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June 19, 2013

Hoboken Based MallStand Partners with Million Dollar Smile to Launch First National Social Deal

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Here is another Hoboken Business trying to capitalize on the ever changing online retail landscape…..

Hoboken Based MallStand Partners with Million Dollar Smile

to Launch First National Social Deal

MallStand, the social shopping app, yesterday announced that they have partnered with Million Dollar Smile Cosmetic to run their first national social deal. The daily deal promotion that has recently been launched in the MallStand Socials section is for a large discount on the Million Dollar Smile teeth whitening system.

Mall Stand Screens and Logo - Hoboken Business New Jersey

“MallStand has been providing a variety of daily deals in the Socials section for the residents of Hudson County and surrounding areas, but this new partnership marks the first time we are able to make a daily deal available nationally and with none of the extra shipping costs,” said MallStand team member Sam Gherman.

“The MallStand team has done a tremendous job working with the highest quality merchants in the area in order to develop a solid base of loyal customers.” Said Andrew Jensen, Founder and CEO “MallStand hopes to build upon this new relationship with Million Dollar Smile and continue to offer their teeth whitening system to our users across the country.”

Through this Socials offer users can enjoy the same results as the leading in-office dental whitening procedures from the comfort of their home. The deal for the teeth whitening system originally valued at $228 is available for only $30 and promises a “whiter and brigher smile for less money and less time”. The social deal for the Smiley White System and Smiley White Pen will be extended for an extra week due to the deal’s popularity.

Million Dollar Smile’s special dental grade whitening formula has been safely tested and made in USA labs only.

Mall Stand Website Screen Capture - Hoboken NJ

About MallStand

Mall Stand is  a relaticely new web based start-up company locally based in Hoboken on 613 Willow Ave called Mallstand. Mallstand is an innovative new site that provides a user all aspects of a mall experience with the ease of use a website brings.

MallStand is a web and mobile social shopping platform transforming traditional online shopping. By utilizing various social networking tools MallStand creates an environment that fosters communication between users and merchants. MallStand provides shoppers with a centralized online location to mingle, shop, and share.

Link to website: http://www.mallstand.com/login.php

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June 7, 2013

Hoboken NJ is Gaining Momentum as a NorthEast Technology Hub – City provides tools for success

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Here is some evidence that Hoboken despite it’s limited parking is good for business after all. Just ask the folks at Mission 50.


City Provides Entrepreneurs and Startups with the Tools Necessary for Success

Mission 50 Communal Area Hoboken New Jersey

Hoboken, N.J. is known for many things. As the birthplace of baseball and Frank Sinatra, it is rich in history, culture and home to an eclectic restaurant scene. Today, this one-square-mile city also is emerging as a thriving technology community.

While California’s famed Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston widely are considered to be epicenters of technology, Hoboken also has steadily been earning respect as a veritable tech hub in its own right. Co-working spaces, meetup events, proximity to Manhattan and other local resources are transforming this Hudson County city into a place where growing startups and savvy entrepreneurs can successfully build companies.

“There are a lot of young, innovative people in Hoboken. The city’s location just across the Hudson River from New York City makes it attractive for tech-savvy individuals who are eager to build new businesses. Entrepreneurs can set up shop in Hoboken and benefit from the city’s affordability and many wonderful assets while remaining accessible to the financial centers of Manhattan,” said Greg Dell’Aquila, co-founder of Mission 50 Workspaces, Hoboken’s premier shared office environment.

Hoboken is also the home of the NJ Tech Meetup, the Garden State’s largest tech community. Founded by Aaron Price in 2010, the group has more than 2,900 members and meets monthly on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology. “Its goal is to create an atmosphere of sharing best practices and learning from both failure and success,” said Price, one of the founders of Mission 50. He is also the founder of weCraft, an online craft supply marketplace where do-it-yourselfers can purchase supplies and find inspiration.

