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May 25, 2011

Holy Large Diamonds Batman! Hoboken Resident Kris Humphries to Marry Kim Kardashian

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www.toofab.com is reporting that Hoboken Resident (at least part time) and New Jersey NETS Basketball player Kris Humphries is to marry reality show phenom Kim Kardashian who has been spotted at various times in Hoboken such as the W Hotel, Village PourHouse and Modern Day Nail Salon as depicted below:

The 26-year-old forward for the New Jersey Nets proposed with a 20.5-carat custom-designed Lorraine Schwartz ring purportedly worth over $2 million. Wow! What a rock! Holy budget busters Batman! Kris better hope his other investments pan out but especially this one! Even Kim was reportedly blown away by the shear size of this ice.

Here in the link to the story:


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February 14, 2011

Where Will Hoboken’s Celebrity Couple Eat Next?


Hoboken is buzzing with excitement these days as it appears Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kris Humphries have been sighted all over Hoboken having dinner.  The cute couple have been visiting some of the best restaurants in Hoboken.  They have been seen at Elysian Cafe, O’nieals and Maxwells according to facebook and twitter messages from people in Hoboken.

Let’s welcome our new couple with a vote.  Where should they eat next? Let us be true Jersians and lend our recommendations.
Below, find a selection of choices that we (The Boken) think they would enjoy, vote on the restaurant you think they would really enjoy.  If you do not see a restaurant they would like simply add your choice for them to go and why they should go there.

Picture 014

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February 7, 2011

Celebrity Sighting Monday in Hoboken!

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kim and chris

Monday is known as a day where we frown upon going to work and recover from the weekend past.  Hoboken was buzzing today and this past weekend as several Kim Kardashian sightings were reported. 
Yesterday she was at Shop Rite and today she was having lunch with Kris Humphries of the NJ Nets and Peter Cornell (Semi Pro Basketball player and played role of Vakidis on Will Ferrell’s movie "Semi Pro).
Several sources said the group was quite happy while having lunch at Elysian and everyone was smiling. 
In other celebrity news, Hoboken’s one and only Batman was spotted on Washington St less his
bike today.  Rumors report he has a flat tire.


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December 27, 2010

Orlando Magic Stars Dine in Hoboken

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The Boken Online Exclusive:
On Sunday December 26th, 2010 three Orlando Magic players were dinning at The W Hotel’s Tuscan Steak House ZYLO, located on the first floor over looking the New York City skyline.


Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and J.J. Redick were spotted at Zylo  on Sunday before Monday’s game against the New Jersey Nets.


The source from ZYLO could not confirm if the entire team was staying at the hotel over night.  The Nets face the Magic tonight in Newark, NJ.

The W Hotel is a popular place for celebrities and sports teams.  Stay tuned to The Boken Online for future celebrity visits in Hoboken.

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December 5, 2010

Kim Kardashian Visits Hoboken Sunday Night!

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A couple residents and The Boken Online fans contacted us tonight saying there was a rumor going around that Kim Kardashian was hanging out at Maxwell’s Bar tonight in Hoboken, NJ. 

                                   Kim kris_humphries--300x300

Our beat writer Rory Chadwick took the leads and stopped in Maxwell’s around 9:15pm tonight and confirmed with the wait staff that YES she was enjoying an evening in Hoboken!  Kardashian was out with New Jersey NETS star Kris Humphries. 

@ The Boken

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November 10, 2010

NY GIANTS Love Liberty Bar in Hoboken

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With in the past week there has been five New York Giants players hanging out at The Liberty Bar and Grill on 14th Street in Hoboken.  Early last week Phillip Dillard Linebacker #49 and a friend enjoy a couple drinks and dinner at Liberty Bar.

Giants Players at Liberty Bar


This passed week a couple of Giants second and third string team members were enjoying Liberty Bar.  Jim Cordle, Jake Ballard and Rhett Bomar are in the photos below with some friends.

Giants Players

Have you seen any Giants with Celebs around Hoboken?  Take a picture and send them over to theboken@gmail.com and we will be sure to publish it.

