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January 28, 2014

Update from the City of Hoboken on Superbowl Week

The latest from the City of Hoboken regarding Superbowl week….



Super Bowl 2014 in Hoboken

 The City of Hoboken will host the Hoboken Huddle at Pier A Park on the Hoboken waterfront the week of January 28 to February 2 leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII. The Hoboken Huddle will feature a 12 foot tall illuminated sculpture of the Roman numerals “XLVIII” overlooking the Manhattan skyline. In partnership with the US Curling Association, the Hoboken Huddle will also feature 3 lanes of curling which will be free and open to the public each day from 10am to 10pm. Vendors will include Pizza Vita, Law Coffee, and the official Super Bowl XLVIII Fan Store which will be open daily at the gazebo at the end of Pier A from 10am to 10pm.

No streets will be closed in Hoboken. The only street closure in Jersey City is 6th Street from Washington Boulevard to Marin Boulevard.

The Hoboken Police Department will be enacting a zero tolerance policy on drinking alcoholic beverages in public, public intoxication, public urination, parking and traffic violations, unruly house parties, pop up parties, and unlicensed vendors. For those visiting the Hoboken Huddle on Pier A, all bags will be subject to inspection. Anyone who observes suspicious activity is asked to report it to the Hoboken Police Department at 201-420-2100.

By Friday evening, the taxi stand will be temporarily relocated to the west side of Hudson Street between Observer Highway and Hudson Place.

An Emergency Operations Center will be open in City Hall from noon to midnight on Sunday, February 2. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, the following No Parking regulations will be in place:

Effective immediately until Monday, February 3 at 2:00am

  • Sinatra Drive from 7th Street to 11th Street (east)
  • Sinatra Drive from 1st Street to 4th Street

From Friday, January 31 at 8:00pm until Monday, February 3 at 2:00am

  • 4th Street (south side) from Washington Street to Willow Avenue
  • River Street (both sides) from Hudson Place to 4th Street
  • Hudson Place (all)
  • Hudson Street (west side) Observer Highway to Newark Street
  • Hudson Street (both sides) 1st Street to 2nd Street

From Saturday, February 1 at 8:00am until Monday, February 3 at 2:00am

  • 1st Street (both sides) from Washington Street to Bloomfield Street
  • Newark Street (north side) from Washington Street to Bloomfield Street
  • Washington Street (west side) from Newark Street to 1st Street
  • Bloomfield Street (east side) from Newark Street to 1st Street


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July 4, 2013

Hoboken Community Message: Parking Enforcement Suspended July 4 – July 7

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Good news for parking in Hoboken over this holiday weekend through July 7th. TheBoken.com stil recommends that if you can avoid driving later today July 4th that you so so. Hoboken will be a driving nightmare due to the large crowds expected for the fireworks show tonight at 9pm.


Hoboken Community Message: Parking Enforcement Suspended July 4 – July 7

Street sweeping, permit rules, and parking meters will not be enforced from Thursday, July 4 through Sunday, July 7.

Illegally parked vehicles obstructing traffic lanes during the fireworks will be towed.

Municipal government offices will be closed on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5.

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July 2, 2013

City of Hoboken 4th of July Information for Residents and Visitors

Here is the City of Hoboken’s annual update on the 4th of July Fireworks celebration. Thousands visit Hoboken to view the fireworks on the Hudson every year sponsored by Macy’s in New York City. The views are spectacular! ….



Hoboken 4th of July Fireworks

The City of Hoboken is expecting to host tens of thousands of guests to view the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks which will take place over the Hudson River this year.

Traffic delays and mass transit:

Based on prior years, residents and visitors who drive are advised to expect four hours or more of traffic and delays exiting Hoboken after the fireworks and at least two hour delays to exit municipal parking garages. In addition to delays, the gridlock can create a situation where public safety vehicles cannot effectively respond to emergencies, so the City strongly urges visitors to take mass transit. Options include the PATH, Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, NY Waterway ferries, or NJ Transit commuter rail or bus. For additional travel information, visit: www.hobokennj.org/visit/how-to-get-here. Visitors looking for parking will be directed to municipal garages B (28 2nd St) and D (215 Hudson St).

