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May 5, 2013

Hoboken Based Inflexion Interactive Digital Marketing Agency Wins Prestigious Webby Award

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Another Hoboken based firm is recognized for their online design work, namely Inflexion…

Inflexion Interactive, a New Jersey-Based Digital Marketing Agency Wins Prestigious Webby Award

The 17th Annual Webby Awards recognizes Inflexion Interactive alongside BostonGlobe.com and JetBlue.com

as an Official Honoree Visual Design-Function for their groundbreaking work designing and developing the DAngelicoGuitars.com website.

“To be recognized for both visual design and the latest in usability affirms our dedication to creating sites that both look outstanding and function well in our mobile-driven world.”

- Scott Delea, Managing Partner, Inflexion Interactive

Webby Award 2013 Inflexion HobokenDigital marketing agency Inflexion Interactive announced earlier this week  that their website design for DAngelicoGuitars.com is an Official Honoree in the Visual Design-Function category of the 17th Annual Webby Awards.

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. The IADAS, which nominates and selects The Webby Award Winners, is comprised of web industry experts, including media mogul Arianna Huffington, Skype CEO Tony Bates, Mozilla CEO and Chair Mitchell Baker, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, mobile-phone inventor Martin Cooper, and StumbleUpon founder Garrett Camp.

“This Webby Awards Official Honoree designation acknowledges talent in design and functionality,” says Scott Delea, Managing Partner of Inflexion Interactive. “To be recognized for both visual design and the latest in usability affirms our dedication to creating sites that both look outstanding and function well in our mobile-driven world.”

D’Angelico Guitars, the Edison, NJ-based maker of handcrafted archtop guitars for some of the world’s best musicians, shares this Official Honoree recognition with BostonGlobe.com, a website that’s earned critical acclaim for its responsive design, and JetBlue.com, a website that’s produced a clean, simple and smart booking system.

“Both distributors and customers have told me how much they enjoy the website,” says Brenden Cohen, CEO of D’Angelico Guitars. “It’s allowed us to expand our brand online with four classic archtop reissues, including the Limited Edition USA Masterbuilt Series.”

The website design included Parallax-style scrolling to let visitors move effortlessly through the on-screen content. HTML5, AJAX and JavaScript techniques were used to build the most adaptive website possible. A mobile version has been launched, as well.

“Honorees like Inflexion Interactive are setting the standard for innovation and creativity on the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, Executive Director of The Webby Awards. “It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 11,000 entries we received this year.”

About Inflexion Interactive:

Inflexion Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency that delivers award-winning solutions to mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies. Their design and development specialists plan, execute and manage a complete suite of services including website design, development, mobile, search, email and social media marketing. They are a trusted marketing partner that works strategically and efficiently. The company is headquartered in Hoboken, NJ with clients located nationally.

For more information, please visit http://www.InflexionInteractive.com or call 1-888-399-1772.

About D’Aneglico Guitars:

Since 1932 when John D’Angelico began making musical instruments at 40 Kenmare Street in NYC, D’Angelico Guitars has become a top source for archtop guitars. The company recently rebranded with an American-made line of archtop guitars to honor the original handcrafted instruments. The website is a part of their 2013 brand expansion.

About the Webby Awards:

Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising & media, online film & video, and mobile & apps. Established in 1996, the 17th Annual Webby Awards received 11,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide. The Webby Awards is presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: Internet Explorer, Google+, Quancast, Yext, Vitamin T, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mashable, The Occasional and Business Insider.

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May 4, 2013

Washington Street Shuffle – Bwè Cafe Coffee Shop is opening in Hoboken Monday, May 6th!

