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March 26, 2013

Las Olas Hoboken – Fresh Sushi But Try The Asian Wings

Las Olas Hoboken Exterior

Hoboken does have a good number of fine sushi establishments such as Robongi, Ayame, Sushi Lounge, Illuzion just to name a few but you can also add Las Olas Sushi Bar and Grill to that list as well. They are located at 1319 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. I paid them a visit last week for lunch and had their lunch roll combo which was fresh and well prepared but the Asian wings really stood out as a fine appetizer dish. They had just the right amount of heat and crispness and in my humble opinion put traditional wings to shame. It is always good to try new renditions of familiar things and the Asian wings at Las Olas come highly recommended. Just writing about them now has me literally salivating. I must work harder at curbing my Pavlovian responses. Overall, Las Olas has a fair priced menu and with an attentive staff produce a fine product at the right price.

Their website is www.lasolassushi.com and their phone number is 201-222-9991

Las Olas Hoboken, NJ Asian Wings

Las Olas Asian wings- yum!

Las Olas Bar area in front

Las Olas bar area in front


Las Olas dining area in back

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March 24, 2013

DJ Kurt Hudson Tavern Party Recap – TheBoken.com Spins Tunes Till Closing Time

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DJay Screen Shot DJ Kurt

One of the best apps for iPad by far and away in my humble opinion is DJay by Algoriddim. The link for the app is at http://www.algoriddim.com/djay and this app gives you pretty much a full functioning portable DJ studio, all just on your iPad. The app allows you to automix, scratch, adjust tempo without bending pitch, access your iTunes Library, loop and provide a variety of effects like the pros. The interface is slick and and very easy to learn and I have had a lot of fun with it during my DJ Kurt nights every Wednesday at the Elysian Cafe Fall through Spring. I usually start there at 9:30pm or when the dinner crowd winds down. You can spin tunes and playlists just using the standard iTunes app but this just adds a lot more possibilities.  I had started out doing my guest DJ duties with the old school iPod wheel but this app can make an amateur keep a lively mix and dance party going.

Last night I was guest DJ at the Hudson Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. Normally Ruben who bartends there weekends runs the music show but he was off duty last night and the other Saturday bartender Kerry asked me to fill in as a guest DJ. I would like to thank Kerry for the invite and all my friends and acquaintances who seemed to enjoy the night. I play a wide variety of music from different eras but on a Saturday night you generally have to stick with party rock and upbeat danceable songs. Still, I was able to sneak in some Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Ray Charles to give the night a bit of old school variety. Professional DJ’s need not worry about me taking over the Hoboken Club scene, I just occasionally do it for fun as being editor of TheBoken.com is enough of an extracurricular activity. I did not promote this event but next time I get the call as guest I will let readers know.

But just in case someone else needs a guest DJ I have a new logo in mind:)……

DJ Kurt with phrase


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June 14, 2012

Birds Beasts and Blooms Reception by Photographer Jayne Parker at Urban Nesters in Hoboken Saturday June 16th 2012 1-7pm

Birds Beasts and and Blooms Urban Nesters Hoboken  6-16-2012

Urban Nesters, a multi-faceted home furnishings and décor, custom and re-purposed antique furniture store located at 706 Washington Street in Hoboken is having a reception for renowned photographer Jayne Parker Saturday June 16th from 1-7pm.

Jayne Parker lives as an British expat in Hoboken, NJ. She has worked as a photographer since 2002. Her work has been selected by National Geographic, The International Photography Award committee and the New York Times among others. Her portraits have been short-listed for the Taylor Wessing Prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Jayne was represented by the Bo-Lee Gallery at the Chelsea Art Fair 2011 and the Affordable Art Fair 2011. More of her work can be viewed at http://jayneparkerphotography.com.

There will be free drinks and h’orderves.

