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February 18, 2013

NJ Transit Community Meeting at Elks Lodge Thursday February 21 at 7pm on Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yard Plans

LCOR/NJ Transit will be holding a community meeting Thursday, February 21 at 7pm, at the Elks in Hoboken regarding the Hoboken Terminal & Rail Yard.Crossing at HT NJT Hoboken #1Following Sandy, LCOR/NJ Transit had taken time to reevaluate how this project can potentially help protect Hoboken from future weather-related events, and this meeting will highlight some of their findings. The purpose of this community meeting is to discuss how, at no cost to the city, the Hoboken Terminal & Rail Yard project can aid the city in weather related improvements and to seek additional public feedback to supplement responses from previous outreach efforts. Crossing at HT NJT Hoboken #2

The Fund for a Better Waterfront has reviewed the proposal and had these comments on the plan:

The gateway to Hoboken, an underutilized rail yard on the city’s southern border, is ripe for change and a grand opportunity for us. Unfortunately, the competing plans now being put forth by the City and New Jersey Transit are fundamentally flawed. We are particularly disappointed with the plan proposed for the City by its consultant Wallace Roberts and Todd (WRT).

No new streets. The first and most basic step in a redevelopment plan is laying out the streets. New York City adopted the Commissioners Plan of 1811, which platted streets; streets which guided development, but which were not built upon for a century. In 1804, Col. John Stevens hired surveyor Charles Loss to create a plan for Hoboken’s streets, blocks and lots, laying the framework for future development. It designated Hoboken’s first parks. The Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan by WRT proposes new residential and commercial buildings on a “super block,” neither delineated nor described. New streets, streets that can be mapped — the public rights-of-way — are absent.

No new parks. Although the WRT plan gives considerable lip service to public open space, there are no provisions for public parks. Rather, “mini-plazas” serve as front or side yards to private development. Left to private developers, many examples show these areas fail as truly public spaces. In Hoboken, the “park” at Newark and Garden Streets is inaccessible to the public despite promises to the contrary. The triangular park directly south and adjacent to Maxwell Place has been under dispute since it opened. As an example, across the river, the 1969 plaza bonus program in New York City — an attempt to create “public” space on private property — is seen as a failure.

Hoboken’s South Waterfront Redevelopment Plan included over 10 acres of new public park: Pier A, Pier C and the promenade from Newark to Fourth Streets. The WRT Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan adds none. Warrington Plaza has always been a public area despite New Jersey Transit’s recent use of the area for parking. Hudson Place is currently a public right-of-way. Green roofs don’t count as open space.

Failure to echo Hoboken’s urban character. Buildings in Hoboken, as in other dense urban areas, hug the front lot line in continuous rows. Front doors face the street. The WRT plan orients most of the buildings perpendicular to Observer Highway with an odd array of setbacks. Observer Highway, the widest street in Hoboken, should look to exemplary models for how it can be developed. The Grand Concourse in the Bronx comes to mind. Central Park West and Park Avenue in New York City are also models. It is difficult to think of a successful boulevard where buildings on one side face the street, and those on the other side are perpendicular to the street.

There are many other deficiencies with this plan. Closing Hudson Place will be the death knell of retail shops on that street. The performing art center is just window-dressing unless there is a developer in hand ready to build such a facility. The same applies to other proposed uses – the market will dictate what gets built. Without expertly crafted design guidelines, the architecture is likely to disappoint.

The 1995 South Hoboken Waterfront Redevelopment required the Port Authority to invest tens of millions of dollars to build parks, a new street system and other infrastructure. It is an acclaimed success. The Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan includes no such investment that would benefit the public. Unless the plan is altered in some fundamental ways, this will be an opportunity squandered.

Go to this link for the FBW comments on the NJT Plan: http://betterwaterfront.org/?page_id=1909

Editor’s Note: This is the NJT Authority making a pitch to Hoboken Residents. They have made several visionary renderings for this project in the past. The latest round included substantial commercial and residential development but just a vision and not a real redevelopment plan. An actual detailed redevelopment plan was proposed the City of Hoboken Planning Board and is being reviewed by the City Council of Hoboken that has less density, especially residential.

To see the City of Hoboken’s plan go here:


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January 27, 2013

NJ Transit- Hoboken Terminal Waiting Room Set to Reopen Tuesday January 29 2013

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The latest Post Sandy update from NJ Transit…



Heated waiting area and improved temporary amenities will enhance customer comfort

 Hoboken Train Station With Words

Photo from TheBoken.com archives

NJ TRANSIT recently  announced that the Hoboken Terminal waiting room will reopen on Tuesday, January 29, providing a heated shelter and temporary seating for customers as the agency continues with remediation work to address storm-related flood damage from Hurricane Sandy.

