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October 10, 2012

City of Hoboken – Business Parking Permits Now Available Online

Here is the latest effort in automation of parking permits from the City of Hoboken:


New Permit Options Now Available for Owners, Employees, and Customers

The City of Hoboken announced today that all parking permits that businesses need to provide parking for their employees and customers are now also available online using the HPUOnline system (www.hobokennj.org/hpuonline).

Businesses owners or authorized representatives will first need to create an account to establish proof of business in Hoboken by providing necessary documentation. Once a business account is approved, employees of that business may then apply for various on-street and garage parking permits as well as discounted “park-and-shop” coupons for businesses to hand out to valued customers.

New Options – Annual On-Street Business Parking Permits: Owners and employees of businesses located in Hoboken may now apply online for their annual parking permit. Yearly Business parking permits cost $200. New this year: the Parking Utility is now offering Business parking permits for $50/month and $100/quarter. All Business parking permit purchases will now take place online or in person at the Parking Utility. HPU will mail out a reminder postcard with an extended expiration date to existing permit holders, but will no longer mail out permit renewals. All existing permit holders are encouraged to set up an account and apply for a new permit as soon as possible.

New -  Business Daily Debit Garage Permit: Business owners/employees may park their car in unreserved spaces of garages at all hours for a maximum duration of 12 hours at a flat rate of $5/12 hours. Apply online for the permit and a transponder will be provided for your vehicle to enter/exit the garage. Funds pre-paid to the account are debited upon exit (when the gate goes up). Parking beyond the 12 hour period is subject to standard rates for any additional time. This option replaces the old “Merchant Coupon” that was previously used by HPU.

Coming Soon - Pay Station Smart Cards: Hoboken recently replaced 960+ traditional single-space coin-only parking meters on commercial streets with nearly 150 state-of-the-art multi-space parking meters to make parking in the metered parking zone more convenient. This option is for individuals who regularly park in metered areas of the City and don’t want the hassle of paying with coins or waiting for credit card processing. Smart cards allow for any amount of money to be loaded onto the card and are instantly charged at the meter. They are the fastest way to pay for parking at pay stations. Smart cards will soon be available to the general public and may be purchased via HPUOnline or in person at the Parking utility. They are ready for use immediately upon activation.

Park-and-Shop Coupons: Hoboken business owners may provide these coupons to loyal customers for free/discounted parking at municipal garages. When customers return to the garage, they simply insert the coupon after their ticket to reduce the parking fee by the amount displayed on the coupon. “Park-and-shop coupons are now available online and are sold to Hoboken businesses at one-half the face value.

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May 14, 2012

Hoboken Parking Authority Re-instates Parking Enforcement Officer

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Here is some  good news for the Vera family with the reinstatement of Kleber Vera to the Hoboken Parking Authority from the City of Hoboken.


Parking Enforcement Officer Kleber Vera has been reinstated on the job after being suspended in November, 2010. Vera was hired by the Parking Utility in February, 2010. He was suspended without pay pending the disposition of the criminal court case against him which touched upon his office. Ultimately all charges were dismissed.

“Mr. Vera and his family went through a very difficult and very public process, and now that the charges against him have been dismissed, I welcome him back as an employee of the City of Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“Kleber Vera had a good work record prior to these events, and I’m happy to hear that his charges were dropped,” added Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs.



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April 26, 2012

Hoboken Parking Utility Eliminates Wait List at Municipal Garages

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Here is another accomplishment coming out of City Hall that should benefit some motorists in Hoboken…


Residents can now enjoy instant access to garage parking

The Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) announced today that the well-known waiting lists for parking in municipal garages that have forced Hoboken residents to wait for years at a time to get in have finally been eliminated. The successful sale of Hoboken University Medical Center cleared the way for residents to find relief from the most notorious waiting list of all at Midtown garage.

“When I took this job, I was handed a wait list for garages that in some cases was over 200 people and nearly three years long,” said Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs “After two years of careful management, organizational changes, and creative thinking from my staff, we can proudly say there is no longer a wait for anyone who wants to park in a municipal garage!”

The HPU manages five municipal parking structures. In 2009, four of five parking facilities had extremely long waiting lists while one was “under-parked.” While some garages have availability limited to certain options, everyone who wishes to park in a municipal garage may now do so.

Corrective actions to eliminate the wait lists included eliminating unauthorized/undocumented parking accounts in an early audit of all facilities, standardizing application and wait list procedures, rigorous tracking of occupancy statistics, creation of new options that better meet the needs of customers, clearer documentation about availability, and re-balancing parking to better match supply and demand throughout all facilities.

One of the most important changes to address the mismatch between supply and demand at municipal garages has been the introduction of the “Monthly Limited” parking option for Hoboken residents. This option is designed for residents who commute with their cars to work each day; they enjoy a 30% discount on the standard rate in return for committing to be out of the garage between 10am and 4pm on weekdays. As of March 2012, about 140 residents are signed up for that option.

This year, the HPU plans to upgrade the elevators and stairwells in all garages and address needed structural improvements, pending City Council approval of a bond ordinance.

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