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January 31, 2014

Hoboken Opens New Section of Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

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More progress in restoring and extending the infrastructure in Hoboken ….



Sinatra Park Walkway Ribbon Cutting 1-31-2014

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined this afternoon by Stevens Institute of Technology President Nariman Farvardin, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, Freeholder Anthony L. Romano, and members of the community to cut the ribbon to open a portion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. The walkway between Sinatra Park and Castle Point Park includes a section completed by the Stevens Institute of Technology and a rebuilt section of walkway around Sinatra Field.

“With the opening of this walkway, Hoboken now has a continuous waterfront multiuse path from the Jersey City border to our skate park at Castle Point for our active community to enjoy,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Thanks to decades of work by committed activists, our waterfront is already the envy of the state. I look forward during the next few months to working with the community to redesign central Sinatra Drive into a safe and attractive destination for everyone to enjoy.”

“The entire Stevens community is proud and excited to commemorate the long-awaited opening of this portion of the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway,” said Dr. Nariman Farvardin, President of Stevens Institute of Technology. “We are especially thankful for the leadership of Senator Bob Menendez, Congressman Albio Sires and County Executive Tom DeGise for their strong advocacy in support of funding for this walkway.  This project will enhance public access to the beautiful Hudson River waterfront for our community as well as our Hoboken neighbors.”

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October 30, 2013

Hoboken Police Department Get New Vehicles and Uniforms

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Other blogs claim they give you the good the bad and the ugly when all they really do is give you the ugly, paid for ugly. If you know what website I am referring to then no need to mention it here. Here is some more good news from the Mayor’s office just one week before an election….

The City of Hoboken announces:

 Mayor Zimmer and Police new equipment uniforms
Left to right: Police Officer Willie Montanez, Police Chief Anthony Falco, Detective Vince Lombardi, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Sergeant John Petrosino, Police Officer Robert Truppner
Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined by Police Chief Anthony Falco, Sergeant John Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers, and Detective Vince Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association and Police Officers Willie Montanez and Robert Truppner to display the Hoboken Police Department’s newly purchased vehicles and new uniforms.
“Our Police Department is always there for our community when we need them most,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “They deserve to be as well-equipped and prepared as possible to do their jobs and keep us safe, and I thank our Police Officers for partnering with us on investing in their new uniforms.”
“This is a big morale booster for our department,” said Police Chief Falco. “The new uniforms have the full support of our rank-and-file, meet the needs of professionalism and utility, and are more adaptable for the daily rigors of the job.”
“The steady hiring of new officers, ongoing replacement of our aging patrol vehicles, renovations of police headquarters, approval of new work uniforms, and future K9 unit are just a few of many positive and progressive endeavors supported by the mayor, and we thank her for her strong commitment to public safety.” said Detective Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association. “Protecting the public and keeping the peace is our purpose, and Mayor Zimmer has proven our purpose is her priority.”
The Police Department recently acquired one 15-seat Ford Econovan, two Ford Interceptors, two Ford Explorers and four Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles. As of this week, the Police Department also has a new uniform more appropriate for patrol work – the first comprehensive revisiting of uniform policy in recent history.
“After three years of careful planning, the Hoboken Police Department’s uniform motorized patrol are now wearing BDUs, the more casual and community-friendly uniform,” said Sergeant Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers. “Hopefully this change will bring the residents and the officers closer together, by making their appearance seem more approachable, rather than authoritative. With the new additions to our fleet and our brand new uniform change, the citizens of Hoboken will now not only have one of the most professional and well educated officers in the county, but also one of the better equipped. The residents of Hoboken deserve nothing less.”
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October 29, 2013

City of Hoboken: Progress Toward a More Resilient Future One Year After Hurricane Sandy

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The City of Hoboken courtesy of Mayor Dawn Zimmer recaps plans for resiliency for Hoboken a year after Hurricane Sandy……


New legislation would prevent development on waterfront piers

Public awareness event to be held 4:00pm-6:30pm in front of City Hall

 1600 Park Hoboke Cove Hoboken

Hoboken Cove park and natural landscape for coastal defense and recreation. Concept by OMA team, Rebuild by Design competition (www.rebuildbydesign.org/project/comprehensive-strategy).

One year after Superstorm Sandy flooded nearly 80% of Hoboken and left more than 90% without power, the City is making progress towards implementing a comprehensive Resiliency and Readiness Plan based on a “layers of protection” approach to protect the community from future storms and disasters.

