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February 27, 2014

Hoboken St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl Information

Here is a note from the organizers of Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl edited slightly for better copy on this website. I publishing this here as information that visitors of Hoboken and participating residents could actually use but keep this is not necessarily an endorsment of the downside effects of binge drinking on the first Saurday of March every year with or without the parade.  Several years ago the parade was put on hold after the Mayor wanted it moved to a weekday since that  cancellation of the St. Patrick’s Day parade the number of incidents has gone down and the party has been more localised downtown.  TheBoken.com is all about celebration and certainly does not Hoboken to become a dry town but would just encourage revelers to have fun and be responsible and respectful to our city and have fun. If you or a frend get too drunk cut yourself off or them and get home or to the apartment you are visiting. Try to avoid an emergency room visit at all costs. Now on to the annual St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl message…..

“Keep the tradition going strong! That’s exactly what we’re here to do. The phenomenon that takes hold of Hoboken every single March is quickly approaching. Not only is the weather going to get a little warmer, it is the perfect way to get the party started for St Patrick’s Day – a real pre – St. Paddy’s day event! The first Saturday of March is a special day in Hoboken, NJ. Not only do all of the great bars and venues in Hoboken collaborate on a star-studded event, this year the “All Access Pass” is the one package you’ll need in order to spend the entire day in excitement. Join organizers this Saturday March 1 during their annual St. Paddy’s Celebration as Hoboken unites in solidarity to offer a great package for those who wish to celebrate in style and tradition. It’s been a long winter and at HobokenStPatricksDay.com, we are all definitely ready for the spring to come and the St. Patrick’s Day festivities to get under way.

All of the hottest bars in Hoboken will be flooded for this year’s annual Saint Paddy’s Celebration – so make sure you’re ready! With the “All Access Pass” package, you’ll be able to visit the best route of venues throughout the entire day. The times might surprise you – starting at 10AM? Yep! That’s what Hoboken and the first Saturday in March is famous for. Keep the tradition going strong and make sure to get up early and support the Hoboken community during the great holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. This is what it’s all about – fun in the streets, socializing with your closest friends and co-workers, and rejoicing in celebration. You’ve probably been to Hoboken before but you might not be prepared for the festivities that take place on the streets of Hoboken during this joyous occasion. Gather your friends and come out to enjoy a full day of partying and revel with the ultimate party experience in Hoboken, the All Access Pass!

Hoboken St. Pats Flyer 3-1-2014

With the “All Access Pass”, you register at the location that you choose (your starting point). You’ll receive a wristband, entitling you to reduced admission to all of the participating venues. Each guest only needs 1 All Access Pass in order to participate in the event.You will also receive a full map of Hoboken’s best venues to visit during the day. Over 30 venues are participating in this year’s Hoboken St Patrick’s Day Celebration.

Participating Venues Include: Mills Tavern, The Shannon, Biggies, Hoboken Bar & Grill, 10th & Willow, Bahama Mama, Texas Arizona, BOA, Cadillac Cantina, The Dubliner, Room 84, Scotland Yard, Wicked Wolf Tavern, Havana Cafem, Hotel Victor, Marty O’Briens, McSwiggans, Mulligan’s, Nag’s Head, Basile’s Pizza, The Brass Rail, Black Bear Bar, 1 Republik, Arthur’s Tavern, Louise & Jerry’s Tavern, Trinity Bar, The Farside, Stinky Sullivan’s, Mikie Squared Bar, Moran Pub, Stewed Cow, West Five Supperclub, Village Pourhouse, Willie McBrides, Finnegan’s, Turtle Club, McMahons Brownstone Ale House, Madison Bar, and City Bistro.”

Go to HobokenStPatricksDay.com if you are interested. Stay safe out there people.

