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March 5, 2013

Hoboken Photo of the Day: Mikie Squared Bar and Grill

Mikie Squared Bar Hoboken HDR Winter 2013

Located between 6th and 7th Streets on Washington Street Hoboken, Mikie Squared is a popular midtown bar with pretty good bar fare to boot as well as a decent selection of beers. They have daily specials but Sangria Sundays are a crowd favorite come springtime. This successful Hoboken business thus gets a shout out in our Hoboken photo of the day series.

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April 11, 2012

The Great Outdoors: 10 Tips to Eating/Drinking Outside from Hoboken’s Drunken Polar Bear

It’s getting warmer and summer is right around the corner.  We’ve slowly inched up the thermometer to shorts and hoodie weather (the best time of year).  Living in Hoboken, warmer weather brings us beautiful tree-lined streets, waterfront walkways, plenty of parks and outdoor seating any many bars and restaurants.  After many years in Hoboken, I’ve amassed some best practices to dinning and drinking outside in Hoboken.  I’m sure I will miss a thing or two so please add to it in the comments below.

(Editorial note: unlike other local blogs, I promise not to launch into a low carb induced childish diatribe on why the city doesn’t let bars/restaurants open outdoor seating before April 1st.  Normally, it’s very cold between Dec  1st and April 1st so it’s not worth the pixels.  And it’s spring – be happy!)

  1. Pick the Place – the first, and most obvious step, is picking where you’re going to enjoy the outdoors.  I thought about making a list, but with bars/restaurants changing their outdoor layout year to year it’s always changing.  Regardless, I estimate there are over 75 places to sit outside.
  2. Time It Right – Bin 14 has 90 minute wait for outside seating at 8pm on a Saturday night?  Shocking!  Many other Hobokenites like you will be flocking to locales with outdoor seating for happy hour and weekend dinners.  Get there early and have a few cocktails first to guarantee a good seat.
  3. Have a Back Up Plan – especially on those nice days there are going to be some long waits on good outdoor seating.  If your plan is to enjoy the outdoors, pick a backup bar nearby in case the wait is too long.
  4. Rooftop Ruckus – there are only two rooftop bars/restaurants in Hoboken (City Bistro & Dubliner) and they are always crowded.  While City Bistro is just a deck with no tables, I have found a great time to sneak up to the Dubliner roof is early evening (5-7pm) where you can probably grab a table.
  5. On the Waterfront – just like the rooftops there are just a few options for waterfront seating on Sinatra drive.  Plan ahead and make a reservation.  And cross your fingers.
  6. Dress the Part – if you’re walking around town your blood is flowing and you’re going to get warm, but when you’re sitting outside eating and drinking it’s going to be cold and a little windy.  Bring an extra coat, sweater, sweatshirt, shawl, etc.  Sunglasses are also a must.
  7. Find a Good Special – tons of bars and restaurants have great happy hour and daytime specials.  Nothing beats enjoying the afternoon outside with a bucket of cold beers or sangria pitchers.
  8. Crammed Quarters – in an ideal world there would be big couches and plush chairs we can sit on outside, but most outdoor seating in a little tighter than normal.  Don’t bring too much with you (bags and stuff) and be flexible about moving around a little bit.
  9. Thar’ She Blows – shocking to nobody in Hoboken, it gets windy from time to time.  Napkins, food, glasses, silverware all gets whisked away from time to time.  Make sure to be ready for the winds.
  10. People Watching – one of my and many outdoor enthusiast’s favorite urban sports.  Besides enjoying the weather and fine food/drink, the best part of sitting outside is taking in all the foot traffic.  Have fun with it!

In no way is this a comprehensive list, but here a few good places to sit outside by area:

-          Uptown – City Bisto, Pilsener Haus, Bin 14, Liberty Bar, Madison

-          Midtown – Elysian, Turtle Club, Mikie Squared, Stacks, East LA, Far Side, O’ Sullivans

-          Downtown – Brass Rail, McSwiggans, 1 Republik, Texas Arizona, Marty O’Briens, Dubliner, 4L’s

-          Waterfront – 340 Grill, Quays, Trinity, Wicked Wolf

Where’s your favorite bar/restaurant to each outside? Any other tips?

The Drunken Polar Bear

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March 28, 2012

Let the Hunger/Bar Games Begin! Hoboken Bar Games Roundup by the DPB

“Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Chances are some or most of you will know that is the motto of the Hunger Games, the novel turned movie blockbuster.  I admit I read all 3 books in the trilogy and they’re pretty good.  So this past Saturday morning I saw the Hunger Games in IMAX.  It got me thinking…what are the coolest bar games in Hoboken?  Well it took some serious research and web browsing, but here is my official list.  Important caveat – this list is certainly not 100% complete and I will miss a pool table here or dart board here.  Let’s face it – there are over 50 bars in Hoboken so if I missed something please add it in the comments.  The goal is to keep this list ongoing and current for everyone.

