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ChrisHalleron.com Blog Recently Resurrected by Christopher Halleron of Hoboken

Hoboken writer and bar man Chris Halleron has brought upon Hoboken the resurrection of http://chrishalleron.com. He states: “It’s nice to get my voice back.”

Chris, famous for his rants over the years has been a guest writer on h-Mag for several years and the Hoboken Reporter previously but had to modify his style a bit for the mostly positive rah rah nature of the magazine’s content (h-Mag). This is not in anyway to be construed as a rift between the popular magazine and Chris but rather a writer just getting his original voice back where he can express himself to the fullest. Chris also rants about closing songs for bars and the sheer idiocy of American’s celebrating Cinco De Mayo in his posts so far. Below is an excerpt from an  article on his new blog….

“Dear Dumbass Who Waited Until He Was in the Turnstile to Look for His MetroCard, Causing Me to Miss My Train by Half a Second:

If you represent the sperm cell that actually made it to the egg, I shudder to think what the rest of them would have produced.

Are you kidding me? Who waits until they’re actually IN the turnstile to start looking for their MetroCard? You need to have that $#!+ at the ready, son…

I left my office, perfectly timed my walk to the station, negotiated the traffic lights, dodged the panhandlers and got there with the well-orchestrated precision of a production line—then BAM!!! You’re there, IN THE TURNSTILE, mucking up the works.

As I go—card in hand, mind you—to pass that final obstacle, I run smack into clumsy, fumbling, mouth-breathing YOU; more or less fondling yourself right there in the turnstile as you search in vain for your MetroCard. Of course I can’t go around you at that point, because the woman behind me—also with card in hand—is just as perplexed by your complete lack of foresight and/or common decency, causing her to stand motionless with disbelief at your ineptitude and sandwich me between a rock and a dumbass. By the time she snaps out of it, the damage is already done.

……………………………………………………………….. “

Click below to read the rest and find out how this escape concludes….

Link to full post:


Editor’s Comment:  Here is welcoming Chris Halleron and his original voice back to the blogosphere in Hoboken.

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  1. This is boring article. Should have let this guy stay away.

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    Comment by Bill — May 7, 2012 @ 12:40 PM

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