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June 26, 2013

Washington Street Shuffle – Ladies: Pretty Kitty to Open Soon in Hoboken for your Brazillian Wax Needs

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The Pretty Kitty, a Brazillian Waxing and Brow Bar is set to open up in Hoboken soon. Located at 628 Washington Street this beauty establishment joins a number of nail salons and beauty related businesses in Hoboken right nearby. Their website is http://www.prettykittywax.com.

The Pretty Kitty New Business Hoboken NJ 6-26-2013

Pretty Kitty is a franchise and was started  by entrepreneur Tricia Hetherington who explains the differentiation of their salon for the Brazilian wax versus their competitors……

From their website:

About The Pretty Kitty

“At The Pretty Kitty we do things differently than most waxing establishments. Many people are surprised & sometimes skeptical to learn that we use soft wax instead of hard wax, which is a more common and easier to use wax for the Brazilian these days. We use a high quality soft wax designed for sensitive skin. Using a soft wax for a full Brazilian requires skill if it is to be done well. Many estheticians have never been properly trained in the right technique using soft wax and therefore reject its use for the full Brazilian. With the proper prepping of the skin and my proprietary technique, pain is minimized, is more efficient, and more gentle than using hard wax.

All of Pretty Kittys’ estheticians are personally and extensively trained by me and must pass to my company standard of performance in order to become part of The Pretty Kitty team.

Our Brazilians are done in just 10-15 min, we never reuse our wax sticks and we believe that client education is of the utmost importance to achieve the best and longest lasting results.

Because of our high standards, attention to detail, and excellent customer service, we have been able to rapidly expand to multiple territories. We invite you to “Experience the Difference”.”

- Tricia Hetherington/Owner

Hoboken would be the third such New Jersey location for the franchise and perhaps they can open in time for bikini season. The headline of the post mentioned the ladies but this business also has waxing for men as well.

The Pretty Kitty Logo - Hoboken NJThe Pretty Kitty

Business Type: Brazillian Waxing, Salon

Address: 628 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

Website: http://www.prettykittywax.com

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June 4, 2013

For Hoboken All’s Well That Maxwell’s by Chris Halleron

This article has been re-posted with permission of the author Chris Halleron who has been writing about Hoboken for many years. His blog is http://chrishalleron.com/. His take on the closing of Maxwell’s coming up on July 31st is below:

For Hoboken All’s Well That Maxwell’s

Maxwell's Hoboken HDR - Live Music

Snotty Brooklynite Hipster: “Y’know, Hoboken is nothing but a homogenized, flavorless suburban enclave full of yuppies and strollers.”

Self-Loathing Yuppie Hobokenite: “Oh yeah? Well we still have Maxwell’s.”

Checkmate. That argument has now been taken off the table.

With the breaking news of its impending demise, I’ll sit here and eulogize Maxwell’s—along with a number of post-post-post collegiate current and former Hoboken residents—because it’s a pretty big blow to the community. In my 15-year Hoboken tenure I’ve seen a lot places come and go—a fair amount of sh!tholes, but a few gems. Maxwell’s is more than a gem, it’s a cornerstone… and now it’s being removed.

It’s not the first major change to hit Hoboken. I imagine the Lenape Indians were equally, if not more pissed off when the Dutch moved in and tore down the first Wigwam. “Ah man—that was Ockanickon’s old joint. We used to have some pretty sweet drum circles down there.” Fact is times change, and places change along with them—sometimes for the better, and sometimes they turn into a Buffalo Wild Wings with a bouncy castle nursery back where the stage used to be.

Over the next few weeks you’ll hear a lot about Maxwell’s being “an institution,” and none of it is hyperbole. With an amazing bar and restaurant, coupled with one of the more intimate venues in the New York Metro Area, Maxwell’s is Hoboken’s mullet—business in front, party in the back. The guestbook includes Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Springsteen, The Pogues, The Feelies, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, and so on. But while these names are all impressive, they arguably play second fiddle to the dining room’s legendary chicken potpie.

