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October 25, 2013

City of Hoboken Update on Sinatra Park and Dog Parks

The latest update from Mayor Zimmer’s office on Hoboken progress with Sinatra Park and renovations to dog runs ….


Sinatra Park Hoboken Arial Veiw 10-24-2013Sinatra Park

The reconstruction of Sinatra Park is nearing completion, with the turf for Sinatra Field being installed this week.

“The turf is down and we will soon be reopening Sinatra Field and connecting a new segment of our waterfront walkway so that we will have a continuous multiuse path from the Jersey City border to the skate park at Castle Point,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Once the installation of the nets and the railings is completed, then the field will be opened up for use.”

The park is being completed under budget, and there are no overtime costs for the completion of this field because the contract included a liquidated damages clause with a $1,500 per day penalty for failure to complete the park by the agreed-upon completion date.

“Thanks to the fine work of our City’s legal team, the contractor has worked hard at their own expense to complete this park as quickly as possible,” added Mayor Zimmer.

Dog Parks

Renovations to the dog parks in Church Square Park, Stevens Park and Elysian Park are underway and will include canopy structures for shade and shelter for inclement weather, new benches, fences, gates, pet waste bag dispensers, and improved dog water fountain. The stone dust surface previously used at dog runs is being replaced with ¾” pea gravel. 

“Thank you to our dog owners for your patience as we complete these important renovations to make sure our City is as dog friendly as possible,” added Mayor Zimmer.

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October 8, 2013

City of Hoboken Acquires Property For Southwest Park

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Here is another accomplishment for the current Mayor of Hoboken Dawn Zimmer who ran on a platform of getting more parks for Hoboken. Step 1 is to get the land without overpaying for it and this is a good start. Here is a statement form the City of Hoboken on this….

The City of Hoboken has acquired a nearly one acre property as the first major installment of a new Southwest Park.

City of Hoboken SW Park Land Aquisition 10-8-2013

“I fought for a long time for a Southwest Park, and I’m excited to announce that we now own an acre of property for the first part of a larger park that we will expand through the redevelopment process,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I look forward to immediately kicking off the planning process so we can design and build the first phase of this much-deserved park that reflects the community’s vision for this neighborhood. I thank County Executive DeGise, Freeholder Romano, and the Hudson County Freeholders for their funding support of this project.”

As part of a comprehensive resiliency and readiness strategy to protect the neighborhood from flooding, the City has received a $500,000 technical assistance grant to incorporate sustainable flood mitigation strategies, including underground water detention systems, into a new Southwest Park.

The City has hired Starr Whitehouse, a landscape architecture and planning firm with expertise in parks design and green infrastructure for stormwater management, to lead the planning process for the Southwest Park. Community meetings will be announced shortly. Residents are invited to complete a survey available online at www.hobokennj.org/swpark.

“This is a great day for so many friends and neighbors, past and present, who have long advocated for a park in our Southwest neighborhood,” added Councilman David Mello, Chair of the Community Development committee. “This initial acquisition will serve as a cornerstone of a larger Southwest Park. The Mayor and I have both worked hard to begin realizing the dream of a Southwest Park, and this open space purchase should serve as the first of many western Hoboken land acquisitions.”

Today, the transfer of title was completed for Block 12, a property bounded by Jackson Street, Observer Highway, Harrison Street, and Paterson Avenue. The Southwest Area has been designated an Area in Need of Rehabilitation, and the City intends to substantially expand the park through the Rehabilitation process.

Funding to purchase the property was provided from a $3 million Hudson County Open Space grant. Although the City has deposited its offer amount of $2.937 million with the court, the final value will be established by an independent three-member commission appointed by a State Superior Court judge.

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August 27, 2013

Hoboken Community Invited to 1600 Park Grand Opening September 3rd at 4pm

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Mayor Dawn Zimmer delivered on her promise of more parks. One down and more to come if she is re-elected this fall. not all of the features listed below may not as of yet be 100% completed but the filed s operational. Here is the City of Hoboken’s invite below….


1600 Park City of Hoboken

The community is invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for 1600 Park on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:00pm.

Hoboken’s newest park, located at 1600 Park Avenue, is more than 2 acres in size and features a multi-use field, restrooms , dog run, viewing mound and slide hill. For spectators, bleachers and leaning rails are located along the Park Avenue side of the field. The field is striped for soccer, women and men’s lacrosse, and t-ball, instructional, and minor league baseball. A new traffic light with pedestrian signal was recently installed at 16th Street and Park Avenue to provide safer pedestrian access to the park.

