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City and Stevens Volunteers to Beautify Washington Street Tree Pits September 29th

TheBoken.com would like to extend a thank you to the fine Stevens Institute Students in advance for their volunteerism on this upcoming project to beautify Hoboken’s tree pits….



On Saturday, September 29th, volunteers from the Stevens Beta Theta Pi fraternity will assist the City of Hoboken and the Shade Tree Commission to add mulch to all 170 tree pits along Washington Street from Observer Highway to 15th Street. Volunteers will also assist in a public education campaign on how to properly maintain the tree pits.

Volunteers will be cleaning up tree pits, aerating the soil to allow moisture and nutrients to reach the tree root structure, and laying down mulch to protect and feed the trees. They will also hand out flyers and have discussions with Washington Street businesses and residents to share the following tips from the Shade Tree Commission on how to keep trees healthy:

  1. Keep tree pits clean. Keep tree pits free from debris and garbage. Garbage should be put to the curb and not in the tree pit each night. Garbage bags can compact the soil around trees, which blocks oxygen and water from getting to the roots. Leaked chemicals from disposed cleaning supplies, bleaches, oils, etc. can kill trees.
  2. Keep dogs away from trees. Dogs should be curbed to the street. Compaction and waste from walking your dog in tree pits can kill trees. To prevent these issues, consider installing pit guards, plantings and/or mulch. Pet owners tend to respect well cared for tree pits.
  3. Do not chain bikes to trees. Bikes and their riders cause significant compaction around trees and bike chains can damage the tree trunk. If bike parking is desired, consider installing a bike rack tree guard, which limits compaction and protects the tree trunk.
  4. De-ice sidewalk with salt alternative. Rock salt (sodium chloride) can kill tree roots and corrode sidewalks. Suggested alternatives include calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Avoid shoveling snow into tree pits and remove snow build-up from snow plows.

“I thank the Shade Tree Commission and the Stevens volunteers for their work to beautify Washington Street,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Their efforts will improve the quality of life of our community and contribute to the economic development of our main commercial hub.”

In addition, the Shade Tree Commission is moving forward with a pilot Washington Street Beautification project on Washington Street between 1st Street and 2nd Street. The project will include the planting of 8 new trees in open pits and in place of dead/hazardous trees, expanding tree pits to 10 feet wide to provide more adequate growing space and offer space for supplemental plantings, installing 3-sided decorative steel tree pit guards to protect trees and plantings, and working with local businesses to “sponsor” one or more tree pits by agreeing to water and maintain their tree pit. The project is scheduled for November 2012.

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  1. Stevens students are required to volunteer and perform volunteer work, it's a requirement per semester. If we don't do it, we don't graduate or advance. Personally, not many of us do it because we want to, we do it because we have to.

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    Comment by StevensFYI — September 27, 2012 @ 3:07 PM

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