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April 11, 2012

The Great Outdoors: 10 Tips to Eating/Drinking Outside from Hoboken’s Drunken Polar Bear

It’s getting warmer and summer is right around the corner.  We’ve slowly inched up the thermometer to shorts and hoodie weather (the best time of year).  Living in Hoboken, warmer weather brings us beautiful tree-lined streets, waterfront walkways, plenty of parks and outdoor seating any many bars and restaurants.  After many years in Hoboken, I’ve amassed some best practices to dinning and drinking outside in Hoboken.  I’m sure I will miss a thing or two so please add to it in the comments below.

(Editorial note: unlike other local blogs, I promise not to launch into a low carb induced childish diatribe on why the city doesn’t let bars/restaurants open outdoor seating before April 1st.  Normally, it’s very cold between Dec  1st and April 1st so it’s not worth the pixels.  And it’s spring – be happy!)

  1. Pick the Place – the first, and most obvious step, is picking where you’re going to enjoy the outdoors.  I thought about making a list, but with bars/restaurants changing their outdoor layout year to year it’s always changing.  Regardless, I estimate there are over 75 places to sit outside.
  2. Time It Right – Bin 14 has 90 minute wait for outside seating at 8pm on a Saturday night?  Shocking!  Many other Hobokenites like you will be flocking to locales with outdoor seating for happy hour and weekend dinners.  Get there early and have a few cocktails first to guarantee a good seat.
  3. Have a Back Up Plan – especially on those nice days there are going to be some long waits on good outdoor seating.  If your plan is to enjoy the outdoors, pick a backup bar nearby in case the wait is too long.
  4. Rooftop Ruckus – there are only two rooftop bars/restaurants in Hoboken (City Bistro & Dubliner) and they are always crowded.  While City Bistro is just a deck with no tables, I have found a great time to sneak up to the Dubliner roof is early evening (5-7pm) where you can probably grab a table.
  5. On the Waterfront – just like the rooftops there are just a few options for waterfront seating on Sinatra drive.  Plan ahead and make a reservation.  And cross your fingers.
  6. Dress the Part – if you’re walking around town your blood is flowing and you’re going to get warm, but when you’re sitting outside eating and drinking it’s going to be cold and a little windy.  Bring an extra coat, sweater, sweatshirt, shawl, etc.  Sunglasses are also a must.
  7. Find a Good Special – tons of bars and restaurants have great happy hour and daytime specials.  Nothing beats enjoying the afternoon outside with a bucket of cold beers or sangria pitchers.
  8. Crammed Quarters – in an ideal world there would be big couches and plush chairs we can sit on outside, but most outdoor seating in a little tighter than normal.  Don’t bring too much with you (bags and stuff) and be flexible about moving around a little bit.
  9. Thar’ She Blows – shocking to nobody in Hoboken, it gets windy from time to time.  Napkins, food, glasses, silverware all gets whisked away from time to time.  Make sure to be ready for the winds.
  10. People Watching – one of my and many outdoor enthusiast’s favorite urban sports.  Besides enjoying the weather and fine food/drink, the best part of sitting outside is taking in all the foot traffic.  Have fun with it!

In no way is this a comprehensive list, but here a few good places to sit outside by area:

-          Uptown – City Bisto, Pilsener Haus, Bin 14, Liberty Bar, Madison

-          Midtown – Elysian, Turtle Club, Mikie Squared, Stacks, East LA, Far Side, O’ Sullivans

-          Downtown – Brass Rail, McSwiggans, 1 Republik, Texas Arizona, Marty O’Briens, Dubliner, 4L’s

-          Waterfront – 340 Grill, Quays, Trinity, Wicked Wolf

Where’s your favorite bar/restaurant to each outside? Any other tips?

The Drunken Polar Bear

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March 3, 2011

Happy Hour With The Boken on March 3rd

Update: This event is tonight. The Boken can’t wait for this event. Some say third time is a charm. Hope to see you all there – The Boken

The Boken Online team is proud to announce their first Happy Hour event of 2011.  On Thursday March 3rd, join The Boken Online, their friends and fans at The Chandelier Room located on the second floor at the W Hotel over looking the beautiful New York City Skyline!

This will be our third event at the Chandelier Room and each time it gets better.  Last February and May we packed the house with our fans, as everyone sipped on their discounted happy hour cocktails and  took in the great views from the indoor and outdoor bars. 

Check out the invitation below for more details on drink specials.  We look forward to seeing you there and please RSVP by emailing: TheBoken@gmail.com or simply clicking here: FACEBOOK to sign up on our events page.

Chandelier Room March 3

Thank you!