Heightened security:

As in years past, there will be heightened security, with numerous checkpoints staffed by law enforcement personnel along the entire waterfront area. Checkpoint entrances will be located at: 1st St & Sinatra Dr, 2nd St & Sinatra Dr, 3rd St & Sinatra Dr, 4th St & River St, 11th St & Sinatra Dr, 12th St & Shipyard Ln, 14th St and Shipyard Ln. The stairway from the Babbio Center to the waterfront will be closed. Any person entering these designated checkpoints will be prohibited from entering with the following items: backpacks, fireworks, coolers, glass bottles, cans, grills & barbeque materials, propane tanks, weapons, tents, alcohol, and other items not in the interest of public safety. Only factory sealed beverages will be permitted, excluding alcohol. All items are subject to inspection prior to entry into the checkpoint areas.


Only Hoboken-licensed vendors will be permitted beyond checkpoints. The vendor entrance is at 4th St. and River St. and vendors are subject to screening.

Street closures:

The following streets will be closed to all traffic except emergency vehicles between 8 am and midnight on July 4th:

  • Sinatra Dr. from 15th St. to 1st St.
  • River St. from Hudson Place (PATH) to 4th St., (limited access to residents and parking patrons only)
  • 5th St. and Castle Point Terrace
  • Hudson Place

Due to the closure of Hudson Place, the west side of Hudson Street from Hudson Place to Observer Highway will be the designated taxi area.

Parking restrictions:

No parking will be permitted on the following streets between 8am and midnight on July 4th in order to provide safe access for emergency response vehicles:

  • Sinatra Dr. from 1st St. to 15th St.
  • 4th St. from River St. to Clinton St. (on the south side of the street)
  • Willow Ave. from 11th St. to 4th St. (on the west side of the street)
  • Hudson Place (by the PATH)
  • Newark Street from Hudson St. to Sinatra Dr.
  • Clinton St. from 7th St. to 8th St.
  • Hudson St. from 14th St. to Observer Hwy. (on the west side of the street)

Disabled guests:

The fishing pier located at approximately 9th St. and Sinatra Dr. will be open for disabled guests. Each may be accompanied by two additional guests.

First aid stations:

The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps will have first aid stations at Pier A Park, Sinatra Park, 8th St. and Sinatra Dr., 12th St. and Sinatra Dr., and 14th St. and Sinatra Dr.

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June 24, 2013

City of Hoboken To Issue Smart Cards and New Pilot Parking Regulations

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Here is the latest change in parking in Hoboken with a pilot designed to be more user and visitor friendly in uptown Hoboken….



City of Hoboken Parking Meter

The City of Hoboken’s Parking Utility today is announcing the availability of parking meter smart cards and the start of a pilot program for new “hybrid” permit/meter parking regulations in part of northern Hoboken.

Effective immediately, drivers can pay at all parking meters in Hoboken with a pre-paid Hoboken Smart Card. Refillable smart cards ranging in value from $20 to $240 can be purchased at the Hoboken Parking Utility. Once issued, smart cards can be recharged at any parking meter that accepts bills. The City recently installed 24 new parking meters throughout the city which accept paper bills in addition to coins, credit/debit cards and smart cards.

Effective July 1, 2013, the City of Hoboken will implement new “hybrid” parking regulations as a pilot program in part of northern Hoboken.

The new regulations represent a hybrid of existing permit parking regulations and metered zones. Signs in these areas read: “Permit Parking Only. All Others Pay At Meter.” Like standard “Permit Only” parking areas, Hoboken parking permit holders may park in these zones at no charge. Visitors and other non-permit holders are required to pay at the meters for up to 4 hours between the hours of 9am to 9pm.

“We hope this pilot program proves to be a win-win for residents and visitors alike,” said Transportation and Parking Director John Morgan. “The new rules preserve parking for residents and are more forgiving to our visitors.”

