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March 28, 2012

Let the Hunger/Bar Games Begin! Hoboken Bar Games Roundup by the DPB

“Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Chances are some or most of you will know that is the motto of the Hunger Games, the novel turned movie blockbuster.  I admit I read all 3 books in the trilogy and they’re pretty good.  So this past Saturday morning I saw the Hunger Games in IMAX.  It got me thinking…what are the coolest bar games in Hoboken?  Well it took some serious research and web browsing, but here is my official list.  Important caveat – this list is certainly not 100% complete and I will miss a pool table here or dart board here.  Let’s face it – there are over 50 bars in Hoboken so if I missed something please add it in the comments.  The goal is to keep this list ongoing and current for everyone.

Below is a “best of” list for the major games and then the full list below…

Rack ‘Em Up! (pool tables)

  • DC’s – It’s a small bar and the pool table takes up most of the bar.  But this looks like a place you should be playing pool
  • Mulligans – Just one pool table, but it’s in the backroom with lots of space
  • Willow Billards – It’s a pool hall.  Need I say more? (Rumor is it is closing. Open one day and then bam! Like a pool stick to the head, no more pool?)

Bullseye! (Darts)

  • Shannon – Multiple dart boards in the back room and regular leagues.
  • Cork City – Two dart boards in the back of the bar with ample room and lighting.
  • 8th Street Tavern - They have a Tuesday darts league and steady stream of dart players on other nights.

Buzz! (Trivia)

  • Wicked Wolf – Wednesday night trivia.  Good questions, big teams, fun prizes
  • Mikie Squared – Smaller groups, but still fun team trivia.
  • Marty O’Briens – Themed trivia on television shows and movies.
  • Willie McBride’s - Trivia with Big Brother Star Adam Poch every Wednesday.

That’s a 3-Pointer! (Buck Hunter)

  • Cork City – Right as you walk in.  Where my obsession with the game started…
  • 8th Street Tavern- They have the game too. Get in touch with your inner redneck and down some PBRs while shooting.

Bazinga! (Specialty Category)

  • Bingo at Black Bear – Paired with their burger special it’s a fun way to spend your Wednesday
  • Shuffleboard at Coopers Union – Only table in town and well worth it
  • Everything at Willie McBride’s – They have arcade games, a poker night and mega touch
  • Beer Pong at Scotland Yard – 3-4 beer pong tables.  Come in buzzed, leave drunk…

How about it readers – where are you favorite game spots/what did I miss?


Me Hungry? No way! This Polar Bear is skipping the veggies today!

The Drunken Polar Bear

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April 1, 2011

Moran’s – Your Neighborhood Bar

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Moran’s at 501 Garden Street “Your Neighborhood Bar”

Friday night. It was a long week of work and after grabbing a little dinner I was all tucked into my couch set to root on some NCAA basketball games. Buzz, Buzz, Beep – the familiar alert of my Blackberry BBM with one of my best friends asking… “Want to go out for a few beers and catch the basketball games.” I was comfortable, nestled up in my favorite hoodie and had a cold beer in my hand, but what kind of bar reviewer would I be if I didn’t jump on this opportunity…so off to Moran’s I went and thus it’s the subject of this week’s review.

As with many of the bars in Hoboken, I have been to Moran’s before because it’s one of the good neighborhood places in Hoboken, just a mere 2 blocks off the main drag. Tucked away on the northeast corner of Church Square Park (5th & Garden) it’s just a stone’s throw from 7-Star Pizza, a regular pit stop on the way home for bar revelers (and yours truly – I am sucker for a good white slice).

Moran’s fits the mold of a typical Irish pub, but is actually far bigger than you would think when looking at it from the outside. In addition to bar seating, there are 4-5 tables that allow you to sit down for a few pints and catch glimpses of the park out the window. Move on down from the bar and you get a standard jukebox and a dartboard and a quasi-hidden backroom.

One of the first things that struck me as I walked into Moran’s was that it sounded like a bar, a real bar. No base thumping, music blasting or sports announcers echoing in decibels so loud you couldn’t hear – just conversations, glasses clinking and music in the background. After grabbing a pint of Guinness I played a few games of darts, besting my friend with a dramatic finish of bull, double bull (pure luck I guarantee you, but here’s some photo proof!)

Following my darts domination, we grabbed a table to catch some of the basketball games. The crowd at Moran’s is generally a little older (mid-20’s and up), but in good spirits. The bar got crowded as the night went on, but it never got out of control. I was always able to move around with relative ease to grab a few beers from the bar.

Moran’s has the regular selection of mixed drinks, but does very well with its draft selection which includes Carlsberg (a personal favorite), Guinness, Sam Adams Noble Pils in addition to the standards. The bartenders are friendly and even employ the nearly extinct practice of the buy-back after a few rounds. Hidden from me even after 10+ visits, was the Moran’s cash register, which although bookended by countless bottles of vodka and whiskey, looks like it hails from the prohibition era. If you do make it Moran’s definitely check it out.

Next time your friends ask “where should we go in Hoboken tonight to watch the game or just grab a few” – try Moran’s. It may not have the mobs of people that frequent bars downtown, but it is definitely a fun alternative.

Finally, I need your help! if you have any suggestions for bars to review next please post them in the comments below. With the 100+ bars in Hoboken there isn’t any shortage, but I’m always looking for good suggestions from my readers.

The Drunken Polar Bear.


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