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November 6, 2013

Hoboken Election Results – Mayor Dawn Zimmer and City Council Sweep – Kids First Sweeps BOE

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Yesterday there was an election in Hoboken for the office of Mayor, 3 City Council at Large seats, 3 Board of Education seats and the Public Question #1 on whether or no to adopt vacancy decontrol (yes vote) or leave rent control in tact (no vote). The unofficial results are as follows. Official results are expected on Friday when provisional ballots are counted:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer Victory Celebration 11-5-2013

Mayor Dawn Zimmer Celebrates her election victory at the Village Pourhouse last night

Mayor Dawn Zimmer won her re-election bid by over 1500 votes over 2nd place challenger Ruben Ramos. Tim Occhipinti financially backed by Beth Mason and Frank Raia came in a distant 3rd.

Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 Mayor results

The Dawn Zimmer team of  David Mello, Ravi Bhalla and James Doyle also swept in the three at Large City Council seats by a comfortable margin of 1,500 votes.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer will now have a working 5-4 majority for at least two years on the City Council.

Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 City Council results

The Kids First team of Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and new candidate Jennifer Evans who were endorsed by Mayor Zimmer also swept their BOE race.

Hoboken Election 11-5-2013 BOE results

Rent Control Question is still up in the air….

Update 11/06/2013 5pm: Finally the vote on Public Question 1 initially had the No votes ahead of Yes on the Hudson County Elections website. These numbers did not include all 40 precincts or provisional. There was an erroneous count posted by NJ.com that had the yes votes ahead but that has been later reversed.

Update 11/06/2013 3:55pm:  According to a City of Hoboken source the current count actually has the No votes up by 50-60. The initial numbers given to NJ.com which was my source had three voting precincts where the numbers were either transposed or improperly counted. This is potentially good news for tenant advocates and bad news for vacancy decontrol advocates. Again this numbers are informational only. The final results won’t likely be until Friday when the provisional ballots are tallied.


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November 5, 2013

Election Day Information – Vote in Hoboken today!

Below is a sample ballot for Today’s Election in Hoboken. Polls are running from 6am-8pm. Make sure you make the time to stop after work and vote. It is the most important aspect of our democracy.

Vote Button 2013 Hoboken

This year’s ballot is busy so here is a breakout of the sections……

  1. The top left and middle portion is for the Governor/Lt. Governor, State Senate, Two Assembly Seats, and County Sheriff.Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5th 2013 Top
  2. The bottom left section is for the School Board and voters can choose up to three votes for the three open seats.Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5th 2013 Bottom Left
  3. The bottom middle section is for both the Hoboken Mayor position and the three City Council seats at large.Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5th 2013 Bottom Middle
  4. The right section is for two State referendums and the vote on Vacancy Decontrol. A yes vote effectively enables vacancy decontrol for 1-4 unit buildings and a no vote keeps rent control the same for now. Below is the rent control question:Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5th 2013 Rent Control

And the entire ballot is below in jpg and pdf formats…..

Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5th 2013

For the easier to read and zoom-able version go here:

Hoboken Election Sample Ballot November 5 2013

For any other questions go to the Hudson County Elections website below:


Editor’s Note: 

Whether you agree with me or not I feel it is important to get out and vote. As a long term resident I have been following the local political scene for years and just want to see Hoboken under the proper leadership and stewardship that looks at the community as whole and not just a narrow constituent that rewards its insiders. It is important to me that we support honest and earnest candidates who will move away from the patronage and poor development practices of the past. Here is my take (just one man’s opinion) on this year’s candidate pool…

BOE – School Board Race:

For the BOE race, I am supporting the Kids First slate of Leon Gold 3I, Irene Sobolov 5I and Jennifer Evans 8I for the three open Hoboken School Board seats. I watched the BOE debate and even though I don’t have children I want good stewardship of the Hoboken District Schools and these were the only three candidates out of the 8 that displayed the judgement and professionalism needed to support the District Superintendent in improving Hoboken’s district schools.

The other slates displayed lack of basic knowledge or in the case of Brian Murray opportunism in marketing a Real Estate campaign to encourage parents to leave Hoboken while he gets commission because Hoboken Schools stink. This is hardly the leadership our children need on a Public School Board. The worse part is Brian Murray actually seemed to get off on how obnoxious he could be during the debate.

