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August 22, 2013

City Challenge Obstacle Race October 5, 2013 in Hoboken

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There is a demanding obstacle course and race coming to Hoboken on October 5, 2013 called City Challenge and the course will run along Hoboken’s waterfront from Pier A to Northern Hoboken. The registration period is still open for this inaugural event in Hoboken.

City Challenge Hoboken Obstacle Course October 2013

From the organizer’s press release:

The mission of City Challenge is to enable you to have the most exciting day of your life…period. The event is the ultimate opportunity to push your physical and mental limits, have a great time with friends and family, bond with co-workers, and just have an all around great time at the event!

City Challenge Obstacle Race will take place on October 5, 2013. Register for the race and you’ll get a chance to run the 4 mile course filled with over 15 obstacles designed to be fun and push you to your limits! The course features obstacles constructed by an experienced crew of licensed contractors and engineers. These aren’t the pop-up kiddie obstacles you’ll see at other races. Some of the obstacles will include: walls to get over, water jugs to carry up stairs, 20 lb rocks to carry in sand, ropes to climb, monkey bars, and so many more. We will not have water, mud, electrocution, or fire at our race. And unlike the other guys, the organizers hate to see back-ups on the courses so they limit each wave of runners to 200 racers to avoid overcrowding. In short, City Challenge strikes the perfect balance between fun and physicality. It is a great way to test your athleticism. Participating in City Challenge will be the most fun ass-kicking of your life.

City Challenge Obstacle Race will be raising money for Susan G Komen for the cure foundation. Susan G Komen is dedicated to combating breast cancer at every front. Participants can make donations during registration and City Challenge will also be making a contribution to Susan G Komen for the cure North Jersey Chapter. Fun, entertainment, fitness, and helping others combined in one!

Register and get more information through their website at www.citychallengerace.com. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram. Please contact them for sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

City Challenge Obstacle Race Course Hoboken 10-5-2013Obstacle Descriptions:

  • Over-Unders (police barricades) : Police hurdles and barricades will be placed alternating between jumping over barricades and crawling under police hurdles. Spaced along Sinatra road from 3rd st to 4th st.
  • Leap Frog Jumps. : each contestant will place bands around their ankles to keep their legs together and give resistance. They will Leap Frog jump up all 3 sets of stairs and back down a total of 20 times.
  • Ball Slams: No-Bounce medicine balls will be placed at the first parking indent along Sinatra dr. 20lbs for Guys and 10lbs for women.  Each challenger will slam the ball as hard and as fast as they can for a total of 30 times.
  • Heavy Rope Jumps: The second parking indent along Sinatra Dr, heavy rope jump ropes will be placed for challengers to complete 50 jumps.*
  • Kettle Bell Swings/Sumo Squats: At the last indent along Sinatra Dr., challengers will grab a kettle bell (male 30lb, female 20lb) complete 20 swings into 20 squats.*
  • Sand Pit-Rock Carry: Once challengers enter the beach area, they will have to complete 30 burpees then carry designated rock (different weighs for male and female) to the end of the beach and back, placing the rock back where they picked it up.
  • Monkey Bars: Challengers will complete from start to finish crossing the monkey bar.
  • Rope climbs:  Each challenger will have to RING THE BELL. Climbing the rope to the top and hitting the bell once they have reached it.
  • Wall Climbs:  Each Challenger will have to climb over Wall after wall. From 4ft, 6ft, to 8ft walls, this will take every muscle to conquer.
  • Death Climb: The next obstacle, just make it to the top. Over half a mile of hills to run as fast as you can and fight through the leg burn.
  • Sand Crawl: Challengers till enter maze type obstacle on the beach volleyball court where they will have to army crawl under and around our custom maze. Keep your mouth close or you it will be filled with sand.
  • Field of Dreams: Tires on Tires, flipping dragging and sledge hammering large truck tires on the Steven soccer field. This obstacle will challenge you to the fullest extent.
  • Stairs to Heaven: Challengers will carry water jugs (males 2, females 1) up the Stevens Stadium stairs along the bleachers and down the other end and back down the alleyway, dropping off the water jugs where they picked them up.
  • Sand Bag Carries: Up and back carrying heavy sand bags however you may up and back down a terrorizing hill. Sand bags of different weights for male and female challengers.
  • Over-Unders (police barricades) : Police hurdles and barricades will be placed alternating between jumping over barricades and crawling under police hurdles. Spaced along Sinatra road from 4rd St. to 3th St.
  • Gauntlet Finish: Challengers will have to climb crawl and conquer the final gauntlet to reach the finish. A large wall which will have nets to climb up and crawl back down on the other end.
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July 3, 2013

