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March 28, 2012

Sex and the City Trivia at Marty O’Brien’s on Wednesday, March 28th at 8pm

Sex and the City Trivia is at Marty O’Brien’s on Wednesday, March 28th at 8pm.

Quote: “It’s like those guys you have the great second date with and then never hear from again. I pretend they died.”

Sex and the City Trivia -Marty O'Brien's Hoboken 3-28-2012Grab your best girls,kick up your Manolos and down some Cosmos at Trivia, A.D.’s premiere Sex and the City Trivia at  Marty O’Brien’s in Hoboken on Wednesday, March 28 at 8pm! Five rounds of trivia about your favorite four fabulous friends to prove you’re sexy, sassy and smart.

Please call 201.420.922 or email martyobriensparties@gmail.com for reservations. Marty O’Brien’s is located at 94 Bloomfield Street in Hoboken.

Facebook Event:  http://www.facebook.com/events/194772580625863/


Marty O'Briens Hoboken HDR

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February 27, 2012

Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Healthy Hoboken Eating

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to come out of Hoboken hibernation and get fit and ready for the warmer weather. There are a large variety of eateries and bars, and it can sometimes be tough to stay healthy while galivanting in Hoboken. So in an effort to help you stay healthy and prep for bathing suit season, I’ve compiled an abbreviated list of places and food menu options for when you’re out and about but still trying to go light…

1. Trinity Bar and Grill:

Portabello Mushroom Wrap – I recently ordered this, it was delicious! The chickpeas (versus a side of fries) are a healthy and lean boost of protein as well.

Blackened Salmon and Avocado Wrap – a yummy and healthy option for a wrap.

*FYI: Avocado contains great nutrients such as vitamin K, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and is a wonderful source of antioxidants, lending itself well to the promotion of a healthier cardiovascular system and a skinny waistline. When in doubt- go with avocado! Not to mention it’s delicious.

2. Wicked Wolf:

Grilled Veggie Wrap on Whole Wheat – similar to the popular turkey wrap, but the veggie option. I just can’t get enough sauteed veggies! Yum.

Harvest Pear Salad: Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken breast, blue cheese, dried cranberries and pecans served with balsamic vinaigrette - take my word for it, it’s delicious.

    • FYI: Wicked Wolf’s salads are available with grilled chicken breast, grilled thick sliced steak, grilled shrimp or sauteed shrimp for an additional charge…I’d recommend grilled shrimp or chicken if you’re trying to stay lean.

3. Clinton Social:

Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper: This bad boy contains some delicious flavors (plaintains, red peppers, red pepper coulis, basmati rice), and after taking your first bite, you won’t be able to put it down.

Yellowfin Tuna: Pepper-dusted, wasabi-whipped potatoes, julienned vegetables with a soy-ginger glaze.

*FYI: Tuna is a truly a nutrient-dense food. It’s an excellent source of protein, and it’s rich in minerals like selenium, magnesium, and potassium; vitamin B, and omega-3.

4. Mikie Squared:

Cindy is ALWAYS on a Diet SaladThis delicious salad is a little embarrassing to ask for by name, but it’s worth it. Grilled chicken with grilled vegetables & avocado with a side of honey balsamic vinaigrette…low carb and delicious. It really doesn’t get better. The sauteed veggies are delicious and go perfectly with the honey basalmic.

Grilled Salmon – Says the menu, “Drizzled in a delectable dill creme sauce with rice & grilled vegetables.” Can’t go wrong with fish and veggies (and a glass of pinot).

5. Marty O’Brien’s Social Club had three options you might want to try:

Grilled Eggplant with fresh mozzarella, grilled roasted red peppers, tomato, balsamic glaze.

Seared Tuna Salad – Mixed greens with mandarian oranges, red peppers, snow peas, goat cheese, balsamic dressing. Did I mention I love basalmic dressing?

Vegetable Stir Fry- Fresh seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, and rice – add chicken or shrimp for some extra protein (but hold the steak if you want to keep it light)!
Regardless of where you choose to wine and dine in Hoboken, make your options healthy when possible. A few simple rules to follow to stay lean: order your food grilled not fried, hold the cheese when you can, and fill up on veggies before diving into the salty appetizers and other indulgences.
Happy (almost) spring!
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October 26, 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club Halloween Costume Party October 31st

Marty O'Briens Social Club Hoboken Halloween 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club in Hoboken is having their first annual Halloween bash Monday October 31st. They will have a costume contest and prize giveaways with the grand prize at $300. DJ Watts will provide music from 9pm-close.

Drink Specials will be:

  • $5 Bombs
  • $4 Well drinks
  • 9pm $3 shot special
  • $3 Coors Light and Yuengling

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club

94 Bloomfield Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

Marty O'Briens Social Club

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September 23, 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club Grand Opening on 9/22

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Marty O'Briens Social Club Hoboken Grand Opening

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club had their grand opening last night in Hoboken that started at 6pm. The bar area was full at 6:30pm when TheBoken stopped by to have one quick drink. TheBoken was impressed that the bartender remembered the drink I had asked for last time. We will see if this becomes Marty O’Brien’s restaurant of dreams: If you re-build it will they come? As stated before, the ownership did a solid job with the renovations. The place really opened up and looks much more refined.

