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June 13, 2013

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend Contest Thursdays 10pm at the Shannon

Diamonds are a girls best friend at The Shannon Hoboken Starts 6-13-2013Starting Tonight at The Shannon in Hoboken, there is a contest that should be a hit with the ladies. Starting at 10pm tonight June 13th there will be a drawing for a diamond where each lady in the house draws from a large snifter glass of 500 cubic zirconias with a chance of getting a 1/2 carat diamond valued at approximately $1000. Based on the laws of probability and project turnout the contest will likely last 2-4 weeks and will be run weekly every Thursday at 10pm until a winner is determined.

The event is sponsored by www.barzz.net and Kettle One Vodka as well as the The Shannon. Contact Sal Spadafora at 201-600-9572 for more details. The Shannon is located at 106 1st Street in Hoboboken, NJ.

Update 6/17/2013: The June 13th event did not yield a winner. Ladies, the diamond is still in play.

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May 13, 2013

The Shannon Star Karaoke Contest Thursdays Through June 6th at 8pm

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If waiting in line for insane amounts of time just to get a crack at American Idol isn’t your thing, but the desire to be a local vocal star is, The Shannon might have the right event for you….

The Shannon’s Karaoke Contest started May 9th and will run through June 6th every Thursday! Of course some of you might need a little liquid courage so they will have drink specials just in case. These will $3 select beers and shots, $7 doubles, a shot wheel featuring $1 and $3 shots! A DJ will be keeping the party going afterwards with the hottest Thirst-day night dance party!

The Shannon Karaoke Contests May June Thursdays 2013 Hoboken

Weekly winners will compete on June6th for the grand prize. The grand prize winner of the contest gets an audition to sing the National Anthem at a New York Red Bulls game. For those newer to town,  The Shannon is located at 106 1st Street just off of Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. For more information to go www.theshannonhoboken.com.

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April 10, 2013

Hoboken Wellness Spa Mother’s Day Makeover Contest Ends May 6th

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Hoboken Wellness Spa is having a Mother’s Day Makeover Contest! Read for details below….

Hoboken Wellness Spa - Mother's Day Makeover Contest 4-6 through 5-6-2013Terms: Submit a poem expressing all the wonderful qualities of your mother, how she has changed your life, why she is your best friend, your partner, and/or your role model.

Prize: Win your Mom a Hoboken Wellness Spa Makeover which can include the following choices:

  • 5 minute Natural Facelift
  • Makeup Makeover
  • 1 Hour Ayurveda Massage

Please Submit Poem via Email to : Mandeep@hobokenwellnessspa.com

Submission Dates: April 06-May 06

Winner will be Announced May 8th!

Link to Contets Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/118564148338365/

The Hoboken Wellness Spa is located at 450 7th St., Suite 7a Hoboken, New Jersey 07030. Their phone number is (201) 683-8989 for more information on their offerings.

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September 7, 2012

Vote For TRUE Mentors on ChaseGiving.com and Help Children in Hoboken Gain a Mentor

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Below is a contest by Chase Giving that could benefit a local organization True Mentors that helps kids aged 7-17 with mentoring programs in Hoboken….

Vote For TRUE Mentors on ChaseGiving.com

And Help the Children in Hoboken Gain a Mentor

TRUE Mentors, Hoboken’s only one-to-one mentoring program for children ages 7 – 17, needs your votes! The local non-profit is eligible to win support through Chase Community Giving program if enough people vote for the charity. Here is how it works:

Starting Thursday, September 6 through Wednesday, September 19, 2012 there are two ways to vote:

Facebook: Anyone on facebook will be able to Vote for TRUE Mentors at facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving and TRUE Mentors increase their chances of winning up to $250,000 from Chase.

Chase Customers: Anyone with a Chase account can vote on Chasegiving.com by logging in and searching for TRUE Mentors and casting their vote.

Help your local community by simply voting!!!!  Then tell your friends. We can all make a difference in the life of a child in Hoboken with one simple click.