“Storm recovery at Hoboken Terminal has been a time-intensive process, but a critical one in the interest of the health and safety of our customers and employees,” said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director James Weinstein.  “We are focusing our efforts on making our customers more comfortable, as we simultaneously continue our work to address the unprecedented damage Sandy left in her wake.”

At the height of Hurricane Sandy, Hudson River flooding immersed the entire terminal in at least five feet of water.  When the water receded, six to eight inches of mud and debris were left behind.  Flooding damaged all areas of the main concourse, including the ticket office, customer service office, station operations, transportation operations, vendors and the food court.

Since December 19, 2012, the Hoboken Terminal waiting room has been closed, after NJ TRANSIT Rail Operations and environmental consultants conducted a post-hurricane assessment of the terminal and determined additional remediation work was required to address mold growth.  In response, NJ TRANSIT hired remediation contractors to address mold issues throughout the terminal.
Work to prepare the waiting room for re-opening has included power washing the walls, replacing heaters and heater motors, replacing electrical panels, outlets and wiring, and stripping and sealing the floors.  Remaining work includes cleaning, refinishing and resetting benches and other affected woodwork, to be performed in the near future.

In advance of the Tuesday opening, NJ TRANSIT is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the waiting room is safe for customers until mold remediation work can be completed.  All wooden structures, including the benches, newsstand and shoe shine, will be covered in plastic and sealed, providing a barrier to the mold.  Every opening to peripheral rooms, such as the ticket office and crew quarters, will also be taped and sealed in plastic to prevent mold exposure.  In addition, barricades will be erected as needed.

In order to restore heating to the waiting room, NJ TRANSIT had to procure a temporary boiler and connect it to the terminal’s intricate piping system.  The previous boiler was completely inundated with water during the storm.  Because the boiler is a large, complex unit, it could not be replaced by an “off-the-shelf” unit and took considerable time to procure.

Extensive work is required to address damage in other parts of the terminal.  All tenant space, including the recently constructed food court, needs to be completely gutted and rebuilt and replacing all mold contaminated structure elements.  Similarly, the public restrooms, storage areas and crew quarters—including 550 employee lockers—must be gutted and rebuilt.

To enhance customer comfort while storm recovery work is ongoing, NJ TRANSIT is looking into offering improved interim amenities for customers.  Since Tuesday, January 22, NJ TRANSIT has accommodated customers in Hoboken with idling, heated trains equipped with restrooms for customer use.  In addition, customers will now have access to four rail cars equipped with restrooms that will be parked in the middle of the terminal on Track 8.

“We recognize that our customers have endured a number of challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and want to thank them for their continued patience and understanding,” said Executive Director Weinstein.  “To further hear about our customers’ experiences, next month we are launching another round of ‘We Are Listening’ forums, including one at Hoboken Terminal.”

NJ TRANSIT customers can interact with general managers of operations and senior level staff at the “We Are Listening” forum outside the Hoboken Terminal waiting room on Tuesday, February 12, from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

As soon as the storm ended, NJ TRANSIT personnel, together with the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Navy, and FEMA, responded to the site for the initial assessment of storm damage and to begin making any initial clean-up and repairs.  A significant portion of the clean-up efforts began even before the water receded.

Due to Hoboken Terminal’s historic status, NJ TRANSIT has coordinated with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for remediation work on areas of the terminal that have historic significance.  NJ TRANSIT is also working with the Department of Community of Affairs (DCA) on inspections and permitting.

Hoboken Terminal serves nearly 60,000 people on a typical weekday on commuter rail, light rail, bus, PATH and ferry service.   Approximately 300 trains operate in and out of the terminal on a typical weekday on NJ TRANSIT’s Main, Bergen County, Pascack Valley, Montclair-Boonton and Morris & Essex Lines, as well as Metro-North’s Port Jervis Line.


NJ TRANSIT is the nation’s largest statewide public transportation system providing more than 895,000 weekday trips on 261 bus routes, three light rail lines, 12 commuter rail lines and through Access Link paratransit service. It is the second largest transit system in the country with 164 rail stations, 61 light rail stations and more than 19,000 bus stops linking major points in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia.

