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November 19, 2012

Papaya Dog Now Open in Hoboken! Hot Diggity Dog!

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Papaya Dog is now open in Hoboken at 55 Newark St Hoboken, NJ 07030. This is the second hot dog establishment to recently open up in the area, the other being Windmill hot dogs. Papaya Dog is from the same owner of  Basile’s Pizza and their product closely resembles that of Papaya Dog and Papaya King in New York City with an inexpensive menu. They are running a November special of two hot dogs and a soda for $2.99.


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March 16, 2012

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Court Street in Hoboken March 17th and 18th

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Court Street In Hoboken!

Join them on Saturday, March 17th and Sunday March 18th to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Featuring their Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage as well as

Their Regular Menu and Hot Corned Beef Sandwiches in the Bar


  • Saturday 4:30pm – 11pm
  • Sunday 4:30pm – 10pm
  • Brunch on Sunday 11am – 3pm

Court Street Restaurant and Bar

Address: 61 Sixth Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201.795.4515

Note: TheBoken.com had the Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner yesterday and it did not disappoint. The meat was very tender and almost fell off the fork and had a very nice taste to it. It might not be as monstrous in portions as their Monday night Prime Rib special but it hit the spot and at $15.99 is a fair value. Every year Court Street prepares this special meal and regulars do come back for it year after year. As a result reservations are recommended.


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September 13, 2011

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club (Formerly Buskers) Open for Business

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club, formerly Buskers has re-opened their doors this week in what TheBoken likes to call a restaurant reboot.  A source of TheBoken’s sent us a very long email/letter (29 pages worth)  from management citing a whole litany of issues when the place was run under the name Buskers. The reader pointed out that while the email made some good points the tone of the letter left a lot to be desired. This source strongly thought it came across as talking down to people and wanted to remind readers that even though the name has changed the management has not. Point taken but….

TheBoken does know this; running a bar/restaurant in Hoboken or anywhere for that matter is a tough business. Whether due to constant staff fluctuations exacerbated by the transient nature of Hoboken, high rent and limits on prices one can charge vs. New York City, it is a tough business to manage well. While Hoboken has plenty of weekend visitors it also has plenty of competition.

Here is wishing the management team well in their success in trying to reboot the restaurant and give it another go. TheBoken read the long email from management and while it could be construed as poorly written and perceived as condescending, it also shows that at least one of the partners who wrote the letter is passionate about making the business better. Whether or not they succeed in that endeavor will depend on their managerial skill set and the quality of hires that they make.

Honestly to an outsider, TheBoken has visited the former business Buskers on occasion and received service ranging from adequate to very good but it was a small sample size as we were not regulars there.  There would have been no reason to suspect the number of issues that management felt was a problem. We are pretty easy going over at TheBoken and there was an editorial temptation to print the whole letter but we feel that it was just too much inside information and it is best to reboot and move forward. Time will tell if the vision for improvement of the owners is met.

Enough with drama; get your drink on and try the food as well at Hoboken’s latest establishment to open/re-open their doors:

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club (formerly Buskers)

Address: 94 Bloomfield Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 420-9222

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July 18, 2011

Zylo Steak House in Hoboken: $5 Dollar Burgers Monday July 18

Mmm Burger, and cheap at that! Zylo Tuscan Steakhouse in Hoboken is offering $5 dollar burgers this Monday night July 18 from 5 to 8 pm.  Their burgers are topped with crispy pancetta, caramelized onions and cheddar and served on a brioche bun.

Zylo Steakhouse is located at the W Hotel with address 225 River Street in Hoboken, NJ 07030. Their phone is 201.253.2500 and their website is http://www.cornerstonerestaurants.com/zylo/index.html.

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May 6, 2011

On Being a Caveman at Arthur’s Tavern – Marley’s Mile Square Mangia

To me, Arthur’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ is a prehistoric mountain-man experience. It is a place where glistening meat trumps the likes of anything green, organic, or fibrous. The burgers are beefy and the steaks are about the size of your head.  Basically, it is the perfect place to bring your boyfriend for his birthday.