ABL Sports League Fall Registration Open in Hoboken

ABL Fall 2013 Sports League Flier

ABL is a local sports league is innovating their sports leagues for weekend warriors using technology to enhance Recreational and Competitive adult sports. The Fall season will be here before you know it and below is information on key dates and features of ABL sports leagues….

This Fall, ABL is bringing back the Glory Days and all of the physical, mental and emotional benefits that come with them. Offering competitive leagues for Basketball, Flag Football, Soccer and Softball, ABL has taken adult recreational sports to the next level with ESPN-style online stat tracking, weekly highlight videos and personalized online biographies for every player. To make it easier to capture the magic of that game-winning catch and show off that buzzer-beating jumper, ABL also provides a downloadable smart phone app so players can bring that moment of Glory with them anywhere they go and make it last as long as they want. Players can track their team and personal achievements at the touch of a button all season long.

ABL is the number one amateur sports league in New Jersey. Formerly known as i9 Sports, our goal is to provide teams and players with the most organized leagues and present them with more benefits than any other program. ABL is proud to provide competitive leagues for the Hoboken area with online stat tracking and leagues catering to both recreational and competitive players. Players can find more information at www.joinABL.com, where they can also register online as free agents or as a team.

Deadlines for Fall 2013 Leagues with ABL:

  • July 28th – ABL Men’s & Coed Softball League Shirt Deadline
  • August 4th - ABL Men’s & Coed Softball League Registration Deadline
  • August 25th – ABL Men’s & Coed Softball League Season Begins
  • Softball Link: http://www.joinabl.com/page/show/703416-softball
  • September 1st – ABL Men’s Basketball League Shirt Deadline
  • September 8th – ABL Men’s Basketball League Registration Deadline
  • September 16th – ABL Men’s Basketball League Season Begins
  • Basketball Link: http://www.joinabl.com/page/show/703417-basketball
 ABL Flag Football Fall 2013 Season Hoboken NJ
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May 17, 2013

ABL’s Summer Flag Football League in Hoboken is Open – Deadline May 24th 2013

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The summer season is open for registration and looking for new players and teams for ABL’s Summer Flag Football League in Hoboken and surrounding areas.

The ABL is opening registration for its Summer Flag Football League in Hoboken, New Jersey. The deadline to register is Friday, May 24th. ABL is bringing yet another Flag Football season to the Hoboken area. Players can register as a team or as free agents at www.joinABL.com from now through Friday, May 24th. Registration fees are $125.00 per player or $975.00 per team.

The season will consist of eight games in each division advancing to single-elimination playoffs. Players and teams choose to play in the recreational or competitive divisions. Throughout the season players will have access to a number of benefits provided by ABL including personalized online profile pages, an ESPN-style website tracking statistics, standings and schedules, and an The ABL Smartphone App with video highlights, news updates and photos.


The Champion team and outstanding individual performers will be recognized at the End-of-Year Awards party. ABL provides a Championship trophy, tee-shirts and individual awards recognizing the Champions, along with a $300 credit toward the winning team’s next-season registration fee.

All games will be played outdoors at Stevens College and/or Weehawken Stadium. Games will be scheduled on Sundays from 7-10pm. A full schedule will be available online and via the ABL Sports Smartphone App.