@ The Boken

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October 27, 2010

Celebrities Enjoying Liberty Bar in Hoboken

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Last night with the GIANTS game on Monday Night Football Liberty Bar was a busy place. with two celebrity sittings.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelley, a former linebacker for the NY Giants Football Team was enjoying a couple of drinks with some friends from the area a source said.

Popeye Jones

Also in attendance sitting at the bar was New Jersey NETS coach Popeye Jones.

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August 12, 2010

“Rescue Me” Star James McCaffrey Speaks With TheBokenOnline.com

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Switching things up this week, I decided to chat with James McCaffrey,
one of the stars of FX’s hit series "Rescue Me".  With the new season
just underway and knowing half of Hoboken is addicted to the show, I
thought this story would be quite interesting for all of you to read.
James is a great friend of mine and was eager to tell me all about the
show exclusively for TheBokenOnline.com.

RC -  James, you play Jimmy Keefe on the hit TV comedy/drama
"Rescue Me".  Can you share with my readers a little about your

JM-   My character of ‘Jimmy Keefe’ was created by Denis Leary after
his real life cousin and best friend, Jerry Lucy, of the Worchester,
Ma. Fire Dept. died tragically in the infamous ‘Worchester ’6′
Warehouse fire in 1999′. (Jerry Lucy was a highly decorated,
legendary, Worchester firefighter who died along with 5 other
firefighter brothers in an abandoned warehouse fire started by several
teenagers. They were trying to save the teenagers who they believed
were still trapped in the burning building)…(Denis then formed The
Leary FireFighters Foundation which has continued to raise tens of
millions of dollars for the Worchester, Boston, New York and New
Orleans Fire Departments and the families of their fallen
brothers)…2 years later, after September 11th 2001, when Denis and
FDNY firefighter Terry Quinn agreed to make a TV series about how FDNY
firefighters and their family’s were dealing with the aftermath, Denis
decided to pay homage to his cousin Jerry Lucy and incorporated their
relationship in the series. Terry Quinn also lost a best friend and
firefighting brother (just 1 of the now legendary 343) in the collapse
of the World Trade Center. Paddy Brown was the Jerry Lucy of the FDNY,
highly decorated and truly an FDNY living-legend. Denis and Terry
combined the real life Jerry Lucy and Paddy Brown to create ‘Jimmy
Keefe’…Along with the real-life phenomenon of firefighters often
(and psychologically confirmed) seeing and being ‘visited’ by ‘Ghosts’
of lost victims and fallen brothers).  I was given the acting
opportunity of a lifetime, because I knew Paddy Brown as well, and got
to meet Jerry Lucy’s family before and after production started. And
all I had to do from there was competently convey Denis’ and Peter
Tolan’s profound and hilarious writing… ‘Jimmy’ is the best friend
and cousin of ‘Tommy Gavin’. They have worked side-by-side for the
last 20 years in the same Firehouse. Their families are very close as
Tommy is the Godfather to Jimmy’s son Damien. They have constantly
over the years pushed and nudged each other to ‘push the envelope’, of
life, until the morning of September 11th,2001 when they got separated
somewhere in the North Tower of the WTC. All that was found of Jimmy
in the rubble, was his middle finger…Now stuck somewhere in
Purgatory, Jimmy remains in Tommy’s sub-conscience, and comes around
to constantly haunt and cajole and co-misserate with him at any given
moment, sometimes just for shits and giggles… How’s that for a short


RC – On the show you are Tommy Gavin’s (Denis Leary’s) cousin.
Could you tell us about what it’s like working alongside Denis Leary
on the set?

JM – Hahaha…working with Denis on the set is difficult because he’s
constantly joking with his twisted sense of humor, and that makes it
hard to concentrate when all I can do is laugh. As busy with writing,
producing, and acting in virtually every scene as he is, he somehow
creates an easy going and hilarious atmosphere unlike any I’ve ever
experienced. And when Peter Tolan (Executive Prod.) is Directing, and
Lenny Clark(Uncle ‘Teddy’) is working it’s an outright laugh riot.(I’m
amazed we ever get anything done). Even when I’ve learned and prepared
a 5 page scene and Denis decides to completely change it just before
shooting, it’s a funny and creative process, as opposed to a
frustrating nightmare(which is what it would be on an ordinary
‘normal’ set)… It is, by far, the best set I’ve ever had the
pleasure to work on thanks to Denis and the collective sense of humor.