“We’ve made significant progress towards physically and financially protecting Hoboken, but we still have a long way to go,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Flood pumps and green infrastructure are key parts of our comprehensive plan, but they alone can’t stop a storm surge or protect us from skyrocketing flood insurance costs. Through a combination of grants, low-interest loans, bonding, public-private partnerships, and the redevelopment process, we will make Hoboken a more resilient city.”

The City’s concept for a comprehensive flood-mitigation plan, which includes flood pumps, green infrastructure, and coastline protection from rising seas and storm surges, is being developed and refined by teams in the federally-funded Rebuild by Design regional competition. Winning projects will be implemented with federal disaster recovery funds and private funding. Residents may view the various projects and submit their input on which should proceed to the final round by visiting www.rebuildbydesign.org.

“Hoboken is stronger than ever, not just because of what government is doing, but because of our amazing community,” added Mayor Zimmer. “More than 150 volunteers have stepped up to build our Community Emergency Response Team, and the grassroots MileMesh initiative to build a resilient wireless communications network is inspiring dozens to help build a stronger Hoboken. I encourage every resident and business to be a part of making our City more resilient. Prepare a home emergency kit, join our CERT team, submit a comment to support a Hoboken-related Rebuild by Design project, or visit www.milemesh.com and volunteer to be part of this exciting effort.”

The Administration will also introduce legislation at the next City Council meeting that would ban residential and commercial development on waterfront piers. Legislation that would result in lower flood insurance rates for all property owners, which was previously voted down by the City Council, will also be reintroduced.

“I recently met a Hoboken couple whose flood insurance costs skyrocketed from $750 to $5,000 per year,” added Mayor Zimmer. “My ultimate goal is to demonstrate to the federal government that our city is truly protected, so Hoboken residents and businesses can be free from the unfair National Flood Insurance Program that provides us almost no coverage when we need it most. Until then, we will work to lower everyone’s flood insurance rates by improving our score in the National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System.”

As part of the ongoing ‘Hoboken Ready’ initiative, the City and members of CERT will hold a public awareness event in front of City Hall from 4:00pm to 6:30pm to educate the community on emergency preparedness and the City’s various initiatives for flood and energy resiliency.

The City’s Resiliency and Readiness plan addresses power outages, flooding due to storm surges and rain events at high tide, and increasing threats from climate change and other disasters. The City’s progress on this plan during the past year includes:

Stormwater/Flood Management

  • Applied for $11.5 million low interest loan for 2nd flood pump
  • Requiring the funding of two additional pumps as developer givebacks
  • Supporting and advocating for North Hudson Sewerage Authority’s FEMA grant application for 3 flood pumps
  • Acquired 1 acre for new park in Southwest Hoboken, to be expanded through the Rehabilitation process, and in negotiations to acquire 7 additional acres of property for open space in Western Hoboken, and incorporating large scale flood mitigation strategies into park designs
  • Awarded $500,000 in planning assistance through the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Re.Invest Initiative to design and identify financing mechanisms to implement large-scale flood mitigation strategies into new parks
  • Developed a city-wide stormwater strategic plan with a $90,000 grant from Together North Jersey
  • Awarded a Sustainable Jersey grant to design and build a rain garden curb extension demonstration project
  • Designed a sustainable block plan for City Hall to serve as a city-wide model for disconnecting downspouts and capturing and delaying stormwater from entering the sewer system
  • Finalizing the Green Element of Hoboken’s Master Plan

Energy Resiliency

  • Entered into first-of-its-kind partnership with the Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratories, PSE&G & NJ Board of Public Utilities to design a resilient microgrid. Initial design expected in early 2014. State of New Jersey/Governor’s Office offering assistance for development, which may be financed through a public-private partnership
  • Bonded to purchase 7 backup generators for Police, Fire, Ambulance Corps & City Hall
  • Awarded $142,080 grant from State for emergency energy systems
  • City Administration & Council expressed support for PSE&G Energy Strong program to combine and elevate Hoboken’s three electrical substations

Shoreline/Storm Surge Protection

  • Collaborating with design teams from the federally-funded Rebuild by Design competition to design and fund regional resiliency measures, including coastal flood protection
  • Redesigning Hoboken Cove park to incorporate storm surge protection along the Hoboken/Weehawken border
  • NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan being revised to include storm surge protection along the Hoboken/Jersey City border
  • Working with researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology to evaluate concepts for protecting vulnerable coastline areas from storm surges

