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July 5, 2013

Video – New York City Fireworks Display from Hoboken New Jersey 7-4-2013

NYC Fireworks from Hoboken 7-4-2013

Below is video highlights from last night’s 4th of July Fireworks festivities in New York City sponsored by Macy’s and shot from Hoboken’s Pier 14. The view was perfect and although Hoboken was crowced the evening seemed to go on without major incident. More photos to come as they get processed.

Video New York City Fireworks 7/4/2013 Macy’s shot from Hoboken NJ:

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April 18, 2013

Funny Kmart Viral Video – “I shipped my pants”

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I shipped my pants KMart Ad

Kmart may suck according the character known as Raymond Babbit in the movie “Rain Man” played by Dustin Hoffman, but this edgy Kmart ad has gone viral with its play on the phrase “I shipped my pants”. Personally I found it funny but humor can be subjective and this ad is risque. What do you think of this ad? Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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March 29, 2013

Friday Video Fun – Lulu the Barking/Croaking Dog/Frog

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Lou Lou the Barking Croaking Dog Frog Hoboken March 2103

Animals doing cute things always seems to make for a good laugh, especially on Friday’s. Here is Lou Lou with a unique bark outside of Empire Coffee earlier this week. Luluis doing her best to either impersonate a frog or trying to say the name Abbott. You be the judge….

Here are some permutations as to what the dog might be saying:

  • Nuns wear a ____________
  • __________ and Costello
  • Its a hard ___________ to break

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February 26, 2013

Video Short–Water Being Pumped into Hudson River Uptown Hoboken

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Hoboken Uptown Water being pumped into Hudson

This video was taken over this weekend uptown Hoboken along the waterfont. North of the Hudson Tea building and along the walkway heading into Weehawken, there is a massive amount of water being pumped into the Hudson River. Presumably this is being treated first by the North Hudson Sewer Authority. Below is the video short….

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December 26, 2012

JibJab The Year of 2012 in Review

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Every year JibJab does a year in review with a short jingle on America’s key events that at least deserve a parody such as Facebook’s IPO, Snooki’s motherhood, etc. The world did not come to an end despite interpretations of the Mayan calendar to the contrary which enables you to see and hopefully enjoy this video post 12-21-2012.

Jiab Jab End is Near 2012 in Review Screen Cap

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November 16, 2012

Port Authority Video Released Showing Hoboken PATH Station Flooding During Hurricane Sandy

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The Port Authority today released CCTV footage of the flooding at Hoboken and Exchange Place (Hoboken footage begins half way through video).

Earlier in the week, this is how engineers and transit experts described the challenge of restoring service to Hoboken, WTC & Exchange Place (http://www.panynj.gov/press-room/press-item.cfm?headline_id=1703):

“Safely resuming service for our customers is our number one goal,” said Mike Marino, the superintendent of way and structures for the Port Authority’s PATH rail system. “I have never seen this kind of devastation in my 35 year career. Workers have had to pump tens of millions of gallons of water from the PATH tubes. They are working around the clock to restore switches and signals to allow for safe operation of service to the Hoboken, Exchange Place and World Trade Center stations.”

“AECOM has been serving the region’s infrastructure for nearly 100 years and we’ve never seen the kind of flooding and damage like that caused to the PATH system as a result of Hurricane Sandy,” said AECOM’s Vice President for Transit Bob Totillo. “Even the most dramatic photos can’t capture the scale of it. It’s been a superhuman effort to get restoration from Newark to Manhattan and the huge lift to restore service at the Hoboken and WTC station is well underway.”

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November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Video by Michael Sober – Excellent Edit and Production

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This video on YouTube was created by Michael Sober on the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the City of Hoboken. It is very well produced and edited….

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November 4, 2012

Photo and Video – Chris Christie Takes off from Pier A Park in Hoboken Via Helicopter

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Christie Helicopter Pier A Park Hoboken 3

Chris Christie was in Hoboken today as part of his tour of New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. He started with a visit to the Hoboken Elk’s Lodge and then made his way to Office Depot to give a press conference with Mayor Zimmer. He then took off via helicopter on Hoboken’s Pier A. Below is video and photos of the Governor’s departure

Governor Chris Christie takes off from Pier A Hoboken via helicopter 11-4-2012:

Christie Helicopter Pier A Park Hoboken 1

Christie Helicopter Pier A Park Hoboken 4

Christie Helicopter Pier A Park Hoboken 2

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October 29, 2012

Video– Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken This Morning

Sinatra Park Hurricance Sandy 10-29-2012 9-30am 2

Below is a short video of the high water and flooding along Hoboken’s Waterfront from Sinatra Park down to the Lackawanna Terminal. This video was shto between 9-10am this morning. The next high tide will be after 8pm tonight….

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October 28, 2012

Video–Mayor Zimmer Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy

Mayor Dawn Zimmer on Hurricane Sandy

Mayor Dawn Zimmer of Hoboken Gave a press conference today at 4pm on Hurricane Sandy which is due to make landfall tomorrow in Hoboken. The video is below and you will likely have to turn up your computer volume as the sound quality is low. The Mayor talked about mandatory evacuations of basement apartments by 12 midnight tonight, important numbers to call and the setup of of a shelter at the Wallace School tonight.

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