Kids First 2013

Mayor and City Council Races:

Zimmer Election 2013 300 X 250

I  fully support the  Dawn Zimmer Team as they have  accomplished a lot in 4 years by restoring balanced budgets to Hoboken, getting out from under the State Fiscal Monitor, saving Hoboken from $52 million dollars in bonds that could have defaulted by the HUMC by saving and privatizing the Hospital, reduced taxes 12.5%, finished Pier C Park, built 1600 Park, renovated Church Square Park and many others, initiated Corner Cars, re-organized the top heavy Police and Fire Departments, ousted a corrupt Parking Director from a prior Administration that stole $600,000 in parking revenue, boosted Hoboken’s Shuttle Bus system, installed a flood pump in the most needed location first, and restored honesty and accountability to government just to name a few accomplishments.

The other slates challenging her in my humble opinion have failed to make the case to replace her and in some instances have misrepresented the facts about their prior records. Don’t forget Ruben Ramos under his service as City Councilman with the Mayor Dave Roberts Team created the 2008 fiscal crisis by approving underfunded budgets for many years and selling or Municipal Garage to pay salaries. There is one instance where a faction of the Tim Occhipinti campaign purportedly have committed libel and slander and as a result will be getting sued for defamation. This is the same campaign that in a juvenile fashion sent a letter to Giants QB Eli Manning’s Brother Peyton admonishing him for endorsing Mayor Dawn Zimmer for her support in fighting the Monarch Project where he lives. It was a low class move by low class candidate and proven obructionist. Hoboken needs serious leaders and clearly that is not Tim Occhipinti and they need fiscally responsible ones and that is clearly not Ruben Ramos.

Most importantly the opposing slates don’t have the right plan going forward that represents the community as a whole or the skill sets and integrity to pull it off. The initial Vision 20-20 plan initial brochure called for more than doubling the size of the Projects in Hoboken. How could that possibly benefit anyone but developers? Both the Occhipinti and Ramos campaigns support this plan yet no final plan has been presented and vetted out by the public. Zimmer has stated that until a real plan is in place that this should not move forward. This is the sort of reckless development would could expect to see if Dawn Zimmer and her team were to lose.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer has a lot to run on her record with for re-election and Hurricane Sandy showed that she really cares about the community of Hoboken and its residents. Her plan to protect Hoboken from future storms is the most comprehensive plan but will take time to complete. Mayor Dawn Zimmer has persevered through the obstructionist tactics of her political adversaries and although she may not be perfect (who is after all?) she has the best character, integrity and proven track record of results to get the job done. She will need her slate to maintain a 5-4 majority so I advise you vote across the board to continue the progress we have seen in Hoboken.

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October 30, 2013

Hoboken Police Department Get New Vehicles and Uniforms

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Other blogs claim they give you the good the bad and the ugly when all they really do is give you the ugly, paid for ugly. If you know what website I am referring to then no need to mention it here. Here is some more good news from the Mayor’s office just one week before an election….

The City of Hoboken announces:

 Mayor Zimmer and Police new equipment uniforms
Left to right: Police Officer Willie Montanez, Police Chief Anthony Falco, Detective Vince Lombardi, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Sergeant John Petrosino, Police Officer Robert Truppner
Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined by Police Chief Anthony Falco, Sergeant John Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers, and Detective Vince Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association and Police Officers Willie Montanez and Robert Truppner to display the Hoboken Police Department’s newly purchased vehicles and new uniforms.
“Our Police Department is always there for our community when we need them most,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “They deserve to be as well-equipped and prepared as possible to do their jobs and keep us safe, and I thank our Police Officers for partnering with us on investing in their new uniforms.”
“This is a big morale booster for our department,” said Police Chief Falco. “The new uniforms have the full support of our rank-and-file, meet the needs of professionalism and utility, and are more adaptable for the daily rigors of the job.”
“The steady hiring of new officers, ongoing replacement of our aging patrol vehicles, renovations of police headquarters, approval of new work uniforms, and future K9 unit are just a few of many positive and progressive endeavors supported by the mayor, and we thank her for her strong commitment to public safety.” said Detective Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association. “Protecting the public and keeping the peace is our purpose, and Mayor Zimmer has proven our purpose is her priority.”
The Police Department recently acquired one 15-seat Ford Econovan, two Ford Interceptors, two Ford Explorers and four Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles. As of this week, the Police Department also has a new uniform more appropriate for patrol work – the first comprehensive revisiting of uniform policy in recent history.
“After three years of careful planning, the Hoboken Police Department’s uniform motorized patrol are now wearing BDUs, the more casual and community-friendly uniform,” said Sergeant Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers. “Hopefully this change will bring the residents and the officers closer together, by making their appearance seem more approachable, rather than authoritative. With the new additions to our fleet and our brand new uniform change, the citizens of Hoboken will now not only have one of the most professional and well educated officers in the county, but also one of the better equipped. The residents of Hoboken deserve nothing less.”
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August 27, 2013

