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April 3, 2013

Anthropologie in Hoboken Unveils Storefront Exterior–Closer to Grand Opening

Anthropologie 4-4-2013 in Hoboken HDR Exterior smaller

Anthropologie located at 412 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ is even closer to opening than ever. They revealed their exterior yesterday and the façade is quite tastefully done. This anchor store is likely to change the retail landscape of Hoboken for quite some time.  This is one of the most anticipated store openings in recent Hoboken memory.  They are likely to have a Grand Opening or soft opening in April based on the progress I am seeing.


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January 9, 2013

Photo of the Day–Anthropologie Construction at 420 Washington Street Hoboken

Anthropologie Construction - 420 Wahington Street Hoboken

Today’s Photo of the Day is of the Anthropologie construction at 420 Washington Street Hoboken. Perhaps no other retailer will have as much on the shopping landscape in Hoboken than the opening of this mega store. It remains to be seen what the impact this store will have on other boutiques in Hoboken but one thing is for sure they have buying power and if they want a vendor exclusively within a zip code, the general rule is they will get their way due to high volume. Will this be the first of many other chains to come to Hoboken? We will have to wait and see but a limiting factor would be the dearth of very large retail spaces in Hoboken.

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November 19, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle- Ash Fine Cigars Comes to Lower Washington Street in Hoboken and More Construction

Here are a few updates on businesses on Washington Street in Hoboken observed November 19th, 2012…

Ash Cigars in Hoboken Open

Ash Fine Cigars is now open in Hoboken serving the sophisticated Hoboken smoker with all of their smoking needs. They are located at 203 Washington Street and the store is very nicely laid out.

Whiskey bar renovation - whole building in Hoboken

The Whiskey Bar is currently closed and under extensive renovations. The renovations are extensive and involve taking out the whole back of the building and redoing every floor over at 125 Washington Street.

Former Blockbuster Store Site Hoboken

Finally, work has begun at 420 Washington Street after the Spirit Halloween popup store packed up after their seasonal sales. The store is now being gutted perhaps for a new tenant which was at one time rumored to be Anthropologie.

Those are the updates for now. If you have any more tips and would like to share please send email to TheBoken@gmail.com.

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January 31, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle – Planet Fitness Construction and More Closings/Openings

Here is a rundown of just some of the recent happenings on Hoboken’s busiest retail street, Washington Street. Feel free to add any other developments in the comments section below…

Tribal Home Finally Closes Rug Store

Tribal Home finally closed its bricks and mortars store down at their temporary location at 706 Washington Street on January 29th, the site of the former Wishing Tree store. They will still run their rug cleaning business but the retail portion of their business will remain online at www.tribalhome.com.

Jesse James Closes Hoboken Store

As reported earlier this week in local media, a fashion icon of a store Jesse James is closing shop to focus on their online business and NYC location. This location in  Hoboken was here since 2006 and women that I know shopped there would swear by their blue jeans not necessarily for price but for cut and fit. TheBoken.com wonders if the closing was due to a pre-emptive part on the ownership since Anthropologie has been said to be coming to Hoboken at the 420 Washington Street location. I wonder how many other women’s clothing retailers will feel the pinch as well when Anthropologie finally opens shop.

Anthropologie Should Open in Hoboken in 2012

TheBoken.com was the first to break this story on August 29th, 2011 much to the chagrin of another numerically challenged local website. The link to the article is here: http://theboken.com/hoboken/washington-street-shuffle-big-retail-store-arrivals-anthropologie-and-office-depot-coming-soon/

The 420 Washington Street storefront facade has been cleaned up and a Halloween popup store named Spirit Halloween came and went. As of today there are no construction permits in the window but it is still anticipated that Anthropologie will still occupy this location sometime in 2012.  Many in Hoboken wanted an Apple Store and Apple did purportedly take a look at the location but did not commit to this location.

Planet Fitness Construction Continues

Planet Fitness had some delays in opening this year and they have pushed back the date for their opening at February 7th according to their most recent customer service letter. As a courtesy people who signed up won’t be billed until March for using the gym as a sign of good faith by the owners of Planet Fitness. This is the site of the former Empire Fitness so people could be understandably weary of any delays but this delay in charging people seems to have created a bit of good will on behalf of future gym members that this company is on the up and up. Bel0w are some photos of the interior in progress…

Hoboken Robin Perches a Bit Higher at 728 Washington Street

Last but not least  Hoboken consignment store Midtown Authentic is doing a Jefferson’s and moving on up to the second floor in the same building the store is currently at. It will not be a deluxe apartment in the sky but will offer more floor space then the basement location. The store is owned by Hoboken’s own Robin and it is felt that this bird derived superhero needed a higher perch than being a cellar dweller. Just saying. Below is Hoboken Robin on the right with one of his future customers, Grandma Wolf. Rumor has it she likes vintage purses.

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August 29, 2011

Washington Street Shuffle- Big Retail Store Arrivals Anthropologie and Office Depot Coming Soon


Here is a rundown on some of the changes coming soon to the Washington Street retail situation in Hoboken. TheBoken has some definitive answers on some big box locations that have been vacant in Hoboken for a while:

Anthropologie1) 412 Washington Street: The former Blockbuster Video location is eventually getting Anthropologie, clothing and furniture store after a Halloween pop-up store takes the landlord through October and November. Anthopologie’s website is:  http://www.anthropologie.com. This female-centric offering in terms of retail taste might fit the Hoboken shopping demographic well. Time will tell.

Office Depot

2) 59 Washington Street: The former Barnes and Noble location is slated to get an Office Depot store. The lease has been signed but no expected date of completion for construction quite yet. Finally, a place to get office supplies in Hoboken with a large selection! Office Depot’s website is: http://www.officedepot.com.


Planet Fitness3) 605 Washington Street: The former Empire Fitness gym will now be Planet Fitness. For those that remember, Empire Fitness closed suddenly and stiffed a lot of people out of their membership fees. This is a completely new management group has nothing to do with the prior owners. It will be good to have a gym in midtown again as the current location has lied dormant for three years plus. Planet Fitness’ website is http://www.planetfitness.com. The information presented here is based on a business person in town that is aware of leases that have been confirmed or are in the process of being negotiated.

Note: If you have any more hot tips on changes to the retail landscape in Hoboken, please send an email to theboken@gmail.com and we will look into it.

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