 Bwè Cafe is a new Hoboken coffee shop with a social twist and it  is opening in Hoboken Monday, May 6th! Here is an opening announcement from their marketing director…
Bwe Cafe Grand Opening in Hoboken 5-6-2013“Coffee— grounded.”
The exciting story about Hoboken’s new coffee shop!
Welcome to bwè kafe, Hoboken’s new coffee shop and living room! Dedicated to serving top quality and earth conscious coffee through exciting brewing methods – as well as specialty teas, drinks and healthy foods - bwè kafe is an open and warm setting for stories to be told, creativity to flow and cultures to meet. Started by a group of Hoboken residents (and supported by their friends near and far) in 2013, the story of bwè kafe began in 2010. When the earthquake in Haiti hit, Hoboken resident Maryanne Fike, and a few friends, knew that they had to do something. Using their social media network they were able to gather a team of doctors and like-minded individuals who also saw the value in aiding in the aftermath of this terrible tragedy. The fact that no civilian planes were allowed in the country didn’t hold them back. Instead, they flew to the Dominican Republic and rented a bus to take them over the border, and in less than 10 days after the earthquake, they were in Port au Prince, providing emergency medical care, and temporary housing to anyone they could.
Through this experience, Maryanne co-founded Love for Haiti / the Ark Project, a 501c3 organization whose purpose is to assist the children and youth of Haiti to have a promising future. Maryanne has been back to Haiti more than 15 times since her initial visit, and through Love for Haiti, has sponsored youth by funding their higher education aspirations and assisting with teacher training and an art program at several elementary and high schools in Port au Prince. In an effort to sustain these efforts she recognized the opportunity to open a cafe, offering Haitian coffee, and have a portion of the proceeds go towards these projects!
Maryanne shared this idea with her daughter, Dale Ryan, and her son, Evan Ryan, her soon to be son-in-law, Tatsuaki Mori, and family friends; Kafele Boothe, Akiko Masuda, Judy Rector (co-founder of Love for Haiti), – who all immediately signed on. Together this team set-out to provide Hoboken with the best coffee whilst helping to provide Haitian youth with the opportunity of higher education!
Through Love for Haiti’s frequented trips to the island, it was apparent that, in addition to a limited access to education, the people of Haiti were also facing a deficiency of safe drinking water. For this reason bwè kafe decided to have a portion of their proceeds also go to Coffee for Water, founded by Jahan Tavangar of Philadelphia.  This social enterprise company provides water filtration services in Haiti, supplying the people there with access to safe drinking water.
Keeping true to their commitment to Haiti and their commitment to providing Hoboken with quality coffee, bwè kafe teamed up with La Colombe. La Colombe is a top quality, world renowned, roaster based out of Philadelphia who sources its coffee from all ends of the Earth – including Haiti – using direct trade practices. For this reason, La Colombe is the exclusive roaster for all coffee sold at bwè kafe. By funding college education through Love for Haiti, supporting Coffee for Water, and serving delicious La Colombe roasted coffee, each cup sold at bwè kafe goes to helping Haitian youth get the education they deserve, supplying the Haitian population with clean drinking water, and benefiting Haitian farmers! This project is one that was born out of love, developed out of love, and will continue with love as its driving force. Love for Haiti, Love for Hoboken, and Love for Coffee is what gave birth to bwè kafe and are what will keep bwè kafe going for the days, months, and years ahead!

Bwé Cafe Hoboken

Address: 1002 Washington Street Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
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May 2, 2013

Mission 50 in Hoboken Home to Female Tech Startups Mommies 247 and Jumblzar

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Here are the latest group of entrepreneurs to find a home in Hoboken business location Mission 50….

Female Tech Entrepreneurs Find Inspiration at Mission 50 Workspaces in Hoboken, N.J.
Founders of Startups Mommies 247 and Jumblzar are Members of This Coworking Space

Mission 50 Hoboken

Working from home while forming and running successful startup tech companies was challenging and often frustrating for female entrepreneurs Sarah Himmelbaum and Christine Curatolo. Membership at Mission 50 Workspaces in Hoboken, N.J. has given both women the ability to accomplish great work and forge significant business relationships in a vibrant coworking environment.

“Women are severely underrepresented when it comes to founding tech companies,” said Greg Dell’Aquila, president of Mission 50. “At Mission 50, we are proud to provide a supportive platform in which Sarah, Christine and many other female entrepreneurs can build their businesses.”

NJ Tech Gals Mission 50Himmelbaum is the founder of Mommies 247, a social networking organization for mothers, which she originally established in Hoboken. The online community provides members with a one-stop destination to socialize, interact, and share parenting information and advice. Since its inception last year, Hoboken Mommies 247 has grown to include more than 5,000 members. Mommies 247 has expanded into Summit, Nutley and Montclair, with additional online communities anticipated by the end of the year.

When she began this venture, Himmelbaum – the mother of an active toddler – was unable to afford the cost of leasing traditional office space. She became a member of Mission 50 in January. “There came a point when my company was growing and I had to figure out a way to grow with it,” she said. “In terms of day-to-day productivity, Mission 50 has been a game changer. When you work from home, as focused as you may be, there are many distractions. It became increasingly difficult to split ‘mommy duties’ with managing a successful company. Mission 50 has given me an office space that is professional and productive, but on my own terms.”

Curatolo, founder of Jumblzar, has been a Mission 50 member since December 2012. Jumblzar is an invitation-only online marketplace where moms can buy and sell used/like-new baby, child and maternity items with other moms. The site recently launched in three cities: Charlotte, N.C., Cornelius, N.C. and Richmond, Va., with plans to expand to Hoboken, N.J. in the coming weeks.

“Mission 50 offers a real sense of community, which has been one of the biggest benefits to my membership,” said Curatolo. “Working from home was great on certain days, but my productivity has gone up ten-fold since I started working here. People with many different backgrounds and skill sets work at Mission 50, and the ability to form relationships, ask questions and get advice from those around me has been invaluable to getting my business off the ground.”

