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December 6, 2012

Hoboken Elks Comedy Night to Aid Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts Friday, December 14, 2012 Show Starts 8pm

The Hoboken Elks have done an incredible job helping storm victims by serving several thousand hot meals when the power was out and the cupboards in most homes were bare.Now the most difficult part lies ahead: repair and rebuilding. And the Hoboken Elks will play a part in this effort as well. The proceeds from this show will go toward the Elks Relief Fund. Below are the details for this event…..

Hoboken Elks Comedy Night Returns to Aid Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts

Elks Comedy Night Hoboken 12-14-2012 Hurricane Sandy

Standup comedy is coming back to the Hoboken Elks Lodge on Friday, December 14, 2012. This show  features several of New York City’s funniest comedians. Proceeds from this event will go to the Elks Relief Fund, which will help Hoboken recover from Hurricane Sandy. (Tickets are $20. Doors open at 7pm; the show starts at 8pm. The Lodge is located at 1005 Washington Street, in Hoboken.)

Susie Felber, who has appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the MTV and Oxygen networks and is a frequent co-host on Sirius XM Radio will act as Emcee. Susie knows the stage at the Hoboken Elks Lodge well, having played the role as both host and performer. Anton Shuford will be the headliner. Anton’s based in Philadelphia and has been performing since 2005. He’s a regular at the local venues, but his gigs aren’t limited to Philly. He’s making his name, from Hartford to North Carolina, and within the span of his short career he has become one of the busiest comics on the circuit. Since the Helium Comedy Club (Philadelphia) opened in 2005, Anton went from doing five minutes at open mics, to receiving his first break when he opened for Patrice O’Neil, which led to to featuring for comics like Louis CK.

The show also features comedians Chris DeLuca, Adam Wade  and Ritch Duncan. Chris has performed stand-up for years in the NYC area, and is a writer for The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Best Week Ever. He also created, wrote and starred in the hilarious, and subversive “Mocap, LLC” on Spike TV and currently writes for MTV’s “The Substitute”. Adam Wade has been performing comedy  in New York City for the past ten years. He is an 18-time StorySLAM Champion at The Moth (voted “New York’s hottest and hippest literary ticket” by The Wall Street Journal), and a 2-time GrandSLAM Champion (2006, 2009). He’s also appeared on Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre’s Asssscat 3000, Hot Tub with Kurt and Kristen, Big Terrific, Pretty Good Friends, The Nights of Our Lives, The Rejection Show, Told, The Liar Show, Mortified, Stripped Stories, and The RISK Show. Ritch Duncan was a regular at the Third Fridays comedy show in NYC;  he’s also the co-author of “The Werewolf’s Guide To Life: A Manual For The Newly Bitten” released by Broadway Books.

It will be two hours of non-stop laughs. Bring your friends and have a great night out. Doors at the Lodge will open at 7 PM. Show starts at 8 PM. Tickets are $20, which includes a dinner buffet – there will be a cash bar. All proceeds benefit the Elk Relief Fund. Tickets will be available at the door the night of the show. Call: 201-656-9602 for more information.

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November 29, 2012

Hoboken Hair Benefit Cut-A-Thon December 2 10am-5pm

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Hoboken Hair is having a Cut -A-Thon to raise money for the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund and the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club. The event will be this Sunday Dec 2nd from 10am to 5pm. $15 haircuts for everyone! First in, first Serve. For $30 you get haircut and a Hoboken Strong t-shirt (while supplies last). Don’t need a cut? We will still take donations. Hoboken Hair is located uptown at 109 14th Street.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Hoboken and the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club.

Hoboken Hair

Address: 109 14th Street Hoboken, NJ

Phone:  201-683-887

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November 26, 2012

Governor Christie Releases Preliminary Assessment – Hurricane Sandy Cost New Jersey $29.4 Billion!

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These numbers are preliminary but mind blowing…..

Christie Administration Releases Hurricane Sandy

Preliminary Damage Assessment

Christie Administration Releases Hurricane Sandy Preliminary Damage Assessment

Figure Accounts for Cleanup Costs to Date Plus Rebuilding and Improvements to Infrastructure

NJ Governor Chris Christie visits Hoboken in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

In response to the unprecedented and widespread damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to personal property, businesses, transportation and utilities infrastructure, as well as New Jersey’s $38 billion tourism industry, the Christie Administration has completed a preliminary cost analysis of those damages, which puts the total cost at approximately $29.4 billion. The estimate will be further refined in the days and weeks ahead.

