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December 12, 2012

The 4th Annual Hoboken Music Awards Saturday December 15, 2012 8:00PM at Northern Soul Hoboken

The 4th Annual Hoboken Music Awards Ceremony will now be on December 15, 2012 at Northern Soul 557 First Street Hoboken, NJ….

The 4th Annual Hoboken Music Awards

Saturday December 15, 2012 8:00PM

at Northern Soul Hoboken

21 & Over – No Cover

Hoboken Music Awards 2012
Organizers purposely delayed the handing out of awards this year in order to raise money to help musicians in need following Hurricane Sandy. Their originally scheduled night of ceremony and fun at Maxwell’s was turned onto a fundraiser which we called The Hobey Fund. They raised over $1600 and  are very proud of the Hoboken community!

It is thus now time to celebrate the great music makers of Hoboken. So come out on Saturday December 15 at 8pm to Northern Soul (557 1st Street) as they announce the winners and present the proceeds from their fundraiser.


  • HelloRadio
  • Rob Nicholas & Julian Peterson
  • Liam Brown & The Pounds
  • And more to be announced!


They will  also be collecting Unwrapped Toys for the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club. Sponsored by D’s Soul Full Cafe.


Outstanding Male Solo:

  • Chris Batten
  • Liam Brown
  • Julian Peterson
  • Rob Nicholas
  • Khaled Dajani
  • Jack Skuller
  • Marty O’Kane
  • Jon Andrew
  • Bobby Syvarth

Outstanding Female Solo:

  • Alice Genese
  • Christina Alessi
  • Jen Lampert
  • Christine Santelli
  • Debby Schwartz
  • Karyn Kuhl

Outstanding Band:

  • The Fave
  • Hello Radio
  • Davey & The Trainwreck
  • Bern & The Brights
  • The Micks
  • Aster Pheonyx Project
  • Cecilia Celeste
  • Parlance
  • Motorboat

Outstanding Scene Contributor:

  • Geri Fallo
  • Roland Ramos
  • Leah Noelle Simone
  • Jim Testa
  • Jen Lampert
  • Virginia Kamenitzer
  • Sacha Chavez
  • Nelson Pla

Outstanding EP:

  • The Nico Blues “Die Happy”
  • The Micks “The Micks”
  • Liam Brown “The Local”
  • Bern & The Brights “Work”
  • Hello Radio “Letters to Texas”
  • The Neutron Drivers “The Neutron Drivers”
  • Deadfish Handshake “The Sixes”
  • Stephie Coplan & The Pedestrians “Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians”

Outstanding Album:

  • Roland Ramos “Anchor Heart”
  • Matt Madly “Mistaken”
  • Black Water “Friendly Fire”
  • The 65s “Strike Hard!”
  • Sylvana Joyce & The Moment “For You, Comrade”
  • Anthony Daniels “2011 A.D.”
  • Lost Romance “Live At Great Scott”
  • Mike Korman “Hoboken Rocks”
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April 26, 2011

Heartbroken in Hoboken Artist to Perform at Maxwell’s with Full Band May 7th

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TheBoken featured Stephie Coplan’s “Heartbroken in Hoboken”back in February., and since then it’s gotten over 1000 views. Stephie dropped us a note to let us know that she’s formed a piano rock trio called Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians and they’ve already gotten a record deal! Their debut album will be out from Everything Independent later this year, but in the meantime, the group has lined up an opening act appearance for HelloRadio at Maxwell’s on May 7th. Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians will play at 9pm, followed by Birthwater and then HelloRadio, who will be releasing their debut EP, “300 Mile Concourse Winter.”

Heartbroken in Hoboken

Hear Stephie’s “Heartbroken in Hoboken”

Here’s Stephanie Coplan & the Pedestrians Bio:

After failing miserably at art lessons at the age of 8, Stephie Coplan snapped her paint brush in half and promptly entered a third-grade life crisis.  She was too young to buy a sportscar, so she asked her parents for a piano instead.  By high school, she had won several classical competitions, performed at Disneyworld with her jazz band, and released a full length album of pop originals, produced at XM studios in her hometown of Washington DC.

But just playing piano wasn’t enough for Coplan, who was the only kid in school who kept Tom Lehrer, Billy Joel, and Ben Folds Five on constant rotation.  She had too much to say, and it wasn’t long before her songwriting began attracting comparisons to Regina Spektor and Lily Allen, among others.  Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne noticed similarities to his own music, commenting that Coplan seemed “destined for the same commercial purgatory as the rest of us ‘smart’ singer/songwriters.”

Like a musical M&M, Coplan’s outer shell of crisp, colorful lyrics protects a sweet, gooey, melancholic center of rich, observational storytelling.  Blending humor, poignancy, and one hell of a vocabulary, Coplan creates characters ranging from hipster snobs to wild-child hippies to sadistic flight attendants and effortlessly builds entire worlds around them – all within catchy, tunefully crafted pop songs.

After establishing a strong, supportive fan base in the Cambridge-Somerville music scene while attending Tufts University, she moved to New York City, where she formed Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians with bassist John Hebert and drummer Shane Considine. Very quicky, the witty trio has become known for their “fun to watch” (CAROLINE O’HARE, MTV) live shows, consistently packing rooms shoulder-to-shoulder on the Lower East Side.

Coplan’s sailor mouth, Considine’s aggressive drumming and Hebert’s “fuzz-happy bass” (JAMES RICKMAN, BEACONPRESS.COM) dip the band’s toes in punk waters, but the group prides themselves on their sunshine pop influences, including B.J. Thomas, the Beach Boys, and even infectious 1970s TV themes.  “We’re not angry.  At best, you could say we’re cynical,” Coplan explains.  “But there’s no middle finger.  We want to be your friends.  Your smart, awesome, smokin’ hot friends.”

Stephie Coplan & the Pedestrians are looking forward to producing their debut album with Brooklyn producer Ben Gebert (Nini+Ben, friendswemake), due out in 2011.  The first copy will be sent to the uninspiring art teacher who inadvertently started it all.

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