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November 19, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle- Ash Fine Cigars Comes to Lower Washington Street in Hoboken and More Construction

Here are a few updates on businesses on Washington Street in Hoboken observed November 19th, 2012…

Ash Cigars in Hoboken Open

Ash Fine Cigars is now open in Hoboken serving the sophisticated Hoboken smoker with all of their smoking needs. They are located at 203 Washington Street and the store is very nicely laid out.

Whiskey bar renovation - whole building in Hoboken

The Whiskey Bar is currently closed and under extensive renovations. The renovations are extensive and involve taking out the whole back of the building and redoing every floor over at 125 Washington Street.

Former Blockbuster Store Site Hoboken

Finally, work has begun at 420 Washington Street after the Spirit Halloween popup store packed up after their seasonal sales. The store is now being gutted perhaps for a new tenant which was at one time rumored to be Anthropologie.

Those are the updates for now. If you have any more tips and would like to share please send email to TheBoken@gmail.com.

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