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April 15, 2013

Third Annual Hoboken Guards Pub Crawl and Hurler Auction on Saturday, April 20th at 4 pm Starting at Willie McBrides

Discover Ireland’s national sport – Hurling – enjoy live Irish music,  make new friends, enjoy great drink specials, free food and enter to win a three-tiered cash raffle ($500/$300/$100) at the third annual Hoboken Guards Pub Crawl and Hurler Auction on Saturday, April 20, 4 pm till whenever starting at Willie McBride’s.

Hoboken Hurling - Athletes for Auction 2013

Ladies and gentlemen who enjoy having a good time (or “craic” in Irish) are encouraged to attend this preseason kickoff fundraiser for the Hoboken Guards Hurling Club, a third year sporting & social organization which serves as a gateway to true Irish culture.

Pub Crawl Destinations:

Featured Event:  Live Hurler Auction

Highlighting the event will be Win a Date with a Hurler Auction, to commence in the Shannon at 7:15 pm on April 20th. The single hurlers on the Hoboken Guards, who range in age from 23 to 37, will be auctioned off set to music, each with a gift certificate to a Hoboken or NYC restaurant. The winning bid for each hurler gives the lady the gift certificate…whether she brings our lad or her friend or father is up to her!

  • Cost to attend the event is a $10 bracelet and allows for discounted drink specials (to be announced on our Facebook event page) and food at Mulligans.
  • A three-piece trad session band is included in the event and will follow the sporting tribe to all three bar locations.
  • Attendees can purchase the bracelet at sponsoring bars.

Have a question about this event? Post it to their Facebook page, or email: hobokenhurling@gmail.com. When you sign up to attend the event on Facebook, feel free to invite friends!

“Each of the past two Hoboken Guards Pub Crawl and Hurler Auctions drew more than 100 people apiece, and we hope to have an even larger crowd next Saturday,” said club chairman and co-founder, David Cosgrove. “This is Hoboken’s home team, which plays the best sport on earth, whether Hoboken residents know it or not. Hoboken residents (of age), male and female, are encouraged to come meet out our athletes, learn about this great game which is growing in popularity throughout the United States.”

Fellow co-founder Conor Costigan said the event is critical to the operating of the club, as the funds raised from the auction, wrist bands and raffle typically covers much of the operating costs the Guards for the season. These costs includes league insurance, equipment, field usage/training,  and transportation.

“Most importantly, it’s a great time, a chance to meet new people, and to support your local club,” said Costigan, whose wife Elisha will masterfully MC the auction once again. The two have lived in Hoboken for several years. “GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) clubs thrive in every community in Ireland, and we’ve successfully built our own GAA club here in Hoboken,” added Costigan. “The residents of Hoboken make this event a success so we hope you will join us.”

Training: With the Guards having been granted their first training facility within Hoboken – which is expected to open at 1600 Park – the Hoboken Guards encourage athletes of all stripes to come train with the team on Monday nights at 7 pm starting April 22nd pending availability. The Guards will train Monday nights 7-9 p.m. between the anticipated opening until the end of August at the new facility as they await the finishing of Sinatra Field on the Hudson River (which is expected to be their primary training facility upon its opening in September).

The Hoboken Guards are Recruiting: The Guards are also seeking both male and female new recruits, begin training for the 2013 NYGAA Junior Hurling  Championship season which runs June through the end of August in Manhattan  College, 238th St., Riverdale (Bronx) NY. Check wwww.hobokenhurling.com for the 2013 season  schedule, which will be released shortly.

The group hopes to see you Saturday, April 20th, 4 pm at Willie McBride’s!

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April 26, 2012

Hoboken’s Guards Hurling Pub Crawl and Auction Saturday April 28 4pm – Starts at Nag’s Head

Here is a pub crawl to help support a cool sport that some may not know about… Hurling. Combine that with a pub crawl and the first joke that comes to your head is which type of hurling? Funny but this group is a nice addition to Hoboken’s cultural diversity and it is actually a great game that requires a high degree of skill.

