Monday–Wednesday

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Homemade Pizza Company – Hoboken
Address: 213 Washington St. (between 2nd and 3rd) Hoboken NJ
Phone: 201.216.1300
Website: https://www.homemadepizza.com/index.php

The Homemade Pizza Company is now offering $3 salads Mondays through Wednesdays. Check it out and eat healthier Hoboken. Their pizzas are prepared so that you can cook at home and fetaure a delicious whole wheat crust.


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June 23, 2011

La Bella Vista: Good Pizza – Even Better Price

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La Bella Vista StorefrontLa Bella Vista Pizza is a new Italian eatery that opened up on upper Washington Street about a week ago. They are located at 916 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ and still do not have their permanent sign up yet. It usually takes a bit to get approval from the Hoboken Historical Board but they are in full swing.

As part of their kickoff La Bella Vista has a really good deal going and for $3.50 you can get two slices and a can of soda . I tried the pizza special and liked it, especially the sauce and the fact it has a thicker crust. The owners seem very nice too . This is definitely a place that you can file under the cheap eats category but they have other offerings such as sandwiches, dinners and even burgers on the menu. I look forward to trying the other aspects of the menu as they are nearby.

Editor’s note: The pizza is better than it looks in the photo. I generally like my pizza warm when reheated and not piping hot.

La Bella Vista Deal

La Bella Vista Pizza

Their menu is also provided to give you the full scope of their food offerings:


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June 21, 2011

Torna Pizzeria Launches Website

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Torna Pizzeria just put up their new website and sent TheBoken an email for inclusion onto our Directory of restaurants and businesses. We are more than happy to oblige.This family owned establishment has been in Hoboken since 1960 and has very reasonable prices.

Torna Pizzeria

Torna PizzaAddress: 254 9th Street Hoboken, NJ, 07030

Website: http://www.tornapizza.com

Monday – Thursday & Sunday
10:00am – 10:30pm

Friday & Saturday
10:00am – 3:30am

Phone for  Delivery or Pickup:

(201) 798-8873

(201) 526-9590

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June 3, 2011

"Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head" at Benny Tudino’s – Marley’s Mile Square Mangia

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Words once spoken by my wise father (in the presence of a massive Calzone) came to mind as I stared at the slice of Benny Tudino’s pizza looming before me. What can I say? I was hungry. I was tired. And I was ever so slightly hungover. The glorious promise of dough and cheese at 11:30 in the morning seemed the only way to go about my day. And so I did. And so it was wonderful.


Benny Tudino’s is a rather famous pizza joint in Hoboken, NJ for gigantic slices. I had heard the lore, but I knew nothing of the scale until I tried a piece myself. The place must have been around for years because the name is literally carved into the sidewalk.

Well gee…looks like we’re here…

Behind the small counter inside, giant ovens with pizzas of epic proportion dizzied my sense of time and space. A burly Italian man asked me what I wanted. I said I’ll have the famous slice (duh) and to make myself feel healthy, go ahead and put some spinach on it.

Come on! Mangia!

As the slice popped out of the oven the man confidently told me I’d never get a slice anywhere else again. Ok…I said as I found an empty booth. Finally, it was just me and the pizza.

The monster slice truly was delicious. I imagine it was the size of two large  pizza slices combined. The crust was rather thin and warmed perfectly. Next time, I would go without the spinach (who needs it).  A meat topping might kill you on a slice this big, so I would go with plain or mushrooms. The pizza regenerated my tired body, and it seemed to have no end. Sometimes that’s a good thing…like manna falling from heaven…like a never ending well of Jerseyliciousness.

No, I couldn’t finish the whole thing. I left the crust :’( . But if I ever NEED a SLICE of pizza again, as the man said, I will surely be back.

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May 24, 2011

Washington Street Shuffle: Great Pizza at Homemade Pizza Company!




