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July 30, 2012

Frosty Pooch Goes Mobile with Dog Snacks on the go

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Frosty Pooch

Move over Mr. Softee, there is a new truck in town and it’s only for pooches. There was a full scale dog treat snack truck sitting next to Church Square Park on Sunday morning offering a wide array of regular and organic treats for your 4 pawed friends. It is called the Frosty Pooch it’s a wonderful new addition to Hoboken.

- Rory Chadwick

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April 30, 2012

New Food Truck in Hoboken May 18th–Molly’s Milk Truck

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Molly's Milk Truck Truck

This was just tweeted yesterday from @AlbieManzo. Molly’s Milk truck will debut in Hoboken the weekend of May 18th according to this tweet….


Molly's Milk Truck Tweet Hoboken 4-30-2012

If the food is anywhere near half as good as the picture shown below. Hoboken is in for one heck of  a treat. Check back with Molly’s Milk Truck on Twitter as may 18th gets closer at @MollysMilkTruck.  A few months back there was some buzz about the recent changes in Hoboken’s Food Truck Laws and them discouraging any food trucks from coming to Hoboken. It looks like that hubris once again is unfounded as a promising new business seems poised to make a go of it.

Molly's Milk Truck Food collage 4-30-2012

Molly’s Milk Truck

Location: Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: 201 50-FOODY (201.503.663)

Website: http://mollysmilktruck.com/

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September 25, 2011

Taco Truck of Hoboken Wins 7th Annual Vendy Award for Best New Jersey Food Truck!

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Taco Truck Tweets They won Vendy Awards 2011 Best New Jersey Food Truck 9-24-2011

Yesterday the 7th Annual Vendy Awards was held on Governors Island. Three Hoboken food trucks were up for the Best Food Truck in New Jersey and the Taco Truck of Hoboken won that prize according to their tweet yesterday. Congratulations to the Taco Truck for winning this prestigious honor! You have made Hoboken proud. Kudos to Cinnamon Snail and Two Pitas in a Pod for representing Hoboken as well.

For more information on the competition that was held yesterday go to: http://streetvendor.org/vendys/

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September 5, 2011

Taco Truck Schedule for 9/5/2011–9/11/2011

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The Taco Truck is on the go this week with the following schedule and they have two appearances in uptown Hoboken this week…

Taco Truck Schedule 9-5-2011 9-11-2011

The Hoboken dates and times for this week for the truck are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9/6 5-8:30pm 14th and Shipyard
  • Wednesday 9/6 5-8:30pm 14th and Shipyard

Note: Schedule is subject to change so check with @thetacotruck or their Facebook page for the most recent updates.

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June 20, 2011

Two Pitas in a Pod Food Truck: Try the Chicken Platter

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This weekend TheBoken was able to get to try Two Pitas in a Pod food truck down by the river (no trailer park involved or Chris Farley). The lemon coriander Chicken Souvlaki was very good and the sides made for a very tasty and filling lunchtime treat. The fact that it was also a healthy choice is a really a double bonus.


The website for the food truck is www.twopitas.com and their Twitter feed is www.twitter.com/twopitasinapod. Their number is 646-543-PITA.

Below is their menu:


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May 2, 2011

New Foodtruck hits Hoboken: Mama Marci’s

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Mamma Marci’s foodtruck is the latest to hit Hoboken. I was able to try their meatball parm sub at the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival yesterday and I can tell you it is out of the world delicious.  A friend had the same sub and came to the same conclusion. In fact she liked it so much several times in her haste she spilled meatballs on her skirt. Talk about an eating disorder! Mama MarciLook for the food truck down on Sinatra Drive.

Here is some info about Mamma Marci’s from their website http://mammamarci.com/:

“Mamma Marci’s is a gourmet mobile food kitchen offering a wide variety of fresh and delicious dinners for you and your family!

After 35 years in the corporate world, Marci decided to reinvent herself and follow her true passion – cooking! We all know there seems to be less and less time for you and your family to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

So, it took one big idea, a loving family to support her, a cookbook full of recipes and a lifetime of experience and Mamma Marci has brought her cuisine to you!”

Marci’s cooking has been making bellies smile for over 30 years, now she’s taking it to the masses!

“Get ready world – don’t take this lightly.
Food addicts beware – her cooking is no joke.
Trust me, I’ve been eating it all my life…”
- Marci’s son, Andrew

Menu: http://mammamarci.com/?page_id=5

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April 26, 2011

Hoboken’s Cinnamon Snail Ranked #1 Vegan Food Truck in the Country

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Hoboken’s popular food trucks have been getting national attention and this time it’s from animal rights group PETA.

Last week, the organization released a ranking of the top five vegan-friendly food trucks in the United States and Hoboken’s very-own The Cinnamon Snail finished in first place.

“We give The Cinnamon Snail—and all our winners—five big honks for helping to make delicious and animal-friendly vegan food more convenient than ever,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

According to a release from PETA, the menu at The Cinnamon Snail changes with the seasons. Popular entrées include the blue corn pancakes (with piñon butter and real maple syrup) and the Korean barbeque seitan (with chili butter, kimichi, and greens served open faced on a grilled tortilla). And apparently, for dessert, the cupcakes and miniature cheesecakes can’t be missed.

More details on PETA’s site as a well as a list of the other 4 trucks that made the list.

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April 14, 2011

Home by the Range Food Truck coming to Hoboken in April 2011

I received this email from  WIlliam Imre on a new food truck offering coming to Hoboken soon:

A food truck unlike any other will roll out to New Jersey residents in April 2011.

Home By the Range

In April 2011 a food truck will open in New Jersey, an island of healthy, sustainable, locally inspired street food in a sea of unhealthy, processed, conventional junk.  Home by the Range, conceived by young entrepreneur and self taught cook William Imre, is committed to bringing tasty and nutritious food to the general public.  William has two rules:  Keep it local, Keep it simple!  The menu will feature Italian-inspired roasted meat sandwiches/plates, seasonal vegetable sides and other treats from local businesses.

Homeby the Range Food

The inspiration and passion for Home by the Range come from William’s deep love of the cuisine of his heritage.  His Hungarian ancestry, and all the home cooked meals of his childhood, have instilled passion for quality in him that he has nurtured through the years with cooking shows and classes in baking, Italian and French cuisine at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.
Home by the Range hopes to do much more than provide locally inspired street food.  It hopes to educate customers about the importance of locally produced foods by providing an avenue for obtaining local and all natural food products from New Jersey’s, New York’s and Pennsylvania’s own rich and varied fresh produce.

Home By The Range is bringing family and friends back to the garden.


William Imre
Home By The Range

Here is the menu for the food truck. Enjoy!:

Home by the Range Menu

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March 22, 2011

Home By The Range Brings Locally Inspired Street Food to Hoboken New Jersey!

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Home By The Range is excited to announce the town of Hoboken as our premier vending area in New Jersey.  They received their food vendor license from the Hoboken Department of Health today.  The owners want to thank Gina, Dawn and Nancy at the Hoboken Department of Health for the great service.  Home By The Range is committed to provide locally inspired street food which is food safe.  Stay tuned for their Grand Opening announcement.  Enjoy!

Website: http://www.homebytherange.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/homebytherange
Facebook: http://facebook.com.homebytherange

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