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September 22, 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club Hoboken – Out with the Old, In with the New

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club (formerly Buskers) – Grand Opening Spetember 22nd at 6pm

Address: 94 Bloomfield Street Hoboken, NJ 07030 (corner of 1st Street and Bloomfield)
Phone: (201) 420-9222

Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Exterior

Well Hobokenites I am back!  Like most polar bears I migrate north during the summer because it’s too damn hot and Hoboken was no different this summer.  New Jersey had its 3rd hottest July on record and who can forget that stretch of days where we crack 108 degrees!  Well summer is over, the mercury is dropping and your friendly arctic barstool buddy is at it again.  Marty O’Brien’s (MOB) officially has their grand opening on Thursday, September 22nd  at 6pm but has been open the last week or two and I visited the newly retooled bar last Friday with a group of friends.


Despite its prime location Buskers (what is now MOB) never really did well with the bar-crowd.  There is no single characteristic you can attribute this too, but I will say their general “old” design inside didn’t help.  That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I first walked into MOBs.  You can see they did more than just change the name on the door and slap a fresh coat of paint on it.  New floors, new bar, new everything – it’s miles nicer than its predecessor.  They do need to work on the thermostat as it was pretty damn hot in the bar.

Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Bar


We got to the bar around 11pm and stayed until a bit after 2am’ish so there were times when it was crowded and other times a little less packed.  Regardless, there were always at least two bartenders (sometimes 3) working the bar which, to me, is a smart setup.  My wait for the next round was never more than a minute or two.  The selection of beer on tap was above average including the standards, a few micro beers, German beers and even one of my personal favorite – Long Island’s own Blue Point.  The average pint of beer was $6 which is slightly expensive, but nothing to wince at.

Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Bar Taps

Crowd & Music

The crowd was quite eclectic at times – groups of JCrew Frat guys (aka popped collars), girls dressed to the 9’s (I saw a bumpit!), the normal Hoboken mix and those looking to dance.  Despite the cornucopia of personalities, everyone mixed pretty well and there was certainly some excellent people watching (including one couple who got SUPER handsy despite the whole bar staring at them).   There was a live DJ who played a good mix of music throughout the night and my girlfriend, Snowflake, taught more than a few people how to Dougie but alas not I as I have been blessed with two left feet.  One minor knock against the music/DJ – it was really loud.  Now I may be old by Hoboken standards at 28 (gasp!), but I had to scream to talk to people.  It just needs to be turned down a notch or two.


MOBs did a lot of work redesigning the look and feel of the bar from the old days of Buskers and it shows.  Good music, good beer selection and a health mix of people make it a fun place to go.  There were a few bumps that need fixing, but given its prime location and overall offerings I am betting MOBs is going to be giving the Shannon and McSwiggans a run for their money this fall.

The next bar review or column can be your suggestion!  Post it in the comments and it will be my next adventure.

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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September 19, 2011

Hoboken’s Marty OBrien’s Social Club Makeover

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Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Exterior

The former Buskers Restaurant has now re-opened as Marty O’Brien’s Social Club. Here are some photos of the renovation and the place has a completely updated look and a better more open layout. They currently are open with just a bar menu and will be expanding their food offerings soon. First observation was that the bartender and the hostess were very customer friendly. TheBoken had a slight cough and without even being prompted the bartender noticed and poured a glass of water. That is good bartending folks. A food and drink review coming in the next few weeks. That Drunken Polar Bear fellow has been in hibernation but is set to awaken and give his perspective on this rebooted establishment.

Here are some photos of the new modern look. It looks much fresher and cleaner. It even still has a bit of that new renovation smell to it:

Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Bar

Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Bar Taps Marty OBrien's Social Club Hoboken Main RoomBelow is the inspiration for the new name. It turns out the owners wanted to connect with Hoboken’s history:

Marty OBrien's Social Club Historical

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September 13, 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club (Formerly Buskers) Open for Business

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club, formerly Buskers has re-opened their doors this week in what TheBoken likes to call a restaurant reboot.  A source of TheBoken’s sent us a very long email/letter (29 pages worth)  from management citing a whole litany of issues when the place was run under the name Buskers. The reader pointed out that while the email made some good points the tone of the letter left a lot to be desired. This source strongly thought it came across as talking down to people and wanted to remind readers that even though the name has changed the management has not. Point taken but….

TheBoken does know this; running a bar/restaurant in Hoboken or anywhere for that matter is a tough business. Whether due to constant staff fluctuations exacerbated by the transient nature of Hoboken, high rent and limits on prices one can charge vs. New York City, it is a tough business to manage well. While Hoboken has plenty of weekend visitors it also has plenty of competition.

Here is wishing the management team well in their success in trying to reboot the restaurant and give it another go. TheBoken read the long email from management and while it could be construed as poorly written and perceived as condescending, it also shows that at least one of the partners who wrote the letter is passionate about making the business better. Whether or not they succeed in that endeavor will depend on their managerial skill set and the quality of hires that they make.

Honestly to an outsider, TheBoken has visited the former business Buskers on occasion and received service ranging from adequate to very good but it was a small sample size as we were not regulars there.  There would have been no reason to suspect the number of issues that management felt was a problem. We are pretty easy going over at TheBoken and there was an editorial temptation to print the whole letter but we feel that it was just too much inside information and it is best to reboot and move forward. Time will tell if the vision for improvement of the owners is met.

Enough with drama; get your drink on and try the food as well at Hoboken’s latest establishment to open/re-open their doors:

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club (formerly Buskers)

Address: 94 Bloomfield Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 420-9222

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