Below is a “best of” list for the major games and then the full list below…

Rack ‘Em Up! (pool tables)

  • DC’s – It’s a small bar and the pool table takes up most of the bar.  But this looks like a place you should be playing pool
  • Mulligans – Just one pool table, but it’s in the backroom with lots of space
  • Willow Billards – It’s a pool hall.  Need I say more? (Rumor is it is closing. Open one day and then bam! Like a pool stick to the head, no more pool?)

Bullseye! (Darts)

  • Shannon – Multiple dart boards in the back room and regular leagues.
  • Cork City – Two dart boards in the back of the bar with ample room and lighting.
  • 8th Street Tavern - They have a Tuesday darts league and steady stream of dart players on other nights.

Buzz! (Trivia)

  • Wicked Wolf – Wednesday night trivia.  Good questions, big teams, fun prizes
  • Mikie Squared – Smaller groups, but still fun team trivia.
  • Marty O’Briens – Themed trivia on television shows and movies.
  • Willie McBride’s - Trivia with Big Brother Star Adam Poch every Wednesday.

That’s a 3-Pointer! (Buck Hunter)

  • Cork City – Right as you walk in.  Where my obsession with the game started…
  • 8th Street Tavern- They have the game too. Get in touch with your inner redneck and down some PBRs while shooting.

Bazinga! (Specialty Category)

  • Bingo at Black Bear – Paired with their burger special it’s a fun way to spend your Wednesday
  • Shuffleboard at Coopers Union – Only table in town and well worth it
  • Everything at Willie McBride’s – They have arcade games, a poker night and mega touch
  • Beer Pong at Scotland Yard – 3-4 beer pong tables.  Come in buzzed, leave drunk…

How about it readers – where are you favorite game spots/what did I miss?


Me Hungry? No way! This Polar Bear is skipping the veggies today!

The Drunken Polar Bear

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February 27, 2012

Hoboken Girl’s Guide to Healthy Hoboken Eating

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to come out of Hoboken hibernation and get fit and ready for the warmer weather. There are a large variety of eateries and bars, and it can sometimes be tough to stay healthy while galivanting in Hoboken. So in an effort to help you stay healthy and prep for bathing suit season, I’ve compiled an abbreviated list of places and food menu options for when you’re out and about but still trying to go light…

1. Trinity Bar and Grill:

Portabello Mushroom Wrap – I recently ordered this, it was delicious! The chickpeas (versus a side of fries) are a healthy and lean boost of protein as well.

Blackened Salmon and Avocado Wrap – a yummy and healthy option for a wrap.

*FYI: Avocado contains great nutrients such as vitamin K, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and is a wonderful source of antioxidants, lending itself well to the promotion of a healthier cardiovascular system and a skinny waistline. When in doubt- go with avocado! Not to mention it’s delicious.

2. Wicked Wolf:

Grilled Veggie Wrap on Whole Wheat – similar to the popular turkey wrap, but the veggie option. I just can’t get enough sauteed veggies! Yum.

Harvest Pear Salad: Mixed greens topped with grilled chicken breast, blue cheese, dried cranberries and pecans served with balsamic vinaigrette - take my word for it, it’s delicious.

    • FYI: Wicked Wolf’s salads are available with grilled chicken breast, grilled thick sliced steak, grilled shrimp or sauteed shrimp for an additional charge…I’d recommend grilled shrimp or chicken if you’re trying to stay lean.

3. Clinton Social:

Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper: This bad boy contains some delicious flavors (plaintains, red peppers, red pepper coulis, basmati rice), and after taking your first bite, you won’t be able to put it down.

Yellowfin Tuna: Pepper-dusted, wasabi-whipped potatoes, julienned vegetables with a soy-ginger glaze.

*FYI: Tuna is a truly a nutrient-dense food. It’s an excellent source of protein, and it’s rich in minerals like selenium, magnesium, and potassium; vitamin B, and omega-3.

4. Mikie Squared:

Cindy is ALWAYS on a Diet SaladThis delicious salad is a little embarrassing to ask for by name, but it’s worth it. Grilled chicken with grilled vegetables & avocado with a side of honey balsamic vinaigrette…low carb and delicious. It really doesn’t get better. The sauteed veggies are delicious and go perfectly with the honey basalmic.

Grilled Salmon – Says the menu, “Drizzled in a delectable dill creme sauce with rice & grilled vegetables.” Can’t go wrong with fish and veggies (and a glass of pinot).

5. Marty O’Brien’s Social Club had three options you might want to try:

Grilled Eggplant with fresh mozzarella, grilled roasted red peppers, tomato, balsamic glaze.

Seared Tuna Salad – Mixed greens with mandarian oranges, red peppers, snow peas, goat cheese, balsamic dressing. Did I mention I love basalmic dressing?