“This preliminary number is based on the best available data, field observations and geographical mapping, and supported by expert advice from my Cabinet commissioners and an outside consulting company,” said Governor Christie. “In a short period of time, we put together a comprehensive and responsible estimate, which may increase in the weeks ahead, and I stand ready to work with our Congressional delegation and the Obama Administration to get the funding support New Jersey expects and deserves in the aftermath of this catastrophe.

“We will continue to provide immediate relief for our citizens who were struck hard by Sandy,” the Governor continued. “But be assured, I will spare no effort and waste no time to rebuild and restore our tourism industry, our transportation and utilities infrastructure and the lives of our citizens for the long term.”

The preliminary cost estimate is inclusive of aid received to date and anticipated from federal sources including FEMA and the Small Business Administration. The estimate will likely be refined further to consider and include the long-term impact on the next tourism season, shifts in population, impact on real estate values and other factors.

Link to Press Release: http://readynj.posterous.com/christie-administration-releases-hurricane-sa

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November 21, 2012

Message from PSE&G to their Customers and Community Leaders in New Jersey After Hurricane Sandy

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A message from PSE&G to their Customers and Community Leaders in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy….

We know what a devastating time this has been for the people of New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy left more than 1.7 million PSE&G customers without power. Over the two week period, including the Nor’easter, we restored power to more customers than in any other storm in our history – or in the history of any utility in the country. We brought in 1,000 out-of-state line workers and tree trimmers in preparation for the storm and that number grew to more than 4,000 by November 9th. In the first three days alone, we restored service to more than one million customers.

We certainly understand and empathize with the frustration and suffering of those who were without power and heat for a longer period.

This was an unprecedented storm and unusually difficult restoration for several reasons:

The size and the power:

  • Twice the size of Hurricane Irene
  • Widespread impact – 900 square miles
  • Incredibly strong winds – 90MPH

When the storm hit:

  • More than 1/3 of our transmission circuits, 1/2 of our sub transmission circuits and more than 3/4 of our distribution circuits were interrupted.
  • The Nor’easter the following week created even more damage and put temporary repairs at risk.

Customers impacted:

  • Twice the number of customers who were impacted by Hurricane Irene, which until now had the distinction of being the worst storm in PSE&G history
  • Almost three times the number of customers in the October 2011 snow storm

Restoration efforts:

  • Record number of trees impacted – 48,000 trees removed or trimmed (compared to 22,500 after Hurricane Irene)
  • Replaced/repaired over 2,400 utility poles, almost three times the number we replaced in the last two storms.
  • (Thanks to pre-storm preparation, we never ran out of equipment to restore service.)
  • The record tree and pole damage slowed our ability to restore power in Union, Middlesex, Bergen and western Essex counties as we struggled to gain access to streets, and in some cases backyards to repair overhead lines.

Flooding in Hoboken hit Record levels

At a number of switching stations and substations located along the Hudson, Hackensack and Passaic rivers, as well as two switching stations located along the Arthur Kill, the storm surge brought a wall of water ranging from four to eight feet into the locations, damaging the equipment. Some of these stations had never been impacted by water damage in the 50 to 75 years that they existed. The work to restore those stations required painstaking, labor intensive drying and cleaning of equipment to get them back in service.

What Did We Learn and What Are We Working On To Do Better:

Hurricane Sandy and the increased frequency of storms like this – have now defined a new normal. Over the coming weeks, we will study and analyze what happened, what we learned and how we can do better. Here is some of our initial thinking.

The Key Is … Good Customer Communications:

  • We conducted daily calls with the Mayors of every town in our service area and the President of the utility conducted a media briefing every morning.
  • We fielded over 2.3 million calls into our call center. We sent frequent emails to the more than 800,000 customers that we have email addresses for in our database. We updated our website frequently.
  • We sent more than 8,000 Twitter messages on outages, restorations, and information about our Mobile Customer Care Centers where we provided food, ice, water, and charging facilities in hard hit areas.
  • We added 45,000 new Twitter followers during the storm and reached millions of people through their re-tweets.