RC – Your wife on the show, Sheila is played by Callie Thorne.
For my male readers, is Callie just as pretty in person as she appears
on the TV set?

JM – .Callie Thorne has been one of my favorite NY actresses since the
mid-90′s… she had worked in several productions with my theatre
company, The Workhouse Theatre(1993-2000), along with both Scott and
Dean Winters and the late Adrian Shelley to name just a few of the
alumni. Callie is ALL that you see on screen and more…beautiful,
sexy, funny and as sweet as a perfect pumpkin pie! We were all very
proud of her work on(what I thought was the best show on TV), Tom
Fontana’s ‘Homicide’ and later ‘The Wire’… After the pilot of Rescue
Me was picked up for 13 episodes by FX we got together for a table
read before we began production on the rest of the season. Denis asked
me what I thought about the recent stories in the NYPost concerning
‘The 911 Widows’, some of them were falling in love with and even
marrying their surrogate protectors, (other FDNY members who were
taking care of their fallen brothers widows and families since
’911′).I thought it was a great story-line, and Denis’ chortled as he
walked me over to a smiling Callie and said, ‘look what I got for ya’
hahaha’… I told her what a thrill and pleasure it would be for me to
have her as my wife and lover…and widow. Of course it was all Denis’
pleasure because he was the one who got to do most of the ‘special
scenes’ with her… Callie is a dynamite, giving actress who can, and
will, do anything  and everything (and more) that the role calls
for…Oh and she glows like a halo, smells like an Angel, and kisses
like a goddess… on screen and off… I would love to….work with
her again!

RC- How did you land on the cast of Rescue Me?

JM -  I’ve known Denis Leary for a while through my friends Terry
Quinn and actor/writer Billy Devlin. (Denis produced Billy’s one-man
show called ‘Seamus’ with comedian Colin Quinn). I finally got the
opportunity to work with him on his(Apostle Pictures), first TV show
called ‘The Job’ on ABC in ’00.(I considered it the funniest half-hour
of TV since Barney Miller but it was on opposite The West Wing and
only aired 6-8 episodes I think–if you didn’t get a chance to see it,
you must!!! It might be on HuLu). I was to play Denis’ characters
doppelganger, (a fast talking, gum chewing, cigarette smoking tough
guy). He was a NYC Detective who refused to admit his feelings for his
partner(Dianne Farr), and I was having an affair with her. Needless to
say, hilarity ensued when we finally encountered each other. We had a
ball and I was warmly received by Denis and the gang which included
Lenny Clark who was an old drinking buddy of mine from the Boston days
in the early ’80′s… Then in 2003(Terry Quinn told me to make sure I
got a meeting with Denis for their upcoming, new firefighter project
shooting in NYC). I auditioned for Rescue Me, then I heard that I
wasn’t going to get the offer because they wanted someone older than
Denis, (I grew a handle-bar mustache for authenticity, but still
nothing). About a month later I finally got the offer. Not sure how or
why or what their decision making process entailed, but I am truly
grateful for the resulting 6 years of the best production experience
of my professional acting life… Peter Tolan who was directing the
first episode asked me to shave the mustache just before we began to
shoot because it was bugging him…(Turns out, Jerry Lucy had a
similar mustache)… Denis has truly been great to me over the past
several years as he hired me again to play the role of a NYC private
detective who was having an affair with Julianna Margulies’ title
character in Apostle Picture’s Production for FOX called ‘Canterbury’s
Law’, while we were on hiatus from Rescue Me… I’m looking forward to
whatever he has up his sleeve for the future.

RC – On the show Rescue Me your character dies on an episode that
recreates September 11, 2001.  Personally, playing that roll, was it
hard for you to film that episode?  Hoboken, NJ lost a lot of great
people that day so I have to ask were you emotional filming that
episode or watching it after it was filmed?