A pickup/drop-off area is located in front of the park along 16th Street between Willow Avenue and Park Avenue. The nearest metered parking is along Willow Avenue from 14th Street to 16th Street, and the nearest private parking garage is located at 15th Street and Garden Street. Bicycle parking is available at the park.

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August 15, 2013

City of Hoboken Receives Court Approval for Southwest Park Acquisition

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Acquiring the land to build public parks is usually the most challenging part of the process. With this court ruling Mayor Dawn Zimmer is closer to fulfilling a campaign promise to build a park in the 4th Ward. Read on …..


Hudson County Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso ruled on Wednesday that the City of Hoboken may acquire a nearly 1 acre property for the first phase of a Southwest Park, an important component of a comprehensive flood mitigation strategy.

South West Park Hoboken

“I have been involved in the fight for a Southwest Park for many years, and I am very excited that we are finally in a position to acquire the first building block of what will ultimately be a larger park,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “As soon as we deposit the check with the court, we will own the property and can begin the community planning process for this much-needed park. We are now just one vote away from turning this vision that so many have fought for into reality. The future of the Southwest Park is now in the hands of the City Council. I urge them to support this park because for most of us, parks are our shared back yards, and I believe all our residents – regardless of where they live – should have a park within a short walking distance.”

At the September Council meeting, the City Council will be asked to approve the deposit with the court for the offer amount of $2.937 million. The funding is available through a $3 million Hudson County Open Space grant. In addition, the City Council will be asked to award a contract for a planner to begin the public planning process for the Southwest Park.

“Hoboken deserves this new park,” said Hudson County Freeholder Anthony L. Romano. “Working with County Executive DeGise and my colleagues on the freeholder board, I am glad we are able to provide the grant funding to make this possible. We are proud to work with Mayor Zimmer and the Hoboken City Council as they endeavor to acquire this land.”

“This is a great day for Hoboken,” added Councilman David Mello. “We have been working towards having a park in our neighborhood as parks advocates since 2006. The acquisition of the properties on this particular block has been a top priority for me as Chair of the Community Development committee. I am confident it will serve as the ideal cornerstone for what will one day be an even larger Southwest Park.”

The Judge found that the City engaged in good faith negotiations with the property owners of Block 12, which is located between Jackson Street, Harrison Street, Observer Highway and Paterson Avenue. While the City offered $2.937 million for the property based on an appraisal, the final value would be established by an independent three-member commission appointed by the Judge.

As part of a comprehensive resiliency and readiness strategy to protect from flooding, the City is receiving $500,000 in technical assistance through the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Re.Invest Initiative to incorporate sustainable flood mitigation strategies, including underground water detention systems, into a new Southwest Park and other proposed parks in flood-prone areas. The City’s full Resiliency and Readiness Plan is available online at www.hobokennj.org/ready.

The Southwest Area has been designated an Area in Need of Rehabilitation, and if the first phase of the park is acquired, the City intends to substantially expand the park through the Rehabilitation process.

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August 10, 2013

Photo of the Day–1600 Park Ball Field in Hoboken

Hoboken Field 1600 Park HDR 8-9-2013

Today’s photo of the day is of the newly completed ball filed at 1600 Park Avenue in the northern section of Hoboken. The filed is open for use according to the City of Hoboken Facebook page and there are just a few finishing touches including the installation of bathrooms and the completion of the observation mound at the northern section of the field. You can see the construction in Weehawken in the background as well as Troy Towers.

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June 17, 2013

Hoboken Grace’s 5th Annual Dog Party Recap

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Hoboken grace is reporting an excellent turnout for their 5th Annual dog party at Church Square Park this weekend…

A Dog-Gone Good Time Had by All at Hoboken Grace’s 5th Annual Dog Party

More than 500 People Come Out To Celebrate Man’s Best Friend!

Hoboken Grace Dog Party Recap 2013Every dog had their day today when Hoboken Grace Community Church hosted the largest Free Dog Party in Hoboken, NJ this weekend on Saturday morning.

More than 500 people from Hoboken and surrounding cities came out to enjoy the festivities at Church Square Park in Hoboken, NJ in celebration of man’s best friend.  The free party featured a ton of fun activities for dog’s, dog lovers and families including pictures with your dog, paw printing, face painting and a bounce house.  Cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones were served also free of charge.