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May 3, 2013

NHL First Round Playoff Predictions from Reader Chuck aka “The Iceman”

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NHL Quaterfinals PredictionsTheBoken.com reader Chuck aka “The Iceman” who is an avid hockey fan sent me his breakouts for both the NHL Eastern and Western Conference playoffs first round match-ups yesterday. It will be curious to see how these predictions hold out. TheBoken.com’s editor mainly focuses on professional football and basketball so it is nice to give a local reader and writer a little ice time. If you would like to contribute to TheBoken.com please email me your story idea and how you want to be credited to theboken@gmail.com

NHL Eastern Conference Round 1 Playoff Predictions

Familiarity, notable absentees and a few long-awaited return appearances highlight the NHL’s Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

As the Quarterfinal Round of the NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs kick off, we encounter a mix of the old, the new and the missing in action. While the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs make their long awaited return to the Final 8, perennial participants such as the Philadelphia Flyers and defending Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Devils are left to shake off the ice shavings and figure out what went awry in a strike-shortened season while familiar playoff rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers sharpen their skate blades for what they hope is a journey that culminates in the hoisting of the most famous Trophy in all of sports.

Let’s briefly examine the Round 1 Match-ups.

Pittsburgh Penguins vs. New York Islanders -
Since the maiden drop of the puck on this the 2012-2103 NHL Season, the Pittsburgh Penguins have emerged as the Rolls Royce of the Eastern Conference. And although this should come as no surprise in light of the Penguins’ loaded roster, only made stronger with the mid-season acquisitions of Brandon Morrow and Jerome Ilginla, glancing in the rear-view mirror to find out that the habitually dismal New York Islanders suddenly ditched their old and battered Yugo to drive in fine style straight into the Post-Season had to qualify as a surprise of the highest magnitude. The Isles motor into the Post-Season on a high note, led by the rejuvenated Evgeni Nabokov and budding superstar John Tavares. The Pens anxiously await news on Sidney Crosby and his availability to lace ‘em up on the heels of his broken jaw while Marc Andre Fleury looks to take the proverbial big eraser to last years’ uncharacteristically dreadful playoff performance in which he was mugged by the underdog Flyers in a 6 game Round 1 onslaught. With or without Sid the Kid however, look for Fleury to regain his post-season mojo as the Pens advance in methodical business-like fashion. But don’t be surprised if the Games in Uniondale are close. Penguins in 5.

Monteal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators - Although neither team comes into this sure to be intense All-Canadian Match-up playing their best hockey, the Senators are getting just a little bit healthier at just the right time. Both teams live and die on the blue-line, however Ottawa holds the special teams edge by virtue of their number 1 ranked penalty killing unit. The decline in goaltender Carey Price’s play down the stretch is cause for concern in Montreal, as many believe Price was recklessly over-used this season. In light of the fact that he appeared in 39 of the Habs’ 41 games, that concern seems warranted. Craig Anderson on the other hand carries no such heavy burden, having played in a mere 24 games due to an injury sustained earlier in the year. Anderson made the most of his time defending the Ottawa twine however, posting a 1.69 GAA to go along with his stingy .941 Save Pct. Despite all of this, I expect the Canadiens to escape by the narrowest of margins given their home ice advantage and ability to generate a balanced offense. For those of you without a rooting interest this post-season, your focus should be squarely fixed on this match-up as it could very well be the most entertaining of the bunch. Canadians in 7.

Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs - In a match-up as old school as Rheingold Beer and egg omelets still in possession of their yolks, two storied anchor franchises square off in a Series that promises to be wide open and hard fought. Both teams enter the playoffs after sleepwalking through the latter stages of the regular season, but it’s the Bruins and their lackluster 2-7 finish that would appear to be most perplexing. Boston has what it takes to make a deep run into the Playoffs but they need to mend their sloppy and mistake-prone ways in a hurry as the Leafs have the ability to light the lamp in bunches while getting support down at the other end of the ice by one of the better young goalies that no one seems to know or talk about in the person of James Reimer. “Optimus Reim” posted a 2.46 GAA while pitching 4 shutouts on his way to a Regular Season total of 19 wins and a .924 Save Pct. Down at the other end of the frozen pond, Boston counters with Tuukka Rask, a more proven commodity in net who matched Reimer’s 19 wins and played to a Save Pct. of .929 while allowing a paltry 2 goals per game for the Spoked-B. Look for the Bruins to rely on their grit and playoff experience as they tighten up their game and move on to the next round. Bruins in 6.