Guards on Patrol: Hoboken’s Finest (Athletes) Crawling,

to be Auctioned Sat. April 28

Discover Ireland’s national sport – Hurling – enjoy live Irish music,  great drink specials, free food, make new friends and enter to win one of several Irish hurling jerseys at the 2nd Annual Guards on Patrol Pub Crawl & Hurler Auction.

Ladies and gents of all country origins who enjoy having a good time (craic, in Irish) are encouraged to attend this preseason kickoff fundraiser for the Hoboken Guards Hurling Club.

You’re saying you’ve never seen a hurling match? You’re the person this pub crawl was designed for, as hurling matches will be played on the sponsoring pub flat screens. Rumors are swirling around Hoboken that Mile Square City residents Eli Manning and newly arrived Tim Tebow will be in attendance. A spot may exist somewhere on the Guards roster.

Event Time: Saturday, April 28, 4–10 p.m. (unofficial ending time)
Guard Patrol Pub Crawl Destinations:

Cost to attend the event is a $10 bracelet and allows for discounted drink specials (to be announced shortly) and food at Mulligans. A five piece trad session band is included in the evening featuring a bodhran, accordian, banjo, pipes and guitar at three of the four pubs. Attendees can purchase the bracelet at sponsoring bars on the day.

Click here for photos from last years Guard Patrol, which drew 120 people despite pouring rain and gale force wind: http://www.hobokensocialsandbox.com/photos/1420031/#24047551

Sign-up on the corresponding facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/348595608523294/

“We’ll Start the Bidding at… $20”
The featured event of the day will take place in Shannon Lounge when ladies on the crawl will have the chance to bid on their “favorite” team player as part of a Hurler Auction.

On the auction block will be 13 single (meaning…unattached…we’ve had to explain this to people so just making sure we’re  on the same page) hurlers ranging in age from early 22 to 30 somethings…the same amount of men that we put on the field at once representing the black white and red in a New York Gaelic Athletic Association match.

Hurling is a physically demanding sport, so the lads should be moving from pub to pub in quick form. Each auctioned hurler comes with a gift certificate to a local restaurant such as Zylo Restaurant, Onieals of Hoboken and SoHo, The Madison Bar & Grill, Court Street, Carpe Diem, etc. Bidding will start at $20 per hurler. The winning bidder gets the gift certificate, whether or not she wants to use it on a date with the accompanying auctioned hurler is her call!

ATTENTION LADIES! Have a question you would like asked each auctioned hurler when he’s on the block? Post it on our facebook page, or email it with any other question to: hobokenhurling@gmail.com

The Guards are fresh off their first tournament competition of the year, the annual Rockland 7s Tournament in Orangeburg, N.Y. Hoboken were victorious in all five matches against  Philadelphia (Pa), Washington D.C., Rockland (NY), Allentown (Pa.), knocking off Washington (D.C.) to capture the trophy with a 5-0 record on the day!

The Guards, seeking both male and female new recruits, have begun training for the 2012 NYGAA Junior Hurling Championship season, which runs May through August in Manhattan College. Check hobokenhurling.com for the 2012 season schedule, which will be released shortly.

See you Saturday!

Hoboken Abu!

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March 13, 2012

Reminder:Hoboken’s Irish Cultural Festival Wednesday March 14th 4-10pm

Hoboken Irish Festival

Reminder: The 1st Annual Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival is Wednesday March 14th from 4-10pm at Sinatra Park.

Key news: According to organizer Chris Halleron the “Beer permit has been secured! Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s on draught thanks to Peerless Beverages. All proceeds from beer sales will go to Hoboken Shelter and the American Legion Post 107′s Adopt-A-Soldier program.” The flyer for the event has also been released as shown above.

The itinerary is as follows:

  • 4pm- Hoboken Guards Hurling Exhibition (this type of hurling is actually a real sport)
  • 6pm- Traditional Irish Step Dancers from the Garden Street School of Performing Arts

Musical Performances by:

  • Paddy and the Pale Boys
  • George Murphy from Dublin
  • The Will O’Connor Band

To read the original announcement from the City of Hoboken go to: City-of-Hoboken-Inaugural-Irish-Cultural-Festival

The link to the Facebook event is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/353842537988783/

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March 5, 2012

Update: City of Hoboken Inaugural Irish Cultural Festival Wednesday March 14th 4-10pm

Update: Now that the City of Hoboken has made it through Lepre-con 2012 this is a good time to remind everyone there is still another Hoboken event coming up that will celebrate the Irish culture minus a parade. This announcement came out several weeks ago and there are a few updates that TheBoken.com would like to share.