“At the NJ Tech Meetup, we provide networking opportunities, allow members to see what other startups have done and become inspired. When people come to our meetings and see a large community of eager and highly successful people, it gives them the inspiration to keep going. We have proven that you don’t need to be in New York City to find this kind of supportive community. There’s an awful lot going on right here in New Jersey as well.”

The growth of new technologies such as smart phones, tablets and personal wireless hot spots has made it possible for people to conduct work from virtually anywhere. This mobile workforce understands that a New York City, Boston or Silicon Valley address no longer is necessary to achieve tech success, said Price. “There are many ways to conduct business today, especially for tech firms that can work remotely from just about anywhere. It doesn’t require a lot of resources to build a tech startup. Someone can launch a company in Hoboken for less money compared to New York City and still remain connected to clients and employees in other cities or around the world,” added Price.

In a post-recession environment where fledgling startups have become more cost-conscious, shared work spaces provide an affordable, effective solution. Price said the collaborative space of Mission 50 already has successfully helped many local entrepreneurs start their businesses – and could lead to more startups coming to the area. Located in the penthouse of the 80,000-square-foot, multi-tenanted Hoboken Business Center, Mission 50 is centered on a community of like-minded, independent professionals.

Editor’s Comment: This is from a press release sent to me, so as editor I posted it. However I do see evidence of more and more startups emerging from Hoboken utilizing spaces like the Business Center, Mission 50 and groups like NJ Tech Meetup. Let’s hope the trend continues and grows Hoboken’s commercial space. Hoboken, with its unique location and energy should be a place where you not only live but work too. The more jobs created in Hoboken makes Hoboken less of a bedroom community to NYC and more of a vibrant commercial environment besides its already strong hospitality industry. These are just my thoughts. Share yours in the comments below.


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April 15, 2013

Hoboken Startup A Brighter Mile to Help Parents with Childcare Decisions

A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) is an online community that connects local families with educators who babysit, tutor and coach. They are a small business looking to help the Hoboken community by creating jobs and providing local families with the highest-quality childcare available.

Some quick facts about the company are:

  • They currently have 30 educators listed on the website and are growing rapidly.
  • All listed educators live or work in Hoboken.
  • Founded by a special education teacher and a large contingency of our teachers have special education backgrounds.
  • Strong advocate for anti-bullying and children with special needs.
  • Monthly ($30), Half-Year ($120) and Yearly ($200) memberships
  • Listed on Hoboken Mommies and Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group websites.

Below is a business launch press release detailing the company….

A Brighter Mile Hoboken



After a year of behind-the-scenes work, Hoboken resident Allison Bartels unveiled her solution for families seeking reliable childcare services. On Monday, April 1st, A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) went live as Hoboken’s new one-stop-shop connecting local families with educators who offer babysitting, tutoring and coaching services.

Unlike other babysitting sites and agencies, A Brighter Mile childcare providers must be licensed to work within a state school system. Listed childcare providers are local teachers, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists – all professionals who work with children on a daily basis.

To simplify how parents connect with educators, the site allows users to conduct searches based on qualifications such as education level, special education background, and CPR/Epi-Pen certifications, to name a few. All educators have detailed profiles listing areas of expertise and availability to help families find the best and most suitable care for their children.

In addition to its online community, A Brighter Mile will be active within the Hoboken community. On May 5th, A Brighter Mile will have a booth at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. On May 15th, President and Founder, Allison Bartels, will be speaking at the Hoboken Mommies – Mommy Lunch. Over the course of the summer, other events will include CPR classes hosted by FDNY paramedics, child outings to Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars, and parent seminars on Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB).

While A Brighter Mile is currently focused on serving the Hoboken community, it is expanding its reach throughout the New York Metro Area by allowing educators to indicate their willingness to travel nearby. Prior to joining, families from surrounding areas are encouraged to preview listed educators to determine if there is one who meets their needs.

