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Re-Construction of Sinatra Park Underway- Excavation Underway


Excavation at Hoboken Sinatra Park

A friend of TheBoken.com’s asked about the construction at Sinatra Park. I figured it was best to go out and get some exercise and see for myself and share a few photos with readers. It is the dead of winter and it does not surprise me that my friend and others might not be aware of the progress being made down by the Hudson River. It appears the a massive excavation effort is underway as evidenced in the photo above. The photo below shows the lumber that was used to support the field. The problem with the previous design (as I understand it in layman’s terms)  was that there was no seawall built and thus over time the lumber became weak and the field was declared structurally unsound after a partial collapse. A large crane has been brought in to assist with the excavation. Here is hoping the new plan will be more structurally sturdy and last many decades before needing a major over hall.

Hopefully this answers my friend’s question a bit.

Excavation at Hoboken Sintra Park

Construction Crane at Hoboken Sinatra Park

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