 Link: http://www.njtransit.com/tm/tm_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=PressReleaseTo&PRESS_RELEASE_ID=2834

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September 6, 2012

City of Hoboken Introduces Redevelopment Plan for Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards

The latest on the NJT Transit site from the City of Hoboken……


The City of Hoboken has introduced a Redevelopment Plan for the Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards area, property which is owned by NJ Transit.

City of Hoboken NJT Plan 1

“For the first time, the City of Hoboken is introducing a plan for this area that would enhance the character of our community, rather than destroy it,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We don’t want to transform our City, we want to build on what is already great about it – our rich history, restaurants and cafes, arts community, waterfront, walkability, and access to transit. This is an opportunity to revitalize our transit terminal and southern gateway and create new public spaces with a financially viable plan consistent with the vision of our Master Plan.”

In 2008, NJ Transit presented proposals for 9.2 million square feet of development, with a 70 story office tower and 45 to 50 story residential buildings along Observer Highway. The City’s plan calls for a 2 million square foot mixed use project, nearly two-thirds of it for office space and less than one-third for residential space, with the remainder for retail space. The plan’s focus on commercial space would broaden Hoboken’s tax base to stabilize property taxes without the added infrastructure burdens associated with residential development.

The plan includes a performing arts center, accelerator space for startup businesses, minimum requirements for 3-bedroom, family-oriented housing units, a variety of public spaces, including a pedestrian plaza at Hudson Place and Warrington Plaza and bicycle paths connecting a redesigned Observer Boulevard to the waterfront.

“As a longtime resident of Southern Hoboken, it was important to me that the density and land uses called for in this plan be carefully considered to minimize the project’s impact on the rest of Hoboken and its infrastructure,” said Councilman David Mello, chair of the Zoning and Economic Development Subcommittee. “Given the ever increasing number of families choosing to stay in Hoboken, I felt strongly about including requirements for market rate 3 bedroom units so there would be a wider array of housing options for families to grow into.”

“The plan we are introducing is a win-win for everyone,” added Mayor Zimmer. “It enables NJ Transit to upgrade their transportation infrastructure, would create thousands of jobs for our State’s economy and generate an estimated $28 million annually in income tax revenue, and would revitalize our train terminal and neighborhood at a scale that meets our City’s vision.”

The Redevelopment Plan and presentation introducing the plan are available on the City website:

Presentation: www.hobokennj.org/docs/communitydev/Hoboken-Yard-Redevelopment-Plan-Presentation.pdf

· Redevelopment Plan: www.hobokennj.org/docs/communitydev/Hoboken-Yard-Redevelopment-Plan-Sept-2012-Draft.pdf

“I urge Hoboken residents to review the plan and presentation and to consider that we took great efforts to incorporate their concerns and ideas into a plan that is economically feasible,” added Mayor Zimmer. “To protect ourselves, we must put forward an economically feasible plan or else we face the threat of litigation or legislation to take away our rights to have control over this project, as the legislature has tried to do in the past. They’re now in the process of considering legislation to take away our oversight of development by private universities, and there’s no guarantee they won’t try to bring back legislation to do the same with this project.”

City of Hoboken NJT Plan 2

City of Hoboken NJT Plan 3

City of Hoboken NJT Plan 4

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May 30, 2012

New Food Vendors Coming to Hoboken Train Terminal Soon

Hoboken Train Terminal Coming Soon

At the Hoboken Train Terminal the following new eateries are coming soon after a renovation which is currently in progress: Sbarro Pizza, Subway, Manchu Wok and Tim Horton’s (coffee). There will also be a new bar and grill called Phoenix Bar and Grill.  As of now the expected completion date is unknown but we will provide an update as they get closer to opening.

Hoboken Train Terminal Coming Soon

Commuters will have new fresh options while waiting for the NJ Transit trains and NY Waterway Ferry.

Hoboken Train Terminal

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May 24, 2012

Fluent Art Project to Debut at Hoboken Ferry NJ Transit Terminal May 29th at 7pm

Here is an upcoming art project debut  at NJ Transit Terminal Tuesday May 29th 7-9pm…..

Fluent, a New Project by Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel

To Open At the Hoboken Ferry/NJ Transit Terminal

Tuesday, May 29 from 7 PM– 9 PM ET

What:  Fluent, the newest work by artists Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, to be unveiled at the Hoboken Ferry/NJ Transit Terminal.

When: Tuesday, May 29 from 7 PM– 9 PM ET for the opening event.