Washington Capitals vs. New York Rangers- If it’s true that familiarity breeds contempt, these two teams must surely loathe each other with enough intensity to match Alec Baldwin’s hatred for anyone in possession of a camera who has the unmitigated gall to point said camera in his general direction. Yes the Caps and Blueshirts face off for the 4th time in 5 years and if you’re a fan of the subtle nuances of hockey such as match-ups and pairings, this Series is for you. Of course if you simply enjoy watching All-Universe hockey players such as Alexander Ovechkin and Rick Nash play, that’s not a bad reason to lock in on this match-up either. Ovechkin eventually shook off a slow start that appeared to be the byproduct of laziness and downright apathy to round into the player that his talent dictates he should be, leading the League in scoring for the 3rd time in his brilliant career. The Rangers are of course faced with the dilemma of an injured Marc Staal, and Coach John Tortarella will undoubtedly contemplate splitting pairs on the blue-line in an effort to blanket and subsequently frustrate the Great-8. On the topic of playing card references, while Henrik Lundqvist is the King, his young counterpart Braden Holtby is merely a Jack – a high value face card without question, but simply not of the same pedigree as the cooler than cool Vezina Trophy Winner. Edge to the Rangers between the scarlet pipes. Expect physical play, one goal games, drama and extremely hard-fought hockey between two teams that finished the regular season on very high notes. And although neither team had a particularly tough schedule down the stretch, the Caps were the beneficiary of a slate dotted with the likes of League lollipops such as Florida and Carolina all season long while the Rangers traded wrist shots with the rugged Atlantic Division. Slighter than slight edge to the battle-tested Broadway Blue-shirts here. Rangers in 7.

NHL Western Conference Round 1 Playoff Predictions

Exciting match-ups dot the slate as the NHL embarks on its long, hard journey to crown a Stanley Cup winner

As the Quarterfinal Round of the NHL Playoffs kick into gear, Western Conference Hockey Fans are presented with four excellent match-ups, each of which are sprinkled with sub-plots and intrigue. Can the Chicago Blackhawks follow-up on their sensational regular season under the heavy burden of high expectations and represent the West as many of the experts expect them to?

On the topic of high expectations, can the Vancouver Canucks, who for the last few years have been forced to carry the mantle of prohibitive favorite into the Post Season, go on play for the Cup now that they no longer have the bulls-eye focused on their Orca-clad sweaters?

Are the skilled yet physical Anaheim Ducks capable of representing the West in the Stanley Cup Finals on the heels of an outstanding season in their own right?

Will the defending Stanley Cup Champion LA Kings forge a legitimate defense of last year’s Cup Victory or are the St. Louis Blues and their proverbial hot-goalie Billy Elliot heading into the post-season on too big of a roll?

We’ll begin to find answers to these and many other questions in Round 1 of the Playoffs, so let’s break down the match-ups and see who will live to play into Round 2.

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild-  After a rather blase regular season on the heels of the splashy off season signings that brought Zach Parise and Ryan Suter to the Twin Cities, the Wild draw a Blackhawks Team that tasted defeat a mere 7 times during the Regular Season. Led by the mercurial Patrick Sharpe and future Hart Trophy Winner Jonathan Toews, the Hawks have enough to slip past Minny but the Wild have the talent to make Chicago roll up these sleeves and work for it. Blackhawks in 6.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Detroit Red Wings - The 2nd Seeded Anaheim Ducks draw a Detroit Team that needed to rattle off their last 4 Games just to secure their invite to the Playoffs for an unheard of 22nd straight season. The Winged Wheel have star power galore, but the Quacks can see their star power and raise them toughness, girt and a physical style that Detroit will have a very difficult time matching up with. Look for Anaheim to cruise in this spot, as they send notice to the NHL that they might very well be the team to beat in the West. Ducks in 5.

Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks- Goal-tending is the word of the day in this match-up. The Sharks have it in spades in the form of Antti Niemi while Vancouver has more question marks between the pipes than the Riddler has on his willow green leotard. Couple that with a seemingly unhealthy Ryan Kesler and the curiously rapid decline of the Sedin Twins and it’ll be the Sharks who move on while the ‘Nucks are left to wonder if in fact their Stanley Cup Window has been unceremoniously slammed shut. Sharks in 6.