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March 5, 2013

Hoboken Lepre-con and the Police – A Look by the Numbers

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Hudson County SWAT Truck Leprecon 2013

This year’s Lepre-con for any observer had the following characteristics from TheBoken.com’s and other Hoboken citizen’s observations:

  • It was slightly less attended overall than last year’s inaugural event. The streets were overall less crowded than last year.
  • It started later in the afternoon than last year.
  • It was contained largely from downtown to 6th Street although some Lepre-con revelers were uptown as well.
  • The house parties were an issue this year but there was not a line at the beer distributor downtown on Saturday morning according to a source as has been custom.
  • There were bake sales with parents and children all throughout town which indicates the parents that participated felt it was safe for their children to be out unlike when we last had the parade in 2011 when many parents feared for the children’s safety.
  • There was the usual vandalism. At least two businesses on Washington Street had their window smashed including Ash Cigars who suffered damage to their Native American wood statue as well.
  • The only area of mischief that was up this year from last year was public urination. Perhaps it was the cold or fewer Porto-potties? One of the funnier moments can be summarized with this tweet of an incident at Tunes on Washington Street:

Urination Tweet Leprecon 2013 Girl does number 1 at Tunes

  •  There was without a doubt some crazy behavior as people got more and more inebriated but overall the numbers are down as shown in the chart below….

Hoboken St. Patty's Day Crime Stats 2011 2013

Note: The 2013 Calls for Ambulance Service are based on the total as of 11pm Saturday as reported on Hoboken Patch. The final total could be higher.

The decision in 2011 to have the parade moved to a Wednesday by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and then have the Parade Committee cancel it for the last two years, has its critics but the majority of citizens TheBoken.com has spoken to that own property are glad to see the number of incidents go down. Some would like to see further reductions and hold the bar owners accountable for the overtime for an event now promoted by mainly the downtown bars.

In case you were curious: This is not the first time bar owners interests and that of the citizens of Hoboken have clashed. Back in 1993 a Hoboken City Council meeting got out of hand when bar owners showed up and vehemently protested moving the closing time of bars up and other restrictions like a one-way door at 1am. Below is a link to the video and a blurry video capture of one bar owner being detained by police….

City Council Out of Control 1993 Bar Owner

Link to Video: Hoboken Bar Owner Outburst at 1993 City Council Meeting

Editorial Comment:

Bar Owners have a right to promote their businesses in a responsible manner. The State of New Jersey, The ABC Board, The Mayor of Hoboken and the Hoboken City Council have certain powers of oversight and enforcement to ensure that a balance is struck between the needs of commerce and community. I feel it is important to strike the proper balance between the two and as such disagreements are likely to occur. That’s democracy folks.

I don’t like the vandalism, and the violent behavior of some big events years past. Who does?  I also don’t want Hoboken to turn into a dry town either like Ocean Grove, NJ.  Hoboken is a city not a suburban enclave.  As long as Hoboken has as many bars as it does there will always be some rowdiness that will have to be dealt with the authorities. The key should be to mitigate the bad and celebrate the good which from time to time means a few people will inevitably drink a bit too much. As for the comeback of the parade, I feel there should be a real dialogue but nothing more. Start there and we will see what happens.

- The Boken

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March 2, 2013

Hoboken Leprecon 2013 Photo and Video Highlights

Hoboken Leprecon 2013

Here are some photos and a short video of goings on in downtown Hoboken today for Hoboken’s second annual Lepre-con or Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day. The guys in the above photo were great sports and I found the crowd generally to be better behaved (relatively speaking) and smaller than last year. There are some drunk people for sure but nowhere near as bad as two years ago when there was a parade. Of course there still is plenty of time for more incidents but my gut reaction is this will be even calmer than last year. That is not a bad thing for Hoboken. Parents were out doing bake sales with their kids so that is usually a pretty good indicator. Here is hoping for a safe conclusion of events tonight. TheBoken.com would like to thanks the many nice revelers who asked to have their photo taken. Thanks for your support in making this a fun event so far.

Hoboken Leprecon Photo Highlights: Hoboken Leprecon Video Highlights:

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Zero Tolerance Public Announcement for Hoboken Leprecon 2013

TheBoken.com certainly doesn’t wnat to come off as preachy but as a Public Serivce Announcement for those new to Hoboken on the first Saturday of March you should be aware of the zero tolerance policy towards public drinking and disorderly behavior. Read below and above all have fun without ruining anyone’s day, especially yours ….