Personal Preparedness Readiness

  • Hosted Hoboken Ready information sessions in community centers, schools and  senior buildings
  • Mailed Hoboken Ready information flyer to all residents and businesses
  • Expanded Community Emergency Response Team to over 100 members, with 60 more in training
  • Hoboken Community Emergency Response Team recognized by FEMA and the White House


  • Bonded to purchase a surplus military high water vehicle to safely reach flooded areas
  • Supporting the grassroots-driven “MileMesh” initiative – a wireless mesh network with backup power for communications resiliency
  • Established Resiliency Task Force and the position of floodplain manager in the Zoning Office
  • Pursuing National Flood Insurance Program’s Community Rating System to lower property owner’s flood insurance rates city-wide
  • Amending Flood Damage Prevention ordinance so buildings are built to more resilient standards
  • Awarded $200,000 state grant to 1) Update design standards 2) Prepare hazard mitigation plan 3) Prepare 5 year capital plan 4) Update stormwater management plan and ordinance 5) Prepare open space plan to incorporate green infrastructure in City parks and open space
  • Applied to Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Challenge for $1 million resiliency grant
  • Working with NJIT Center for Resilient Design studio for the renovation & rehabilitation of the Multi-Service Center site
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October 8, 2013

City of Hoboken Acquires Property For Southwest Park

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Here is another accomplishment for the current Mayor of Hoboken Dawn Zimmer who ran on a platform of getting more parks for Hoboken. Step 1 is to get the land without overpaying for it and this is a good start. Here is a statement form the City of Hoboken on this….

The City of Hoboken has acquired a nearly one acre property as the first major installment of a new Southwest Park.

City of Hoboken SW Park Land Aquisition 10-8-2013

“I fought for a long time for a Southwest Park, and I’m excited to announce that we now own an acre of property for the first part of a larger park that we will expand through the redevelopment process,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I look forward to immediately kicking off the planning process so we can design and build the first phase of this much-deserved park that reflects the community’s vision for this neighborhood. I thank County Executive DeGise, Freeholder Romano, and the Hudson County Freeholders for their funding support of this project.”

As part of a comprehensive resiliency and readiness strategy to protect the neighborhood from flooding, the City has received a $500,000 technical assistance grant to incorporate sustainable flood mitigation strategies, including underground water detention systems, into a new Southwest Park.

The City has hired Starr Whitehouse, a landscape architecture and planning firm with expertise in parks design and green infrastructure for stormwater management, to lead the planning process for the Southwest Park. Community meetings will be announced shortly. Residents are invited to complete a survey available online at www.hobokennj.org/swpark.

“This is a great day for so many friends and neighbors, past and present, who have long advocated for a park in our Southwest neighborhood,” added Councilman David Mello, Chair of the Community Development committee. “This initial acquisition will serve as a cornerstone of a larger Southwest Park. The Mayor and I have both worked hard to begin realizing the dream of a Southwest Park, and this open space purchase should serve as the first of many western Hoboken land acquisitions.”

Today, the transfer of title was completed for Block 12, a property bounded by Jackson Street, Observer Highway, Harrison Street, and Paterson Avenue. The Southwest Area has been designated an Area in Need of Rehabilitation, and the City intends to substantially expand the park through the Rehabilitation process.

Funding to purchase the property was provided from a $3 million Hudson County Open Space grant. Although the City has deposited its offer amount of $2.937 million with the court, the final value will be established by an independent three-member commission appointed by a State Superior Court judge.

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September 7, 2013

City of Hoboken to Host 2nd Annual Green Fair Sunday October 6th 11am-5pm

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Here is the revised date for the 2nd Annual Green Fair in Hoboken at Pier A Park….


City of Hoboken Green Fair 10-6-2013 The City of Hoboken Green Team will host the 2nd Annual Green Fair on Sunday, October 6, 2013 (rain date: October 13).

The 2nd Annual Green Fair will be held from 11am to 5pm at Pier A Park along the Hoboken waterfront and will feature live music and organic food vendors. It is intended to introduce sustainable lifestyle choices to the community, raise awareness regarding environmental concerns, and demonstrate how consumers can reduce their impact on the earth by selecting sustainable, eco-friendly products and services, reducing energy consumption, conserving water and limiting their dependence on fossil fuels.

