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March 21, 2012

Cammareri Brooklyn Bakery and Cafe Closes Hoboken Location

According to Hoboken Patch which covers basic news ok and government news with a noted political slant but without the low carb diet hucksterism and full on “haterade” of another infamous website run by a person of ill repute, Cammareri Brooklyn Bakery has closed its doors in Hoboken after giving it a try less than a year. Bottom line is if a place can’t make it in a high traffic area like his one, the customers must have been looking for something else. I’m sure the rent is high but maybe they could sell only so many Cannolis and that just didn’t make the rent and payroll plus food and utility costs.

It is absolutely insane to be basing their failure on parking for Pete’s sake. The low carb huckster of another website entity renowned for smearing people not an ally of his political paymaster  is really off base with this one. But then again when he actually on target? That location is next a major transit hub and you are not going to find parking readily available there unless you are very lucky.

Link to story: http://hoboken.patch.com/articles/cammarari-s-hoboken-location-closes

TheBoken.com is as always sorry to see businesses fail but Hoboken is a unique city and some business models don’t always work here that work elsewhere. Back to the drawing board. Share you thoughts as to what should be next in the comments below….

Below is the original post of its opening…

Original Post April 26th, 2011: Holy Cannoli Batman! Another quality Bakery has opened up in Hoboken. Cammareri and Sons Bakery of Brooklyn has now expanded their territory to a convenient location in the Mile Square City. Located at 22 Hudson Place the location has appeal for those who commute and need a Cannoli fix immediately from their ascension from the PATH tunnel. TheBoken’s editor (me) tried the small Cannoli which is priced at $1.50 and thought it was very good and worth coming back for. I am normally not a dessert guy and diabetic so this can only be something I have every once in a while.

Cammareri and Sons Bakery Goods #4

I was able to chat with a manager/part owner and he said that they are going through a soft opening first before doing a grand opening which is typical. They are still awaiting approval from the Hoboken Historical Commission which is required in order to put their signs up. The bakery doesn’t just do Cannolis they have other desserts as well as fresh Italian bread. The Manager gave me a complimentary loaf to try and I have to say it is very good bread and fresh! Unlike Carlo’s Bakery which has frustrated locals with their long lines, the Cammareri Bakery due to their under the radar opening has yet to have lines but that could change if word gets out about the quality of their baked goods and what appears to be reasonable pricing.

The Boken wishes both Carlo’s Bakery and Cammareri Brooklyn Bakery the best. Perhaps there is enough business to go around for everyone to have their cake and eat it too.

Cammareri and Son Bakery Hoboken

Cammareri Brooklyn Bakery and Café
22 Hudson Place, Hoboken NJ

Below is a lineup of some of  their goods. The cakes and cookies look very delicious!

Cammareri and Sons Bakery Goods #1

Cammareri and Sons Bakery Goods #3Cammareri and Sons Bakery Goods #2

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November 16, 2011

Cake Decorating and Culinary Classes at Carlo’s Bakery

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Here is a note from Carlo’s Bakery on some upcoming cake baking and culinary classes at their Jersey City factility……

Announcing Cake Decorating and

Culinary Classes at Carlo’s Bakery!

Hi Gang!

It’s been crazy here at Carlo’s Bakery! The Lackawanna Cake Factory is up and running, and let me tell you, it’s a big jump from freezing our butts off in the basement in Hoboken. But the changes aren’t just for us: soon our fans will have new, exciting ways to get the Carlo’s experience, including a new website and nationwide shipping of some of our most popular creations. Look out for that!
And we’ve got a little something for you right now: starting today, you can sign up for cake decorating and culinary classes, hosted at the Cake Factory in the nicest kitchen you’re likely to see in your life. Sign up and learn some of our decorating secrets (but only some, we’ve still got a business to run!) and Valastro family recipes from the old country that we’ll be eating for the holidays.

 Note:  All classes are held at 631 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ 07310 (between 16th and 18th ave).

Link to Class Information: http://classes.carlosbakery.com/

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November 7, 2011

Hoboken’s MSquared Special Promotion in Honor of Veterans Day

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TheBoken featured a new business called M2 Sweet and Chic Treats in early September and now owner Marisa has sent us a note about a special promotion in honor of Veterans Day.

In honor of Veterans Day, this Friday, November 11th M-Squared is donating 100% of sales this week from our “Ultimate” Chocolate Chip Cookie to The Wounded Warrior Project. Place your orders soon, and honor those who served.

Readers can place orders by phone, 646-733-7495 or by email: marisa@msquarednyc.com  and check out their website www.msquarednyc.com

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September 2, 2011

New Hoboken Online Business M2 Sweet and Chic Treats!

There is a new online Hoboken business in town called “M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”. The owner Marisa sent TheBoken this information to give her new venture a bit of a plug. If the photos are any indication of the taste I think many customers are in for a real sweet and chic treat. If the cupcakes and cakes are is good as they look Marissa just might have to rename her business to M12 as is Mmmmmmmmmmmm good. Yes, that is twelve m’s! Possible taste test next week. Here is Marisa’s intro to her new online business which in part is a byproduct of the recession the US is still trying to recover from….

“When the economy goes south and hemlines follow, what’s a girl to do?!  Well, if you’re a Fashionista with 18yrs in the biz, and MAD baking skills… you “Edit” that five-year plan, tighten your Jimmy Choos and take that leap off the runway!

Encouraged by friends, I decided to re-design my future, and went from Fashionista to Recessionista, from holiday baker to baker extraordinaire!

My label M2 sweet & chic treats combines my passion for baking and fashion with an added chic twist! We are a Hoboken business but do all of our order through our website www.msquarednyc.com so there are no lines, and even though we are web-based, I am always happy to speak with you in person!

We are known for our amzing assortment of cookies, and cupcakes, but at M2 sweet and chic treats (we can’t tell you what the M2 stands for – it’s a company secret) we do sew-sew much more! Tarts, both savory and sweet, as well as Bon-bons (seasonal) and if you don’t see something on our “Run of Show” just let us know! We can design something you like.  We also launch a new line each season – just like the Designers…whether it is “Ditzy Florals” in the Spring or “Mad-Plaids” in the Fall… we believe that food trends are just like fashion trends – they are always changing!
In fashion, we shop the world for the best fabrics, and trims…it’s the same at M2 we are dedicated to quality, assuring that our assortment is “Couture” so we bake to order using only the finest ingredients from around the world. We want our customers to feel as special eating our product as they do when they buy a great new pair of shoes, a LBD, or a hand tailored suit!

- Marisa
Fashionista and Baker
M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”
Website: www.msquarednyc.com

Below are some more samples of baked goods and deserts that are for sale:

Happy Birthday Cakes

Cupcakes (includes Superhero Superman) Could a Batman Cupcake be next?

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