The Boken Online Team

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September 18, 2010

Classic Old School Italian in Hoboken

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You enter not knowing if you should grab a table on your own or maybe order your dinner at the counter.  Then the owner comes out of the kitchen says “take a seat, I’ll come to you” with a strong Italian accent.

Picture 072

Delfino’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria located on the corner of 5th and Jefferson is a staple in the mile square city of Hoboken, NJ.  With pictures on every wall of actors, athletes and just about every Hoboken Mayor this small pizzeria who is better known for the nightly dinner specials offers their dinners an experience to remember.

Last night after enjoying happy hour at Clinton Social and a couple innings of the Yankee game we were looking for a place that would be stroller friendly, casual, cheap and of course good.  We decided on Delfino’s as we heard so much about it from other long time Hoboken restaurants.  We live across the street from Delfino’s and have only stopped in for a quick slice every now and then, but never had a meal inside.

del menu

We grabbed the last table available and studied the hand written specials menu.  Its been a real long since we saw a sloppy written menu and we loved it.  Deciding on rigatoni with meatballs and and two plain slices of pizza.  I ran across the street to our home to grab a bottle of wine as Delfino’s is a BYOB restaurant. 

About ten minutes later the food came out piping hot and it was excellent.  At this point of the evening it was about 8:30pm and their were to party’s of four waiting for tables outside.  I looked at my wife and said, “We have been looking at this pizzeria for how many years and never came in for a meal?”  Just when the owner came over and asked us the same question, “I see you two all the time walking your dog and this is your first time here?”  Sadly we said”yes” but you will see us a lot more often now.

del wall

Delfino’s has been in Hoboken for many years and is owned by two really Italian gentleman that are always present and ready to please you.

To check out their menu click below and be sure to stop in for dinner one evening.


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August 16, 2010

Trivia @ Chandelier Room Wednesday Night ~ Drink & Food Specials

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Chandelier Room Hoboken

This Wednesday evening is the first night of Trivia Wednesday’s at The Chandelier Room on the second floor of The W Hotel in Hoboken, NJ.  The Chandelier known for their beautiful bar overlooking the New York City Skyline will be having Trivia Wednesday’s continuing every Wednesday from 7:30pm-9:30pm. 

There will be Drink and Food Specials through-out the evening which include:
$4.00 Beer Specials
$5.00 Absolute Mixed Drinks
$12.00 Appetizer Platters


The Chandelier Room is featuring Trivia Tryst, a live trivia event that combines game show style questions with music for an exciting happy hour experience, with great prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

We hope to see you there.

@The Boken

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August 15, 2010

Eating at ZYLO in Hoboken on a Budget

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A Beautiful Setting Outside at ZYLO on a Budget

Picture 136

Last night we enjoyed a great meal at ZYLO Tuscan Steak House in Hoboken, NJ, located inside The W Hotel.  The first thing that comes to most peoples minds when they think of ZYLO is “expensive” and we wanted to change that reputation for Hoboken residents and The Boken Online readers.

Zylo Wine

We made a reservation for 7:30pm and were lucky enough to have a table outside on their patio located on Sinatra Drive overlooking the Hudson River and New York City.  After we were seated and had some time to look at the menu and order our drinks which were a glass of wine and a sparkling rose’ which were $10.00 each.  The drinks were served with warm bread and butter

Zylo Bread

Our waiter, Walter, was very pleasant and helped us out with recommendations.  We started with the PROSCIUTTO PIZZA that was $13.00.  A rectangle shaped pizza that is topped with prosciutto, red onion marmellata, shaved fontina cheese and baby arugula.  It was filled with flavor and cooked perfectly.

Zylo Pasta 1 Zylo Pasta

After the pizza we decided to keep it simple and order two pasta dishes.  One dish ordered was a half portion of RICOTTA GNOCCHI which was only $12.00.  It was still a large portion and consisted of gnocchi stuffed with ricotta topped with eirloom pomodoro, parmigiano reggiano and basil.  I went with a full portion of their ORECCHIETTE  which put us back $16.00.  It was a delicious dish, consisting of spicy lamb sausage & broccoli rabe on top of eared shaped pasta.

The meal was outstanding, the service was flawless and the setting outside on such a great evening could not have been any perfect.  Give ZYLO Restaurant a try.  If you order smart, you will find yourself enjoying a great meal with out emptying your wallet. 

@The Boken

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CRUMBS Bake Shop Adds Outside Seating

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CRUMBS Bake Shop located at 409 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ added outside seating recently.  Enjoy a delicious cupcake at CRUMBS while you have a seat outside on Washington Street. 

What is your favorite Cupcake in Hoboken?  Share you answer below in the comment section.