Located in the penthouse of the multi-tenanted, 80,000-square-foot Hoboken Business Center, Mission 50 is a shared work environment for independent professionals, entrepreneurs and small businesses that fosters productivity and collaboration. Members are provided with daily to monthly leasing options and a choice of private and shared workspaces. Amenities include laptop-ready desks with Internet connectivity; virtual mailing addresses; print, copy, scan and fax capabilities; and three soundproof phone booths. The conference room accommodates up to eight people and is equipped with the latest projector technology.

In Mission 50′s dynamic environment, Himmelbaum and Curatolo quickly connected with each other and many more like-minded professionals such as Marcel Fahle, who became Jumblzar’s technical co-founder. While at Mission 50, Himmelbaum and Curatolo co-founded NJ Tech Gals, a support group for women working in the technology industry. NJ Tech Gals is a subgroup of the NJ Tech Meetup, the state’s largest tech community, whose founder is also a Mission 50 member.

“NJ Tech Gals literally was born from our memberships at Mission 50. There’s a lot of good that can come out of surrounding yourself with other creative individuals,” said Himmelbaum.



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April 15, 2013

McDonald’s in Hoboken Re-opens with a New Modern Look

McDonalds Re-Opens in Hoboken

McDonald’s in Hoboken after completing an extensive renovation and modernizing both inside and out did a soft opening this weekend. Located at the corner of 3rd and Washington, this hub of a fast food and good Wi-Fi connection actually does have a few healthy items on the menu but does anyone honestly go to McDonald’s to eat a salad? Their official Grand Opening will run the week or April 22- April 28. May McDonalds super size its profits without super sizing their patrons.

McDonald's Grand Re-opening in Hoboken

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Moving Into or Out of Hoboken? – Save 5% Instant Cash Back with Unpakt

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As wonderful as Hoboken is to live in, it is still quite the transient community where people change jobs a careers as well as move to the suburbs once their children grow older. As such it can help of you can minimize moving costs a bit.Unpakt Logo

The website Unpakt lets you find reputable movers, compare exact prices and book online – instantly. Think of it like Kayak or Expedia for trustworthy moving companies. Named one of The Next Web’s Top 10 Apps for Home and Work, Unpakt streamlines the entire “booking a mover” process to under an hour and features over 25 of the best moving companies in the NJ/NY area.

Receive 5% instant cash back on your next move! Enter promo code: UNPAKT5 on www.Unpakt.com when booking and save. Move must be booked by 7/31/13.

Please use this URL when linking to Unpakt (to give Theboken.com credit for promo): Link to Deal

Unpakt Moving Coupon Hoboken Use by 7-31-2013

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Hoboken Startup A Brighter Mile to Help Parents with Childcare Decisions

A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) is an online community that connects local families with educators who babysit, tutor and coach. They are a small business looking to help the Hoboken community by creating jobs and providing local families with the highest-quality childcare available.

Some quick facts about the company are:

  • They currently have 30 educators listed on the website and are growing rapidly.
  • All listed educators live or work in Hoboken.
  • Founded by a special education teacher and a large contingency of our teachers have special education backgrounds.
  • Strong advocate for anti-bullying and children with special needs.
  • Monthly ($30), Half-Year ($120) and Yearly ($200) memberships
  • Listed on Hoboken Mommies and Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group websites.

Below is a business launch press release detailing the company….

A Brighter Mile Hoboken



After a year of behind-the-scenes work, Hoboken resident Allison Bartels unveiled her solution for families seeking reliable childcare services. On Monday, April 1st, A Brighter Mile (www.abrightermile.com) went live as Hoboken’s new one-stop-shop connecting local families with educators who offer babysitting, tutoring and coaching services.

Unlike other babysitting sites and agencies, A Brighter Mile childcare providers must be licensed to work within a state school system. Listed childcare providers are local teachers, school psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists – all professionals who work with children on a daily basis.

To simplify how parents connect with educators, the site allows users to conduct searches based on qualifications such as education level, special education background, and CPR/Epi-Pen certifications, to name a few. All educators have detailed profiles listing areas of expertise and availability to help families find the best and most suitable care for their children.

In addition to its online community, A Brighter Mile will be active within the Hoboken community. On May 5th, A Brighter Mile will have a booth at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. On May 15th, President and Founder, Allison Bartels, will be speaking at the Hoboken Mommies – Mommy Lunch. Over the course of the summer, other events will include CPR classes hosted by FDNY paramedics, child outings to Hoboken’s Movies Under the Stars, and parent seminars on Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB).

While A Brighter Mile is currently focused on serving the Hoboken community, it is expanding its reach throughout the New York Metro Area by allowing educators to indicate their willingness to travel nearby. Prior to joining, families from surrounding areas are encouraged to preview listed educators to determine if there is one who meets their needs.