TRUE Mentors, is Hoboken’s only one-to-one mentoring program that connects children ages 7 – 17 with adult mentors in the same community.  Our goal is to unearth the potential of our children and adults through relationship. Our mentors become a trusted friend and champion to our children. Our children become teachers and ambassadors to new cultures and ways of thinking for our mentors.  The result is that TRUE Mentors breaks down cultural barriers in Hoboken and creates new opportunities for our children and a stronger, more compassionate community.

For more ways to get involved or volunteer with TRUE Mentors, visit www.truementors.org or facebook.com/truementors


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August 6, 2012

MassKrugStemmen Competition at Pilsener Haus Tuesday August 7th at 7pm

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Who has the strongest arms? Show the Folks at the Pilsener Haus in Hoboken , Tuesday night August 7th at 7pm! “AUGTOBERFEST” continues with a Mug-Holding Competition! If you prevail you may get a chance at the finals in NYC!


This contest is known in Germany as "MASSKRUGSTEMMEN".

What the heck does that mean?

Masskrugstemmen is played by holding a liter of beer in a large glass mug with your arm extended out in front of you. The whole thing weighs about five pounds. The contestants line up, their glasses are raised, and the last person with their arm outstretched and all the beer in their glass is the winner.

The game hails from Germany, where it is played at festivals, in biergartens, and even in grade schools (with root beer?). Masskrugstemmen has caught on here in America in the past few years, with regional and national competitions being held around the country. 3 winners Tuesday night will be invited back to regional semi-finals held here in the Haus, and then it’s on the finals in New York City! Ladies & Gents, come out tomorrow night and show us who has the strongest arms! The event is sponsored by Hofbrau Munchen.

The Pilsener Haus is located at 1422 Grand Street uptown Hoboken, NJ and is Hoboken’s destination for beer garden fans.

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July 26, 2012

Enter the Worst Roomate Ever Story Contest – Deadline is August 1st!

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Darren Giordano of Prime Real Estate Group, the Hobokengirl.com as well as late comer www.theboken.com  are teaming up on a 3 part series on the Evolution of the Hoboken Resident. Darren will discuss tips and on how to obtain that first apartment to becoming a first time Buyer in the Mile Square City. As part of the first series, Darren the Hobokengirl and TheBoken.com  are putting a contest together for anyone who can tell the best “Worst Roommate Ever” story. To enter the contest and learn a few things about the Hoboken Real Estate market, see below and enter to win!

 To Enter the Worst Roomate Ever Story Contest:

Email hobokengirlblog@gmail.com your worst (funny doesn’t hurt either) roommate story (200 words max) by August 1st!

Winner gets a $100 towards any Hoboken store or boutique! Courtesy of Hoboken Girl and Darren Giordano

Now, here are  few roommate/rental tips from Darren, seasoned Hoboken resident and realtor, as part of his

Evolution of the Hoboken Resident” Series:

I first moved to Hoboken in 2000. For $600 a month each, my two friends and I found a 3 bedroom on Tenth St between Garden and Park in an older brownstone apartment. It wasn’t the most luxurious place as my bedroom was around 10’ x 10’ with a closet in the living room. I didn’t care though, I was out of my parent’s house after college and I had my freedom back.

I was in what I call the “Just Happy to be Here” stage of my Hoboken life. I see these same wide eyed recent graduates all the time in my job as a Hoboken Realtor. Often I ask if they (the potential Hoboken renter) have any preference (“Uptown or Downtown, close to the PATH or is the West side of Hoboken okay?”). Mostly I hear…“I don’t care! I just want to get into Hoboken…oh and do you have any 2 bedrooms under $2300?” The price usually is the driving factor in the first move to Hoboken. If you are in this boat, here are a few suggestions:

1. Get a roommate. I don’t care if it’s a friend of a friend, a girl from the gym or an acquaintance from work, starting out after college is expensive. You need other people to split the utility and food bills, share furniture, and most importantly, split the rent. But, make sure you screen them beforehand — skype them, ask them questions about habits, see if they’re in a relationship, etc. You don’t want your new roomie bringing a 3rd roomie (her deadbeat boyfriend) who snacks on your carrots and hummus and plays x-box all day.