Hoboken Leprecon City of Hoboken Zero Tolerance Poster - square

Mayor Dawn Zimmer, the City Council, the Police and Fire Departments,and the Hoboken Hospitality Association welcome you to Hoboken.

Out of Respect for the quality of life of residents, please be responsible citizens and act in a manner so all can enjoy this day.

To Ensure Your Safety & Guarantee a Great Day Please Be Advised of a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY on

  • Public Drinking (City Ordinance 145 – 23 A/B)
  • Disorderly Persons (NJ State Statute 2C: 33 – 2A)
  • Public Urination (City Ordinance 145 – 22 )
  • Unruly House Par ties (City Ordinance 145 – 18)

Violations Could Result in Fines Up To $2000.00 plus community service.


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March 1, 2013

Hoboken Leprecon Live Blog Replay

Hoboken Leprecon Live Blog TheBoken 3-2-2013

This Live Blog on Hoboken’s Leprecon will start tomorrow March 2, 2013 at 8:00am. If you want to have your comment immediately approved use Twitter with the hash tag #HobokenLeprecon. There will be a delay if you comment directly as this editor will be out and about gathering photos and info. I you would like to share photos with TheBoken please email us at theboken@gmail.com and let us know how you want to be attributed as well as the location any other details you might want to share.

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Update:Hoboken Leprecon 2013 – Here we go again with Dueling Leprecons – March 2, 2103

Hoboken Leprecon 2013

Update 03/01/2013:

For 2013, Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day will be on the First Saturday of March, March 2, 2013. This will be the second year of Leprecon when the Hoboken Parade was cancelled or not held due to Public Safety concerns. Last year Leprecon was largely a downtown affair on certainly less populated than when the parade was last held in 2010. Will this year be even bigger? Stay tuned. TheBoken.com will provide coverage.

What’s in a name or hyphen? It appears that there are two versions of this event in Hoboken for Saturday March 2, 2013 on Facebook:

1) Link to Hoboken LepreCon 2013 Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/165611956882636/ (Over 5400 RSVPs as of 3/1/2013)

This Leprecon includes the following bars: Teak, Hotel Victor Bar and Willie McBrides.

Hoboken Lepre-con 2013 also has a link: https://www.facebook.com/events/401946573226448 (Over 2100 RSVPs as of 3/1/2013)

This Lepre-con has a hyphen. They have the following bars listed: Scotland Yard, Room 84, Liberty Bar, Four L’s, Trinity, Black Bear, Bahama Mama’s and Cooper’s Union.

They both claim to by the official Leprecon but there can only be one official Leprecon. Perhaps they will stop the name calling and consolidate. In the meantime: may the best Leprecon win! TheBoken.com is staying neutral on this one.

Leprecon 2012 revelers celebrate in Hoboken last year:


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More on Hoboken’s 2nd Annual Lepre-con 2013

Sullivans Leprecon 2013

Here is another round of Bars in Hoboken and what they are doing for Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day or Lepre-con 2013 tomorrow Saturday March 2, 2013. Sullivan’s at 6th and Washington Street is opening at 10am and always attracts its share of Irish revelers on the first Saturday of March in Hoboken, parade or no parade.

Sullivans Leprecon 2013 sign

Important Note: TheBoken.com is aware that there are two competing Lepre-con organizers each claiming to be the official Lepre-con this year as well as last year.There has been an exchange over who is the copycat and it is none too pretty. We at the Boken state this so as to let the buyer beware until these organizers can come to a mutual understanding. The bars downtown will likely fill up early so we think the best bet is to either get to your downtown destination early or head uptown for a more low key celebration where you are likely to find a place to each and drink in Hoboken responsibly.