The menu at Arthur’s is simple, but powerful. Mike and I carefully chose Arthur’s garlic bread, the 24 oz steak, BBQ ribs, sauteed mushrooms, and the famous potatoes. A gruff, efficient waitress brought us our pitcher of Sam Adams, complimentary pickles, hot peppers, and “health salad”. It was a refreshing start to the feeding frenzy. Then, literally, a stork from heaven dropped a bundled loaf of steaming, cheesy garlic bread on the red checkered table. It changed my life forever. If you do nothing else this year, go to Arthur’s and get the garlic bread. For heaven’s sake, make it your last meal!

Moving on…I tore into the ribs like a saber-tooth tiger. They were a gigantic display, falling off the bone, and not overly-saucy. Mike carved the steak and slapped half on my plate. The flavor of the steak was excellent, but the texture was a bit too fatty for my liking. I focused on my delicious woolly mammoth ribs.  The potatoes were a lot like hash browns, and the mushrooms were a succulent accompaniment to the meal. No cream spinach in site! Remember, this is not a typical New York steakhouse. This is an American meatstablishment.

We left Arthur’s completely satiated. It was an excellent feeling. I learned that fulfilling carnivores caveman cravings every now and then is completely necessary. And! There is an Arther’s Tavern in Morris Plains, NJ. So, there’s no escaping your inner Neanderthal!

Arthur’s Tavern website http://www.arthurstavern.com/

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April 7, 2011

Christin’s Morning Spoon: Legal Beans

Instead of the typical Sunday morning brunch, I mixed it up this weekend and went on Saturday.  Being that it was such a beautiful day, I took a nice stroll down Garden (my favorite street in Hoboken) to Legal Beans, located on Garden Street between Newark and 1st Streets.

Not too crowded. My first two weekend brunches had thirty plus minute waits.  Lucky for me, Legal Beans had plenty of open tables when I popped in at 11:30 on a Saturday morning.  The hostess gave us a choice of at least five tables scattered throughout the restaurant.

While walking to a corner table, I was distracted by a glass case filled with cupcakes and cookies.  The cupcakes were gigantic and only $2.50.  Unfortunately after a large breakfast I didn’t save room for dessert!

Homey Environment. The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked in was how bright and welcoming Legal Beans was.  The large glass windows on the street side let in a lot of sunlight and are perfect for people watching.  The booths (where we sat) are worn, but comfortable, making you feel like you are at home.  Nixing standard bar feel of the many new restaurants along Washington, Legal Bean offers a laid-back feel that reflects the uniqueness of a hidden local gem.

Drinks. After the mile stroll downtown to Legal Beans, I was in desperate need of a refreshing drink to quench my thirst.  I’m not much of an avid soda drinker so I was very excited to see a few varieties of iced tea and freshly squeezed lemonade on the menu.  They offer favor-filled shots of strawberry, watermelon and even mint mojito to give your lemonade a little something extra.  I tried the 24 ounce strawberry lemonade.  Very refreshing!

As expected, Legal Beans has a large variety of coffee and teas.  My breakfast buddy had the Tiger Spice Chai Tea.  Once it cooled down enough I gave it a try.  It was delicious, although he said it was a bit on the sweet side for his taste.  Unfortunately, missing from their drink menu are breakfast cocktails.

Tasty food, Quick Service. The menu features numerous egg dishes and breakfast staples:  pancakes, waffles and French toast.  If you are leaning more towards lunch, they offer a large selection of salads and sandwiches served with home-made macaroni salad (the table next to us order the macaroni salad and it looked great!).  Although the meals lack the flamboyance of other breakfast spot offerings, Legal Beans focuses on providing delicious, standard breakfast offerings at a reasonable price.