Last month, The Homemade Pizza company opened its doors and gave out free pizza for three days. I was able to try a pie with salad and I can honestly tell you that they make one tasty pizza. The salad was very fresh too. The ingredients are very fresh and the pie itself is very flavorful. The catch is you have to cook it yourself. Key issue: Will Hobokenites accustomed to convenience make the extra effort at home to cook their own pie?

Time will tell but here is a cooking tip. For a medium pie the Homemade Pizza company recommends 12 minutes at 425 degrees. Make sure that when when put the pizza in that the oven is already at that temperature. I have seen people coming home with the distinctive Homemade pizza packaging on Washington Street so I know that they are selling pizzas. The option to have a whole wheat pizza is a plus for this establishment as there are many pizza places in Hoboken but not many that make whole wheat. It is harder to work with whole wheat dough and get the right consistency and that could be a differentiating factor for this establishment.

On price this new offering prices are in line for with fully cooked pizza places in town (actually a bit cheaper) but the quality can not be denied. It will be interesting to see over time how this business model which has been successful elsewhere adapts in finicky Hoboken. I think it is an interesting concept and I have to say being lazy myself when it comes to food prep I enjoyed the pizza more because I cooked it even if the preparation was left to someone else.

Homemade Pizza Co.

Address: 213 Washington St. (between 2nd and 3rd) Hoboken NJ
Phone: 201.216.1300
Website: https://www.homemadepizza.com/index.php

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May 3, 2011

HomeMade Pizza Co. Throws Opening Party! – Marley’s Mile Square Mangia

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We’ve all been eyeing that new pizza storefront on Washington Street, and now it’s ready to open! The celebrity-studded HomeMade Pizza Co. (receiving “oooohs” from Oprah and “ahhhss” from Brooke Shields) will kick off the restaurant’s yummy opening with a three-day launch party. This is the fifth store opening in the New Jersey metro area. Expect kid’s activities, fresh produce giveaways, and of course…free pizza! The festivities will take place today, May 3rd and tomorrow, May 4th from 4 – 7pm. The party will continue from 3 – 7 on Thursday, May 5th at HomeMade’s storefront.

So bring the family, have some fun, and eat some pizza! Eric Fosse, co-founder of HomeMade Pizza Co. (and native New Yorker) would love to meet everyone, and share his passion for a new kind of wholesome pizza. His “made-from-scratch” technique is sure to garner a following. I know I am stopping by Wednesday for a slice. See you there!

HomeMade Pizza Co. website: https://www.homemadepizza.com/

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Washington Street Shuffle: HomeMade Pizza Set to Make Hoboken Debut

Another Hoboken eating option comes to 213 Washington Street this week…..

HomeMade Pizza Continues East Coast Growth with Fifth Area Store HomeMade Pizza Sets its Sights on Hoboken for Fifth New Jersey Area Store

In a region famous for countless pizza options, one company’s pie consistently finds its way onto thousands of east coast dinner tables.  HomeMade Pizza Company, started in Chicago, opens its doors for the fifth time in the New Jersey metro area with promises of a new way to think about pizza – and dinner.  If past openings are any indication, Hoboken residents can expect lines around the corner.
The opening celebrations – complete with kids’ activities, fresh produce giveaways and free pizza – take place from 4-7 p.m., May 3-4 and 3-7 p.m., May 5 at 213 Washington Street in Hoboken, N.J.
Eric_Fosse_300dpiHomeMade Pizza Company began with New York native Eric Fosse, the co-founder of HomeMade Pizza.  His passionate dream was to create a new kind of wholesome pizza and an easy way to bring friends and family together around the dinner table.  Fosse spent more than two years perfecting the crust in his home kitchen, as well as time abroad studying the fresh eating way of life born out of local European markets.

“I founded HomeMade Pizza based on the belief that there had to be a better way to have hot, fresh, all natural, made-from-scratch pizza at home,” said Fosse.  “At HomeMade, we pride ourselves on our signature take-and-bake pizza where customers can cook dinner from the comfort of their home.  We’re thrilled to say that East Coasters are not only getting our concept, they absolutely love it.  We’re excited to open our fifth store in the New Jersey area and continue our steady expansion on the East Coast.”