A Brighter Mile offers monthly ($30), half-year ($120) and yearly ($200) memberships. However, now through April 18th, the site is offering a 25% discount on all initial rates to promote their launch.

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January 8, 2013

McDonalds Under Renovation in Hoboken

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McDonalds In Hoboken Renovation 1-8-2012

Hoboken McDonalds at 234 Washington Street is currently closed for renovations but is expected to re-open with a brand new interior. The old interior looked a bit dated so it was perhaps time to undergo a makeover. No idea yet as to when they will re-open but the pace of construction looks aggressive.

Here is hoping Hoboken gets a slightly more upscale version of what was there before. Perhaps a piano bar would be asking for a bit too much but at least another establishment on Washington Street will get a facelift.

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August 31, 2012

Famous Pizza Now Open on 207 Washington Street in Hoboken

Famous Pizza is now open in Hoboken at 207 Washington Street. I was walking by last night and the new establishment was open and doing what appeared to be a steady amount of business. The pizza place is at the former Pomme Frittes which went on the fritz and was fried after trying to expand to hot dogs and fried oreos. It was a good product but perhaps priced too high and likely did not have the requisite foot traffic for that type of item IMHO.

Famous Pizza was originally going to be famous artichoke pizza but had some reported legal issues and changed their name after the NYC firm with the same name went after them over trademark rights. Last night’s offerings were as follows:

  • Artichoke
  • Magarita
  • Grandma Sicilian
  • Chicken
  • Meatball
  • Pepperoni
  • Chicago Chicken and Broccoli

There are now a plethora of pizza places downtown and all around Hoboken. I wish the new place the best of luck in a crowded pizza market. May the best pie and slice win.

Here is a link to the previous post TheBoken.com did on this new place: http://theboken.com/restaurants/whats-in-a-name-famous-artichoke-pizza-is-now-famous-pizza/

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April 24, 2012

New Sprint Store Coming to Hoboken- Another Phone Store Coming to Washington Street

Sprint Store Hoboken

The former Baron’s Drug Store at 416 Washington Street Hoboken is now slated to become a Sprint cell phone store.  Baron’s was consolidated by Walgreens and closed shop in March of last year. This location had sat vacant for months. The sign says opening soon but the concept of soon depends on the pace of construction, permits and inspections.  

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February 1, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle: Go Postal to Open up at 722 Washington Street

Washington Street sure knows how to churn businesses. There have been a god number of changes in recent months and quite frankly that is just business. If the business model or the current rent and expenses does not support sales and profit margins, then it has to re-locate, consider changing the business model, or go out of business. Some are quick to blame City Hall but if a business can’t capitalize on foot traffic then it usually can’t be put all on any given  municipality. High rent seems to be a prevailing issue more than any other although the permitting process could use some improvement based on history.

722 Washington Street was the home of Vicki Jewelers for over 25 years in Hoboken. They opened up a second shop at 1300 Grand Street and then consolidated away from the Washington Street location as of January 31st as the landlord wanted to free this up for a new tenant. Here is wishing Vicki Jewelers luck in their new location at 1300 Grand Street.

The new tenant at the location appears to be Go Postal which is a multi-vendor shipping place for FedEx, DHL, UPS and the USPS. They are located near the 8th and Washington Street post office but I could see using them to pick up packages or ship them out due to the convenience of the location. If any of Hoboken’s post offices should close then they could possibly get a good amount of business. feel free to share in the comments any information you may have on your first experience there once they open up.