Hoboken Community Invited to 1600 Park Grand Opening September 3rd at 4pm

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Mayor Dawn Zimmer delivered on her promise of more parks. One down and more to come if she is re-elected this fall. not all of the features listed below may not as of yet be 100% completed but the filed s operational. Here is the City of Hoboken’s invite below….


1600 Park City of Hoboken

The community is invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for 1600 Park on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:00pm.

Hoboken’s newest park, located at 1600 Park Avenue, is more than 2 acres in size and features a multi-use field, restrooms , dog run, viewing mound and slide hill. For spectators, bleachers and leaning rails are located along the Park Avenue side of the field. The field is striped for soccer, women and men’s lacrosse, and t-ball, instructional, and minor league baseball. A new traffic light with pedestrian signal was recently installed at 16th Street and Park Avenue to provide safer pedestrian access to the park.

A pickup/drop-off area is located in front of the park along 16th Street between Willow Avenue and Park Avenue. The nearest metered parking is along Willow Avenue from 14th Street to 16th Street, and the nearest private parking garage is located at 15th Street and Garden Street. Bicycle parking is available at the park.

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July 17, 2013

Hoboken Schools to get portion of $4.5 Donation from United Arab Emirates

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It was announced earlier this week that The City of Hoboken’s Schools will get part of a very generous $4.5 million donation from the United Arab Emirates. Hopefully this will result in more well oiled schools in terms of infrastructure and technology… .


 UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba,

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & Board President Leon Gold

UAB Hoboken Schools Donation

The Hoboken School District is one of nine districts that will benefit from a $4.5 million donation made by the United Arab Emirates Embassy to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. The Hoboken schools that will benefit from the donation are Hoboken High School, Joseph F. Brandt School, Salvatore R. Calabro School, Thomas G. Connors, and Wallace Elementary School.

“On behalf of the City of Hoboken, I thank Governor Chris Christie, First Lady Mary Pat Christie, and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund for their support as we continue to rebuild our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“We are very thankful to the UAE Embassy for the generous donation that will help improve technology in our schools,” added Leon Gold, President of the Hoboken Board of Education.

The UAE Embassy gift, made on behalf of the people of the UAE, will help address critical technology needs, such as infrastructure construction to increase internet bandwidth capacity, wiring and hardware for instructional areas, and acquisition of mobile computing devices for faculty and students.

Mayor Zimmer and Board President Gold were in attendance at Highlands Elementary School this morning for the announcement of the donation where they also met with and personally thanked United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba

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June 4, 2013

Hoboken Community Update from Mayor Zimmer

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Here is the latest communique from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on happenings in Hoboken…..

Hoboken City Hall Closeup HDR

Dear Residents:

This is a big week for Hoboken. Here’s a snapshot on the issues.

Flood Pump:
The pre-application for a second flood pump has been submitted to the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust fund.

1600 Park:
The City received a $200,000 grant from the US Soccer Foundation for the field to be turfed, which is fortunate because it will cost more than anticipated to install the lights due to the soft soil conditions revealed by recent boring tests.

The process of installing the lights is extremely delicate because the drilling will take place within 2 feet of a water main and 4 feet of a gas line. We are also working with PSEG to have the electricity rerouted so a large crane can install the pipes.

Even though we received the grant, the City Council must approved a change order and an emergency appropriation so we can access the grant. Since this ultimately will not cost Hoboken taxpayers any additional money, I am confident the Council will vote on Wednesday to get this important project done. Here’s a memo on all the change orders for this project: www.hobokennj.org/docs/mayor/Memo-Zimmer-Council-6-3-13.pdf.

Southwest Park:
This Wednesday, the Council will be asked to approve a higher offer for Block 12, the one-acre anchor property for a larger Southwest Park. As part of the ongoing litigation process, the City felt it was necessary to update the 2011 appraisal on which the previous offer was based. The increased offer reflects the fair market value based on the new up-to-date appraisal.