Those who violate the regulations in the new hybrid zones will be subject to ticketing. The streets with the new regulations are:

  • 15th St from Madison St to Willow Ave (both sides)
  • Adams St from 15th St to 16th St (East)
  • Clinton St from 15th St to 16th St (East)
  • Grand St from 15th St to 16th St (East)
  • Jefferson St from 15th St to 16th St (East)

The west side of Adams St, Clinton St, Grand St, and Jefferson St remain designated as “Resident Only.”

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June 6, 2013

City of Hoboken – Discounted Parking Available Due to Flash Flood Watch

Here is the latest update from the City of Hoboken due to the possibility of flooding caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea….



Hoboken Storm Flood ZonesThe remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea are currently forecast to reach our area on Friday. The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Watch from Friday morning through Saturday afternoon. Rainfall rates could reach between 1 and 2 inches per hour and total up to 4 inches or more.

The City of Hoboken is taking preparations including activating the Office of Emergency Management and Community Emergency Response Team and coordinating with North Hudson Sewerage Authority. Barricades will be pre-positioned to close streets as necessary.

Residents are advised to closely monitor the storm and make appropriate preparations, including moving their vehicles from flood-prone streets. Although the exact timing and intensity of the storm is not known, if heavy rain beyond the capacity of Hoboken’s flood pump occurs during high tide, flooding is expected.

Due to the potential for flooding, the City of Hoboken is providing reduced rate parking in municipal Garage B (located on 2nd Street between Hudson and River Streets) and Garage D (215 Hudson Street) beginning Friday, June 7 at 8am through noon on Saturday, June 8th for $5 for residents who reside in flood prone areas and have a valid Resident parking permit or Temporary parking permit placard.

In addition, various privately-operated parking garages are available including:

  • Central Parking (50 Bloomfield St)
  • Central Parking (77 Park Ave)
  • Central Parking Systems (1 Washington St)
  • Central Parking Systems (50 Bloomfield St)
  • Propark America (1125 Maxwell Ln)
  • Propark America (1450 Bloomfield St)
  • Sylvan Parking (800 Jefferson St)
  • Sylvan Sky Garage LLC (125 Marshall St)
  • Sylvan Sky Garage (700 1st St)
  • SJP Garage (111 River St)
  • Newport Mall Parking Garages – Main/West Garage, North Garage, South Garage (49 Mall Drive West, Jersey City)

Residents who have a Resident parking permit or Temporary parking permit are reminded that overnight parking from 8pm to 8am is available every day in Municipal Garages B, D (215 Hudson St), and Midtown (371 4th St) for $5.

A map of flood-prone areas and additional information is available on the City website: www.hobokennj.org/flooding.

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May 2, 2013

Hoboken to Recieve 1 Acre Property and $1.5 Million from Settlement with Developer

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This settlement ends a long standing dispute the City of Hoboken had with URSA over a redevelopment project in the Northwest portion in the city……


Hoboken - City Property NW Hoboken

The City of Hoboken has settled litigation with URSA regarding a dispute over whether the developer provided all of the benefits to which the City was entitled under a Redevelopment Plan approved in 2000. Because of the dispute, the City would not provide Certificate of Completeness to the developer.

As a result of the settlement, the City of Hoboken will become the owner of Block 102, lots 1-8 and 25-32 – an approximately one acre property in Northwest Hoboken. The property is located north of 11th Street between Madison Street and Monroe Street, immediately south of the PSE&G Madison Street Substation. URSA will be responsible for the environmental cleanup of the site and will also make a payment of $1.5 million to the City.

“I am committed to using the funds from this settlement to address the infrastructure needs of Northwest Hoboken rather than for general operating expenses,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I look forward to working with the City Council and the community to determine the best use for these funds and land, whether it is for parking, parks, community space, affordable housing, or other priorities.”
The City is pleased the matter could be resolved amicably in a way that results in a significant benefit to the infrastructure needs of the community.

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March 21, 2013

Robot Cars – Are they the future? How would that work in Hoboken? New Jersey?

