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September 7, 2013

NY Jets Kickoff Recap at Pier Last Night– Featuring The Aviators Drumline with Video

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The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

Last night at Pier A Park in Hoboken the NFL team the NY Jets hosted a 2013 kickoff event in the open space. The weather was great and the event featured a raffle, autograph sessions with selected NJ Jets alumni, beer tent, inflatable slide for the kids, live music and The Aviators drum team that plays at NJ Jets Home games.   Joe Pardavila from 95.5 WPLJ was MC and the band  “Ready in 10” played a few sets.  The meet and greet featured  Jets alumnus wide receiver Wesley Walker, No. 85, and performances by the Flight Crew Cheerleaders and Jets Aviators Drumline.The Aviators is a talented group of drummers that was recently formed according to the NJ Jets website and they made the event fun. Some photos and video of the event featuring the Aviators is below……

The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

The Aviators - NY Jets 2013 Kickoff Hoboken Pier A

Below are some video highlights of The Aviators at Pier A Park in Hoboken 9/6/2013:

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October 24, 2012

Hoboken’s Chandelier Room Football Sundays Starting Sunday October 28th

The Chandelier Room is now hosting an NFL  football party every Sunday, starting this week. They have the Direct TV Sunday Ticket and they will  be showing all the games. Games start at 1pm!
They will have the following specials:
  • $4 Beers
  • $5 Mixed Drink Specials
  • Food Specials all day

Chandelier Room
Address: 225 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-253-2520
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September 29, 2012

Sunday Fundays at Wicked Wolf Tavern–Live DJ and Specials for Hoboken NFL Fans

Sunday Fundays are back at the Wicked Wolf. They have been anxiously awaiting this day since February 5th when the Giants won the Super Bowl. This year it only gets better with the following deals…

Sunday Funday Wicked Wolf Hoboken 2012 flierSpecials:

  • $Bud Light Drafts
  • $15 Bud Light Towers
  • $15 Bud Light Buckets
  • 50 Cent Wings

Sound will be on for big games and they will have a DJ during commercial breaks all day long.  The Wicked Wolf of Hoboken is located at 120 Sinatra Drive in Hoboken, NJ. Get there early as there can be a wait in line due to the bar’s popularity for sporting events.

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August 29, 2012

West Five Supper Club Football Sundays in Hoboken – A Chance to Win Free Vacation Every Week!

West Five Supper Club Football Sundays 2012 - NFL

The fall is almost upon us and the West Five Supper Club has the following Sunday Plans for Hoboken Football fans and visitors…..

Sunday Football at the West Five – Every Game, Every Sunday

Party with the West Five every Sunday for a chance to party them in some of the Best party cities around!

Brand new this Fall Season they  are throwing a fun Sunday Football Party and the bottom line is they are giving away a vacation every Sunday.  Airfare and hotel to the hottest areas in the world.  Cancun, New Orleans… and Week One will be in Las Vegas!

In Addition, the best DJ’s are all back for the Fall Season and SUNDAY FOOTBALL.  Spinning before, after and during commercials to keep you fired up all game day.  T-Shirt giveaways, $4 Shot Wheel, 50 cent wings, and $12 pitchers of Coors Light all day!  If you need a ride, call their Shuttle Service Anywhere in Hoboken 201-665-8667.

Note: To be eligible for the vacation you have to be one of the first 100 people to show up and have a bar tab, so get there early.


  • Week 1 Las Vegas
  • Week 2 Jamaica
  • Week 3 Bahamas
  • Week 4 Cancun
  • Week 5 New Orleans
  • Week 6 Puerto Rico
  • Week 7 Miami
  • Week 8 Acapulco
  • Week 9 Aruba
  • Week 10 Cabo San Lucas
  • Week 11 San Fransisco
  • Week 12 Puerto Vallarta
  • Week 13 Vegas
  • Week 14 Jamaica
  • Week 15 Bahamas
  • Week 16 Cancun
  • Week 17 New Orleans

The West Five Supper Club is located at 505 Madison Street Hoboken, NJ and caters to the club crowd but with this offering they seem to be reaching out to the football fans as well.

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May 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Not in Hoboken – Never has Been Here!

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According To Newsday website yesterday new New York Jets QB Tim Tebow shot down reports that he recently settled into Eli Manning‘s town. “I don’t live in Hoboken,” he said. “I’ve never even been to Hoboken”.