St. Louis Blues vs. Los Angeles Kings- In what should amount to your classic evenly matched 4 vs. 5 quarterfinals series, the 1st goal in these games will be as critical as obscenely expensive and uncomfortable shoes are to a woman. Goaltending is a given in this Series with Jonathan Quick and Billy Elliot looking to go kick save for kick save and if you enjoy 2-1 hockey games and the prospect of overtime periods that extend longer than an Allman Brothers guitar solo, you’re Series has arrived. After a severe case of ealry season rink-rust, the Blues appear to be rounding into form having won 6 of their last 7 heading into the post-season. The Kings on the other hand have been up and down the elevator shaft all season, never finding their rhythm on the heels of their first ever Stanley Cup Season. I look for the Blues to keep on rolling in an airtight, lengthy and drama laden series. Blues in 7.

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May 1, 2013

NHL Playoffs – Handicapping the Eastern Conference – A playoff primer from a Hoboken Resident

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Here is a NHL Eastern Conference Playoff primer from reader Chuck aka “The Iceman” on this year’s 2013 NHL playoffs. Hoboken locals may root for the following local or nearly local teams such as the Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils or NY Rangers at Hoboken’s many sports bars. This year Chuck has the Penguins advancing to the NHL finals. Read below for his breakdown….

NHL Playoffs – Handicapping the Eastern Conference

Late contenders, a definitive Original 6 flavor….and the team that no one wants to face

Easten Conference Preview NHL Playoffs 2013

Strike shortened seasons are particularly difficult for your typical die-hard, face-painting, siren-helmeted, don’t-even-ask-me-to-be-remotely-productive-during-a-Red-Wings-Playoff-Game hockey fan.

They do however make for some interesting playoff races and some even more intriguing plot twists. While some teams have sprinted to the finish line like Michael Grabner with his hair on fire, others have looked as wobbly as a Johnston & Murphy-shoed head coach navigating the journey across the ice to the locker room between periods. Teams that looked good early in the season suddenly resemble the dead catfish that’s ceremoniously tossed on the ice in Nashville after a Predator Goal while teams that looked shaky or downright bad early in the season now resemble the girl responsible for removing the catfish from the ice surface.

As is always the case regardless of the sport in question, coming together and getting hot at exactly the right time is the key to a championship season. So while the highly-seeded and home-ice gifted Bruins, Canadiens and Senators cool off just as the Islanders, Capitals and Rangers head into the Post Season on a roll while perennial Cup Contenders like the Flyers and Devils suffer through a rare non-playoff campaign, the 1st Round promises to be chock full of highly unpredictable and drama-laden hockey.

Let’s break down the field:

Pittsburgh Penguins - Despite Sidney Crosby’s broken jaw as well as a few other key injuries to the likes of James Neil and Paul Martin, the one constant in the Eastern Conference this Season has been the Pittsburgh Penguins. Aided in large part by deadline deals that brought Brandon Morrow and Jerome Iginlia to the Igloo, the Pens have secured home ice for as long as they can survive the rigors of the NHL Playoff grind. Having recently rattled off victories in 22 of their last 25 games, the Pens have redemption on their minds, eagerly seeking payback for last season’s meltdown at the hands of their bitter Keystone State Rival Philadelphia Flyers in Round 1 of the Playoffs.

Leading this charge will be Goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, who despite posting yet another solid regular season, undoubtedly still has the bitter taste of last year’s debacle in his mouth, a Series in which the heavily favored Pens were eliminated in 6 games by the Flyers, lowlighted by Fleury suffering the rare indignity of the dreaded “double snowman” as the Flyers scored 8 goals in Game 2 AND 3. Look for the Flower to bounce back and with the assistance of his star-studded cast of teammates, this Penguin Team is certainly one of the favorites to emerge from the Eastern Conference as Champions.

Boston Bruins - After a late season trip through the doldrums in which the Bruins posted a 1-5 record against what was largely a field of non-playoff contenders and league doormats, the Boston Bruins seem to be rounding into shape and back to playing Stanley Cup caliber hockey.

Sort of.

