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March 11, 2013

Heard on the Street – Apple Store Coming to Hoboken at Former Tutta Pasta Location?

Tutta Pasta to be a Apple Store Hoboken NJ

This has not been officially confirmed yet but according to several sources known to TheBoken.com an Apple Store is finally coming to Hoboken. The store has been reported be at the former Tutta Pasta and Lounge 200 location at the Northeast corner of 2nd and Washington Streets in Hoboken, NJ. This passes the feasibility test based on the following pieces of information TheBoken.com was able to extract from several reliable sources (that were not some anonymous blogger on another nefarious website in town) In other words I had to verify some of this before publishing…..

  • Apple has purportedly looked at other larger retail locations before in Hoboken like Blockbuster.
  • Apple products fit the higher income Hoboken demographic well.
  • Other chains are starting to come here like Baby Gap and Anthropologie.
  • The rent being paid for both floors of this location is rumored to be around $40,000. Who else but Apple could possibly afford it?
  • If both floors are rented it could be big enough for an Apple Store. 
  • The location is even closer to the PATH which could draw in even more foot traffic.
  • Both Tutta Pasta and 200 Lounge (apparently) have shut down so something new is going into that location.

These factors indicate that there is a good chance that this could lead to an Apple store.  If this turns out to be true this would dramatically boost the Hoboken retail landscape. Apple products are popular but watch out the droid is becoming very popular. Of course we already have enough cell phone stores to handle that demand.

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February 18, 2013

Holy Strollers – Baby Gap Coming to Hoboken – Washington Street Shuffle Continues

According to signage a Baby Gap is apparently coming to Hoboken’s Washington Street soon. Construction is underway at 220 Washington Street and it appears another chain is coming to Hoboken in addition to Anthropologie. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the other baby themed stores in the Mile Square. With more and more young and in some cases older couples having children it was a matter of time before some baby related chain would try and make a go of it in Hoboken. Parents are staying in Hoboken longer after their first child than say a decade ago so it would seem on paper this is a potentially profitable chain store. Still, with Hoboken’s high rents that is a lot of baby booties to sell to make a buck.

Hoboken Baby Gap

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January 9, 2013

Style Square Coming to 730 Washington Street in Hoboken Soon

Style Kuan - Style Square Hoboken 2

There appears to be a new fashion related store named Style Square coming to 730 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. The LLC that is behind it is Style Khan LLC and they have a permit for new exterior lighting. It is a matter of time until we have another fashion related retail store on Washington Street.

Style Kuan 730 Washington Street Hoboken

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January 8, 2013

The Tux Shop Leaves Hoboken for Bayonne

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The Tux Shop Hoboken

The Tux Shop at 341 Bloomfield Street in Hoboken has packed their bags and is moving to 719 Broadway in  Bayonne, NJ. Their number there will be 201-436-5210. They are promising a larger selection and same day service with the move and likely they will have lower rent and more space to provide their services. This is yet another business in Hoboken that has shuffled or moved out of Hoboken in recent months. Here is wishing them well at their new location.


The Tux Shop - Hoboken to Bayonne NJ

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November 19, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle- Ash Fine Cigars Comes to Lower Washington Street in Hoboken and More Construction

Here are a few updates on businesses on Washington Street in Hoboken observed November 19th, 2012…

Ash Cigars in Hoboken Open

Ash Fine Cigars is now open in Hoboken serving the sophisticated Hoboken smoker with all of their smoking needs. They are located at 203 Washington Street and the store is very nicely laid out.

Whiskey bar renovation - whole building in Hoboken

The Whiskey Bar is currently closed and under extensive renovations. The renovations are extensive and involve taking out the whole back of the building and redoing every floor over at 125 Washington Street.

Former Blockbuster Store Site Hoboken

Finally, work has begun at 420 Washington Street after the Spirit Halloween popup store packed up after their seasonal sales. The store is now being gutted perhaps for a new tenant which was at one time rumored to be Anthropologie.

Those are the updates for now. If you have any more tips and would like to share please send email to TheBoken@gmail.com.

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November 16, 2012

Anastasia’s Accessories in Hoboken Going Out of Business Sale – 30% off

Anastasia’s Accessories, established in 1989 in Hoboken, N.J is unfortunately going out of business. Hurricane Sandy apparently packed too big of a punch for this Hoboken business that lasted 24 years.Here is their note below…

“We are sad to announce that Anastasia’s Accessories sustained significant damage from Hurricane Sandy.
While we managed to save most of our merchandise, our losses were great. Our front door, some inventory, our counter, cabinets, flooring, supplies, furniture, and fixtures were all destroyed or damaged.

Having only rebuilt a year ago from flooding as a result of Hurricane Irene, this time we have decided not to rebuild.

We have had the extreme pleasure of helping you and your friends and family shop for many beautiful items over 24 years and we are offering you one last chance to do so. We are open for business for just a few weeks to liquidate our inventory and display items. Please visit the store, make your final purchases, talk over old times and help us to celebrate 24 amazing years!”

Below is the going out of business sales flier….