Yet, we know we can improve communication and we’re looking at a number of initiatives…

  • Like every other utility in New Jersey, we were hampered by the lack of information at the meter/customer level. Our systems only have information at the transmission, switching, substation and circuit level. When the circuit is restored, we have no way of knowing that a particular customer does not have service unless they report it individually. We know that led to some frustration.
  • To have customer level information, we need smart grid/ intelligence at the meter. We will be looking at proposals for smart grid technology. This is a decision that must be made at the state level and clearly costs must be taken into consideration.
  • We will continue to encourage customers to sign up for My Account on our website which enables them to report individual outages on line and receive other forms of communication.
  • We will continue to explore improved use of web, text and social media to improve and expand customer communication options.
  • We will work with municipalities, county Offices of Emergency Management and the NJ Board of Public Utilities to further improve crisis communication plans.

We Will Continue To Strengthen Our Infrastructure for the New Normal:

To deal with the flooding from heavy rains that we saw in last year’s storms, we identified substations that needed to be protected with barriers and installed them.

  • We will evaluate options to protect substations in coastal areas.
  • The best way to protect the system is to build in redundancy in our distribution system. For example, we will be building a new substation over the next year inland in Newark. With the “loop” design of our network, we can reroute electricity when we have an issue with a substation. So, we will continue to build more redundancy into our system.
  • We will evaluate our tree trimming programs and be more aggressive with trees near power lines and will consider moving from a four-year cycle to a three-year cycle.
  • Repairing damaged equipment in hard-to-reach places is time and resource intensive. We need to consider how we can work with municipal leaders to move utility poles and electrical lines that run through backyards to the curb.
  • We will continue to build up our transmission infrastructure around the state to increase reliability. We expect to invest about $1 billion in transmission enhancements and replacements this year.
  • We will analyze the effectiveness, costs and whether it might make sense to bury some overhead lines to increase reliability.

What Can You Expect:

To restore customers after a storm of this magnitude, we needed to make a significant number of temporary repairs to our electric delivery system. Crews have continued working to make those repairs permanent and return the system to its normal design.

  • As a result of the impact of the storm and the temporary repairs, for a period of time, the system may be less reliable than usual, and there may be more outages than the utility would experience in a normal day. The good news is that our restoration time will be faster.
  • We ask for your continued patience as we work to restore our system to normal and once again provide the high level of reliability our customers have come to expect.
  • The bills that some customers received in the days following the storm had estimated usage, as meter readers were temporarily re-assigned to helping with the storm. Meter reading is back on schedule and bills will be adjusted for actual usage. You will not be charged for any service that you did not use.
  • We will continue to publish information on our website for customers who need financial assistance in paying their bills.
  • We will continue to communicate with you via bill inserts, our website, Twitter and email.

And Most of All: Thank You

We are grateful to the Governor, to the state and to FEMA for their continuous support.

We are grateful to the first responders across the state – police, firemen, hospitals and emergency crews – who kept all of us safe.

We are very grateful for the support we received from the utility industry across the country and from the malls and businesses who generously provided their properties for our use to organize and mobilize over 4,600 workers in the daunting task of restoring service to the people of New Jersey.

We are both proud of and grateful to the PSE&G teams – those who work in bucket trucks and in call centers, logistics and critical support functions and the more than 1,000 employees who volunteered to lend a hand in the storm – who worked tirelessly to restore service.

We are especially grateful to our customers for their patience during what we know was an incredibly frustrating and difficult time. We appreciate the hundreds of thank you letters, emails, tweets and handmade signs on utility poles.

PSE&G is committed to working with the people of New Jersey to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.

- Ralph Izzo,Chairman and CEO, PSEG and

Ralph LaRossa, COO and President of PSE&G

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November 19, 2012

Hoboken Community Reminder: Environmental Concerns Community Meeting Tonight at 7PM

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From the City of Hoboken….

Hoboken Community Reminder: Environmental Concerns Community Meeting tonight

Dear resident,

For residents who experienced environmental contamination in their homes, particularly by oil, the City will hold a community meeting on Monday, November 19 at 7pm at the Connors School (201 Monroe Street). Residents who would like an air quality test in their homes by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection may call 201-420-2041 (M-F, 9am-4pm).

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Even More Photos of Joe Biden Visiting Hoboken Yesterday

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Here are even more photos of US Vice President Joe Biden visiting Hoboken yesterday. The first group shows various officials speaking on Hurricane Sandy at the Hoboken Ferry Terminal and the bottom photo shows Joe Biden at Benny Tudinos Pizzeria in Hoboken getting a slice of Pizza from Jay Gelzizer’s Twitter account.