HomeMadePizza1HomeMade Pizza Company is now iconic in Chicago, Washington, DC, and most recently New York/New Jersey with fans including everyone from five-star chefs to busy families.  Even Oprah featured the unique pies as part of her “Best Pizza in America” special and it is a favorite of people like Brooke Shields and Celebrity Chef Rick Bayless.

More About HomeMade Pizza Company:
Chicago-based HomeMade Pizza Company continues its organic growth and success in cities across the country, including Washington, D.C., Minneapolis and now the New York metro area.  With dedication to fresh, all natural ingredients that customers can feel good about eating, HomeMade Pizza Company has redefined bake-at-home pizza – and dinner.  To learn more about HomeMade Pizza Company, please visit www.homemadepizza.com or join the thousands of fans on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HomeMadePizzaCo


TheBoken Interview:HomeMadePizza4

TheBoken was able to briefly interview Eric Fosse and he will be at the store Tuesday through Thursday this week. They are giving out free sample pizzas so that residents can try for themselves this new concept of take out food in Hoboken. Eric Fosse told TheBoken that his establishment does everything but cook the food. Besides pizza they also have salads and some desert items. Eric stated that the items in his store are all natural as opposed to organic since he wanted to guarantee that they have only the best quality ingredients available to his customers. Sometimes with the organic label, the bets ingredients are not available.

Eric also said that there were some delays in getting the place open due to the permitting process. He said he had his architects on it and they were able to open now in May of 2011 after taking over in November of 2010. That is about a 7 month turnaround. Many stores have endured a much longer process in Hoboken.  TheBoken is looking forward to giving one of these creations a tasting. People: don’t forget to try the free samples this week only from Tuesday through Thursday. Fire up those ovens, HomeMade Pizza has done most of the work for you already.

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November 18, 2010

The Boken Visits Hoboken’s Newest Pizza Joint

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Dozzino 030

Dozzino. An Artisanal Pizza Shop is Hoboken’s newest pizza establishment and they opened its doors yesterday on the corner of Adams and Sixth Street.  Living around the corner we have been watching this renovation very carefully and could not wait for it to open.  So we figured we would give it a shot for lunch on their soft opening and share pictures with all of our readers.

As you soon as you open the door to the restaurant you get a nice scent of burning wood and pizza!  What is better then that?  We were handed the menu which is very simple.  Check it out:

Dozzino 007 Dozzino 008 Dozzino 009

After taking a couple of minutes to look over the delicious menu we decided on the BRUSETTA to start followed by three different pizzas, LA PIZZA, LA ROMA and BIANCO.  All three were great but if we had to choose our favorite it would be the LA ROMA.  The Sopressata was extremely tasty.

All the food is cooked in their wood burning oven and their products are super fresh and local.  They do not have a freezer in the place.  They claim their espresso is the best in Hoboken and we will be sure to give it a try next time we stop in.  They also are featuring a bocce ball court in the backyard and outside seating during the warmer months.  This may be the coolest BYOB place in Hoboken.

Enjoy some pictures that we took and if you stop in soon let them know you read about them on The Boken Online

Dozzino 029

Dozzino 026

Dozzino 034

Dozzino 015 Dozzino 016 Dozzino 018 Dozzino 023 Dozzino 024 Dozzino 025 Dozzino 012

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November 17, 2010

DOZZINO Pizza in Hoboken Opens Their Doors

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Dozzino Oven

DOZZINO. An Artisanal Pizza Shop opened their doors today!  After two private family parties to make sure things went smoothly with they will be serving Hoboken today at their 534 Adams Street location.  We will be getting some photos and a full story later this afternoon.  For now enjoy their recipe for pizza below:

1. Flour
2. Water
3. Salt
4. Yeast
5. Air
6. Sea Salt
7. Tomatoes
8. Fiordilatte
9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10. Basil
11. Fire
12. LOVE

Dozzino Logo

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