Urban Nesters has been open for several months and has been busy providing Hoboken with quality décor items for the home and custom furniture. They are located where the former Tribal Home and Wishing Tree stores were located across from the All Saints Episcopal Church. So far without their storefront sign even up (awaiting approval), they have enjoyed brisk sales and are definitely worth checking out. Their information is below…

URBAN Nesters of Hoboken

Address: 706 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-942-9333
Email: urbannesters@gmail.com
Website: www.urbannesters.com

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March 22, 2012

TheBoken.com’s @TheBoken Milestones as of March 22nd 2012

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TheBoken.com has been under new ownership since late February of last year when Brian Pepe and Adam Lazzara, TheBoken’s founders, had to say good bye to Hoboken for various reasons. They still love Hoboken and TheBoken.com  and check in from time to time. The new ownership including me as the editor still has the goal of presenting information about happenings Hoboken in a positive light and becoming a real positive, constructive and objective community asset for the Mile Square. The websphere for Hoboken is highly fragmented and will probably remain so for the near future and but we at  TheBoken.com love this town and want to see the best for it and are happy with the niche we have carved out. Here are some of our milestones achieved recently:

  • Over 3,000 posts since site inception.
  • Almost 1900 posts since 3/1/2011.
  • Over 2,020 Facebook Likes.
  • Over 7,300 Twitter Followers.
  • NYG Superbowl Celebration in Hoboken video has over 9,100 views!
  • Very positive feedback on recent photo of the day photos. We did not invent that series as many other blogs do it but I try to capture elements and angles of Hoboken that I hope readers find interesting instead of  trash bags outside a bar for example.
  • Our community involvement has helped raised awareness and money for many good causes like 300 Washington Street fire victims fund, Hoboken Shelter, and many other charities.

Out of all the milestones the last one is most important to us. Additionally, business that have advertised with us have benefited from the value of our positive and increasingly upmarket brand. Simply being mentioned on the Boken doesn’t have with it some of the negative connotations as another infamous site that has really lost focus as of late as well as draw ire from people across the Hoboken spectrum for misleading and quite spiteful posting on a variety of topics. That’s what not do.

TheBoken.com would like to extend thanks to columnists Hoboken Robin, Christin, Drunken Polar Bear, Mark (on music) and recent addition Hoboken Girl for their valuable contributions recently as well as our readers and contributors. Any hot tips that you care to share as well as photos of the day and suggestions, please email us at theboken@gmail.com. We are here for the Hoboken Community.

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March 17, 2012

New York City St. Patrick’s Day Photo Slideshow from Parade

New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade 2012

The Boken.com went into New York City to cover the Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Below is an extensive set of photos from the parade. Video will follow tomorrow. The shear amount of video That TheBoken.com took will have to be edited down. Weather wise it was a perfect day and the crowd was reportedly close to 3 million people. The majority of footage that I took was from 60th and 5th Avenue in the City. For those who could not make the parade perhaps this photo slideshow will give you an idea of the extensiveness of the shear pageantry. What a great day!


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Photo of the Day–Shoe Shine Anyone? Hoboken Lackawanna Train Terminal

Shoe Shine at Hoboken Train Terminal HDR 1

Today’s Hoboken photo of the day is of the shoe shine stand at Hoboken’s historic Lackawanna Train Terminal. Once again the technique of HDR was used to produce this shot with multiple exposures with no tripod to produce a “painterly effect”.

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February 10, 2012

Photo of The Day–Pilsener Haus Wall Art

Pilsener Haus Wall Art Hoboken

TheBoken.com’s editor likes the Pilsener Haus a lot for the following reasons:

  • Great draft beer at fair prices.
  • High quality bottled beer selection.
  • They don’t serve Coors Light!
  • Live music in a much improved acoustical setting.
  • Good food.
  • The pretzel. Das ist gut! Sehr gut!
  • Family style seating.
  • The owners may not be German but they sure as hell have me fooled.
  • Thinks the landlord had great vision in help make this place happen in Hoboken.
  • Atmosphere not conducive to the “fist pumpers” but conducive to people of all ages. 
  • Industrial/ Old world feel in the décor.

And ….. artwork. Today’s photo of the day is from one of the walls at the Pilsener Haus with its own enlightening message. Can liberty be obtained through beer? Just ask Benjamin Franklin.