First, there will be a beer tent serving Irish beers such as Guinness and Harp. The total number of beers on tap has not been set.

Secondly, it is possible some of the bands that The Parade Committee said would not be available on a Wednesday weekday will be in attendance for this festival. That would be great if the festival could have one or two bagpipe bands. No official confirmation yet but this looks promising.

All in all the event will gave stuff for kids as well as things for the adults like bagpipers and Irish beer. This should make it appealing to multiple generations as there will be libations but none of the large scale debauchery that has occurred in the past on the first Saturday of March in Hoboken.  TheBoken.com is looking forward to this event and will be covering it. Kudos to proud Irish resident Chris Halleron for being a driving force behind the organization of this event.

Original Post: Below is a press release from the City of Hoboken on the first inaugural Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival that was spearheaded in part by Hoboken Resident Chris Halleron as well as Hoboken Officials…

 Community Invited to Inaugural  Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival

Wednesday March 14th 4-10pm

“Craic agus Ceol”—Good times and great music!

Following the unfortunate cancellation of the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a number of residents volunteered to work with the City of Hoboken to organize a grassroots celebration of Irish-American culture with the aim of providing a variety of entertainment for the entire community to enjoy. The first of what is planned to be an annual Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival will be held on Wednesday, March 14 from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Sinatra Park on Hoboken’s scenic waterfront.

The event will feature Irish sport, dance, music, and food and is free and open to all ages. Proceeds from concessions will go to the Hoboken Shelter and Hoboken American Legion.

“I thank our residents who took the initiative to lead this event, and I invite all of our community to come enjoy and experience Irish culture,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

City Seal Hoboken TheBoken

“With the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade recently cancelled, as an Irish-American Hobokenite, I have to say I was saddened,” said Chris Halleron, a lead organizer of the event. “Upon hearing the news, I immediately reached out to Lea Simone, Marc Gianotti, and Scott Katz — who run The Pier Sessions, which is an ongoing concert series at the Shipyard Marina. Their model of a grassroots community concert with proceeds going to charity really established the framework for this event. In running this idea past Hoboken’s City Hall, they were immediately supportive and enthusiastic, so we joined forces to produce the event at Sinatra Park.”

The event will kick-off at 4 pm at the Little League Field with a demonstration of the Gaelic sport of Hurling from the Hoboken Guards, the city’s GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) affiliated hurling squad—now entering their second season. Following the scrimmage, a youth clinic will be held for anyone interested in learning more about this fast-paced Irish pastime.

Entertainment will start at 6 p.m with a performance by the Traditional Irish Step Dancers from The Garden Street School of the Performing Arts at 1018 Washington Street.

Music will follow with an acoustic set from Hoboken Irish-American artist Will O’Connor. Dublin’s George Murphy takes the stage next, delivering a gritty set of traditional Irish seisún music. Finally, New Jersey’s Paddy and the Pale Boys take the stage, performing their own hard-charging, uniquely styled Irish-American sound.

The event is free to the public. Proceeds from concessions will be donated via the Dr. Atlas Foundation to The Hoboken Shelter for the homeless and Hoboken American Legion Post 107, which runs an Adopt-A-Soldier program to deliver care packages to U.S. armed forces personnel overseas.

“Personally, I’m pretty excited by the event,” added Halleron. “I’ve lived here for nearly 15 years—and spent most of that time working behind the bar. It would be nice to get out and actually enjoy the St. Patrick’s celebration in my own town for a change, and I bet there are a number of people in this town who feel the same way.”

Please join us on Wednesday, March 14 at Sinatra Park to celebrate Hoboken’s Irish-American heritage.

Céad míle fáilte! – (One hundred-thousand welcomes)

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