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July 2, 2012

Update: Pier 13 Beer Garden to Open in Hoboken July 4th! Cover Charge Price Set

Update July 2,2012:
Please note that the cover for the 4th of July event will be $10 from 12pm-3pm and after 3pm it’s $20 at Pier 13. This new venue will be open regularly after the 4th of July so this is not a one time event. Some people had inquired to TheBoken.com. The festivities start at 12pm. The fireworks will be around or after 9pm or so.

Original Post June 16th, 2012:

Pier 13 Beer Garden to Open in Hoboken July 4th

Pier 13, a new  Beer Garden on an uptown Pier in Hoboken is having their grand opening July 4th, just in time for the Macy’s Fireworks display. This new venture is headed up by Darren Conway and Rebecca Tarantino from the Chandelier Room.  The location is 1301 Sinatra Drive and it is the Pier that is just South of the New York Waterways Ferry on 14th Street.

They will have the following offerings as part of outdoor bar experience…

  • Great views of NYC (of course).
  • Rotating Food Trucks such as Luke’s Lobster, The Taco Truck, Shorty’s, Eat at Crisp, Max’s Hot Dogs and Amanda’s Bananas with possibly even more on the way. They will be on a rotational basis.
  • An American Craft beer selection run this year from a beer truck.
  • Mixed drinks and bottled beers.
  • Frozen drinks including margaritas, coladas, daiquiris, and frozen lemonade.
  • A kids section in the front for the stroller crowd and over 21 area where alcohol will be served. The owners are trying to encourage an atmosphere where all are welcome but the adults can still play as well.
  • Location next to the ferry could mean that is becomes a happy hour destination

The Grand opening for Pier 13 will start at 12pm and feature guest DJs Dalton, Chachi and Raphael Valentino.  This will be an ideal place to watch the fireworks as the show is on the Hudson again this year.

Pier 13 Logo

Editor’s Note: The logo for this new Beer Garden is P13R and is more a play on words than an homage to sci-fi and Star Wars fans of R2D2. Geeks will be certainly welcome due to their disposable incomes but it should be noted that the name of the establishment is Pier 13 and not P-1-3-R. But what is in a name anyway? Branding is important but good food and drink and service even more so. Here is wishing Darren and Rebecca luck in their new venture. When I met with them they seemed very excited about the possibilities. In addition the few people I talked after finding out about this were also enthused, especially about the craft beers and the over 21 years of age section. Nothing like TheBoken.com being a mini-focus group. Ha ha.

Below is a view from Pier 13 of the New York City skyline including the Empire State Building. Imagine kicking back with a few American craft beers with your buddies and this view. You will be able to imagine soon enough.

Empire State Building from Pier 13 in Hoboken

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October 18, 2011

Trinity – A Jets Win and Fun Night Out – The Drunken Polar Bear

This week, The Drunken Polar Bear reviews Trinity in Hoboken….

Trinity – Hoboken
Address: Sinatra Drive and 3rd Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: http://www.hobokentrinity.com

Trinity Bar and Grill

For the Jets/Dolphins game Monday night I broke with my tradition of going to the Shannon for all Jets games.  Part of it was a sliver of hope that by going to a different bar the Jets would break their ugly 3-game losing streak.  The other part was Sprinkles (my girlfriend) was going out with a few of her girlfriends to watch the game so I figured why not change up my routine.  I threw on my lucky Jets clothes and off to Trinity we went.

In my 5+ years in Hoboken, I had never made it to Trinity.  Mostly, I avoided the bars along the waterfront/Sinatra drive area.  They are often expensive, nicer bars that lend themselves more to the lounge scene than the bar environment I like.  There is nothing wrong with that, but just may not be the scene for me.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at Trinity as they shot down many incorrect assumptions on my part.


Trinity is broken up into 3 areas – the restaurant, a couch area, the bar.  Since the only TVs were in the bar my group of 8 grabbed a few tables in the bar area.  Despite bearing a traditional Irish name, Trinity isn’t like an Irish pub, but that’s not a bad thing.  The L-shaped bar design incorporates a lot of nice woodwork, some Irish decoration and a personal favorite – well-lit chalkboards with specials and beer selection.  It had a quaint feel that perfectly straddled the line between Irish pub and swanky bar.


As a former bartender, service is always one of my top categories for a bar.  A bar can have great specials, design and crowd, but if the service is awful it’s going to be a bad night.  The service at Trinity was awesome and top tier amongst all the bars I have reviewed.  When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who was more than happy to help us rearrange our tables for optimal Jets viewing and had the bartender turn on game sound.  Our waitress was also great as she kept the beer and wings flowing even allowing me to recite the specials to our group every time a new member had arrived.  I only went to the bar once to get a Jet Fuel shot (more on that below) when Revis returned a 100 yard pick-6. The bartender mixed the shot, but before letting me take it made sure it tasted right.  It was a lot of little things here or there, but the staff did an excellent job and made it a fun environment.