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September 17, 2011

TheBoken Almost at Another Key Milestone: 6,000 Twitter Followers

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TheBoken Almost 6,000 Twitter Followers

TheBoken underwent new ownership in March this year with TheBoken’s founders selling their website as they both had to moved out of Hoboken, a town they loved and still do. The founders check in every time and again and one aspect that is TheBoken’s strength is our Twitter fan base that they started even before the website even existed.

In February of this year TheBoken had 4,000 Twitter followers and we are at the precipice of yet another with 6,000 followers on Twitter. That is 2,000 new followers in 6 1/2 months! Note: TheBoken doesn’t rely on “Twitter Bots” to artificially inflate our followers as another unscrupulous website owner did in Hoboken. What is the point of having followers from Japan? Do they care about what is going on in Hoboken? Our growth has been organic, one new follower at a time. Local and authentically so.

Thanks to all the readers of this website and our Facebook and Twitter feeds for making this website fun and hopefully an useful place to get timely information bout the Mile Square.

A new site design and commenting system is right around the corner. After that even more features are planned including specials.  This last feature will take time to get right. In the meantime send your suggestions to theboken@gmail.com and we will take them under consideration. Hot news tips and store openings are also welcome.

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September 16, 2011

Meet Future/Current Modeling Star Tino Appice of Hoboken

Child Model Tino Appice Stikes the PoseTino Appice is likely the only 5 year old in America that can tell all his kindergarten pals that he got to hang out with his shirt off alongside Jennifer Lopez recently in an advertisement for Jennifer Lopez’s perfume which appeared nationwide. 

When not riding his bike, breakdancing or hanging with his little pals, Tino Appice, 5 years old, from Hoboken, NJ is a well respected young model featured all over the world.  Tino wants to leave modeling one day and become the shortstop for the NY Yankees, Tino’s idol is Derek Jeter.

Tino Appice with Jennifer Lopez

Tino Appice Parents MagazineMost recently, Tino (short for Dagastino) appeared on the September 2011 cover of Parents Magazine.  Tino has been modeling since he was 6 months old and loves working as a model says his mother Nicole Appice of Hoboken.  Aside form being a clover model and working with J Lo, Tino has done work for Toys R Us, Babies R us, Macy’s, Sophie Catalou and MyPublisher.

When not modeling Tino shadows as an actor and is awaiting his call to land a major motion picture contract.  Seems like this kids is headed for stardom.  Dagastino Appice does seem fitting for a star, I can see that name in lights already.

- Rory Chadwick

Below is another great photo of Tino which shows his love of America’s pastime, baseball: 

Tino Appice Future NY Yankee Shortstop?

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September 5, 2011

TheBokenOnline Large TV Giveaway: Free DLP TV to Stevens Student

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Update: Well that offer did not last long. Less than 25 minutes went by before the first contact was made from a Steven’s Student who will pick up the TV today. TheBoken is happy to see this TV being freecycled into the Stevens Community!

Samsung DLP 1

In 2004 TheBoken’s editor couldn’t wait for the high definition craze to begin so a purchase was made for a Samsung DLP TV pictured above. This TV is not a flat screen as at the time both plasma and LCD TVS were way out of budget. DLP had its advantages for picture quality at that time but the TV itself is about 20 inches deep and has a diagonal measurement of 50 inches. It has been replaced with a DLP projector mounted from the ceiling for space considerations. Thus, TheBoken no longer needs this TV is is giving it away for free to the first serious offer.

Today’s offer for the TV giveaway will first be extended to Stevens Institute students and is serious. If you can transport the TV yourself from its midtown Hoboken location (with help getting it down the stairs) you get the following for free:

  • One Samsung 50” DLP TV 1080i (the picture quality is excellent just not 1080p)
  • One Remote Control
  • One DVI to HDMI Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Matching Stand pictured above

Note: The TV is not being giving away for altruistic by rather environmental reasons. It would be a shame to see a useful TV that still works great hit the trash heap. Besides you can’t sell these much on Craigslist. The reason to offer it to Steven’s Students first is that they should be be recognized for building that awesome solar house that has a good chance of winning the Solar Decathalon.

Please send serious inquiries only to theboken@gmail.com with your contact info. TheBoken will return your call as quickly as practicable. Remember: Steven’s students get first dibs but if there are no takers this offer will expand this offer to anyone.

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