Where: The NY Waterway ferry slips at the Hoboken Ferry/NJ Transit Terminal in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Description: Fluent is a work integrated with both the context and architecture of the newly renovated, historic Hoboken Ferry Terminal. A constellation of related elements is intended to augment the public’s sense of place, focus viewers’ gaze on both the macro- and microscopic aspects of the living river, and reveal the invisible wind currents that surround them.

Suspended from above in each Ferry Slip, a double-ended taper formed of horizontal rings is defined by eight vertical cables with a ‘pananemone’ at its center. Composed of two half discs perpendicular to one another, the instrument is responsive to all winds. Anchoring the gauges at the water’s surface are incremented plummets, sensitive to the river’s ebb and flow. The gauge measures the 5’ rise and fall, its tip visible twice each day at low tide.

An array of stainless steel discs hang from the high ceiling, transforming the air above into a dramatic field of reflection. A series of stainless steel vanes with plummets weave through the flow of discs. Animated by the fluctuating wind, the suspended vanes respond to the shifting air currents with precise, nuanced movement. Articulating the unseen fluid dynamics of the space, Fluent echoes the tidal fluctuations of the Hudson and the flow of commuters moving through the Terminal.

Fluent was fabricated by KC Fabrications, Inc. with engineering by Tectonic. It was commissioned for the Hoboken/NJTransit Terminal by New Jersey Transit Arts, with assistance from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Funding was made possible by the Federal Transportation Administration.

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March 8, 2012

Hoboken Advisory: NJ TRANSIT buses will resume Washington Street routes by Friday 5am

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Hoboken Advisory: NJ TRANSIT buses will resume Washington Street routes by Friday 5am

Hello Hoboken denizens who use the NJ Transit Bus to commute. Here is some good news….

By 5 a.m. Friday, March 9, the Washington Street detour for NJ TRANSIT bus route No. 22 (Hoboken – Union City – North Bergen), No. 89 (Hoboken – North Bergen) and No. 126 (Hoboken – New York) will be discontinued. All bus service will resume normal operations.

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February 21, 2012

City of Hoboken 300 Washington Street Fire Update

300 Washington Street Hoboken Fire

Hoboken Community Update on 300 Washington Street Fire,

Street Closing, Detour, Victim Assistance & Fundraiser Information

A five story building at 300 Washington Street caught fire shortly after 7pm on Sunday evening.

Three Hoboken firefighters were treated for knee injuries, a broken hand, and smoke inhalation.

“We are so grateful to the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us every day,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This is a reminder of how dangerous their work is. I thank everyone for coming together, saving lives and preventing the fire from spreading to other buildings – the Hoboken Fire Department, Police Department, Office of Emergency Management, EMS, and the mutual aid we received from various towns including Elizabeth, Newark, East Newark, Bloomfield, Bayonne and Jersey City.”

While all residents of the building are safe, one was treated for smoke inhalation on Sunday night. At least 17 residents lived in the building, and at least nine did not have insurance.

A community-organized fundraiser for the fire victims is scheduled for Friday, March 2nd from 7-10pm at Room 84, 84 Washington Street. A donation at the door is requested, and all entrants will receive one free drink upon entry. Additional details on the fundraiser are available online: https://www.facebook.com/events/301015846626195/

Saints Peter and Paul Church is coordinating victim assistance. Residents needing help or who wish to provide assistance can contact the parish at 201-659-2276 or secretary@spphoboken.com

“Sadly, some of our residents lost everything, but we have a strong and generous community that is rallying to their side, so we ask residents to give as much as they can to help,” added Mayor Zimmer.

Construction officials have deemed the building uninhabitable and have determined that it will require at least a partial demolition, since the entire 5th floor and several floors in the back were completely destroyed by the fire. Demolition work is expected to begin on Tuesday, February 22nd. Washington Street between 2nd Street and 4th Street will remain closed until the demolition is complete. Demolition work is expected to last approximately one week.

Until further notice, NJ TRANSIT bus routes No. 22 (Hoboken-Union City-North Bergen), No. 89 (Hoboken-North Bergen) and No. 126 (Hoboken-New York) will operate on a detour route between Hoboken Terminal and 11th Street at Washington Street.

