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October 18, 2012

Amazon Locker at Hoboken’s 7-Eleven Convenience Store on Washington Street!

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Amazon has partnered with the Hoboken 7-Eleven on 422 Washington Street to install an Amazon Locker at this location. The idea is instead of using Fedex or UPS directly and getting those notices that they attempted delivery when you were not home, you can just go to the Amazon Locker and pick up your packages with less hassle. For those who live in walk-up buildings that could be advantageous, especially in Midtown Hoboken . Now that’s convenience for you online shoppers! Especially if you like a “Slurpie”!

Yet another feature added for Hoboken’s 7-Eleven store.

7-Eleven Hoboken New Jersey

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March 28, 2011

Hoboken Daily News Continues Soda Price War: Battle of the Bodegas

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Hoboken Daily News is continuing their soda price war presumably against the 7-Eleven on the opposite side of 5th at 5th and Washington. They are offering $0.99 for a 16 oz. soda and $1.25 for a 20 oz. soda. They are even throwing Gatorade into the mix. Can the little guy survive the 7-Eleven juggernaut? Stay tuned. High rent could be a key factor in declaring the winner.    

Hoboken Daily News 3-25-2011

Hoboken Daily News Cheap 20 oz soda Hoboken Daily News Cheap 16 oz soda

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March 18, 2011

Battle of the Bodegas: 5th and Washington St.

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When 7-Eleven first opened up in the former Boston Market Spot on 5th and Washington in Hoboken about a year ago many thought that spelled doom for the Hoboken Daily News Bodega. After a year that place is still in business and has met the price challenge imposed by 7-Eleven by lowering its prices on key things such as coffee at $0.79 per cup, cigarettes and milk. The owner insists he is sticking around and since it is a family business he and his brother do not have the overhead of his competitor 7-Eleven.


Also near the 7-Eleven is the Delite Market which for a little grocery store perhaps has the best selection in town. They have good fresh fruit, vegetables and a little bit of everything including wine and beer and for a bodega their prices are reasonable as well.


The 7-Eleven has a very comprehensive selection of soft drinks including the famous Slurpee as well as food such as hot dogs and also sandwiches, burritos and even salads. With a rent purported to be in the neighborhood of$12,000 that is a lot of hot dogs and soda to make up for every month. It seems to me that perhaps that this location is not getting the foot traffic that they were expecting so perhaps this could be the first store to give in with respect to “5th and Washington St. Bodega Wars”. Time will tell but we could have a case where David (in the form of Delite Market and Hoboken Daily News) actually beat Goliath in 7-Eleven. Keep in mind, TheBoken would love to see every business in Hoboken succeed but the question remains whether or not  there is enough business to go around to keep all three in operation. Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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