For reference the two competing Leprecon’s or Lepre-con’s on Facebook are:

Leprecon: https://www.facebook.com/events/165611956882636

Lepre-con: https://www.facebook.com/events/401946573226448/

Here is the exchange one of the organizers had with Hoboken Girl Blog (www.hobokengirl.com):

Leprecon Twitter War 2013

The bottom line is that there is no official Lepre-con until these two parties can get together and consolidate. Best bet is to go to your favorite bar and get there very early if you must celebrate there.

The Turtle Club located at 936 Park Avenue will open their doors at 11am. The first 100 people will get in free with no cover. DJ Ralph Monte will provide the music to keep the party going.

Turtle Club Leprecon 2013 in Hoboken St. Patrick's Day

The Shannon at 106 1st Street  in Hoboken will open at  Saturday 11 am.  Correction: TheBoken.com had originally posted 8am on their Facebook page but they have confirmed they are opening at 11am. They posted this message on Facebook:

“Help Hoboken Heal! Super Storm Sandy hit Hoboken residents and businesses very hard and many are still feeling the effects. Hoboken is still the great city we all love. Let’s invite our friends and family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and show everyone what a great place Hoboken is! Shop, dine and drink in Hoboken to support local businesses!

Please remember to be respectful of everyone and their property. If you drink, please drink responsibly!”

The Shannon St. Patrick's Day 2013 Lepreon Hoboken

Ash Fine Cigars located at 203 Washington Street will be selling the limited release Filthy Hooligan Cigar made by Alec Bradley in a non-alcoholic offering that has Irish flair. Is it just me or is something labeled Black Market intrinsically cooler than other products?

Ash Cigars Hoboken Filthy Hooligan St. Patrick's Day 2013

And the Elsyian Café at 10th and Washington Street is open under normal hours but not in anyway participating in Lepre-con. Some restaurants are simply opting out to reward their loyal customers.

Great Outdoors6

Elysian Cafe No Leprecon 2013

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Hoboken Photos of the Day–Lepre-con 2012 Highlights

Hoboken Leprecon 2012 - The Line at The Shannon

Today’s photos of the day look back to last year’s inaugural Hoboken Lepre-con in 2012. Without the parade,(for whatever reason) the number of police and medical incidents were down from previous years when the parade was held. Last year’s Lepre-con was heavily hyped and produced good sized crowds mainly confined to the downtown bars. This year there seems to be a lot less buzz but the weather does promise to be sunny albeit a bit chilly. Below are some morning photos from last year’s event:

Photo Set – Hoboken Lepre-con 2012/ St. Patrick’s Day 2012:

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February 26, 2013

West Five Supper Club in Hoboken DJ Lineup for Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day Leprecon March 2,2013

The West Five Supper Club in Hoboken has a substantial DJ lineup for Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day March 2,2013 . Doors open at 11pm and the lineup is as follows…

  • DJ Gary W 11am-2pm
  • Carlos Melange 2pm-4pm
  • Johnny Gunz 4pm-8pm
  • DJ Cream and Aldez 8pm- Close

West Five Supper Club Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Leprecon March 2 2013 flier

For comped or reduced admission and drink specials, contact joe@thewestfive.com to reserve your VIP bracelet. Please note that the VIP bracelet has limited availability!

The West Five Supper Club is located at 505 Madison Street Hoboken, NJ. They can be reached at 201-665-9667 for free shuttle service. Their website is www.thewestfive.com for more information.

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Village PourHouse of Hoboken and Lepre-Con 2013 – Saturday March 2, 2013 at 11am with the Benjamins

Village Pour House St. Patty's Day 2013 Lepre-con

The Village PourHouse in Hoboken is another establishment gearing up for Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day which is on Saturday March 2nd, 2013. The bar will open at 11am and the festivities will include live music from the Benjamins. The Village PourHouse of Hoboken is located at 205 First Street and their phone number is 201-792-2337. There will apparently be a cover but you can pre-register for a reduced rate to get into the door at this link: https://www.facebook.com/villagepourhousehoboken/app_152926008054123

Party on Hoboken and be smart and safe and above all respectful.  The City of Hoboken has ordinances that involve up to a $2,000 fine and community service if you get caught violating open container rules or profound public intoxication.


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