County budget hearing in Hoboken:
The proposed County budget includes a significant increase to Hoboken’s county tax. The increase is due both to the State-mandated formula used to allocate each municipality’s share of the total tax burden and also to a five percent increase in the overall County tax levy.

While Hoboken’s municipal tax levy has been reduced by 10 percent over the past 4 years, the County levy has increased by almost 20 percent during the same period. This year’s budget includes a 5 percent increase.

Hoboken residents should take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the County budget and respectfully express their opinions on this issue. This meeting is happening thanks to a joint request by Weehawken Mayor Turner, Secaucus Mayor Gonnelli and me. Thank you to Councilman Mello for suggesting the idea, and thank you to the County and the Freeholders for giving Hoboken residents this opportunity. The hearings start at 6:00pm on Thursday, June 6 in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Afterwards, members of the public will each have 5 minutes to speak.

Traffic signal at Jackson & Newark:
The County plans to complete its installation of the traffic light at Jackson Street and Newark Street by the end of June. This is expected to improve circulation into Hoboken by providing a green left turn phase for cars turning onto Jackson Street. The previous changes made to lower Jackson Street have reduced accidents by nearly half compared to before on-street parking was added. Active evaluation of this intersection and area will continue after the light is installed to determine if additional changes need to be made.

Post-Sandy Grant workshop for business by the EDA:
Local businesses are eligible for grants up to $50,000. The State Economic Development Authority will be in Hoboken to explain the process and answer all questions. All businesses impacted by Sandy are encouraged to attend the workshop on June 11 at 5:00pm in the basement floor conference room in City Hall. For questions, call 1-855-SANDY-BZ.

CDBG Grants Available for Homeowners:
Online FAQ’s are available to answer questions for grant programs (up to $150,000) available to homeowners: http://renewjerseystronger.org/rrem/frequently-asked-questions-for-rrem/ and http://renewjerseystronger.org/resettlement/frequently-asked-questions-about-the-resettlement-program/. For questions, call 1-855-726-3946. We are working on setting up a similar workshop for residents.


Mayor Zimmer

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April 10, 2013

Water Main Break at 11th and Bloomfield Street–More Photos and Infrastructure Remarks by Hoboken Mayors

11th and Bloomfield Water Main Break Hoboken 4-10-2013

Earlier today another Water main break occurred in Hoboken which makes 6 since March 28th in the Mile Square. The location was at 11th and Bloomfield Streets and happened sometime around 10:30am. United Water Crews were on the scene and had a backhoe and water truck for residents in the area that did not have water. According to news sources as of 4pm the repairs have now been completed. More pictures are below as well as a prepared statement and comments by current Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer and former mayor and convicted felon (for taking bribes) Anthony Russo on Hoboken’s water infrastructure issues.

11th and Bloomfield Water Main Break Hoboken 4-10-2013q

11th and Bloomfield Water Main Break Hoboken 4-10-2013

11th and Bloomfield Water Main Break Hoboken 4-10-2013

Last week in response to the repeated water main breaks Mayor Zimmer made this formal statement in a press conference addressing the issue based on her assessment…

Remarks of Mayor Dawn Zimmer – As Prepared for Delivery – Press Conference on Water Supply Infrastructure, April 3, 2013

During the last week as we’ve had a series of water main breaks, lots of questions have been raised.

Members of the public and the press are rightly asking why we have so many water main breaks. Where are the investments in our infrastructure? What’s the plan moving forward?

I want to talk about all of those things, but first I want to address some of the immediate issues I just discussed this morning with United Water.

Last week’s 30 inch main break was caused by a contractor at a construction site who hit a main that was not marked properly. The Board of Public Utilities is conducting a markout investigation to understand what happened.

Any resident or business who suffered a loss as a result of the 30 inch break on Thursday, March 28th can submit a claim directly to United Water. They can call Debra Hummel at 201-750-3408. The City will also be submitting a claim for our expenses on that day.

Going forward, we also want residents to know that if they see water in the street, the quickest way to get it repaired is to call United Water directly at 201-487-0011. That will immediately begin the process of getting an inspector sent to the location.

Now I want to talk about why we have this situation. The fact is that today we are paying the price for investments that should have been made long ago. My Administration has done some research to understand why we’re in the situation we’re in, and I first want to provide some of that background information that sets the context to plan for moving forward.