“What an amazing day! Beautiful weather and everyone had a blast,” said Chris High, Pastor of Hoboken Grace. “We love providing a chance for dog owners and families to just have a great time.”

Hoboken Grace Church further stated:

“We would like to give a big shout-out to Cozy Cuts, Colorful Dogs, Hoboken Pet, Hoby Dogy, Frosty Pooch and Bellamy Kitchen for providing the great prizes for the winning pooches in our contests.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the City of Hoboken, as well as, all of the volunteers and vendors who came out to help make this the biggest and best Hoboken dog party to date!”

A link to all of the photos from the event should be posted on their homepage at hobokengrace.com

About Hoboken Grace Community Church

Hoboken Grace, a contemporary, non-denominational Christian Church in Hoboken, NJ is one of the fastest growing churches in the Northeast. The mission of the church is to help people find their way back to God.  Hoboken Grace offers four services on Sundays, 9:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. at 301 Garden Street, Hoboken and 10:30 a.m. at 800 Clinton Street, Hoboken and 158 Erie Street, Jersey City. To learn more about Hoboken Grace visit hobokengrace.com.

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May 2, 2013

Hoboken to Recieve 1 Acre Property and $1.5 Million from Settlement with Developer

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This settlement ends a long standing dispute the City of Hoboken had with URSA over a redevelopment project in the Northwest portion in the city……


Hoboken - City Property NW Hoboken

The City of Hoboken has settled litigation with URSA regarding a dispute over whether the developer provided all of the benefits to which the City was entitled under a Redevelopment Plan approved in 2000. Because of the dispute, the City would not provide Certificate of Completeness to the developer.

As a result of the settlement, the City of Hoboken will become the owner of Block 102, lots 1-8 and 25-32 – an approximately one acre property in Northwest Hoboken. The property is located north of 11th Street between Madison Street and Monroe Street, immediately south of the PSE&G Madison Street Substation. URSA will be responsible for the environmental cleanup of the site and will also make a payment of $1.5 million to the City.

“I am committed to using the funds from this settlement to address the infrastructure needs of Northwest Hoboken rather than for general operating expenses,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I look forward to working with the City Council and the community to determine the best use for these funds and land, whether it is for parking, parks, community space, affordable housing, or other priorities.”
The City is pleased the matter could be resolved amicably in a way that results in a significant benefit to the infrastructure needs of the community.

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April 8, 2013

Hoboken Photo of the Day- 1600 Park Almost Ready for Field Surface

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1600 Park in Hoboken Ready for Resurface HDR 4-7-2013 smaller

Today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day is of 1600 Park. It is nearing the stage where it can get the field surface installed and that would be a welcome site to many of Hoboken’s children who participate in youth soccer.  Here is to progress on parks in Hoboken.

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April 2, 2013

Hoboken Community Invited to Meeting on Western Hoboken Parks Acquisition Monday April 8th from 7-9pm

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Here is the last community meeting on Parks in Hoboken from the City of Hoboken…..

Community Invited to Meeting on Western Hoboken Parks Acquisition

City of Hoboken Open Space Plan 2010

All members of the community are invited to attend a meeting on Monday, April 8th from 7pm to 9pm at the Connors School (201 Monroe St) on parks acquisition in Western Hoboken.

Mayor Zimmer will answer questions and provide updates on the status of acquiring land for parks envisioned in the City’s Open Space Plan: a Southwest Park at Jackson Street and Newark Street, a park at 7th Street and Jackson Street (known as the Pino site), and a park at the 6-acre BASF site at 11th Street and Madison Street (formerly known as the Henkel/Cognis site).

The meeting previously scheduled for April 2nd on the Southwest Park is being combined with the meeting scheduled for April 8th.

Additional Note: The Mayor had to postpone her open office hours yesterday due to a death in the family. TheBoken.com would like to extend our condolences to the entire Zimmer family and circle of friends.

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March 19, 2013

Open Letter from Mayor Zimmer on Parks in Western Hoboken

Here is the latest update from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Parks. Take note in particular of her update on the Southwest Park which is project to be triple the size and much less costly than Tim Occhipinti’s pocket parks proposal.