Credit for top three photos above: An anonymous source

Credit from Twitter: UCNJ1979 Jay Geldziler www.pic.twitter.com/5VwMPYr3

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November 18, 2012

VP Joe Biden Visits Hoboken Today – Brief Recap

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Joe Biden in Hoboken NJ November 18 2012

United States Vice President Joe Biden visited the Hoboken Terminal today as well as the efforts to restore the Hoboken PATH Station ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. He spoke at the Hoboken Terminal today along with dignitaries such as Senator Robert Menendez and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer on the need to focus on rebuilding New Jersey’s Transit infrastructure. Below is a photo of his conference at Hoboken Ferry Terminal.

Joe Biden at Hoboken Terminal 11-18-2012 – From City of Hoboken Twitter

After touring the facilities Joe greeted residents outside the terminal and then proceeded up Washington Street where he made several surprise visits. No, the stops did not include the Cake Boss. Instead Joe Biden stopped by Benny Tudinos to get a slice according to Hoboken music act Hello Radio. He then traveled up to Hudson Tavern to get a beer according to Twitter reports. Hoboken residents were generally happy to see such a high level official visit Hoboken especially when our PATH train is still not operational in Hoboken.

Video of Joe Biden Motorcade Hoboken Washington Street 11-18-2:

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November 17, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden to Visit Hoboken Tomorrow November 18th

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Joe Biden White House Portrait

According to Fox News NY  Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will visit Seaside Heights and Hoboken on November 18, 2012, to view storm damage and thank first responders.

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Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps Needs Donations Post Hurricane Sandy – They lost Four Vehicles During Storm

Below is a message from Thomas Molta of the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps……

“The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps lost 4 vehicles during Hurricane Sandy, 2 ambulances, our Communications Truck, and our Disaster Support TRuck. Although we do have insurance it does not cover the entire cost to replace these vehicles.

If anyone would like to make a donation to assist us in our recovery, please send them to the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps, PO Box 1368, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in all in advance for your support.

Also for those who want to donate online: Anyone interested in assisting the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps with a monetary donation can do so via Pay Pal… our link is: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=R9QMBXYP2HJRQ

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November 16, 2012

Hoboken to Hold City-Wide Community Cleanup Effort Saturday November 17th 9am-4pm

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The latest from the City of Hoboken on Post-Sandy cleanup efforts…..


Community Meeting for Environmental Concerns to be Held Monday, November 19


The City of Hoboken invites the entire community to participate in city-wide neighborhood cleanup on Saturday, November 17 from 9am to 4pm. Approximately 100 Greek students from the Stevens Institute of Technology will volunteer in the effort, and all residents and businesses are also invited to take part to help clean up their block.

The City is accepting donations of the following cleaning supplies, which can be left in the bins at the Hoboken Parking Utility (basement of City Hall, 94 Washington Street):

  • Masks
  • Work Gloves
  • Industrial Garbage Bags
  • Eyewear
  • Brooms
  • Industrial Dust Pans
  • Shovels

Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own supplies, however these will be provided to those who do not have their own. There will be three meeting locations for volunteers:

  • Mama Johnson Field (401 Jackson St)
  • Church Square Park gazebo (401 Willow Ave)
  • Columbus Park gazebo (Clinton St between 9th St and 10th St).

Volunteers will be dispatched to five zones to clear the streets and sidewalks of debris. In addition to the organized volunteer effort, all residents and businesses are asked to clean the sidewalks and curb areas near their properties.

All contractors are reminded that they must use a container to dispose of debris. The City is temporarily waiving the permit fee for containers. As of Monday, November 19, the City will resume the regular garbage and recycling pickup schedule (see: www.hobokennj.org/recycle). Metal furniture, appliances, and electronics (computers, televisions, monitors) can be placed curbside on Thursdays after 9pm. Non-metal furniture, mattresses, etc can be placed curbside on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 9pm. As always, hazardous items such as paint, varnish, turpentine, pesticide, etc should not be disposed of at the curb.

Environmental Concerns Community Meeting

For residents who experienced environmental contamination in their homes, particularly by oil, the City will hold a community meeting on Monday, November 19 at 7pm at the Connors School (201 Monroe St). Residents who would like an air quality test in their homes by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection may call 201-420-2041 (M-F, 9am-4pm).

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