Yet like many in Hoboken, Maxwell’s has simply grown weary. The town has become noisy, competitive, pushy or even downright obnoxious—and that’s just the parking situation. As noted by manager and co-owner Todd Abramson in his interview with The Star-Ledger’s Tris McCall, “The culture in Hoboken is driven by TV now. A lot of the bars downtown are fighting with each other for who has the most giant TVs. That’s what Hoboken nightlife has become.”

If you don’t have chicken wings, Bud Light Platinum and wall-to-wall plasma, then you’re simply not going to cut it. Business decisions are made based on market conditions. If the market dictates that cookie-cutter sells, then that’s what you end up with.

And that’s the shame of it all. I can sit here and gripe about it, but it is what it is. Beyond some absurd Schindler’s List notion that, “I could have [drank] more,” there’s not much anyone can do about it. I’m looking down the barrel at 40 and spent last weekend drinking beer in my backyard while my kid chased my dog around. If I’m the Maxwell’s demographic—too old to actually get out and enjoy it, so I sit home and wax nostalgic on the internet, then go to bed—I guess a change may do them good.

Whether Hoboken has outgrown Maxwell’s or Maxwell’s has outgrown Hoboken will be the subject of some debate around here.

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, as they say. Or perhaps more befitting a New Jersey institution, “It’s a town full of losers and I’m pulling out of here to win…”

Link to original post: http://chrishalleron.com/2013/06/03/for-hoboken-alls-well-that-maxwells/

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May 22, 2013

Hoboken’s Mission 50 and the Interest in Coworking Sites Surging

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Local Hoboken Business Mission 50 is helping fill the need for coworking places as part of a national trend. Read below for details…


Shared Office Environments Attract a Diverse Workforce with the Opportunity to Collaborate and Connect

 By Greg Dell’Aquila, co-founder and president Mission 50 Workspaces Hoboken, N.J.

Fledgling tech startups and budding entrepreneurs have gravitated for years toward co-working spaces both for financial reasons and as a means to network with other like-minded individuals. Today, this work environment is breaking out of its niche, drawing a wide range of professionals in all age groups looking for an affordable, flexible place to work, grow a business, meet with clients and become part of a collaborative community.

According to DeskMag’s 3rd Annual Global Co-Working Study, the diversity of the movement is on the rise, resulting in a higher number and variety of coworking spaces. The study indicates there are now more than 2,200 co-working spaces worldwide and the number grows on a daily basis.

While coworking environments can cater to those in a certain field, many today are designed to accommodate a wide range of professionals looking to share each other’s energy and ideas. Corporations also are starting to consider coworking as a viable place for their workforce, recognizing that you don’t need to work from a cubicle to be productive.

In short, coworking today appeals to anyone who is working independently. Take for example, Mission 50 Workspaces. Technology startups have been a mainstay since our inception in 2011, but our membership today runs the gamut. Of Mission 50′s current 160 members, there’s not one target market of worker who utilizes this space.

The environment attracts business professionals, lawyers, accountants, financial specialists, interior designers, nonprofit consultants, creatives, and even mothers of young children needing space that’s conducive to writing and establishing a business. It’s all about breaking the habit of working alone. In a coworking environment, not only do you know the people working next to you, but you can achieve a synergy that wouldn’t exist elsewhere.

The range of ages found at these shared work environments is just as diverse. While the average coworker traditionally has been a 34-year-old male, that’s changing as well. Coworking has become a way of life with mass appeal. It has truly redefined how we work. Offices – as we know them today – will no longer exist.

Coworking’s affordability and flexibility is particularly paramount for Generation Y and Millennial populations, the fastest growing segment of the workforce. Theirs is a mobile world of cell phones, tablets and notebook computers; they work anywhere and collaborate with colleagues and strangers around the globe. As a result, work is a moving target, even for those employed by larger companies, where productivity and inspiration are supreme goals that transcend age, business and work hours.

Nearly three-quarters of the coworkers reported in a recent DeskMag poll they felt more productive in shared space, and 71 percent experienced a boost in their creativity. Most of this improved productivity is a byproduct of the environment. A good coworking office has the true buzz of a workspace rather than the relaxed atmosphere of a home or the distractions of a café.

