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Judge Orders Hoboken City Council Members to re-vote this Wednesday on Council Vacancy

The latest update on the vacancy of former Carol Marsh’s Council seat being filled after her resignation earlier this fall. It would appear that certain city Council members have been tying up the court system to block the legitimate selection of James Doyle to Hoboken City Council on an interim basis until the next elections in November of 2013. Now Beth Mason and the rest of the City Council Minority have so been ordered to vote. Will they show up and do so? The Kabuki Theater of Hoboken City Council politics continues….

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Last Friday, December 14, 2012, Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso ordered all Hoboken City Council Members to re-vote this Wednesday on the proposed appointment of Jim Doyle to fill the vacancy created by the October resignation of Carol Marsh.

The City Council voted on Mr. Doyle’s appointment twice in October, but Judge Bariso ruled in an earlier hearing that there were insufficient votes at those meetings to make the appointment. Councilwoman Beth Mason and Councilman Michael Russo each were absent from one of the October meetings at which Mr. Doyle’s appointment was considered. Judge Bariso’s ruling will ensure that all City Council members participate in Wednesday’s vote.

Another hearing will be held on January 2nd to determine whether or not Wednesday’s vote is sufficient for Mr. Doyle to be appointed to serve the remaining balance of Ms. Marsh’s term, which expires December 31st, 2013.

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