Questions remain regarding the Bruins ability to score (2.63 goals/game) and although the Bruins tend to excel in areas that championships teams historically do (2nd overall in the penalty kill at 88.2% and 3rd in goals allowed at 2.21/game) they lack the elite scorer who can make the key play and steal a pivotal game late. Although the deadline deal that brought Jaromir Jagr to the Steel City has given them a boost (9 points in 10 games) and they’ll always have a chance as long as Tuukka Rask continues to play at Vezina Trophy Levels (2.00 G.A.A. and a .928 Save Pct.), savvy playoff veterans and a strong goalie in a playoff field loaded with strong goalies will not be enough for the Bruins to emerge from the East.

Washington Capitals - That star-spangled, red, white and blue blur you just saw was the Washington Capitals barreling towards the finish line of the NHL Regular Season. Winners of 10 of their last 11, the Caps appear poised to make a deep run into the playoffs led as always by the incomparable Alexander Ovechkin. Washington is all about special teams, as their deadly power play unit converts at a rate of just under 26%, good enough to lead the entire NHL. Their penalty kill on the other hand ranks among the League’s worst (28th/77.6%) so when watching a Capitals Game, rest assured that the fun starts the moment the linesmen raises his arm to send one or more skaters off to the sin bin. This of course plays right into the hands of this explosive group, as their brand of hockey bucks the modern day trend of winning with defense and goal tending. Washington instead looks to push the tempo and race up and down the frozen sheet hoping to lure their opponent in the speed and skill game.

Over their last 10 victories the Caps have scored 4 or more goals in 7 of those contests and 5 or more in 5 of them. In a League loaded with 2-1 games, this team is a throwback to a more free-spirited brand of wide open hockey. The relatively unproven and unknown Braden Holtby is grinding his way through a rather mediocre season, as he is playing to the highest GAA (2.61) and the lowest Save Pct (.919) of his admittedly young career. Holtby has the talent and potential to do his share to push the Caps deep into the Playoffs, but with a field that includes the likes of Henrik Lundqvist, Craig Anderson, Marc-Andre Fleury and a rejuvenated Evgeni Nabokov, he will need to play at the very top of his game as the field narrows and this stakes increase. Having said that, Ovechkin’s presence alone makes the Capitals a legit contender.

Montreal Canadiens - Given the state of affairs in Montreal over the last few weeks, it wouldn’t seem entirely unreasonable to add Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’” to the musical play list on the heels of both the Canadian and American National Anthem prior to the start of each home game. Losers of 6 of their last 8, Montreal heads into the Playoffs colder than a Zamboni’s spare tire. After a surprisingly fast start, defense has become a major problem in Montreal, and with a lack of support in front of him Carey Price is the owner of the lowest Save Pct. (.904) of his solid NHL Career. The Habs lack a bonafide goal scorer, however they do rank 6th in the League in overall scoring, lighting the lamp an even 3 times per contest. But as their Penalty Kill flounders (25th overall) and their overall lack of defensive consistency continues to rear its head, this team will need a major turnaround to contend with the heavyweights in the Conference. I don’t see it happening.

Toronto Maple Leafs - The Leafs last hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup during the Summer of Love. There really hasn’t been all that much to love over the 45 years that followed for this history-drenched blue blood franchise. Making a return to the Playoffs for the 1st time since 2004 is a good and long-awaited step in the right direction for a rabid albeit exasperated and beleaguered fan base.

The Leafs can find the back of the net, there’s no question about that (5th overall in the NHL in scoring at just over 3 goals/game). Couple that with a lock down penalty killing unit (3rd in the League) and a big young goaltender who appears ready to carry the load that accompanies a lengthy run for the Cup in James Reimer (2.46 G.A.A./Save Pct. of .923) and the Leafs would appear to at least on the surface to be a contender.

But their recent play on the ice tells a different story.

Over a 4 game stretch in which Toronto went 1-3, the Leafs were out-shot, out-hustled and simply out-played. Scoring chances have been somewhat hard to come by as of late and unless the Leafs can re-discover their rhythm they will have major difficulty advancing more than a Round into the Playoffs and even that might prove to be a daunting task. I’m afraid Leaf Nation will be forced to settle for incremental baby-steps and await next year to see if their club can rise to the next level.

