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October 10, 2012

City of Hoboken – Business Parking Permits Now Available Online

Here is the latest effort in automation of parking permits from the City of Hoboken:


New Permit Options Now Available for Owners, Employees, and Customers

The City of Hoboken announced today that all parking permits that businesses need to provide parking for their employees and customers are now also available online using the HPUOnline system (www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline).

Businesses owners or authorized representatives will first need to create an account to establish proof of business in Hoboken by providing necessary documentation. Once a business account is approved, employees of that business may then apply for various on-street and garage parking permits as well as discounted “park-and-shop” coupons for businesses to hand out to valued customers.

New Options – Annual On-Street Business Parking Permits: Owners and employees of businesses located in Hoboken may now apply online for their annual parking permit. Yearly Business parking permits cost $200. New this year: the Parking Utility is now offering Business parking permits for $50/month and $100/quarter. All Business parking permit purchases will now take place online or in person at the Parking Utility. HPU will mail out a reminder postcard with an extended expiration date to existing permit holders, but will no longer mail out permit renewals. All existing permit holders are encouraged to set up an account and apply for a new permit as soon as possible.

New -  Business Daily Debit Garage Permit: Business owners/employees may park their car in unreserved spaces of garages at all hours for a maximum duration of 12 hours at a flat rate of $5/12 hours. Apply online for the permit and a transponder will be provided for your vehicle to enter/exit the garage. Funds pre-paid to the account are debited upon exit (when the gate goes up). Parking beyond the 12 hour period is subject to standard rates for any additional time. This option replaces the old “Merchant Coupon” that was previously used by HPU.

Coming Soon - Pay Station Smart Cards: Hoboken recently replaced 960+ traditional single-space coin-only parking meters on commercial streets with nearly 150 state-of-the-art multi-space parking meters to make parking in the metered parking zone more convenient. This option is for individuals who regularly park in metered areas of the City and don’t want the hassle of paying with coins or waiting for credit card processing. Smart cards allow for any amount of money to be loaded onto the card and are instantly charged at the meter. They are the fastest way to pay for parking at pay stations. Smart cards will soon be available to the general public and may be purchased via HPUOnline or in person at the Parking utility. They are ready for use immediately upon activation.

Park-and-Shop Coupons: Hoboken business owners may provide these coupons to loyal customers for free/discounted parking at municipal garages. When customers return to the garage, they simply insert the coupon after their ticket to reduce the parking fee by the amount displayed on the coupon. “Park-and-shop coupons are now available online and are sold to Hoboken businesses at one-half the face value.

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February 10, 2012

Hoboken Resident Parking Permit Renewal Deadline Extended to March 15th

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The latest from Hoboken City Hall for those who still need to renew their residential parking permits; you now have an extension to March 15th….


To accommodate the strong demand for online permit renewals, the deadline for submitting documents to renew Resident parking permits has been extended from February 15 to March 15, 2012. Existing 2011 resident permits will be valid through March 31, 2012.

Residents who choose to renew their permit online may visit www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline. Initially, the online permit sale system will only sell Resident parking permits. During the next few weeks, additional products for residents, businesses and visitors will be added.

Online Permit System Overview

The online permit system involves a two-step process similar to renewals done in person or by mail. Step 1 requires creating an online account establishing residency. Step 2 requires applying for a particular permit (i.e. Resident parking permit) for a specific vehicle. Each step involves the review and approval of documents submitted by users. Documentation can be provided either by uploading (by scanning or with clear digital photographs) through the website, by mail, or in person. All documentation is reviewed by HPU Customer Service Representatives prior to approval.

 At the moment, only Resident parking permits are available. Residents will soon have access to purchase other permits such as visitor permits, garage parking, and other products, while businesses will have access to business parking permits, merchant coupons, shop-and-park coupons, and other products. For some of these products, including visitor permits, no additional documentation will be required once the account type has been approved (Step 1). For others, including resident parking permits, the user will need to provide additional documentation, which must be reviewed and approved by Customer Service Representatives. Users will be able to establish business and other account types in the near future.


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February 2, 2012

Hoboken Launches Online Parking Permit Sale System – Life Gets a Bit Easier

The latest update on parking permits from the City of Hoboken to make life easier for residents and visitors to purchase parking in advance…


HPU will also schedule visits to Senior Buildings for permit renewals

The Hoboken Parking Utility formally announced the public launch of its new HPU Online permit sales system, allowing residents, businesses, and visitors to conduct their parking business with the Utility 24/7 from wherever they want. HPU Online will allow residents and businesses to renew their parking permits or purchase visitor permits without ever stepping foot in City Hall. Documents can be uploaded and most permits can be downloaded and printed. Residents can visit the permit sale system at www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline.

“Residents can now go online instead of standing in line to get their parking permits,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We want to make City government as accessible as possible, and this is just the latest of new initiatives we will be announcing over the next few months to bring even more services to residents online.”

The system, which will initially allow for the purchase and renewal of resident parking permits and will expand with other products over the next few weeks, sets an extremely important milestone in the way HPU does business.

“It’s not just an online permit sales system,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs, “It’s the democratization of Hoboken parking permits. For far too long, whether it’s a fair opinion or not, residents have had a consistently bad feeling about the way parking permits are issued and sold at HPU. With this system, everything is spelled out, transparent, consistent, and documented, guaranteeing that every customer is treated fairly and equally with the same rules each and every time.”

The new system was soft-launched last week as part of the Resident parking permit renewal process. To date, nearly 1,000 residents have already signed up.

“A host of HPU employees, including Customer Service Representatives, supervisors, and accounting staff worked closely with the software developer enfoTech to develop the system’s logic and adherence to the parking policies established in the city code,” added Director Sacs. “This was a team effort, and I commend my staff on their hard work.”

The Resident parking permit renewal deadline (to get documentation in either online or by mail/walk-in) is February 15, 2012. Current 2011 Resident parking permit and Senior 2011 visitor parking permits are still valid through the end of February. Seniors may now sign up using the new online system or renew in person at HPU at their convenience. HPU will also be scheduling visits to senior buildings to assist with issuing senior permits on request. Building managers should contact Michelle Ippolito at 201-653-1919 to schedule a time and date for this new service for seniors.


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