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Here is an article from local blogger Sara S. about the future state of automobiles and the concept of computer controlled driving for individual vehicles.

Traffic in NYC Wikipedia Commons mod Robot

Robot Cars – Are they the future? In NYC, Hoboken or New Jersey?

The Jetson’s promised us flying cars decades ago and we still haven’t gotten them. So, while we’re waiting, it’s a good thing Google is doing their part for the future of transportation by making and testing autonomous vehicles – or ”robot cars”. It sounds a little crazy, I know, but they really are and soon these “autos” will be cruising along our roads and highways. You will become the passenger and the car will be the driver.

Neat – O

There would be no more need for streetlights. No one would get speeding or parking tickets. We already have cars that can park themselves, but these cars would bring it to a whole new level. We would probably still have parking meters though! Knowing that parking is such an issue in Hoboken for some residents and visitors that do not use mass transit and parking where they wish, can you honestly expect drivers who are accustomed to double parking and standing where they should not to relinquish that option?

Robot cars could take the most congested traffic systems like that in New Jersey and turn it into a streamlined and efficient commute or ride each and every time. These cars have a 360-degree view through radar and GPS technology. They rely on the continuous uploading of detailed images from the vehicle’s immediate surroundings using 3-D laser mapping technology.

Imagine the changes to the traffic jams of cities like New Jersey and NJ car insurance alone and then echo it across the country. States would experience an interesting transition for traffic officers, insurance companies, and lots of other businesses. Think of all the people currently who hold positions as drivers in this country; from buses to semis.

Cops would no longer need to set-up speed traps, there would be no accidents (or at least fewer) with what they say could improve traffic and collision statistics everywhere.  But, who knows what new hazards these futuristic automated autos will bring or what the new provisions would be once they were launched on the public across the country?

So far, only Nevada has passed a new robot-friendly law and those laws are only for the purpose of testing automated vehicles; they are not yet available for consumers. Technically however, when they do become available Bryant Walker Smith, a lecturer on legal issues at Stanford University says he has found no laws that directly prohibit them from being used right now.

But, But, But…

Set the “neat-o” factor aside and think about the potential implications of a fully autonomous automobile.

Really think about it. A robot car. What is traffic like where you live at any given time? Can a robot car navigate it? Really? Could there be both robot and manually driven cars sharing the same roads at the same time, or could they only work if everyone had one? Could a programmer be sued if he/she developed a faulty self-driving algorithm?

Will a driver’s license become and operator’s license? Who would ultimately regulate this and what could they potentially do with that power? Would they be able to remotely access and control every vehicle and the grids they are traveling on? Will they be able to turn your car off at any time or re-direct you? What a great way to resolve the oil issue that could be.

Who’s Steering this Bus/Car?

Currently the prototypes have steering wheels and a tap system on the brakes that will allow you to regain control of the vehicle any time you want, but these questions are all worth pondering.

Technology is encroaching on every aspect of our lives. How much control are you willing to give up behind the wheel? Are you willing to give up the wheel entirely?

Editor’s Note: We are perhaps a ways off before this is even an option but Google and other technology firms have already started on this trend so it may be sooner than later. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below:


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March 8, 2013

City of Hoboken – Street Cleaning Suspended for Friday March 8th 2013

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The current snow storm has had the following impact on Hoboken’s street cleaning schedule. All other regulations on parking do remain in effect however…..

City Hall Snow


Enforcement of alternate side street parking regulations for street cleaning is suspended for Friday, March 8, 2013. All other parking rules, including meters, are in effect.

Property owners/occupants are reminded that they have six hours after the completion of a storm to remove snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to their property, along with adjoining wheelchair ramps or curb cuts.

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November 30, 2012

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Announces Free Parking for Holiday Shoppers

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Ho ho ho Hoboken Shoppers, good news on holiday parking from the City of Hoboken….


Residents and Visitors Invited to Hoboken Holiday Craft Fair

Hoboken City Hall Xmas

 The City of Hoboken is offering free parking in its municipal garages for visitors who come to shop or dine during the holiday season.

