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Hoboken’s Artie Lange Appears on Showtime’s Californication as Guest Actor

Hoboken's Artie Lange on Showtimes Californication Season 6 Episode 3

Hoboken’s very own Artie Lange recently made an appearance on the Showtime Cable Series “Californication”. This show which premiered in 2007 is about a hedonistic writer Hank Moody, an LA based novelist plagued by personal demons.  Hank continually deals with the consequences of his inability to say “no” to drugs, sex, and alcohol while trying to show his family that he can be a good, responsible, caring father to daughter and a monogamous partner to his long time flame. For those not faint of heart in terms of over the top sexual humor, the show can be quite funny and is always risque.

Artie appears in Season 6 episode 3 in a scene at a rehab center which focuses on drug and alcohol addiction and Arte’s character adds his addiction to the mix food. His role in the scene is quite funny as he chokes on his food during his dialogue. One wonders how close truth is to fiction in this case given Artie’s publicly known battles with alcohol and food addiction. Is this merely acting or reality TV? We wish Artie all the bets as he struggles with these issues.

A short video clip with Artie Lange is shown below (pardon the commercial):

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