@The Boken

Picture 158

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August 7, 2010

No Plans? Get Some Ideas From The Boken

A great weekend forecast is planned here in Hoboken.  What are your plans?  Take a look at The Boken’s favorite places to enjoy good food, drink and much more on a great summer day in Hoboken.

Picture 044

Breakfast: Grab a bagel from Hoboken Bagel and take a walk to Stevens and enjoy a park bench with an awesome view of NYC.

Brunch:  Sit outside at Gaslight on Fourth and Adams, enjoy a good morning buzz with 2 Gaslight Manmosas.

Lunch:  Any sandwich at Park & Sixth is awesome.  Grab a seat outside at their tables and enjoy.

A Jog: Start at Pier A and make your way down the river into Jersey City.  Enjoy the views during your entire jog.

Jersey City 015

PATH RIDE:  Most of us commute to New York every morning, so it is the last thing some of us want to do.  But a short PATH ride to Christopher Street is always fun.  Just walking around the city streets is entertaining.  Grab a drink or two at some pubs and enjoy a cupcake from Magnolia’s.

Summer in Hoboken 009

Parents:  Are your parents thinking about coming to town?  Pick a restaurant that validates parking so they don’t have to pay.  Can we suggest dinner at Cucharamma?

Jersey City:  So much to do in such a large city!  The Boken often heads over to the Paulis Hook section via car or Light Rail.  Enjoy the old streets, the great views and most of all the fabulous restaurants.  Marco & Pepe and Light Horse are two of our favorites.  A drink on the roof at Iron Monkey is always enjoyable.

Jersey City 013

Dinner:  Sneak into Augustino’s and grab a bar seat!  You will not be disappointed.

Drinks:  With barely no specials around Hoboken on a Saturday evening we suggest enjoying the great weather at either City Bistro or Dubliner.  They both have roof tops.


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August 6, 2010

Great Breakfast at Panera Bread

The Boken’s Bang For Your Buck At Panera Bread

Picture 008 Earlier this week we were looking to grab a quick sit down breakfast while heading to work. A couple caveats – it needed to be quick, it needed to be en route to the PATH, and we needed to be able to sit outside with the pooch.

Picture 007
We decided to grab breakfast at Panera – not a Hoboken mom and pop café – but it did the trick! We got a sausage, egg & cheese on an everything bagel for $3.79, and a bacon, egg & cheese on sourdough toast for 3.79. Two medium iced coffees at only $1.79 a pop, and we were all set.

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July 20, 2010

Setting up at The St. Ann’s Festival

The Saint Ann’s Italian Festival is only hours away and all the vendors are ready for a long couple of days of heat, food and money!  The festival begins Wednesday July 21 and end Monday evening July 26th. 

I took a walk by this afternoon at 4pm to check out the set up process for one of the biggest events in Hoboken every year and it was quite the project.  Most of the food stands were assembled and ready for business and some of the rides were being constructed.  The most important food stand looks like it was saved for last!  The Saint Ann’s Zeppole stand!  The line to enjoy fried dough will always be long but every year and of course we wait and wait on that line to enjoy it.  There is nothing like it! 

The beer garden is another popular spot to spend an evening.  You can enjoy everything from a draft beer to the Madison Street Margarita.  See all the drink choices and prices below.

If you enjoy live music then this festival is for you.  Check out the live music schedule for the entire weekend here: SAINT ANN’S LIVE MUSIC.

Take a look at the pictures below and stay tuned to The Boken Online throughout the weekend for updates on The Saint Ann’s Festival in Hoboken, NJ.

St. Anns 023

 St. Anns 002 St. Anns 003 St. Anns 004 St. Anns 005

St. Anns 012

This is where all the action takes place. Fried Dough at its finest

St. Anns 006 St. Anns 007 St. Anns 008 St. Anns 009 St. Anns 010    St. Anns 014 St. Anns 015 St. Anns 016 St. Anns 017 St. Anns 018 St. Anns 019 St. Anns 020 St. Anns 021 St. Anns 022  St. Anns 024 St. Anns 025 St. Anns 026 St. Anns 027 St. Anns 028

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Outside Seating Available on Newark Street in Hoboken

We noticed that two places located on Newark Street between Hudson and Washington Street have added outdoor seating.  Re – Juice – a Nation located at 64 Newark Street and the recently opened “Taco Truck” at 62 Newark Street both have added outside seating for their clients to enjoy some good food and drinks while people watching on prime real estate here in Hoboken, NJ.  Some residents have already expressed that this location should not have outside seating as it cuts the side walk in half and can be dangerous during peak rush hours.  What are your feelings?
 See pictures below.

Re – Juice – a -Nation

Seating available for 7 or 8 people outside Re – Juice – a - Nation

The Taco Truck Hoboken

Seating for 6 people outside the new Taco Truck on Newark Street.


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