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February 18, 2012

Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Lepre-con Style

Ok…so you want to look cute for Lepre-con 2012, as it is a new holiday around town that is a mere two weeks away. I even have a countdown on my site.

That means wearing green while sipping green cocktails and eating kelly green bagels. However, unless you’re a redhead or platinum blonde, green can be a tough color palate to work with. Luckily it is one of the trendy spring colors, so there is lots of green to be found in Hoboken.

Here is a compiled list of your “green fix” for March 3rd, 2012, the First Annual Lepre-con:

1. Green Jewels:

Get extra-dressy with some earrings and necklaces from Aaraa boutique:

Or some green-palated earrings from Bella Ro.

Air Studios Boutique also has a simple green beaded necklace.

2. Green Stems:

Go trendy with some Kelly-green skinnies from Anthology. These will add a little luck o’ the fashionable to your day, and can be paired with a white, form-fitting blazer (& tee) or blouse.

 Or, keep your knees down extra warm and stylish with these over-the-knee socks by Lisa B. found at Peper & Parlor.

Place these strategically over your boots for a stylish walk around the Boken.

3. Green Wrap:

Keep your neck warm with some green-hued scarves found at Aaraa and Townhouse 620.


4. Green Glam:

While I don’t normally condone colorful eyeshadow beyond a smokey eye or some shimmery neutrals, I say Hoboken Lepre-con is the exception to the rule.

Glitz up your eyes with some green shadow by The Balm, found at Luxe Face & Body Boutique.

5. Green Threads:

While wearing a green tee (or perhaps a Lepre-con tee) may the norm on March 3rd, the more fashion-conscious may want to jazz it up with these options from Townhouse 620, Anthology, or Peper & Parlor:

Polka-dotted blouse from Townhouse 620 (my personal fave).

A green-striped, long-sleeved tee with lace accents from Anthology.

 Or a lacy green beaded top from Peper & Parlor.

A word of advice: if you are going for fashionable rather than straight leprechaun look-alike, make sure to add touches of green, rather than pairing green skinny jeans with a green scarf and blouse. Your Facebook photos will thank you later!

Have any other green fashion finds in Hoboken? Tweet them to me @Hobokengirlblog



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