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January 20, 2012

Pal Locale – New Website from Hoboken Entrepreneur

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TheBoken.com received this email from Mike Podhorzer, owner and founder of Pal Locale, a community website where people can be rented for services such as tour guide, help with foreign language, etc. The owner thinks it could be beneficial to Hobokenites and given the transient nature of Hoboken, TheBoken.com would concur that a service such as this could have some benefit if the concept takes off. Below is an excerpt from that email:

Pal Locale – new website from Hoboken entrepreneur

Hey, just wanted to say first that as a Hoboken resident, I really enjoy reading the site each day. Anyway, I launched a website called Pal Locale a month and a half ago and thought you would be interested in hearing about a fellow resident launching an online business. Pal Locale is an online community of Pals available for rent by the hour. Members can rent a Pal for anything they desire, whether it is to join them for dinner during a solo business trip, show them around the new town they just moved to or teach them a new language or skill. Pals are compensated for their time at the hourly rates posted in their profiles. Members can choose to either rent a Pal, be a Pal available for rent or both.

I think this site is particularly beneficial to Hobokenites, as people are always moving into the city, especially with the millions of new condo units being developed seemingly by the day. The site provides a simple venue to find someone to act as a tour guide, show them some of the nightlife, take them out to delicious sushi at Robongi, etc. I’m sure a lot of people move here knowing nobody and it is hard to meet people or go out on your own.


Mike Podhorzer
Founder and CEO

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November 7, 2011

Hoboken’s MSquared Special Promotion in Honor of Veterans Day

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TheBoken featured a new business called M2 Sweet and Chic Treats in early September and now owner Marisa has sent us a note about a special promotion in honor of Veterans Day.

In honor of Veterans Day, this Friday, November 11th M-Squared is donating 100% of sales this week from our “Ultimate” Chocolate Chip Cookie to The Wounded Warrior Project. Place your orders soon, and honor those who served.

Readers can place orders by phone, 646-733-7495 or by email: marisa@msquarednyc.com  and check out their website www.msquarednyc.com

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September 2, 2011

New Hoboken Online Business M2 Sweet and Chic Treats!

There is a new online Hoboken business in town called “M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”. The owner Marisa sent TheBoken this information to give her new venture a bit of a plug. If the photos are any indication of the taste I think many customers are in for a real sweet and chic treat. If the cupcakes and cakes are is good as they look Marissa just might have to rename her business to M12 as is Mmmmmmmmmmmm good. Yes, that is twelve m’s! Possible taste test next week. Here is Marisa’s intro to her new online business which in part is a byproduct of the recession the US is still trying to recover from….

“When the economy goes south and hemlines follow, what’s a girl to do?!  Well, if you’re a Fashionista with 18yrs in the biz, and MAD baking skills… you “Edit” that five-year plan, tighten your Jimmy Choos and take that leap off the runway!

Encouraged by friends, I decided to re-design my future, and went from Fashionista to Recessionista, from holiday baker to baker extraordinaire!

My label M2 sweet & chic treats combines my passion for baking and fashion with an added chic twist! We are a Hoboken business but do all of our order through our website www.msquarednyc.com so there are no lines, and even though we are web-based, I am always happy to speak with you in person!

We are known for our amzing assortment of cookies, and cupcakes, but at M2 sweet and chic treats (we can’t tell you what the M2 stands for – it’s a company secret) we do sew-sew much more! Tarts, both savory and sweet, as well as Bon-bons (seasonal) and if you don’t see something on our “Run of Show” just let us know! We can design something you like.  We also launch a new line each season – just like the Designers…whether it is “Ditzy Florals” in the Spring or “Mad-Plaids” in the Fall… we believe that food trends are just like fashion trends – they are always changing!
In fashion, we shop the world for the best fabrics, and trims…it’s the same at M2 we are dedicated to quality, assuring that our assortment is “Couture” so we bake to order using only the finest ingredients from around the world. We want our customers to feel as special eating our product as they do when they buy a great new pair of shoes, a LBD, or a hand tailored suit!

- Marisa
Fashionista and Baker
M2 Sweet and Chic Treats”
Website: www.msquarednyc.com

Below are some more samples of baked goods and deserts that are for sale:

Happy Birthday Cakes

Cupcakes (includes Superhero Superman) Could a Batman Cupcake be next?

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