JM- Great Question…The show actually begins after Sept. 11th so my
character of Jimmy Keefe has already died. I’m a ghost from the
get-go. But when we do flash-back to pre-’911′ I am alive and usually
well, drinking and joking with the boys on the crew or my family.
Until the incredible day in the 2nd Season when they decided to
flash-back to 62Truck’s arrival on the scene that beautiful summer
Tues. morning in 2001. The story-line was to show how Tommy
Gavin(Denis’ character) got separated from his crew and survived the
mass-murder that fateful day. We didn’t pre-rehearse the long scene
and there wasn’t a lot of dialogue if I remember correctly. We all got
into wardrobe and makeup and headed from our trailers over to the
Jacob Javitz Center where the art department had incredibly, somehow
re-created the lobby of #2 World Trade Center(The North Tower). I
remember that I was anxious and even somewhat skeptical as to how
realistic it would look and seem and feel. We were all blown away when
we got there, at the authenticity and detail of the set, and I
remember I wasn’t the only one who admitted to getting the chills.(I
know I also wasn’t the only one who had lost friends that infamous
day, Steven Mulderry, a childhood friend and neighbor and two FDNY
friends Paddy Brown and Keith Glasgow, God rest their souls)… There
were several hundred background actors, some with head and face
gashes, some looked as if their entire bodies were burned black,
clothes melted to them and still smoldering, and some with normal
business suits, and lots of blood(makeup). Eddie Sullivan who played
Billy Warren in the first Season(died in Season 1 finale), is a great
friend and true-blue retired FDNY. He retired in 2002 to pursue his
successful acting and comedy career(Eddie is always a laughing,
talking, joking and tough as nails kind of guy), and because on the
actual day of Sept. 11th, 2001 Eddie responded to the ‘call’ and later
was to become one of the rare and lucky ones to be pulled out of the
unbelievable fire and rubble after both Towers collapsed. Then he
returned days later to ‘the pile’ and worked tirelessly and
desperately trying to find other members of his crew and all other
possible survivors… Anyway, we were all wearing our heavy bunker
gear and carrying 40 lb. oxygen packs and loads of equipment  on a
hot summer day and were to walk quickly to the lobby from 62Truck
looking up at the horror of the burning buildings while dodging the
falling bodies of the many, many ‘jumpers’, while taking orders from
our chief (Jack McGee) and trying to mobilize our plan of rescue while
digesting the surreal scenario that was unlike anything any of us had
ever imagined, by a long shot. Then we were to convene at one end of
the lobby to coordinate what teams would head up which staircases and
where we would meet to bring down the injured and helpless. At one
point after a couple of, beyond-realistic rehearsals, Denis pulled me
aside and asked me to keep an eye on Eddie(because of his actual ’911′
experience). As we prepared to shoot( 4 cameras- all angles and a
steady-cam following our team all the way through), I noticed Eddie
hadn’t opened his mouth the whole time we were there and was truly
white as a ghost and looked physically ill. I hadn’t noticed until
then because we were all self-consumed with the horror and reality of
the scene. When I asked him if he was going to be o.k. he just nodded
yes, tight lipped, and tried to trooper a half-smile. My heart sank
for the guy, having to relive the front-line War scenario(over and
over again). Many of us were unable to hold back tears in between
takes just thinking of the sheer Humanity of  ’911′. We shot the scene
several times from every different angle and I’ll never forget that
Eddies character ‘Billy Warren’ always somehow seemed or appeared to
be, the most stoic. After several takes, we had gotten plenty of
footage to work with, but needed to do the deathly harrowing scene one
more time, again, this time Eddie politely excused himself which was
fine with Denis and the director and we continued to shoot close-ups
without him… Re-creating the collapse of The World Trade Center that
day, from the lobby’s point of view, absolutely did a number on all of
us. Emotionally, physically and psychologically, without ever being
truly able to properly imagine what the actual people involved had
been experiencing, it was THE most memorable day for me as an actor,
and I’m guessing the same goes for most of the rest of the gang…
Eddie didn’t make it all the way back to his trailer before throwing
up, and I’ll never forget at the end of the day when Denis looked at
me and the director, then back to the ruined lobby and said simply,
‘let’s get the fuck away from here’!