One meal in particular jumped out at me, The B-fast Wrap.  Surprisingly, I’ve never had a wrap for breakfast and was eager to try something different.  The B-fast Wrap has scrambled eggs, potatoes, ham, cheese and peppers wrapped in a wheat wrap.  Just reading the description made me even hungrier.

Luckily, our meals came within ten minutes.  My B-fast Wrap was served with a side of salsa for dipping and a fresh fruit salad.  It had a lot of great flavors all packed into one bite.  My breakfast buddy also had eggs; an omelet with spinach and feta cheese.  He said his omelet was, “solid, but not spectacular” and loved the home fries.

Kid Friendly. One thing that distinguishes Legal Beans from many other places in Hoboken is how kid friendly the restaurant is.  There were many family-filled tables with kids snacking on fruit and cheerios brought from home.  Because of the quick service, it is a great place to bring kids who may not be able to handle going out for long meals quite yet.  The speedy service allows you to enjoy your meal and leave before the first cry or complaint.  In fact, one couple with a small child called ahead to place their order, sowhen they arrived their food was ready to be served.


Out of five spoons, I give Legal Beans three and a half.  Although the menu items lacked the flair of other Hoboken establishments, the food was tasty and perfectly priced.  It was the perfect place for a relaxing, laid-back brunch.  There was no pressure from a line of hungry people waiting outside, so we were able to enjoy our meal at our own pace.

Next weekend I will be trying Elysian Café with a girlfriend from work.  A year and a half ago I had a failed attempt there after a long night out with the girls.  All of my girlfriends loved it so hopefully I will be able to make it there this weekend!

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April 4, 2011

Court Street Lobsterfest Beats Spring Blues- Marley’s Mile Square Mangia

Seafood speaks of summertime, shore houses, and dining while sunburned. In Hoboken, these are the very feelings we long for as we throw on our horrid down jackets this frigid Spring. I have found that the only way to combat this relentless winter weather is to eat the king of seafood himself, the master of all ocean fruits…the shiny red lobster.

If you live in North Jersey, forget about Red Lobster. Come to Hoboken’s Court Street on Wednesday nights year roundand Saturday nights in the summer for an amazing lobster dinner deal. They call it “Lobsterfest”. I call it “My New Wednesday Obsession”. We’re talking $18.95 for a 1.25 lb lobster, choice of soup or salad, potato, and vegetable of the day. This past week, my boyfriend, his twin sister and I tried this fruit of the sea feast on their birthday. It was a delicious (and affordable!) treat that exceeded our expectations. The lobsters were perfectly sized (you can opt for larger sized sea beasts for an additional cost) and the sides were plentiful. I chose au gratin potatoes, which were served with a delicious whipped carrot/sweet potato accompaniment and sauteed kale.

The wine selection at Court Street is notoriously fabulous, so be sure to treat yourself. Mike chose a very nice New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (which he swirled and sniffed elegantly) for the three of us. The wine paired wonderfully with the red monsters of the deep, our new lobster friends.

Check out Court Street’s website at http://www.courtstreet.com/. You’ll find me tucking into their $16.95 Prime Rib Night very soon.

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March 21, 2011

Black Bear and Mexican Mondays

Black Bear’s Monday Special goes by the moniker “Mexican Mondays”.

Enjoy Authentic Creations for their kitchen as well as:
$3 Coronas and Corna Lights
$3 DOS XX Lager and DOS XX Amber
$3 Margaritas
$13 Margarita Pitchers

Half price all drafts and appetizers

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March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras Menu Snapshots: The Village Pourhouse

Reader Courtney sent in these photos of a special drink and dish from the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken located on 205 First Street from Fat Tuesday last night. Their website is: http://hoboken.villagepourhouse.com/.

Village Pourhouse Drinks -Courtney

Village Pour House – Hand Grenades

Village Pourhouse shrimp Creole-Courtney

Shrimp Creole at the Village Pour House in Hoboken

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