A compost bin will be on-site and residents are encouraged to bring any compostable materials (coffee grounds, grass clippings, peanut shells, etc.) they may be storing at home.

Green businesses or non-profits whose mission aligns with environmental sustainability are invited to participate in the Green Fair. The Green Team is also reaching out to involve the local arts community. Interested vendors can submit the online registration form at www.hobokennj.org/greenfairand contact Christopher Brown at cbrown@hobokennj.org with any questions. The final day for registration is Friday, October 4, 2013.


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August 15, 2013

City of Hoboken Receives Court Approval for Southwest Park Acquisition

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Acquiring the land to build public parks is usually the most challenging part of the process. With this court ruling Mayor Dawn Zimmer is closer to fulfilling a campaign promise to build a park in the 4th Ward. Read on …..


Hudson County Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso ruled on Wednesday that the City of Hoboken may acquire a nearly 1 acre property for the first phase of a Southwest Park, an important component of a comprehensive flood mitigation strategy.

South West Park Hoboken

“I have been involved in the fight for a Southwest Park for many years, and I am very excited that we are finally in a position to acquire the first building block of what will ultimately be a larger park,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “As soon as we deposit the check with the court, we will own the property and can begin the community planning process for this much-needed park. We are now just one vote away from turning this vision that so many have fought for into reality. The future of the Southwest Park is now in the hands of the City Council. I urge them to support this park because for most of us, parks are our shared back yards, and I believe all our residents – regardless of where they live – should have a park within a short walking distance.”

At the September Council meeting, the City Council will be asked to approve the deposit with the court for the offer amount of $2.937 million. The funding is available through a $3 million Hudson County Open Space grant. In addition, the City Council will be asked to award a contract for a planner to begin the public planning process for the Southwest Park.

“Hoboken deserves this new park,” said Hudson County Freeholder Anthony L. Romano. “Working with County Executive DeGise and my colleagues on the freeholder board, I am glad we are able to provide the grant funding to make this possible. We are proud to work with Mayor Zimmer and the Hoboken City Council as they endeavor to acquire this land.”

“This is a great day for Hoboken,” added Councilman David Mello. “We have been working towards having a park in our neighborhood as parks advocates since 2006. The acquisition of the properties on this particular block has been a top priority for me as Chair of the Community Development committee. I am confident it will serve as the ideal cornerstone for what will one day be an even larger Southwest Park.”

The Judge found that the City engaged in good faith negotiations with the property owners of Block 12, which is located between Jackson Street, Harrison Street, Observer Highway and Paterson Avenue. While the City offered $2.937 million for the property based on an appraisal, the final value would be established by an independent three-member commission appointed by the Judge.

As part of a comprehensive resiliency and readiness strategy to protect from flooding, the City is receiving $500,000 in technical assistance through the Rockefeller Foundation-funded Re.Invest Initiative to incorporate sustainable flood mitigation strategies, including underground water detention systems, into a new Southwest Park and other proposed parks in flood-prone areas. The City’s full Resiliency and Readiness Plan is available online at www.hobokennj.org/ready.

The Southwest Area has been designated an Area in Need of Rehabilitation, and if the first phase of the park is acquired, the City intends to substantially expand the park through the Rehabilitation process.

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August 1, 2013

Groups Invited to Apply for Field Use at 1600 Park in Hoboken

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Coming soon to Hoboken for Soccer Moms and Dads looking for new ball fields in Hoboken….


1600 Park in Hoboken almost open 7-31-2013

The City of Hoboken invites leagues, teams, and community organizations to apply for the use of field space at 1600 Park for the remainder of the summer. The multi-use field, which can accommodate a variety of sports, is expected to open on a preliminary basis in early August.

“We are so glad to open up this new field to all the teams, leagues and other members of the community looking for a place to practice or play a match,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “The field will also be open to all members of the public for a pickup game or practice whenever it is not reserved.”

Groups interested in applying for field space can download a permit request form (http://www.hobokennj.org/docs/rec/activity-field-cafe-permit-request.pdf) and email it to recreation@hobokennj.org or contact the Recreation Division at 201-420-2012 with any questions.

Additional construction at 1600 Park, including restroom facilities and dog run will continue. Until the lights are connected in a few weeks, the field will be available for use during the day through sunset.