As the owner of a vibrant coworking space where I also operate with my fellow members, I am not surprised; I feel that same “rush” of excitement, every day.

About Mission 50 and Greg Dell’Aquila: 

Greg Dell’Aquila is the co-founder and president of Mission 50 Workspaces, a premier coworking space in Northern New Jersey. He has deep experience in commercial and residential real estate, having served as president of the JDA Group LLC and its privately-held companies – JDA Development and Planning LLC, JDA Construction LLC and JDA Management LLC for many years.

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May 21, 2013

NYC Report Shows that Bike Lanes are Very Good for Retail Business – What About Hoboken?

NYC recently released a report that shows bike lanes reduce traffic accidents and improve retail sales to boot. This recently released report has been shared on major news sites like the Wall Street Journal and blog sites as well. Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken  is known for championing bike lanes for their greenness and pedestrian safety but who knew 5 years ago that there would be potentially substantial retail benefits as well? Now the argument for bike lanes could be extended to the fact that they are good for commerce as well.  Still, Hoboken is not NYC but some of these principles could possibly be applied to Hoboken in future planning where they make sense.

The Mayor has put forth a plan to completely redo Washington Street incorporating some of these aspects. In her State of the City Address on February 13th, 2013 The Mayor remarked “Washington Street is our main street, it represents the core of our city, and it is key to our economic and social vitality. But it’s also in need of a major upgrade. This year we hope to complete a redesign process with the community so that we can secure more grants for renovations.”

Link to State of the City Address: http://boken.it/3df

The Mayor followed through and put her Washington Street Redesign up for vote on the City Council. However, the obstructionist City Council Minority consisting of Occhipinti, Mason, Russo and Castellano defeated the bond to do the study. Without a study the City of Hoboken would not be eligible for substantial grants that could cut the cost of repaving and redesigning Washington Street for the 21st Century.

Here are some of the study’s findings:

NYC Bike Report 8-9th Avenues

First protected bicycle lane in the US – 8th and 9th Avenues (Manhattan):

  • 35% decrease in injuries to all street users (8th Ave)
  • 58% decrease in injuries to all street users (9th Ave)
  • Up to 49% increase in retail sales (Locally-basedbusinesses on 9th Ave from 23rd to 31st Sts., compared to 3% borough-wide)

NYC Bike Report Union Square North

Expanding an iconic space – Union Square North (Manhattan):

  • Speeding decreased by16%, while median speeds increased by 14%
  • injury crashes fell by 26%
  • 49% fewer commercial vacancies (compared to 5% more borough-wide)
  • 74% of users prefer the new configuration

These are just a few examples from the report. Share your thoughts in the comments below as to whether or not such concepts could improve the overall quality of life in Hoboken. Below is the full report for your perusal.

Link to NYC Report: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/downloads/pdf/2012-10-measuring-the-street.pdf

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May 5, 2013

Small Chick Big Deals Rebrand Launch Party at Village Pourhouse Saturday May 11 from 5-9pm

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Small Chick Big Deals Village Pourhouse 5-11-2013

‘Small Chick Big Deals’ (#SCBD) celebrates its rebrand and relaunch with fellow bloggers, contributors, and fans in Hoboken on Saturday, May 11th from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at Village Pourhouse. #SCBD founder, Sara Monica, is just a small chick with a big appetite for great food at affordable prices. In tough economic times, #SCBD has continued to deliver its readers the most delicious and budget-friendly foods throughout the tri-state area. The relaunch not only includes new branding and a site overhaul, but #SCBD is now accepting advertisers aiming to reach its exponentially growing readership!

“I started ‘Small Chick Big Deals’ while I interned at The Rachael Ray Show, when finding great deals while eating out was especially important,” says CEO and founder, Sara Monica. “When I started blogging, I had no idea I was going to gain so much recognition, support, and connections. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and I’m excited to take the next step in continuing to expand!”

