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January 20, 2012

Fashion: Maxwell’s 9.13.34 Daphine Guiness Inspired Collage

Here is a note from Maxwell’s 9.13.34 owner Deb Maxwell on her Daphne Guinness inspired jewelry collage. Maxwell’s 9.13.34 is a small boutique located between 5th and 6th Streets and Court Street and is open Saturday and Sunday’s from 12pm-7pm….

Dear Friends,

Some shared inspiration from living style icon, Daphne Guinness. So many of the great ladies are past tense. She’s under 50, a self-stylist who opts for supporting designers by purchasing her wardrobe & accessories rather than the borrow it/hand-out seeking publicity variety, & on her style says, “I’m not a conformist. I don’t think I belong to any category”. How refreshing to see a modern day icon not enslaved to a homogenous uniform. She’s a true one-off.

As for one-off’s, here are some treasures inside the red doors at Maxwell’s 9.13.34….

Daphne Guinness quotes: “The thing about Jewelry is, it doesn’t have to be real!”

On wearing jewelry every day she says: ” I hate to keep things in the bank. When are you going to wear jewelry if not now? When you’re dead? Best is for every day!”

On fashion:Fashion today is becoming more beige. Everything and everything is starting to look the same – almost like a Mao uniform. We should be flying the flag for individuality!” 


Menu of Item Featured in Maxwell 9.13.34′s Daphine Inspired Collage:
  1. Top left- CA 1950′s/’60′s MAJOR SIGNED NAPIER 5 STRAND LUCITE NECKLACE $165.00-  14″ shortest strand / 20″ longest, this major icicle of a piece is strung on gold tone cable with gold bead dividers. She’s built to   last & enjoys a beautiful gold flourish clasp. Mint condition. (http://www.maxwells91334.com   Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 1).
  2. Top center- c1950′s MINT CONDITION 7 ROW SIGNED WEISS OLD HOLLYWOOD RHINESTONE BRACELET $150.00 7″ L X 1.25″ W-  Absolutely mint condition with safety. 10 big emerald cut crystals grace the face of this shimmering bold bracelet. (http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to BRACELETS pg. 1).
  3. Top right- JULIANA D&E MINT CONDITION CLEOPATRA SMOKE NECKLACE $125.00- Adjustable / 15″ L maximum  There is costume jewelry and there is REALLY GOOD collectible costume jewelry. This is the latter. The pendant is a meaningful 2.25″ L. Clear & smoke crystals set on silver tone. (http://www.maxwells91334.com   Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 9).
  4. 2nd row left – 6 CRYSTAL MEDALLION BLACK SILK COVERED THIN HEADBAND (repro)  $39.95- The shimmering round encrusted medallions set off to one side. Rubber stops on the end prevent the band ends from discomfort. So very French.(www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to HAIR ACCESSORIES pg. 1).
  5. 2nd row center – TRIPLE STRAND KNOTTED VINTAGE FAUX PEARLS 16″ L (the shortest strand) $39.95 -    Graduated sized white faux pearls on one lovely gold tone button clasp. Excellent luster. (www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to NECKLACES pg. 10).
  6. 2nd row right – HAND MADE RICHERE ICE PRINCESS HANDBAG c1950′s 8″ L X 5.5″ H $65.00-  Icy clear and silver encrusted 3D evening bag with convertible serpent chain that may be concealed inside to wear as a clutch or as a handbag. So Daphne Guinness! http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to VINTAGE CLOTHING, HANDBAGS, etc. / then to HANDBAGS pg. 1).
  7. 3rd row left – LONG RHINESTONE on SILVER TONE DANGLE POST EARRINGS (repro) 3″ L $35.00-              Polish off that perfect look with this shimmering pair! Just as a tie does for a gentleman in his suit, these tie shaped earrings will take whatever you wear to the next level. Donned with a graduated rhinestone border, they will flawlessly lift any look. (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to EARRINGS pg. 5).
  8. 3rd row middle – MABE’ BAROQUE ARTISANAL PEARL RING ON GOLD VERMEIL one sz. fits all 1″ X 1″ $125.00- One of a kind artisanal mabe pearl ring.  Its design is based on the unique character of the central pearl. (http://www.maxwells91334.com  Go to JEWELRY / then to RINGS pg. 3).
  9. 3rd row right -  c1950′s VINTAGE CRYSTAL CENTERED LILY CLIP EARRINGS  2.25″L $95.00- These are spectacular. The clip is towards the bottom and the earrings crawl up the outer parameter of the ear. (Daphne the original wears her’s upside down!) Chanel just came out with a “vintage inspired” style comparable to this. Why not have the original at a fraction ofthe price? (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to EARRINGS pg. 1).
  10. 4th row – c1960′s SIGNED LISNER VINTAGE CRYSTAL ON SILVER TONE FLEUR BROOCH c1960′s 2″ X 1.5″ $29.95 -Beautifully graceful crystal on silver tone. Mint condition. (http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to BROOCHES pg. 2).
  11. Bottom row- JET & BLACK DIAMOND PAVE’ ENCRUSTED CRYSTAL BARRETTE repro Made in USA! 3&3/4″ L X 2″ W $35.00-   This refined shimmering double bow piece is suitable for fine hair as the barrette is smaller than the face & has a tight center.(http://www.maxwells91334.com Go to JEWELRY / then to HAIR ACCESSORIES pg. 1).

It will be cozy and warm inside the red doors this SATURDAY & SUNDAY noon to 7 pm. Do visit if the mood strikes!

Deb Maxwell

Maxwell’s 9.13.34
Address: 508 Court Street – “The Red Doors” Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: http://www.maxwells91334.com

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