New York Islanders - Perhaps the best story of the abbreviated NHL Season, the New York Islanders continue to prove the naysayers wrong as they gain momentum down the stretch despite a tough division, an aging goalie and a salary budget smaller than most New Yorkers allot for Starbucks. Led by budding superstar John Tavares and his 28 goals, the Islanders have shaken off a slow start and a severe case of the February blues to emerge as one of the hottest teams in all of hockey, and they’ve done so at precisely the right time. Despite a pair of tough 1 goal losses to New Jersey and Philadelphia in the waning moments of the season, the Isles have a knack for staying in hockey games even on those nights when they do not bring their A-Game to the rink, and despite their youth and relative inexperience, they manage to step-up and make the pivotal play when their more seasoned opponents wilt in the clutch.

Evegeni Nabokov has enjoyed a career revival along the way, posting a 23-11 Record between the pipes as this young Islander Team grows in confidence and experience every step of the way, galvanized by this veteran net minder who suddenly resembles the dominant lock down force he was when he once guarded the red stripe in San Jose as a member of the Sharks. Will Nabokov’s heavy workload be his undoing as the grind of the NHL Playoffs kicks in? Only time will tell, but rest assured this Islander Team will be a nuisance for whichever high-seed draws them in Round 1. They are in fact the proverbial “team that no one wants to face” this post-season.

Cinderella, your chariot has arrived.

Ottawa Senators – After a season defined by streaks both hot and cold, the Ottawa Senators head into the Playoffs looking to build on last season’s more than respectable post-season showing, one in which they extended the top-seeded New York Rangers to 7 games before bowing out. Their 9-14 Record on the Road however would indicate that they will have trouble escaping the 1st Round, as their seeding situation will force them to pack their bags for Games 1 and 2. Craig Anderson has certainly done the job and then some in net for Ottawa since assuming the starting job 22 games ago posting a 1.67 G.A.A. with a sparkling .941 Save Pct. The Sens enter the Post-Season as the tournament’s most offensively-challenged team, scoring a measly 2.3 goals/game, good (or bad as the case may be) for 29th in the League. The lack of young play makers coupled with the inability to win consistently on foreign ice spells trouble for this Senators Team. A fairly quick exit from the Post Season would appear to be their fate.

New York Rangers - Saddled with the burden of high expectations on the heels of the off season acquisition of Rick Nash, the Broadway Blueshirts have developed a season long knack for doing things the hard way. An inability to score early coupled with the unfortunate eye injury suffered by Marc Staal have left the Rangers relying on Henrik Lundqvist to control their destiny on night in and night out basis. Luckily for them, the King resides on the League’s shortlist of elite goaltenders and has managed to carry them to the Playoffs despite his teammates’ patches of uneven and inconsistent play. Nash has without question lived up to the hype, and along the way the young Derek Stepan has quietly emerged as a star as well, leading the team with 42 points, and his 17 goals are a mere 2 lamp-lighters behind Nash’s team leading 19. The Rangers have reason for optimism heading into the Playoffs for a number of reasons however. Deadline deals that have brought in the likes of Ryane Clow and Derick Brassard have given the Blueshirts grit and secondary scoring respectively, with Brassard tallying 4 goals in his last 5 games for the Rangers. Brad Richards has suddenly begun to tickle the twine after suffering through a disappointing campaign. And with the King minding the cage, you know you’ve got a money goaltender as your last line of defense.

Do the Rangers have a puncher’s chance to win the East? Absolutely. But inconsistency of this nature doesn’t typically go away overnight and usually proves to be fatal. The Rangers will win the Stanley Cup. In 2014. But until John Tortorella gets a full training camp under his belt in order to fully and correctly implement his complex defensive philosophy and All Star defensemen Marc Staal returns to patrol the blueline, the Rangers are merely a flashy, star-studded also-ran. Having said that, you simply cannot count them out.

Prediction: In the end I expect to see the deep and immensely talented Pittsburgh Penguins vanquish the Washington Capitals in 6 games and therefore earn a much-deserved trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Pittsburgh is the only team in the East that has played high quality, end-to-end hockey in every facet of the game over the course of this entire admittedly jumbled season, and their veteran leadership and star power (with or without Sid the Kid) is simply too much for anyone else in the Conference to overcome.