The #SCBDLaunchParty event is sponsored by GTS Consultants, Inc, Urban Socialites, and Ubon’s BBQ Bloody Mary Mix, with additional local donors providing goodies for swag bags attendees will be receiving. Event attendees will enjoy drink specials, including the ‘Big Deal Martini,’ which will be centered around an Instagram contest for the best photo of the signature drink using the #SCBDLaunchParty hashtag.

Additional information is often readily available via the #SCBD Facebook and Twitter pages, where content is updated once or twice weekly. Blog subscribers will also receive periodic email blasts with exclusive inside information. #SCBD has continued adding to its team of contributors to provide other perspectives including local food events, special deals, recipes, and a variety of other foodie topics! #SCBD celebrated it’s one year anniversary on January 11, 2013 and was nominated for the friendsEAT ‘Best Blogger’ contest in 2012.

To RSVP got to: http://scbdlaunchparty.eventbrite.com/

For more information please contact Sara at: sara@smallchickbigdeals.com

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May 4, 2013

Washington Street Shuffle–Out with the Humus and in with the Curry–Hoboken Dhaba to Open Soon

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Hoboken Dhaba

The former location for The Humus Bar is now slated to be Hoboken’s newest Indian Restaurant when opened. Going by the name Hoboken Dhaba this Indian restaurant is saying out with the humus and in with the Tandoori and curry. The location for this new eatery is at 630 Washington Street. Hoboken Dhaba will be joining Karma, India on The Hudson, Matt and Meera, and Bombay West for the palettes of Hobokenites who love Indian food. Here is wishing the new owners the best of luck with that location. May the Washington Street Shuffle slow a bit with a place that establishes itself for years. Time will tell.

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April 20, 2013

Work it Out Fitness to expand to 2nd Hoboken Location in September 2013

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In an email sent to TheBoken.com, Work it Out Fitness is planning a second location in September of 2013.  This is a good sign of a local Hoboken business hitting a niche and needing to expand based on demand. Here is their note below….

WIO Fitness 2nd Location in Hoboken

Dear WiOers,

Two years ago Work it Out opened its doors and promised to set your fitness free. Now we are proud to announce we will be pushing your fitness further and growing our presence in Hoboken with the addition of a second studio.

As we get closer to opening, we will be keeping everyone posted on our progress, news about fitness and gymnastics classes, schedules, and more!


- Noel

Go to their website at www.workitoutgym.com for more information on classes and scheduling.

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April 17, 2013

Business Law For the Small Business Owner at Hoboken Public Library Tonight at 6PM

SCORE Small Business Seminar: Business Law For the

Small Business Owner at Hoboken Public Library Tonight

Hoboken Library Score Seminars 2013Join the Hoboken Public Library Wednesday, April 17 at 6pm as business expert members from the SCORE organization host a FREE seminar that will focus on business law for the small business owner – an important topic any small business owner or prospective small business owner can benefit from! The Hoboken Library is located at 500 Park Avenue  Hoboken, NJ.

Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP at (201) 420-2347

Visit the Hoboken Library at www.hobokenlibrary.org Follow them on Facebook and  Twitter and Eventbrite

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April 15, 2013

McDonald’s in Hoboken Re-opens with a New Modern Look

McDonalds Re-Opens in Hoboken

McDonald’s in Hoboken after completing an extensive renovation and modernizing both inside and out did a soft opening this weekend. Located at the corner of 3rd and Washington, this hub of a fast food and good Wi-Fi connection actually does have a few healthy items on the menu but does anyone honestly go to McDonald’s to eat a salad? Their official Grand Opening will run the week or April 22- April 28. May McDonalds super size its profits without super sizing their patrons.

McDonald's Grand Re-opening in Hoboken

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April 3, 2013

Anthropologie in Hoboken Unveils Storefront Exterior–Closer to Grand Opening

Anthropologie 4-4-2013 in Hoboken HDR Exterior smaller

Anthropologie located at 412 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ is even closer to opening than ever. They revealed their exterior yesterday and the façade is quite tastefully done. This anchor store is likely to change the retail landscape of Hoboken for quite some time.  This is one of the most anticipated store openings in recent Hoboken memory.  They are likely to have a Grand Opening or soft opening in April based on the progress I am seeing.


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