Parts of our water system are cast iron pipes that are more than 100 years old. In the 1990’s, Hoboken faced budget deficits. Rather than balance the budget by cutting costs or raising revenues, Mayor Anthony Russo sold the future profits to our water system and used those one-time payments to plug budget holes instead of fixing our infrastructure.

Through a series of agreements, the city sold the rights to our water system in 1994 until 2024. There are 11 years left in that agreement.

Payments made by United Water to City of Hoboken

  • July 1994 – $5,500,000
  • June 1996 – $3,000,000
  • June 1997 – $2,000,000
  • June 2001 – $2,700,000
  • Total – $13,200,000

Mayor Russo sold a 30 year revenue stream of $240 million and estimated $100 million in profit for $13.2 million in one-time payments.

Let me say that again. We sold $240 million in revenue and $100 million in profit for $13.2 million.

But it gets worse. That money, as little as it was, should have been invested in our infrastructure. Instead, it was used for the general budget.

Our agreements with United Water do require that they spend a small amount annually in capital expenditures or repairs — $350,000 per year. About 80% of that is spent just repairing our broken mains, and there is little left over for infrastructure improvements.

What’s important to understand is that our problem stems from a past Administration entering into unbelievably short-sighted agreements, not United Water’s failure to live up to those agreements.

This is important because we can’t move forward if we don’t understand where we are and how we got here.

So I want to talk about how we move forward from here.

Earlier today, I met with United Water to discuss our serious challenges and how we can solve them.

Most importantly, just as we are developing a stormwater master plan to address our flooding, the city needs to have a 10 or 20 year master plan for upgrading our water distribution system and meeting the future needs of our city. And I thank United Water for agreeing to share information that will help us develop that plan.

We will also look to establish an infrastructure trust fund to ensure that revenue that should be dedicated to infrastructure investments, like the funds received in the 1990’s from our agreements with United Water, are not diverted to operating expenses or other purposes.

Finally, the contracts we signed with United Water do have a termination cost. Earlier today I informed United Water that I am evaluating all options, including paying the buyout cost, terminating the contract, and renegotiating a new agreement that provides for extensive investment in infrastructure. We will be pursuing a process to evaluate all our options to determine which makes the most sense, but one thing is for sure: we cannot be stuck with the current system through 2024.

- End of Mayor Zimmer’s remarks

This prompted Mayor Anthony Russo in an NJ.com article dated April 5th to state:

Russo today hailed the agreement between the city and United Water that led to the firm taking over control of Hoboken’s water system. He said the agreement was “praised all over.” “The public-private partnership with United Water was a win-win,” he said.

Asked to respond, Zimmer said:

"If the contract ended during his term, Mayor Russo would have a point, but since his agreement with United Water extends until 2024 it has a serious impact on our city now and well into the future." "People may have praised the agreement as a win-win, but any objective analysis with all the facts shows this agreement is a disaster for our city, and Mayor’s Russo’s credibility with regard to contracts he entered into should be evaluated in the context of his felony conviction for taking bribes when he was mayor.”

Link to NJ.com article: http://www.nj.com/hudson/index.ssf/2013/04/former_hoboken_mayor_absurd_to.html

Editorial Comments: So the war of words may continue but it is clear the problem did not start with the current Mayor but she is stuck trying to fix it. This would not be the first problem she has inherited from previous administrations.

Former Anthony Russo gave us deficient contractor work at Sinatra Park which led to its collapse with shoddy workmanship and questionable procurement processes that led to it. The current Mayor is fixing it and re-construction is progressing. Former Anthony Russo also gave us this United Water contract out until 2024 for only $13 million when the potential profit is $100 million. Former Mayor Dave Roberts gave us an underfunded budget that Mayor Zimmer rectified and subsequently lowered municipal taxes. The Mayor also saved the taxpayer from the default of the HUMC which could have sent Hoboken into bankruptcy with a $60 million plus tax bill. Mayor Roberts also sold the Municipal Garage without a replacement to plug budget holes. Mayor Zimmer eventually got the garage back at low interest. The process was not smooth but it got done. There was never an acceptable alternative in the first place. Those are the major ones and the Mayor has faired pretty well to do in tackling these issues.