Food & Drink

Trinity has the standard draught beer on 2 taps – Guinness, Blue Moon, Smithwicks, Plam, Stalla, Coors, Yuengling, and Sam Seasonal.  They also have 20+ bottles you can choose from listed on a big chalkboard behind the bar.  For Monday night football you can get $3 Coors Light/Yuengling, $4 mixed well drinks and $6 Sangria.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can get a Jet Fuel shot (Vanilla Stoli, Melon Liqueur, 151) which is kinda tasty.

I didn’t order a full dinner instead choosing to pick on the $5 dollar bar food specials they have on Mondays – wings, chicken fingers and personal pizzas.  Wings were the standard, but good and the chicken fingers had a very good honey mustard sauce.


At halftime I got to talk to the hostess and find out some of their other daily specials:

  • Trivia Tuesdays – live trivia, prizes and drink specials
  • Wine Wednesdays – discounted wine bottles and the much talked about cheese boards
  • Beer Pong Thursday – $15 pitchers and beer pong in the bar


The Jets won so I was a happy camper, but my night at Trinity was pretty good.  The Monday night food/drink specials were good, the service excellent and the bar had a real nice feel for it.  It was only a Monday night so I am interested to see how the bar is on the weekends, but it is definitely a place to try dinner, grab drinks with friends or even take a date.

I will be out again this weekend in Hoboken – any bar review suggestions?  Post it in the comments and it will be my next adventure.

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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July 21, 2010

Ride With The Boken on Sinatra Drive in Hoboken

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Pier C 023

A brief video of a ride down Sinatra Drive in Hoboken, NJ.  What a perfect place for a walk or jog in the early evening after work.

The view of New York City are amazing during this afternoon video.  Visit back soon to check out an evening video of the New York City Skyline.

Hoboken Sinatra

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July 5, 2010

Hoboken Known for Their Brunch

What a perfect day for Monday brunch.  Fireworks and cocktails last night, now it’s time for breakfast.  Check out the list below of places around Hoboken where you can enjoy a great meal  and some bloody mary’s.
Contact restaurants for hours of service:

Anthony Davids-  À la carte menu (BYOB)

Madisons- $25 Buffet per person

City Bistro- $19.99 Brunch Special includes unlimited mimosa’s and bloodies

Amanda’s- À la carte menu

Turning Point- A la carte menu (no alcohol)

Elysian Cafe- À la carte menu ($4.00 mimosa’s)

Maxwell’s- A la carte menu

10th and Willow- A la carte menu

EAST LA- A la carte menu (great waffles)

Gaslight- $14.95 includes two drinks

Brassrail- $15.00 brunch special (pay $10 bucks and get unlimited drinks)

Four L’s- A la carte menu

O’Nieal’s- A la carte menu

NINE- $29.95 includes food and umlimited drinks

TEAK- Brunch buffet

Buskers- A la cart menu (complimentary drinks)

La Isla- Cuban style breakfast (BYOB)

ZYLO- Brunch Buffet with a great view

Zacks- A la carte menu

The Little Grocery- A la carte menu (BYOB)

Did we leave your favorite place off the list? E-mail us at feedback@theboken.com




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July 4, 2010

ZERO TOLERANCE on July 4th in Hoboken

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Prepared by The City of Hoboken.
On Sunday, July 4th, Hoboken will be a prime location for viewing the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Celebration on the Hudson River. We are expecting thousands of friends, family and neighbors from surrounding communities to visit our City to celebrate and view the fireworks.

It is also a day where participants must exercise good judgment to ensure an orderly and safe event.

All available police officers, firefighters, the Office of Emergency Management, and other municipal officials will be enforcing all codes and regulations regarding public behavior with a zero tolerance level.

This includes an absolute restriction on parties or gatherings on rooftops for viewing of the fireworks celebration unless said property has been properly zoned and approved for rooftop access. Gathering on fire escapes is strictly prohibited. The use of balconies, porches, or any other structures for viewing will be strictly enforced within the confines of the codes for such structures. It is imperative that no overcrowding occur in any of these locations. All codes for the use of rooftops and other aforementioned structures will be strictly enforced with a zero tolerance policy.

Don't be like this guy getting a fine at the St. Patty's Day Parade. Taken by The Boken Online, LLC

No alcohol will be permitted on any walkways or parks along the waterfront. Visitors will need to pass through checkpoints to access the waterfront. Coolers with non-alcoholic refreshments will be permitted access.

The safety and well-being of all participants is the highest priority. Your assistance in ensuring that this celebration will remain safe for all those participating is greatly appreciated.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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