2. Have a game plan with a $ budget and where you want to live. When you start talking to Realtors, make sure your schedule is somewhat open so EVERYONE who will live in this apartment can view it. There is nothing worse than finding a great place and your roommate decided to go to Happy Hour instead of viewing the apartment with you. Trying to facetime with your potential roommate describing the place or taking an iPhone video and sending it never ends well and you lose the place to others who were more prepared (and came ready with their checkbook).

3. Have a few recommendation letters from your boss, a past landlord (if this isn’t your first place), anyone that will say good things about you. Usually just starting out you probably don’t have the best credit. But a letter can go a long way assuring the Landlord they aren’t about to rent to a recent graduate who emulated Project X for the last four plus years.

Once you’re ready to commit to living in Hoboken, be it renting or owning, make sure you contact Darren at 201-723-3300 & darren@primereg.com for all of your real estate needs! Make sure to “LIKE” Darren (Giomoves.com) and Hoboken Girl on Facebook and look out for PHASE TWO of the Evolution of the Hoboken Resident for more great real estate tips!

We’re thinking possibly another contest with prizes is in the works as well… maybe a massage, since you’re probably quite stressed out after reminiscing about your horrible past roommate experiences. Stay tuned!

If you’re in the first phase of “Just Happy to be Here”, below are a few pictures that you can expect your apartments to be…

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July 5, 2012

HobokenGirl’s Trunkshow and Jewelry Giveaway! Drawing July 9th

If you’re looking for some fun statement pieces or jewelry gifts for friends, Stella & Dot is an amazing resource and place to snag some beautiful jewels. HobokenGirl.com has been running an online trunkshow, and will announcing the winner of the $100 Jewelry Giveaway on July 9th!

Some of the jewels in the giveaway include this Luna wrap bracelet:

Soiree Stud Earrings

…as well as a jewelry cleaning swag bag, and a certificate to host your very OWN Stella & Dot trunk show!

To enter, just purchase any piece of jewelry through This link, and you will be automatically entered into the contest. The winner is to be announced July 9th on HobokenGirl.com. More details can be found here. Only a few days left to shop and enter!

The Stella & Dot stylist that HobokenGirl.com is working with is Hoboken Resident Krystal Conway, who loves setting up local Stella & Dot trunk shows – which you can do whether or not you win the giveaway.

Here are some of the amazing jewels that can be found on the site (and in your jewelry box very soon):

This arm candy debuts Sat AM – just in time for the giveaway!

Turquoise and Blue Cocktail Ring

La Coco Rope Necklace

We won’t even get into my love for the Luna wrap bracelet (part of the freebies in the giveaway) – okay yes we will. It is SO versatile with the mixed silver and gold metal. It is able to be worn either as a wrap bracelet or a shorter choker type necklace.

I prefer the wrist layering, as I have been layering my wrists a lot lately – loving arm candy.

All the wraps on my wrist below are from local Hoboken stores, such as townhouse, iconic fashion lounge, etc:

So, in summary: Head to Hoboken Girl’s Trunk Show, buy something fabulous, share the link on FB/Twitter, get entered automatically into the giveaway!

Any questions, please email HobokenGirl at hobokengirlblog@gmail.com!

**Anyone can enter, even if you don’t live in the wonderful city of Hoboken!**

Happy Shopping!

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December 9, 2011

Vote for Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians Online – Help them Record a Single

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Here is a note from Stephie Copland of Stephie Copland and the Pedestrians, a Hoboken based music act featured yesterday on TheBoken.com  with a new video of the single “Jerk” and she needs your help to get her the votes to get help her record a single. Read below and participate should you be inspired…..

I know this is turning into kind of a “weekly” e-mail instead of a “monthly” e-mail and I am so sorry to bug you guys, but we need your help really badly and I needed to reach out ASAP.

We got nominated for a HUGE honor – Artist of the Month in The Deli Magazine.

If we win, we will win studio time to be able to record a new single, which we will be able to pass along to you for FREE!  So everyone wins.