Vegetable Stir Fry- Fresh seasonal vegetables, teriyaki sauce, and rice – add chicken or shrimp for some extra protein (but hold the steak if you want to keep it light)!
Regardless of where you choose to wine and dine in Hoboken, make your options healthy when possible. A few simple rules to follow to stay lean: order your food grilled not fried, hold the cheese when you can, and fill up on veggies before diving into the salty appetizers and other indulgences.
Happy (almost) spring!
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December 10, 2011

Mikie Squared of Hoboken New Year’s Eve Party and Tonight’s Happy Hour Information

Here at TheBoken.com, we are trying to give Hobokenites information about as many New Years Eve Parties as we can. Mikie Squared Bar and Grill located at 616 Washington Street in Hoboken will be hosting their New Years Eve Bash from 8pm to close. Tickets are $85 per person plus tax and gratuity. For that you get the following:

  • Full Buffet
  • Open Bar All Night
  • Champagne Toast
  • DJ Derek
  • Party Favors
  • Prizes and Giveaways

Go to their website http://www.mikiesquared.com or call 201-792-0001 for more information or to buy tickets.

Mikie Squared New Years Eve

In the meantime:

Tonight Mikie Squared is having Ladies Happy Hour! with the following drinks: $5 Randy Raspberry, $5 Jamaican Me Crazy, $5 Caramel Apple Martini’s from 7:00pm-10:00pm tonight. For more information go to http://bit.ly/91Vr7r.

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September 29, 2011

Mikie Squared Bar and Grill Hoboken–Mexican Night Thursdays

Mikie Squared Bar and Grill Hoboken

Mikie Squared Bar and Grill Hoboken–Mexican Night ThursdaysThursdays Mikie Squared Bar and Grill  at 616 Washington Street in Hoboken has what they like to call “South of the Border Thursdays”.

Their Food Specials for tonight are:

  • Soft steak/chicken tacos.
  • Flautas.
  • Quesadillas.
  • Pork Chops.

Drink specials include the normal 5-8pm Happy Hour $2 selected draft and bottled beer discounts and the following deals:

  • $20 buckets of Corona.
  • $20 pitchers of Margaritas.

 Mikie Squared Bar and Grill

Address: 616 Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 792-0001
Website: www.mikiesquared.com


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May 20, 2011

The Weekend Ahead – Hoboken Bar Scene by DPB

    DPB’s The Weekend Ahead

Hobokenites/Fellow bar-goers – welcome to the first installment of the Weekend Ahead, a quick, but detailed look at what’s happening in Hoboken bars for the upcoming weekend. Sure many of the other Hoboken blogs put up ads or list specials, but your very own Drunken Polar Bear spends the time talking to bar owners, reviewing specials, Hoboken events and even analyzing super scientific meteorology patterns to ensure you have the best bar options for the weekend. So off we go…

    Weather Outlook

Much like this entire week we’re going to continue to play the cat and mouse game with those pesky thunderstorms and showers. Scattered thunderstorms tonight, a few PM showers on Saturday and then showers on Sunday so Saturday may be your best bet if you’re looking to sneak in some a little time outside.

    Subway Series This Weekend

With the title for NY baseball superiority on the line this weekend (Go Mets!) you may want to head to one of Hoboken’s sports bars for the games (Friday @ 7, Saturday @ 7, Sunday @ 1).

Black Bear
Friday – Coors Light ($3) and Jim Beam ($4) specials
Saturday – Miller Light Pitchers ($9.99) and Jim Beam ($5) specials

Saturday – Bud Light/Coors Light ($10) & Yeungling Pitchers ($11)

Also check out: Wicked Wolf, Hoboken Bar & Grill, Liberty’s, Hudson Tavern with TheBoken’s very own guest DJ with an ipod “DJ Kurt”.

    Maibock Beer Festival Extended 1 More Week at Jersey City Beer Garden

Maibock beer is a German beer most often associated with spring and the month of May. It is a pale version of a traditional bock; it is less malty and may be drier, hoppier and more bitter, but still with a relatively low hop flavor creating a mildly spicy (sometimes peppery) taste. It will be featured as well as some live music (Alpine Squeeze) at the Jersey City Beer Garden this weekend.

    Sangria Sundays

For all those recovering from the weekend or just looking to relax on a Sunday afternoon check out Mike Squared’s Sangria Sundays. $10 pitchers of Sangria all Sunday.

Enjoy your weekend and stay dry!
The Drunken Polar Bear

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March 15, 2011

Mikie Squared Trivia Night Tuesdays Starting at 8:30 PM

If you are inclined to trivial persuits with ample well priced libations and discounted fare this could be an event for you tonight at Mikie Squared Bar in Midtown Hoboken…

Event: Mikie Squared Trivia Night (Tuesdays)

Where: Mikie Squared, 616 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Date and Time: Weekly on Tuesdays at 8:30 PM

Enjoy great food, drinks specials, trivia and prizes at Mikie Squared on every Tuesdays. Specials include select pints for $3, select martinis for $5, ground turkey burgers and lots of other delicious food items!

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