RC – Before Rescue Me you were the lead actor on the hit series
"Viper".  You were also the voice of Max Payne and you had a
re-occurring role on As the World Turns and you also played a role as a
photographer alongside Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex and the City".
Including Rescue Me, out of all the shows what was the best experience
for you as an actor?

JM -  Viper was great and I made a lot of good friends who I have
since worked with again and would love to in the future. After being
fired from my first big gig (a little TV show called NYPD Blue- I was
replaced by David Caruso), Viper made me an offer and promised I could
do Hamlet in the form of the lead character Joe Astor, and I was
trying to start a theatre company in NYC (the Workhouse Theatre), and
the money came in handy. It was a great experience and I got to live
at The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood for 10 months while shooting
it….Max Payne was an easy(400 page script) voice-over gig(I still
can’t relate to these video games), but I’ve have been fortunate
enough to be asked back for Max Payne 2 and the Mark Wahlberg Max
Payne feature film. Who knows where it’ll go from here… Working with
Uma Thurman on The Truth About Cats and Dogs was a lot of fun because
I got to spank her silly as her abusive boyfriend. She was a great
sport and a true professional… Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis were
supremely creative and a lot of fun to work with on American Splendor
and Robert DeNiro was extremely interesting to work opposite of on
Hide and Seek, I was honored to play his alter-ego…. The girls on
Sex and the City were nice and ‘SJP’ was sweet, although I was a
little disappointed when my several episode arc as her potential
boyfriend ended after one episode(was it something I said?)… But the
last 6 years of Rescue Me wins hands down for it’s non-stop hysterics
and deeply profound subject matter and the incredible character I was
given. I consider myself truly fortunate for being given the
opportunity for what was sincerely an actors dream experience!

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August 4, 2010

Jesse James Hoboken Getting Makeover by HGTV Design Star

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Jesse James Hoboken Getting Makeover by HGTV Design Star

The Boken Online reader Sue, gave us a heads up that Jessie James Hoboken located on the corner of Washington and 5th Street was getting a makeover by Dan Faires who is a contestant on HGTV’s Design Star.

Picture 026

Throughout the month of August, Dan will be giving their Hoboken store a makeover resulting in the ultimate shopping experience. Think "Rustic Chic." Keep a lookout for updates on the renovations on Jesse James blog as well as Dan’s.

Jesse James Hoboken will be celebrating their 4th year in business this coming September and they are very excited about their fall fashion. 

Picture 024


@The Boken

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August 2, 2010

Carlo’s Bakery Changes Their Mind “No Skipping Line”

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“Skipping The Line Lasted Only a Couple of Hours”.

After we confirmed with Carlo’s Bakery on Friday morning that they are allowing Hoboken residents skip the line outside the store if they carry a ID with a Hoboken address, we figured we would give it a try early Saturday morning.  We stopped in Carlo’s Bakery at 8:15am this passed Saturday and we were greeted by their door man/ticket hander outer with a smile. 

We had our driver’s license in hand and said “we live in town and would love to pick up some crumb cake”.  The door man got a little flustered and said “a local website wrote a story confirming this yesterday but let me double check”, we smiled and said “yup, that’s us, we are the local website”.
He came back within a couple of seconds and said come on in! 

I told him, “we had over a 1000 people read that article yesterday so don’t be surprised if more people try to skip the line”.  He said, “no problem, before the show began, Hoboken was all we had”.
On Sunday morning we received a couple messages from our readers that Carlo’s Bakery was not letting Hoboken residents skip the line with a Hoboken resident ID. 

Nick, a Boken Online reader and commenter said at 10am Sunday, “I just got turned away. They said they stopped the privilege yesterday because of a “big issue.”. Last time they get my business. I doubt they’ll miss it though – the line was to Observer”.

Sadly it looks like Carlo’s did not hold up their word. 

We know Carlo’s Bakery is not pleased to upset the locals that kept them in business all these years but they do need to something to help us out.  Perhaps specials business hours just for residents from 6am-7am or 7:30pm-8pm? 

Share your feeling below.

@The Boken

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