We are currently less than 50 votes behind a band called Spacecamp, which means that we need 50 more people to help us out.


  • No logging in.
  • No signing up.
  • Just two clicks and you’re done.

This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to us and could be a real game-changer for us if we win.

Please take two seconds out of your morning and give us a little click!  I know you think that your vote doesn’t matter but it DOES.  It absolutely does.  The race is so close that EVERY vote counts.

I love all of you and am so grateful to the +300 of you who have already voted and spread the word!Love,

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November 1, 2011

Halloween Costume Contest Winner at Maxwell’s 9.13.34 is “The Donald”

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Deb Maxwell of Maxwell’s 9.13.34 at 508 Court Street in Hoboken held a contest for best children’s costume during yesterday’s Ragamuffin parade. Below is a letter that recaps one of the cutest kids costumes ever, young Comac as “The Donald”. This article is very likely to make those prone to sentimental cuteness go “awwwwwww”….

“Dear Kids & Proud Parents,

You all looked soooo adorable today!  Thank you for coming to the red doors & sharing your costumes and smiles!

These were the criteria:

  • Whatever makes me laugh, cry, is creative, or yanks my chain.   The winner will be selected just as I do the inventory in the shop!
  • The winner will be notified by 8:00 pm on Monday, 31 October.
  • The gift certificate applies to anything in the Hoboken shop & must be redeemed by 30 November, 2011.

And the Winner is  …. Comac as Donald Trump!  

ragamuffin large 007

These pictures do not do justice!   I have a rather extreme aversion to Trump, but Cormac made me laugh, had a highly creative get-up & sealed the deal when he took his sippy cup featuring the classic ”Look at Me”  photo of sir side sweep and in toddler fashion “you’re fired” The Donald.  The costume featured a 3 pc. suit, pockets brimming with new money (borrowed, of course & do underscore the word new) dress shirt, tie, pretentious crests (right Donald… your blood really is so not blue!), and massive quantities of hair product securing the side sweep.  (Suggestion:  some broom-like eye brows would have been an exacting touch.)  Hilarious!

Cormac had some very tough competition!  Happy Halloween & so great of you to share your clever outfits!!Good luck with the sugar crash!


Deb Maxwell”

Maxwell’s 9.13.34

Address: 508 Court Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201.659.5789
Website: http://www.maxwells91334.com
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 12pm -7pm

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May 24, 2011

Hoboken Sinatra Idol Contest June 16th 7:00pm

Here is an announcement from the City of Hoboken:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
proudly present
Hoboken Sinatra Idol Contest

June 16th 7:00pm (raindate: June 17)
Sinatra Park on Sinatra Drive bet. 4th & 5th Streets
featuring Host: Gary Simpsinatra
Prizes awarded to the best Sinatra Style Singers
Admission is free

Judges include:
Numa Saisselin, CEO of the Count Basie Theatre
Ernie Contri, (renowned Sinatra style singer)
Florence Pape (Hudson Theatre Ensemble)
Diana London (Hudson Theatre Ensemble)
David Zimmerman (The Theatre Company)

We are excited that the first place winner of this year’s Hoboken’s Sinatra Idol Contest will automatically be cast in the 2011 Sinatra Birthday Bash at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey on Friday, December 9, 2011. The Sinatra Birthday Bash is a musical celebration of the life and artistry of Frank Sinatra on his birthday weekend. A dozen of New Jersey’s finest saloon singers, all selected by audition specifically for this performance, take the Count Basie Theatre stage backed by the 17-piece Red Bank Jazz Orchestra under the musical direction of Joe Muccioli, who Jazzwise Magasine says works with “a maximum of authenticity.”

Thanks to our sponsors:
340 Grill, Dino & Harry’s, Leo’s Grandevous, Grimaldi’s Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria and Tutta Pasta

Some of our contestants (More to be announced):

Greg Myers Business Analyst and last year’s Hoboken Runner Up
As a musician, I’ve always loved standards. And when you’re raised in the Garden State, Mr. Sinatra and his music are as “Jersey” as Taylor ham and egg on a roll. I started singing Sinatra at karaoke bars and eventually got involved in stage performances of “My Way” in Sayreville and Linden.