Customers are advised of the following:

From Hoboken Terminal (Nos. 22 and 89 to North Bergen; No. 126 to New York)

• No service will be provided along Washington Street between 11th Street and Observer Highway.
• Buses will operate from Hoboken Terminal along Observer Highway to northbound Bloomfield Street, make a right on 11th Street, a left on Washington Street, then return to the regular route.
• Northbound customers are advised to board/alight at the following locations along Bloomfield Street, upon request (waiting customers must hail the bus as it approaches):

- Hoboken Bus Terminal
- Bloomfield Street at 1st Street
- Bloomfield Street at 3rd Street
- Bloomfield Street at 5th Street
- Bloomfield Street at 7th Street
- Bloomfield Street at 9th Street

To Hoboken Terminal (Nos. 22, 89 and 126 trips operating via Washington Street)

• No service will be provided along Washington Street between 11th Street and Observer Highway.
• Buses will operate to Hoboken Terminal from Washington Street at 11th Street, make a left on 11th Street, followed by a right on Hudson Street to Hoboken Terminal.
• Southbound customers are advised to board/alight at the following locations along Hudson Street, upon request (waiting customers must hail the bus as it approaches):

- Hudson Street at 10th Street
- Hudson Street at 8th Street
- Hudson Street at 6th Street
- Hudson Street at 4th Street
- Hudson Street at 2nd Street
- Hudson Street at Newark Street
- Hoboken Terminal

NJ TRANSIT is advising customers to check njtransit.com for service updates throughout the week.

2nd - 4th and Washington Street in Hoboken Blocked Off

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December 7, 2011

Hoboken Old Lackawanna Ferry Terminal Reopens after 44 year absence

Public Officials from NJTransit, Port Authority,  and other politicians including Hoboken’s Mayor Dawn Zimmer in addition to NY Waterway were on hand this morning at 10am to commence the opening of the historic Lackawanna Ferry Terminal.

The last time this terminal was operational was in 1967 according to various news sources. As editor of TheBoken and with my day job in downtown New York city I can tell you I was very pleased with the way this terminal turned out. The old ferry terminal was quite run down and I for one am glad to see it go. Renovations like these take time and at one point this had been set to open this summer but that got pushed back to the usual public construction project delays that occur fairly often with large projects such as this.

According to NY Waterway: “The newly renovated NY Waterway ferry facility offers completely covered access from trains to ferries, a direct link to the historic main waiting room featuring Greek Revival motifs in tiled Tiffany stained glass, a real-time passenger information system, and direct access to the Hoboken waterfront esplanade.”

Congratulations Hobokenites, some of your commutes just got better! More photos and details later.

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November 3, 2011

Hoboken Terminal Redevelopment Plan – Second Community Meeting Thursday, November 10th 2011 6:30pm – 8:30pm

The latest from the City of Hoboken on the NJ Transit Redevelopment Plan….


The City of Hoboken is working to produce the Redevelopment Plan for Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yards property. Residents are invited to participate in a conversation about the Redevelopment Plan and this important site within the City.

The second community meeting will:

  • Review development options for the entire Terminal site.
  • Discuss issues, opportunities, and our community’s priorities to guide the Redevelopment Plan.

We want to share our ideas and hear residents’ ideas and concerns. Help us in this effort by attending and encouraging your family and friends to do so as well.

Hoboken Terminal Transit Redevelopment Community Meeting 11-10-2011


Hoboken Terminal Redevelopment Plan Second Community Meeting

Date and Time:  Thursday, November 10th 2011 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Rue School, 301 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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October 19, 2011

Your Phone as a Bus Pass? Coming Soon to NJ Transit Hoboken Route 126

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Google 1_2_payment for NJ Transit Buses Route 126 Hoboken

Governor Chris Christie announced today that NJ Transit has teamed up with Google to provide support for Google Wallet. The technology, available on limited Android phones, lets users tap and pay for transactions using their smartphone. NJ Transit will support the technology at selection locations, including some Route 126 Buses.

“Our partnership with Google demonstrates that NJ TRANSIT and the State are at the forefront of emerging technology, paving the way for further exploration of new customer service technologies,” said Governor Christie. “I’m proud that New Jersey’s public transportation system is the very first public transportation agency to partner with Google Wallet, joining thousands of retailers accepting Wallet across the nation.”

According to a release from NJ Transit, the technology uses “near field communication” (NFC), which enables wireless data transmission between two objects when they are brought in close proximity with one another. Google Wallet is available on Sprint’s Nexus S 4G phone. Additional phones will be released in the future with NFC technology.

Additional locations that will accept Google Wallet include at New York Penn Station ticket vending machines and ticket windows, Newark Liberty International Airport Rail Station (AirTrain), on bus route nos. 6, 43, 80, 81, 87, and 120.

The good news is technology will deployed at no cost to NJ Transit due to a public-private partnership with Google.

We at The Boken personally can’t wait until the day we can stop buying paper tickets.

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