A Brighter Mile offers monthly ($30), half-year ($120) and yearly ($200) memberships. However, now through April 18th, the site is offering a 25% discount on all initial rates to promote their launch.

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April 4, 2013

Nomad Truck – Fashion on Wheels Grand Opening at Village Pourhouse April 13th 11am-4pm

Fashionistas with a propensity to party should mark your calendars for the Nomad Truck’s Grand Opening Party at the Village Pourhouse in Hoboken on April 13th from 11am-4pm. Details are below….

Nomad Truck Hoboken Grand opening at Village Pourhouse 4-13-2013
Mobile Fashion Truck to Launch in Greater NYC Area – Boutique Brings Haute Wheels to Hoboken in April

Nomad, the mobile retail boutique, today announced that after four months of construction and almost a year of planning, it will hit the road and roll up its doors on April 13th, 2013, with a grand opening celebration outside of the Village Pourhouse located at 205 1st Street  in Hoboken, NJ. The launch party will run from 11am – 4pm and will offer drink specials at the Village Pourhouse for Nomad customers.

The carefully curated mobile fashion boutique offers trendy ladies’ fashions for under $100. All inventory is handpicked by Jessie Goldenberg, founder and CEO, who established Nomad after observing the overwhelming success of the food truck industry and the growing trend of pop-up shops.

Nomad will showcase handmade and local designers, many of which Goldenberg found via Etsy.com and through her experience vending under the Nomad banner in more traditional booth set-ups since early January. Some of the fashions already on board include beaded stacker bracelets by NYC based Harmony L, minimalist mixed-metal pieces by local Hoboken favorite hbkco., and flowy printed tops by Ya Los Angeles and Mono B.

“I want to build a (mobile) place where my customers – young, creative women – can have fun shopping without breaking the bank,” says Goldenberg, “A place that is convenient and affordable, inspiring and intimate. And of course there should be good music.”

Goldenberg, a filmmaker turned full-time fashionista, graduated from NYU Tisch with a slew of production credits under her belt and a whirlwind of ideas in her head. With Nomad, Goldenberg seeks to combine her artistic eye and love of travel to create a fun and novel shopping experience for customers in the region.

While Nomad will be parked primarily in Hoboken, NJ, this mobile retail boutique will offer private party services, visit local colleges, and vend at NYC Flea Markets and street fairs. Locations for the upcoming week will be posted on the website and advertised via social media.

For more information, or to book a private event with the truck, visit www.thenomadtruck.com.

About the Nomad Truck

Nomad is a fully functioning boutique on wheels, traveling around the greater New York City Area. Nomad operates out of the back of a 24’ long renovated stepvan with roughly 100 square feet of shopping space. The rear door rolls up, steps are attached, and viola – it’s transformed into a carefully curated boutique adorned with racks of trendy ladies’ fashions, accessories, and jewelry. Nomad showcases the work of local designers and artisans, and offers a wide selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind merchandise.

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April 3, 2013

Washington Street Shuffle McDonalds in Hoboken Gets a McMakeover – Looks Ready to Reopen Soon

Hoboken McDonalds Makeover 4-2-2013 #1

Hoboken’s McDonalds was shut down recently to undergo extensive renovations. Now it looks like those renovations are nearly done. The counter has been moved up to the front of the store and the tired old look from what appeared to be the 70’s has now been replaced with a much more modern and clean look. Contrary to popular perception, McDonalds does have healthy items on the menu but lets be honest for a moment: are you really going to go to McDonalds to get a salad or a Big Mac? Here is wishing the new look success for this franchise that serves Hoboken’s less affluent and the well-off alike and provided free Wi-Fi that was very reliable.

Hoboken McDonalds Makeover 4-2-2013 #2

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Anthropologie in Hoboken Unveils Storefront Exterior–Closer to Grand Opening

Anthropologie 4-4-2013 in Hoboken HDR Exterior smaller

Anthropologie located at 412 Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ is even closer to opening than ever. They revealed their exterior yesterday and the façade is quite tastefully done. This anchor store is likely to change the retail landscape of Hoboken for quite some time.  This is one of the most anticipated store openings in recent Hoboken memory.  They are likely to have a Grand Opening or soft opening in April based on the progress I am seeing.


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March 28, 2013

Midtown Authentic New Location Grand Opening Saturday March 30th 11am-7pm

Midtown Authentic, Luxury Goods consignment store recently re-located at 700 Garden Street is having their grand opening this Saturday to celebrate the new location. Here is a Facebook post note for owner Rory Chadwick…..


“Finally! New space with a great new look and a far more superior selection. Come celebrate my grand reopening this Saturday March 30th, 2013. Food, drink, free raffles for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci items, etc. 11am-7pm. All items in store discounted too!! Accepting all credit cards.”

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