Video From www.thehobokenjournal.com:


Web Page Link: http://www.facebook.com/gmyerssinger

Barry WayneI work as a broker in finance in Midtown, NY. As a little kid, my grandmother used to amuse me by putting me in her “radio room” which was filled with records of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, etc. and let me listen for hours to all of the tunes of the 40′s, 50′s & 60′s. I fell in love with this music and grew up listening to and having a special admiration for Frank Sinatra. As a young adult I continued to admire his music and played it at many weddings and various functions I worked as a disc jockey. I sang and listened to his songs over and over to appreciate every nuance and word. Today, I continue to adore his music and share it with all of my family and friends. We now live on Monroe street, only a couple of blocks up from where Frank Sinatra was born and raised, and each time we pass the lot where his home once stood, we appreciate all of the music that he has gifted us with. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uRMBluybf8

Rick Valiant has been paying tribute to Frank Sinatra for the past three years. Corporate conventions, seniors homes, charity functions and last year’s Hoboken Sinatra Idol Competition, as well as casinos in Vancouver. He was just involved recently in Las Vegas at the Tribute Artist and Impersonator Convention in February where he performed in the Golden Nugget Casino and on the freemont Street Stage in old Las Vegas, and most recently in Vancouver in theatres with his own 9pc orchestra bringing back the big band sound, keeping Frank Sintra’s sounds alive in Vancouver Canada and beyond his local residence.

Sean Hanlon Retired (40 years in New York City in the direct marketing-printing business)
I have been singing Sinatra since High School in the 50’s. Had leads in plays at the shore area in the 60’s (Guys & Dolls, etc.). Started singing Sinatra songs in clubs with the Jerry Lambert Band in the 70’s, and have continued singing in clubs in New Jersey & New York. I am presently doing Sinatra concerts at retirement villages, golf course events, hospitals and assisted living homes.

Paul Coyne Financial Analyst
Began singing Sinatra in high school after I was introduced to him by my grandmother.
You Tube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xDMnzYTnKY

Joe CofoneI got hooked on Sinatra’s music when I was 16 and heard one of his recordings at the home of a friend. Something in the rendering of the lyric, his phrasing, the resonance, tone, and quality of his voice, and the impeccably crafted arrangements forged somewhere deep inside of me an indelible impression and appreciation for Sinatra’s music. It’s now been over 40 years since I first started listening to and singing Sinatra songs, and I hope to continue to do so for at least another 40. While there is no video of me performing, audio samples are available at www.myspace.com/joecofone.

James Dempsey Operations Manager of Digital Graphic/Sign facility in Virginia.
Growing up in Las Vegas offered wonderful memories during the ’70s from watching members from the “Rat Pack”, Elvis and many others perform. Listening to my parents play Frank Sinatra’s music as well as others provided wonderful and loving memories and a base to sing those songs.

I started singing in high school choir and then later became a harmonist/percussionist during the ’80s. I left the music industry and raised a family during the ’90s until 2006. I relocated to Washington, DC and started singing, then recorded a CD of remastered Frank Sinatra songs in different styles. Frank Sinatra’s way of singing brings joy to me and I do my best to carry on his legacy.

Web Page Link: www.myspace.com/jazzsinger2u

Chris Jason is a Sinatra Tribute Entertainer from Rhode Island, singing Sinatra tunes for the last 15 years. He is 35 years old and says that music is all he has ever known. He grew up listening to Frank, Tony Bennett and Englebert and has been entertaining crowds since age 6. “Sinatra is something that has flowed naturally from me,” he says. “It is my natural voice and ability and a lot of the time, when performing at shows, the audience sometimes questions whether I am lip syncing. I would love the opportunity to show my respect for Mr. Sinatra in this way. It is truly an honor to be chosen to be part of this great day in Hoboken, NJ.”

Links: http://www.gigsalad.com/chris_jason_west_warwick

Recap of 2010 Contest: http://thehobokenjournal.blogspot.com/2010/06/sintra-idol-2010-recap.html

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