Original link: http://patrick44.hubpages.com/hub/NHL-Playoffs-Handicapping-the-Eastern-Conference

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April 9, 2013

Registration for Adult 7 on 7 Soccer League at Stevens Campus Open- First Game Starts May 29th

7 on 7 Soccer 5-29-2013 Hoboken Stevens

Registration is now open for the 7 on 7 co-ed Adult Soccer League. The League starts on May 29th and runs through August 7th with one game per week on Wednesdays from 7pm-10pm. The location is the DeBaun Field and Stevens Institute of Technology Campus. You can register at www.HobokenSoccerLeague.com. If you have any questions email the contact at info@hobokensoccerleague.com. This could be a great positive way to meet new people without alcohol and get in shape.

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March 14, 2013

Amateur Ball Players Registration Event at Hoboken’s Village Pourhouse Friday March 15th 6-9pm

Attention weekend warriors with a love of basketball, softball or flag football. If your competitive juices are still flowing here is a event for you tomorrow night at the Village Pourhouse on Friday March 15th from 6-9pm. This will be an in person registration event by the ABL (Amateur Ballplayers League) for the aforementioned spring sports.

ABL Flyer Hoboken - Basketball Softball Flag Footbal Village Pourhouse March 15 2013

The Village Pourhouse is located at 205 1st Street in Hoboken, NJ.
Here are some other ABL links for more info:
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February 26, 2013

Hoboken’s Historic Baseball Team H9 Part of Three Game Triple Header March 2,2013 – First game starts at 11am

Hoboken Vintage Baseball 3-2-2013 St. Patrick's Day

On Saturday March 2nd, Hoboken’s Historic Baseball Team H9 will take part in a three game triple header with the first game between Eastern Connecticut State vs. NJCU starting at 11am. This will be followed by a two inning exhibition game featuring Hoboken’s H9 Vintage Baseball team and then Steven’s vs. Eastern Connecticut at 3pm. There will be free food including ballpark fare of hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, hot cocoa and coffee.

RVSP to kaldins@stevens.edu. For more info go to www.hobokennine.jimdo.com and www.stevensducks.com/baseball.

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January 24, 2013

Hoboken Youth Soccer League Team “The Hammers” Win 2012 Championship

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Here is  a “good news” announcement about Hoboken father, Marty Anderson who is proud of his son’s team soccer victory. After a number of frustrating years of making it to the final playoff game, they finally won the Hoboken Youth Soccer League Championship! Perhaps this is a parable of “If you first don’t succeed, try, try again”.

“The Hammers”, a Hoboken Youth Soccer League team sponsored by Marty Anderson & Associates—The Stair Repair Experts recently won the 2012 Division B championship in a hard fought  4 to 3 victory over “The Italian Festival”.

The Hammers Hoboken Youth Soccer Champs 2012

The victorious team, pictured here are: top row (from left to right): Coach Ainsy Andrews, Troy Reynolds, Theoren Inhulsen, Emma Singleton, Liam McGraw, Francesca Burgos, Haley Wilkins, Kassey Romano, Henry Anderson, Assistant Coach Oscar Buegos. Bottom row (from left to right): Jack Conlon, Sosie Akien, Scarlett Irazzary, Katelyn Bellissimo, Sarah Hurley, Clara Jordan, Luca Florida. Congratulations Hammers!

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December 7, 2012

Hoboken High School Redwings Capture State Football Championship! – Parade Monday at 3:30pm

Here is some good news to make Hoboken sports fans proud from the City of Hoboken….

Hoboken High School Redwings Capture State Football Championship!

– Parade on Monday December 11th at 3:30pm

The Hoboken High School Football Team won the 9th State Championship in program history on Friday evening at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. After breezing by their first two rounds of playoff opponents by a combined score of 89 to 14, the Redwings defeated Roselle Park High School 39 to 9 to secure the Group I North II Championship. The Redwings, led by Coach Lou Taglieri and his staff, will be honored in a parade on Monday, December 10th. The parade will begin at 11th Street and Washington Street at 3:30pm and will conclude at City Hall at 94 Washington Street.

“Congratulations to the Redwings football team, Coach Lou Taglieri, and his staff, for an amazing season and for bringing the State Championship back to Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We invite the community to join us for a parade on Monday to celebrate their great accomplishment.”

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