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June 27, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle- The Latest on Hoboken’s Premier Retail Street

Here is a the latest update on the ever shifting business landscape on Washington in Hoboken. By no means is it complete and this week’s focus is below 8th Street….

Artichoke Pizza Court?

Famous Artichoke Pizza is set to open up at 207 Washington Street soon at the former Fresh Pommes Frites site but not without its share of controversy. Artichoke Pizza (http://artichokepizza.com/) is a 4 restaurant chain in NYC that is in no way affiliated with this new store opening in Hoboken. It has been reported in local media that two former employees are opening up this store and insist that their name is different as well as the recipe. Expect to potentially see this hit the courts before the grand opening assuming the owner of Artichoke Pizza in NYC can get on the docket.

Matt and Meera Open a BYOB Restaurant

Matt and Meera, located at 618 Washington Street opened up this week in Hoboken and is an Indian inspired restaurant but not Indian. No food review yet but their menu is below in a link. The interior is nicely done and the menu inexpensive based on solely on price. Hopefully Matt and Meera opening a restaurant has a lot more taste than Zack and Miri Make a Porn (actual movie title). We look forward to trying it ourselves and not some contrived quid quo pro “I will work for food” tasting that in no way reflects what the customers will get based on some megalomaniac’s hater blog of retail coercion. You simply can’t trust that source on anything, even food related.

Matt and Meera Menu Hoboken 6-26-2012

Oh Sweet Serenity! Another Closure on Washington Street

Serenity Boutique, A woman’s and children’s boutique has closed its doors at 736 Washington Street. The world of woman’s clothing store retail is a harsh one with even the venerable Jesse James recently closing as well. Perhaps there is an excess of women’s clothing stores in Hoboken. Then again clothing store Anthology between 7th and 8th on Washington Street seems to consistently do a booming business. Getting the right mix of clothes and the right price point can be difficult. Rent can always be an issue but at the end of the day TheBoken.com believes if  a store can establish the right mix of product at the right prices, it can succeed in Hoboken. Blathering on about parking being the exclusive cause like some other unbalanced blogger in town does is simply is a cop out and shows a lack of business acumen.

TheBoken.com of course is sorry to see this business owner not be able to stay open. Success sometimes comes from failure. Look at Lebron James this year. He had to lose an NBA title before he could win one.

Prudential Realty Moving

A Prudential Move?

Prudential Castle Point Reality is scheduled to move uptown at 626 Washington Street as of July 1st according to their signage.

Prudential Realty Moving to 626 Washington Street

Sprint Store Hoboken

Its a Sprint to Get More Cell Phone Share!

The Sprint Store at 416 Washington Street has signage which usually indicates that the opening could be soon. Yeah, another cell phone store on Washington Street! Yippee!


A Longtime Business Passes On

Hoboken Antiques located at 511 Washington Street recently had their owner Dora Stern pass on after many years in Hoboken as a business.  Medicine Man Pharmacy is slated to replace this store and perhaps pickup as a mid-town replacement to Barron’s Drug which served the Hoboken community well for many years until they sold off their customer list to Walgreen’s Pharmacy.

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May 31, 2012

Washington Street Shuffle – Medicine Man Pharmacy And Compounding Coming Soon to Hoboken

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding Hoboken 511 Washington Street

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding will be coming to Hoboken soon at the former location of Hoboken Antiques at 511 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ. This summary of what they do is from their website http://medicinemanrx.com/:

“Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding is a full line pharmacy. We offer our patients personalized health care, which includes; medication therapy management, complimentary and alternative medicine, homeopathy, compounding, monitoring of chronic disease states, and many more tailored health care services. Visit our store and learn how we help our patients live their lives to the fullest.”

After Barron’s Drug closed shop in midtown last year and sold their customer list to Walgreen’s, it is nice to see someone try to make a go of it and attempt to service the people’s pharmaceutical needs with a customer focused approach. At least that is how they are advertising it. For mid-towners like me this could make picking up medication even easier.

Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding

Address: 511 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Phone:  (201) 555-5555

Fax: (201) 555-5555

Website: http://medicinemanrx.com/


Medicine Man Pharmacy & Compounding Hoboken 511 Washington Street

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