Link to Story: http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/tebow-s-dog-a-bronx-tail-1.3711818

Editor’s Note:  TheBoken.com only published this story after the NY Post did a piece on it with the link below….

Original Story: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/tim_eli_home_game_iG2cKPF0JipfBj0kRHHLKK#ixzz1sidJJ4aK

The supposed story had been broken by the masters of no fact checking over at Hoboken411. That site is run by the  untrustworthy and notoriously biased Perry Klaussen and it wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong about something. What surprises TheBoken.com is that the NY Post fell for it. As editor I figured they had done their fact checking and then went ahead with the story. Just goes to show you really can’t trust anything over on that site these days.

Not that we are perfect over here it TheBoken.com but we do at least try and check things out before publishing.

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April 21, 2012

Tim Tebow to Live in Hoboken–Let the Tebowing Begin!

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Tim Tebow on Washington Street

It has finally being reported from a legitimate news source that NFL QB Tim Tebow is indeed moving to Hoboken now that he has been traded to the NY Jets from the Denver Broncos. The NY Post is reporting that Tebow has signed a lease to rent a two-bedroom pad at 2 Constitution Court, a 13-story luxury condo building overlooking the New York skyline in uptown Hoboken. Eli Manning, two time Super Bowl winning QB for the NY Giants who lives in the Hudson Tea Building with his wife will now be neighbors with Tim. Hoboken now sure has its fair share of NFL quarterbacks.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/tim_eli_home_game_iG2cKPF0JipfBj0kRHHLKK#ixzz1sidJJ4aK

For discussion: What do you think your favorite spots to Tebow in Hoboken will be and why?

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December 9, 2011

Drunken Polar Bear’s Hoboken Weekend Outlook for 12/9-12/11/2011

Here is a another weekend roundup from columnist The Drunken Polar Bear…

Happy Friday Hobokenites!  Now and then we like to give you a quick snapshot of what’s going on this weekend so you make the most of your break from the daily grind…

Hoboken Weather Outlook

Unlike those other Hoboken blogs,  at TheBoken.com you get the advantage of having a semi-pro meteorologist on your side who will give you a detailed and accurate weather forecast!  We had a good few days of above average temperatures earlier this week before some heavy rains and colder weather moved in.  Get ready for a dry and sunny weekend, albeit a very cold one.  Another larger and stronger cold front will be moving into the area late Friday bringing even chillier temperatures in the area.  Highs on Saturday & Sunday will be 42 and 40 degrees with lows dropping below freezing at night.  Bundle up!

Local Sports Action

It’s going to be a big weekend for local football fans as both the Jets and Giants are fighting to make the playoffs.

  • The Jets face the QB-depleted Kansas City Chiefs at home on Sunday at 1pm (CBS).  Jets are favored to win but must first slow down the Chiefs prolific rushing attack.  This Polar Bear will be there live rooting them on.
  • The Giants square off against the surging Cowboys Sunday night at 8pm (NBC) who sit a game above the Giants in the standings despite a last minute loss to the Cardinals last week.  This could be a make or break game for the whole Giants season.

Hockey updates – Devils host the visiting Canadians Saturday at 1, the Islanders host the Penguins Saturday night at 7 and the Rangers have games both Saturday and Sunday nights against Buffalo and Florida.

What’s Going on Around Town?

Beware the Santas!:  Saturday marks the annual “SantaCon”, an all-day bar crawl/drinking extravaganza where hundreds (if not a few thousand) locals dress up in their best holiday costumes and work their way through the bars of Manhattan.  Although this doesn’t take place in Hoboken don’t be alarmed if you see a march of the Santas to the Path early in the day or drunken Santas spreading their holiday cheer later Saturday night.

 A Theatrical Weekend:

  • Mile Square Theatre continues their run of the holiday classic – It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Hoboken High School stages “Voices from High School” – a realistic, contemporary teen play that consists of small scenes, vignettes, and monologues that depict the joys and difficulties of being a teenager in high school.
  • Hoboken Women’s Choir lifts their voices in holiday fashion with a “Songs for a Winter Night” on Saturday evening.

Scotch, Scotch, Scotch for another weekend (sorry postponed until January 2012)

  • Northern Soul was planning to host a Scotch Tasting on Saturday night but due to a scheduling conflict had to reschedule to early January of 2012.