7th-Jackson-Park-Hoboken aka Pino Site

“I am writing to update the community on the progress we are making towards acquiring land for new parks in Western Hoboken, including a large Southwest Park, the Pino site at 7th St. and Jackson St., and the BASF site at 11th St. and Madison St. With Hoboken’s growing number of young families, our senior community, and active recreational community, the neighborhoods in Western Hoboken need more active and passive park space. The City is focused on acquiring land to provide large active space for residents at a fair market price in the interest of Hoboken taxpayers.

A Park in Southwest Hoboken

The first phase for the Southwest Park, envisioned in our Master Plan and Open Space Plan, would include an almost one-acre portion of Block 12 on Jackson Street. The property will be purchased this year, built into a park in 2014, and then expanded into a larger park through the redevelopment planning process. The plan for the first phase would include adding traffic lights, pedestrian signals, and crosswalks to ensure residents can safely walk to the park.

Block 12, the surface parking lot across the street from the new restaurant being built on Jackson Street, was chosen as the first building block of the Southwest Park for several reasons:

1. It has been and currently is still zoned for non-residential industrial use, which is typically appraised at a value less than similar property zoned for residential use. Based on the appraisal done by the City as part of the acquisition process, the fair market value is approximately equal to the $3 million Hudson County open space grant that is available to fund the purchase.

2. At one acre, it is large enough to be a significant park for active use, similar to 1500 Park near the Hudson Tea Building that has a field and playground space. The park will be expanded significantly by adding industrially zoned properties to the west of it through the Southwest Redevelopment process. Ultimately, the goal is to create a park in the Southwest approximately the size of Church Square Park — an enormous asset to residents in my neighborhood and throughout Hoboken.

The owner of Block 12 is interested in selling, but believes that the property should be valued as if it were zoned for large-scale residential development even though such a use is not permitted under its current zoning. As a result, it was necessary to use the eminent domain process to determine the fair market value for which the City can acquire the property. That process is ongoing.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of acquiring land by eminent domain does not take years. The City can obtain title to the property and start planning and building the park as soon as an order authorizing the use of eminent domain is entered by a judge. It can take a long time for a final value to be established, but the City would become the owner of the property early on in the process. The City is moving ahead with acquiring the property this year, and if all goes well, the one-acre foundation for a SW park could be completed in 2014 with the larger park to be developed through the redevelopment process.

Making Prudent Choices

Councilman Occhipinti has put forward a petition requesting that the City acquire the three Zaklama properties at 1st St. and Jackson St. While I agree with the sentiment that the Southwest needs new park space urgently, fiscally prudent choices must be made, and we do not have the resources to acquire every lot where it might be desirable to have a park.

The three Zaklama properties, which total only about 0.35 acres (one third the size of Block 12), are zoned for residential use, and would be extremely costly to acquire. The largest lot, which is less than 0.25 acres, has an asking price of $4.3 million, or over $17 million per acre, compared to the approximately $3 million per acre reflected in the City’s appraisal for Block 12.

These price differences explain why, in order to acquire as much open space as possible, the City has focused its acquisition efforts on property with industrial rather than residential zoning. We are also concerned about creating larger parks that can be used for active use by the entire neighborhood. We need to make economically prudent choices so that we get the best and largest Southwest Park possible.

Park at 7th St. & Jackson St.

The City is entering into negotiations to create a one-acre park at 7th St. and Jackson St. (known as the Pino site). The City Council will be asked to approve an interim cost agreement that would provide for an evaluation of Larry Bijou’s proposal to develop an adjacent property and donate the Pino site to the City for park land (for details visit: www.hobokennj.org/pinosite).

Large Northwest Park

The City is currently negotiating to purchase a large property now owned by BASF (formerly also known as the Henkel/Cognis site) at 11th St. and Madison St. As part of the evaluation process, the City hired a firm to analyze the environmental issues on the six-acre site. Negotiations are ongoing, with a firm commitment to create a large park in the northwest area of Hoboken.

Together, these three parks will ensure that residents of Western Hoboken can easily access outdoor recreational opportunities with their family and friends.

Save the Dates for Park Community Meetings

Two community meetings are scheduled to discuss parks in Western Hoboken:

  • Southwest Park: Tuesday, April 2nd (Location TBA)
  • 7th & Jackson & Northwest Parks: Monday, April 8th (Location TBA)

I hope to see you at one of these meetings where we will be providing updates and answering any questions about the parks acquisition process.


Mayor Dawn Zimmer”

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