The next is for Mayor Dawn Zimmer to evaluation the termination costs and proceed with the option. Given her track record on the big issues that she has inherited in Hoboken my money is that she will come up with a plan to improve our water main situation long term. It is absolutely fair to say Hoboken could have got a lot more for privatizing its water rights.  Privatization was the problem, a short sighted Mayor convicted of bribery selling those rights for a fraction of their worth most certainly was. Remember that when you see the Russo’s on the street. Don’t tolerate their histrionics. Sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant.

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February 10, 2013

Hoboken Mayor Zimmer Announces New Director of Transportation and Parking and Permanent Construction Official

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Here is the latest update from the City of Hoboken…



Hoboken City Hall HDR Mod 4x6

Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced that she has hired John Morgan to serve as Director of the Department of Transportation and Parking and appointed Mario Patruno as Construction Official.

Mr. Morgan’s prior experience includes establishing the Department of Parking Services in Westfield, NJ, where he served as director. He has also served on the Union County Transportation Advisory Board. His resume is available on the City website.

Mr. Patruno was previously the Electrical Subcode Official and served as Acting Construction Official while the City searched for a permanent replacement for the position.

“I am pleased to welcome Mr. Morgan to our team and congratulate Mr. Patruno on his promotion and thank him for the tremendous work he did helping get our City back to normal after Superstorm Sandy,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The Parking Utility and Construction Office are here to serve our residents and business owners, and I have asked Mr. Morgan and Mr. Patruno to make it a priority to provide our community with excellent customer service.”

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January 24, 2013

City of Hoboken Community Meeting for Elysian Park Improvements February 27th, 2013

The latest update on Parks from the City of Hoboken Office of the Mayor…


Elysian Park Winter January 2013 in Hoboken HDR smaller

A public hearing will be held on February 27th, 2013 at the Hoboken Historical Museum (1301 Hudson Street) for the public to review and provide feedback on proposed improvements to Elysian Park. Residents are invited to attend any time between 7pm and 9pm. A community meeting was previously held on December 20th, to solicit input from the public.

In advance of the community meeting, residents can review the proposed plan at www.hobokennj.org/elysianpark.

The City of Hoboken has been awarded $600,000 in Green Acres funding for improvements to Elysian Park.

A community meeting for Phase 2 of improvements to Legion Park (located at 1225 Willow Ave) will be announced shortly.

Parks Update

To date, renovations and repairs have been completed at Jackson Street Park, Jefferson Park, Legion Park, Madison Street Park, the waterfront skate park, and Mama Johnson Field. The playground area and basketball courts have been renovated at Church Square Park, and the restroom facilities are also scheduled for renovation. Acrylic surfacing of the basketball courts will take place in the spring. Construction is continuing to rebuild Sinatra Field and Castle Point Park on the waterfront. Construction has begun on Phase 1 of 1600 Park and Hoboken Cove, which will include a multi-use field, lighting, bleachers and leaning rails, a dog run, restrooms, bike racks, and a slide hill and viewing mound. The Little League Field at Stevens Park will be resurfaced using a $250,000 Hudson County Open Space grant. Batting cages will also be installed. The City is also in the process of acquiring land for a Southwest Park.

Proposed Elysian Park Plan:

Hoboken Elysian Park Concept Plan 1-22-2013

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October 16, 2012

Mayor Zimmer Announces Plan to Make Upper Sinatra Drive a Recreational Complete Street

The latest update on transportation from City Hall in Hoboken…



Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced a plan today to ensure that Frank Sinatra Drive becomes a safe “complete street” that can be enjoyed by all Hoboken residents for walking, running, biking and driving.

The comprehensive plan involves banning large commercial vehicles including trucks and buses from Frank Sinatra Drive between 4th and 11th Streets, as well as asking the City Council to again consider bonding for the redesign of Sinatra Drive so everyone can safely enjoy it.

“Our waterfront is the treasure of our City, and I want to make certain that it becomes a safe recreational destination for our residents and visitors,” said Mayor Zimmer. “These steps are consistent with our Master Plan’s vision for a more pedestrian friendly area with waterfront opportunities for active and passive recreation.”

In addition, Mayor Zimmer firmly believes Hoboken has the most impressive views of NYC, and she wants to follow the lead of major cities around the world that have transformed their waterfronts into amazing recreational assets.

“In addition to improving the quality of life for Hoboken, this action also provides economic development benefits because companies want to locate in communities that can offer a great quality of life for their employees,” added Mayor Zimmer.

Editor’s Note: Feel free to chime in whether or not you think this is a good idea or not in the comments below.

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