DPB’s Weekend Recommendation

Each weekend I will try and give you something new and fresh to do.  This weekend’s suggestion – catch a sunrise from one of the many waterfront vantage points or parks Hoboken has to offer.  During the week we are all running around trying to get to work so we don’t get to take advantage of some of the natural treasures our city has to offer.  Saturday and Sunday promise to have clear skies and good sunrises.  It’s a little earlier, but grab a cup of coffee, a warm bagel and find a spot.  Sunrise times (tested this morning on a run!) are about 630-715 and its gorgeous.

What are you all doing this weekend?  Any suggestions?

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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October 18, 2011

Trinity – A Jets Win and Fun Night Out – The Drunken Polar Bear

This week, The Drunken Polar Bear reviews Trinity in Hoboken….

Trinity – Hoboken
Address: Sinatra Drive and 3rd Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: http://www.hobokentrinity.com

Trinity Bar and Grill

For the Jets/Dolphins game Monday night I broke with my tradition of going to the Shannon for all Jets games.  Part of it was a sliver of hope that by going to a different bar the Jets would break their ugly 3-game losing streak.  The other part was Sprinkles (my girlfriend) was going out with a few of her girlfriends to watch the game so I figured why not change up my routine.  I threw on my lucky Jets clothes and off to Trinity we went.

In my 5+ years in Hoboken, I had never made it to Trinity.  Mostly, I avoided the bars along the waterfront/Sinatra drive area.  They are often expensive, nicer bars that lend themselves more to the lounge scene than the bar environment I like.  There is nothing wrong with that, but just may not be the scene for me.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at Trinity as they shot down many incorrect assumptions on my part.


Trinity is broken up into 3 areas – the restaurant, a couch area, the bar.  Since the only TVs were in the bar my group of 8 grabbed a few tables in the bar area.  Despite bearing a traditional Irish name, Trinity isn’t like an Irish pub, but that’s not a bad thing.  The L-shaped bar design incorporates a lot of nice woodwork, some Irish decoration and a personal favorite – well-lit chalkboards with specials and beer selection.  It had a quaint feel that perfectly straddled the line between Irish pub and swanky bar.


As a former bartender, service is always one of my top categories for a bar.  A bar can have great specials, design and crowd, but if the service is awful it’s going to be a bad night.  The service at Trinity was awesome and top tier amongst all the bars I have reviewed.  When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly hostess who was more than happy to help us rearrange our tables for optimal Jets viewing and had the bartender turn on game sound.  Our waitress was also great as she kept the beer and wings flowing even allowing me to recite the specials to our group every time a new member had arrived.  I only went to the bar once to get a Jet Fuel shot (more on that below) when Revis returned a 100 yard pick-6. The bartender mixed the shot, but before letting me take it made sure it tasted right.  It was a lot of little things here or there, but the staff did an excellent job and made it a fun environment.

Food & Drink

Trinity has the standard draught beer on 2 taps – Guinness, Blue Moon, Smithwicks, Plam, Stalla, Coors, Yuengling, and Sam Seasonal.  They also have 20+ bottles you can choose from listed on a big chalkboard behind the bar.  For Monday night football you can get $3 Coors Light/Yuengling, $4 mixed well drinks and $6 Sangria.  If you’re feeling adventurous you can get a Jet Fuel shot (Vanilla Stoli, Melon Liqueur, 151) which is kinda tasty.

I didn’t order a full dinner instead choosing to pick on the $5 dollar bar food specials they have on Mondays – wings, chicken fingers and personal pizzas.  Wings were the standard, but good and the chicken fingers had a very good honey mustard sauce.


At halftime I got to talk to the hostess and find out some of their other daily specials:

  • Trivia Tuesdays – live trivia, prizes and drink specials
  • Wine Wednesdays – discounted wine bottles and the much talked about cheese boards
  • Beer Pong Thursday – $15 pitchers and beer pong in the bar


The Jets won so I was a happy camper, but my night at Trinity was pretty good.  The Monday night food/drink specials were good, the service excellent and the bar had a real nice feel for it.  It was only a Monday night so I am interested to see how the bar is on the weekends, but it is definitely a place to try dinner, grab drinks with friends or even take a date.

I will be out again this weekend in Hoboken – any bar review suggestions?  Post it in the comments and it will be my next adventure.

- The Drunken Polar Bear

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