“Hoboken is open for business!” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We want to make it easy and enjoyable for visitors to shop or dine in Hoboken and support the businesses that make our community great.”

Free parking is available in municipal garages B (28 2nd St), D (215 Hudson St) and Midtown (371 4th St) seven days a week during the month of December between the hours of 9am and midnight. To receive up to 4 hours of free parking, visitors must present to the parking attendant a receipt for at least $20 from any Hoboken business during these hours. Any time beyond 4 hours will be charged at the regular rate.

The City is holding its annual Holiday Crafts Fair on Saturday and Sunday December 1st and 2nd from 11am to 5pm at City Hall, 94 Washington Street. The fair features unique handcrafted gift items by local artists, photographers and crafters including art, photography, jewelry, candles, soaps and body products, mirrors and frames, hand knit scarves, hats, sweaters, holiday ornaments, paper weights, greeting cards, tote bags, purses, quilts, florals, baked goods, framed vintage prints, wooden snowflakes, balsamic vinegars & olive oil, and much more.

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November 11, 2012

City of Hoboken – Partial Parking enforcement Tuesday November 13th – Full Enforcement Monday November 19th

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The latest on parking enforcement from the City of Hoboken in the wake of Hurricane Sandy….



We understand that Hurricane Sandy resulted in significant loss to Hoboken residents, including the loss of many vehicles. For this reason, enforcement of permit parking regulations and alternate side parking for street cleaning will remain suspended until Monday, November 19th at 12:01am.
Beginning on Tuesday, November 13, 12:01am, partial parking enforcement will resume:

  • Metered parking will be enforced east of Bloomfield Street.
  • All other non-permit and non-street cleaning parking enforcement is in effect (parking too close to a crosswalk, stop sign, fire hyrdrant, in a bus stop, driveway, car-sharing space, handicapped space, Temporary No Parking signs, parking on sidewalk, etc).

Full parking enforcement, including permit and street cleaning rules will resume on Monday, November 19th, 12:01 am.

For public safety reasons, we ask for your cooperation in the removal of damaged vehicles as soon as possible. If you do not have insurance for the removal of your vehicle, you may be subject to the expense incurred to remove it.

Any car parked on the street without plates will be considered abandoned and subject to towing at owners expense.

Residents with a new vehicle or rental vehicle can apply for a parking permit at the Parking Utility in the ground floor of City Hall or online at www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline.

New Towing Procedures
As a result of contracting law requirements and to provide redundancy and additional resources in cases of major storms, the City has transitioned to a rotating towing system as of November 1, 2012 that uses four towing contractors: Mile Square Towing in Hoboken, Logan Towing and Truchan Towing in Jersey City, and Johns Main Towing in North Bergen. Vehicles will be towed by each of the four contractors on a rotating business to their respective locations.

The new procedures for retrieving a towed vehicle have been significantly simplified, eliminate multiple back and forth trips between the tow yard and Police Department, and uses a single point of payment. By providing a driver’s license, the registration and insurance information can be retrieved without the need for additional back and forth trips as was previously necessary.

If you believe your vehicle has been towed, first call the Parking Utility at 201-653-1919 or the Police Department at 201-420-2100 to determine if your vehicle has been towed and to which location.

For those taking a Hoboken taxi to a tow yard, the City is now offsetting the full cost of the fare, so long as a receipt is provided by the taxi driver. The taxi fare must be paid to the taxi driver, after which a receipt should be requested. The receipt must indicate the date, time, cost, taxi number and driver name. The City will then deduct the fare amount from the towing fee after a receipt has been provided to the tow yard contractor. Regular taxi fares to the four towing companies are: Mile Square Towing: $5, John’s Main Auto Body: $17, Logan Towing: $21, Truchan Brothers: $23.

Mile Square Towing
1520 Jefferson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 217-3133

Johns Main Towing
1445 Union Turnpike
North Bergen, N.J. 07047

Logan Towing
45 Lewis Ave.
Jersey City, N.J. 07506

Truchan Towing
626-630 Communipaw Ave
Jersey City, N.J. 07304

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