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April 19, 2012

Hoboken Robin Auctioned Off Last Night at Texas Arizona for $20!

Update 4-19-2012: Last night Hoboken Robin was auctioned off for Charity at Texas Arizona. The winning bid was $20, a paltry amount for a Hoboken Superhero. Hoboken Robin ever the good sport about such things stated that based on his estimates the event probably easily raised over $5,000. That is good news but apparently the commodity prices of Robins has hit a downturn.

Original Post 4-18-2012: Ladies- Depending on your love of lower price brand named fashion goods, this opportunity may just have you going Gucci Gucci goo! It turns out Hoboken Robin aka Rory Chadwick, owner of consignment shop Midtown Authentic is offering himself up for tonight’s Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction tonight at Texas Arizona located at 76 River Street. The event is for a good cause and proceeds go towards Hoboken Relay for Life which is engaged in the battle against Cancer. The event starts at 7pm with the auction starting at 8 pm. Rory will be dressed as Hoboken Robin for the Auction.

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