Anastasia’s Accessories

Address: 88 Garden Street Hoboken, NJ 07030

Phone: 201-792-7330



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Washington Street Shuffle – Stone Hut Closing End of November – 25% off Sale

The Stone Hut located at 1028 Washington Street will be closing at the end of November.  Everything is 25% off except Trollbeads and Lighting.  The display cases are all for sale. The owners would like to thank everyone for supporting them!  They hope to see their customers  at their store in Long Branch, NJ.

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October 26, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle – Ash Cigars coming soon to 203 Washington Street Hoboken

There is a promising new store up that sells cigars and accessories and it is coming to Hoboken soon….

Ash Cigars is coming soon to do business soon at 203 Washington Street in Hoboken. They appear to be going through the final setup stages and sell fine cigars and accessories.

This is the former Prudential Realty office site that has now moved up between 6th and 7th and Washington Street.

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October 18, 2012

Amazon Locker at Hoboken’s 7-Eleven Convenience Store on Washington Street!

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Amazon has partnered with the Hoboken 7-Eleven on 422 Washington Street to install an Amazon Locker at this location. The idea is instead of using Fedex or UPS directly and getting those notices that they attempted delivery when you were not home, you can just go to the Amazon Locker and pick up your packages with less hassle. For those who live in walk-up buildings that could be advantageous, especially in Midtown Hoboken . Now that’s convenience for you online shoppers! Especially if you like a “Slurpie”!

Yet another feature added for Hoboken’s 7-Eleven store.

7-Eleven Hoboken New Jersey

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September 28, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle – Recent Changes to the Hoboken Retail Street-scape

Here are some recent changes additions and subtractions to Washington Street in Hoboken that TheBoken.com has recently observed. Please note that this is not complete and feel free to send any tips to theboken@gmail.com about any changes in businesses going on in the Mile Square.

Urban Nesters Gets Signage- Urban Nesters, a store located at 706 Washington Street that sells home furnishings and decor, custom furniture and re-purposed antiques recently got their signage and exterior lighting installed. They opened up earlier this year and business was brisk before they got their signage. Now people will know the brand name behind artfully executed custom furniture at reasonable prices and so much more.

Muscle Maker Grill Opens at 217 Washington Street- This chain offers healthy meals for those on the go but it is not fast food and is made to order. They deliver as well and the delivery fee is $1.50.

Muscle Maker Grill Hoboken Exterior #1

Chipotle Grill to come to 229 Washington Street soon-  This Mexican fast food eatery chain founded in 1993 emphasizes sustainability and better food practices such as naturally raised chicken, pork and beef and was and early adopter the elimination of  trans fats. Now they will be in Hoboken soon.

Chipotle Grill Hoboken

Red Mango is set to join the Hoboken Fro-Yo craze- Red Mango a well regarded frozen yogurt chain will throw its hat in the ring in Hoboken with a bunch of ice cream and frozen yogurt shops already established. The location is at 213 Washington Street and the construction has been going on for a while.

Red Mango Hoboken

Famous Pizza replaces Pome Frittes at 207 Washington Street- They were initially set to be Famous Artichoke Pizza but it turns out that name was already taken in NYC. Now that that Trademark dispute seems to be settled they will make a go of it at this location. And yes, they serve artichoke pizza as well as the standard pizza fare.

Famous Pizza Hoboken

Ricky’s Popup Halloween Store Opens Again for Fall Season- Located at 222 Washington Street, this is one of two stores that will allow most people to pick up just about anything they need to make a

Ricky's Halloween Popup Store

Maoz Vegetarian at 315 Washington Street Papered Up- This vegetarian shop is either under renovation or closed. Stay tuned to see what happens with this location.

Maoz Hoboken Closed or Not

UPS Store coming to Hoboken at 330 Washington Street- We already have a FedEx store so why not a UPS store? This should be a fairly convenient location for many in Hoboken who send out a lot of packages and would prefer to ship out in a store.

UPS Store Hoboken

Sprint store at 416 Washington Street has been open for a while - The major players are AT&T, Verizon, and T Mobile but Sprint is still sticking around hoping to capture some of the high end cell phone market in this affluent city.

Sprint Store Hoboken

Spirit Halloween Popup Store Opening Soon (or Open)- Spirit is a Halloween Popup store located at the former Blockbuster Store at 420 Washington Street location. They have some pretty cool costumes as well as animation gadgets for the home that are downright ghoulish. You know it is Fall when these stores hit Hoboken.

Spirit Popup Store Hoboken 2012 Hiring

Adios Sol Caibe, Hola Sabores!- Sol Caribe closed its doors at 518 Washington Street and is now open as Sabores and under new management. This location has unfortunately seen a lot of turnover over recent years and for once we hope that a concept pans out and has a good run.

Sabores Hoboken

Lana Santorelli Gallery- This Art Gallery at 628 Washington Street stated packing up last week and has moved. When we get the location we will let you know. The high rent of Washington Street could have been a factor.

Lana Santorelli Gallery for Rent

Ibby’s location at 614 Washington Street still up for rent- As of yet no takers after this falafel place failed to compete with Mamoun’s which has done well since it opened up down the street.

Ibby's Hoboken Closed

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