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July 17, 2013

Hoboken Schools to get portion of $4.5 Donation from United Arab Emirates

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It was announced earlier this week that The City of Hoboken’s Schools will get part of a very generous $4.5 million donation from the United Arab Emirates. Hopefully this will result in more well oiled schools in terms of infrastructure and technology… .


 UAE Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba,

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & Board President Leon Gold

UAB Hoboken Schools Donation

The Hoboken School District is one of nine districts that will benefit from a $4.5 million donation made by the United Arab Emirates Embassy to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. The Hoboken schools that will benefit from the donation are Hoboken High School, Joseph F. Brandt School, Salvatore R. Calabro School, Thomas G. Connors, and Wallace Elementary School.

“On behalf of the City of Hoboken, I thank Governor Chris Christie, First Lady Mary Pat Christie, and the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund for their support as we continue to rebuild our community,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“We are very thankful to the UAE Embassy for the generous donation that will help improve technology in our schools,” added Leon Gold, President of the Hoboken Board of Education.

The UAE Embassy gift, made on behalf of the people of the UAE, will help address critical technology needs, such as infrastructure construction to increase internet bandwidth capacity, wiring and hardware for instructional areas, and acquisition of mobile computing devices for faculty and students.

Mayor Zimmer and Board President Gold were in attendance at Highlands Elementary School this morning for the announcement of the donation where they also met with and personally thanked United Arab Emirates Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba

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July 4, 2013

Jack Skuller to perform at Hoboken Summertime Concert July 18 at 7pm

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Local musician Jack Skuller will perform the Eddie Cochran classic “Summertime Blues” at Hoboken’s Hot Tunes in the Summertime on July 18th starting at 7pm.

This event will feature popular local musicians performing and reinterpreting your favorite summer tunes. It will be like a beach party by the river.

The event will be featuring performances by: Julio Fernandez, John Bauers, Tammy Faye Starlite, Jack Skuller, Jeremy Beck, Karyn Kuhl, Gene D. Plumber, Jennifer Lampert, Dave Lambert, Alice Genese, Emily Turonis, Dave Calamoneri, Jon & Deena, The Gefkens, Lloyd United, and Tom Vincent & the Hot Tunes House Band.

The new single from 17 year old Jack Skuller – “Someone Else” is now available for FREE download on http://jackskuller.bandcamp.com/

The song was Written by Jack Skuller and produced by Bryce Goggin in Brooklyn. The track features Nada Surf drummer Ira Elliot and bassist Jeremy Chatzky.

About Jack Skuller:

17 year old Jack Skuller is equally inspired by both the Everly Brothers and the Black Keys. Jack debuted at age 14 with a rockabilly-tinged single on Bar/None records. He performed it live on Good Day New York. At 16, he toured the U.S. with Radio Disney.

NY POST: “a mini-Jack White”
NY DELI Magazine: “Buddy Holly would be proud”
My Old Kentucky Blog: “killer power-pop songwriting”


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Hoboken City Council Meeting Schedule Through December 2013

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Here is the City Council meeting schedule for the remainder of 2013. The Hoboken City Council is a body of nine members and 5 votes are required for passage of resolutions and ordinances and a super majority of 6 or more to pass municipal bonds.


Hoboken City Council Calender for July 2013 through December 2013:

  • Wednesday July 10, 2013 7 PM
  • Wednesday August, 7, 2013 7 PM
  • *Tuesday September 3, 2013 7 PM
  • **Tuesday September 17, 2013 7 PM
  • Wednesday October 2, 2013 7 PM
  • ***Thursday October 17, 2013 7 PM
  • Wednesday November 6, 2013 7 PM
  • ****Monday November 18, 2013 7 PM
  • Wednesday December 4, 2013 7 PM
  • Wednesday December 18, 2013 7 PM

*Moved due to Rosh Hashanah.
**Moved due to Sukkot.
***Moved due to the NJ Senate Special Election scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2013
****Moved due to the New Jersey League of Municipality November 19-22, 2013

Meetings are held at City Council Chambers at City Hall at 94 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ.

Due to the move of the Municipal Election to November, the swearing in of the new Mayor and Council –At-Large will be held on Wed., January 1, 2014 at 2:00pm in Council Chambers pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40:45A-1. Thereafter, a reorganization meeting will occur and the CY2014 schedule will be determined.

All information pertaining to the Council agenda may be obtained from the City Clerk, during regular business hours, prior to each Council meeting and also, on the City’s website www.hobokennj.org.

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