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April 12, 2013

Trinity Customer Night A Success – Hoboken 411 loses over 4,000 Twitter Followers in 2 Days

Trinity Customer Appreciation Night 4-11-2013 smaller

Last night Trinity in Hoboken held a customer appreciation night on April 11, 2013. The background behind this was that in late March Hoboken 411 posted on his website that Trinity was closing and would become an Italian restaurant. Kevin Cocca who is one of the owners has attempted to contact Hoboken411 the next day to get the facts corrected as Trinity has no plans of closing or selling to Italian restauranteurs. Kevin remarked that false information like that was detrimental to their business and they spent time assuring both staff and patrons they were not closing. A week later Hoboken411 finally pulled the post when a letter from Trinity’s attorney was sent. The negative behavior on the part of Hoboken 411 prompted Trinity Management to do something positive by hosting  a customer appreciation night on 4-11 which was very well attended with over 100-125 people in the main bar area alone. Several people TheBoken.com spoke to said they no longer read Hoboken411 due to the personal attacks and negativity. As editor I was more than happy to pass out my website’s business cards.

Congratulations to Trinity for standing up to the misinformation of Hoboken411 and the smearing petty posts of Perry Klaussen. It is the hope of  TheBoken.com that other businesses take Trinity’s lead and do the same. Hoboken businesses should not be bullied by bitter bloggers but rather supported by websites such as TheBoken.com and others that have a positive view of Hoboken.

Here is the best part in my humble opinion. In the last two days, Hoboken411 has lost over 4,000 Twitter followers. According to TwitSprout Hoboken411 is hemorrhaging Twitter followers. I have my doubts as to those followers being real in the first place as they were likely paid for but that is a great example of  karma doing its own thing. See the heavy bleeding below in rejoice that in some small way justice is being served….

Hoboken 411 loses over 4000 Twitter followers in 2 days!

On Thursday Hoboken411 lost 2,636 Twitter followers and so far today that website has lost 1,589 and counting. Again, I doubt many of them were real followers in the first place but this plummet in followers certainly is. It could not happen to a nicer guy.

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May 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Not in Hoboken – Never has Been Here!

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According To Newsday website yesterday new New York Jets QB Tim Tebow shot down reports that he recently settled into Eli Manning‘s town. “I don’t live in Hoboken,” he said. “I’ve never even been to Hoboken”.

Link to Story: http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/tebow-s-dog-a-bronx-tail-1.3711818

Editor’s Note:  TheBoken.com only published this story after the NY Post did a piece on it with the link below….

Original Story: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/tim_eli_home_game_iG2cKPF0JipfBj0kRHHLKK#ixzz1sidJJ4aK

The supposed story had been broken by the masters of no fact checking over at Hoboken411. That site is run by the  untrustworthy and notoriously biased Perry Klaussen and it wouldn’t be the first time he was wrong about something. What surprises TheBoken.com is that the NY Post fell for it. As editor I figured they had done their fact checking and then went ahead with the story. Just goes to show you really can’t trust anything over on that site these days.

Not that we are perfect over here it TheBoken.com but we do at least try and check things out before publishing.

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August 30, 2011

TheBoken Thanks Its Readers for Their Support and Big Traffic Increase

The Boken Irene Stats 8-22 8-29

During the last 8 days TheBoken has seen record traffic numbers with 53,424 pageviews over that period. A good portion of that was due to Hurricane Irene. Readers came to the Boken for valuable information during a storm  that could have been very destructive but thankfully was not. Our peak day was Sunday with 16,412 page views according to Google Analytics. Now, we are sure that this traffic will not be sustainable from that peak day but this event in all likelihood increased our base of readership.

The Live Blog was a valuable tool that took in input from residents of Hoboken as well as local media via Twitter feeds to give next to real time data for Hobokenites to process in one place. The next big event such as a volcano or an alien invasion will have TheBoken using this tool once again. Kudos to all who sent in pics to the Boken or the Twitter hashtag #Hoboken. It gave the readers assessments of what was happening as it was happening.

Another plus from this weekend was the growth in Twitter followers for TheBoken. We added over 300 new followers last week alone and now have almost 5,800 followers on Twitter. The Founders of TheBoken started this site on Twitter first and that legacy is one of the strengths of TheBoken’s online presence. The number of retweets of our tweets was staggering this weekend.

The Boken Twit Sprout 1

TheBoken is averaging 15.8 new followers per day. On Sunday alone TheBoken sent out over 80 tweets to keep Hoboken in the know as well as our normal website posts.

The Boken Twit Sprout 2

Our Facebook presence also showed good growth over the last month. Our lifetime likes increased 133 to 1,755 with 1,505 monthly active users and 155,038 post views.

The Boken Facebook Stats 8-30-2011

And lastly Quantcast shows that the latest US monthly readership is over 22,000 people. Quantcast is a nice tool since it does not count traffic from unscrupulous website owners that use bots to artificially drive up traffic. It levels the playing field and TheBoken finds it a valuable tool. We are now ranked the 64,574th website in the US based on total number of monthly people. We are now at the point where we don’t care what Hoboken 411 is up to and that is good for the community as a whole. At least now Hoboken has another truly authentically local alternative and that’s what the free market is all about. The Quantcast ranking is a big jump up in the rankings for us. It is only possible with your support. Thanks again readers.

The Boken Quantcast

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August 20, 2011

The Boken Online has More Monthly Reach than Hoboken 411 According to Quantcast

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According to Quantcast.com’s latest numbers, TheBokenOnline has now exceeded Hoboken411 in terms of monthly US people that visit the site. In the most recent month TheBokenOnline had about 8,652 US people and Hoboken 411 had about 8,337 US people.

The caveat to this statistic is that Hoboken 411′s is currently estimated by Quantcast. At one point it was directly measured but the website owner Perry Klaussen, who is known to wear shorts year round and gives his dog Oscar hideous haircuts, blocked it from public view somewhat after his nose-diving traffic numbers were featured in an article on HobokenPatch.

TheBokenOnline is happy to reach this milestone for at least one method of website traffic measurement. TheBoken feels that our mostly positive message about Hoboken events and place to meet up offer an alternative to the sometimes brooding misery and negativity over at Hoboken411. Now this does not conclusively mean that our website has more traffic. It just means that the order of magnitude that Hoboken411 claims simply does not exist with a high degree of statistical certainty. Quantcast also has methodology to take out traffic generated by programmatic means (i.e. bots) that unscrupulous website owners use to pump up their traffic.  Local advertisers should take note. TheBokenOnline still has ad space available.

Most recent month- TheBokenOnline has 8,652 US people!

TheBokenOnline Quantcast 8-20-2011

Most recent month- Hoboken411 has 8,337 US people, a bit less than TheBokenOnline

Hoboken 411 Quantcast stats 8-20-2011

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August 10, 2011

Steamroller Picnic Slated to Rock Wicked Wolf August 12

Steamroller PicnicSteamroller Picnic Slated to Rock Wicked Wolf!

Time: Friday, August 12 at 9:00pm – August 13 at 12:00am
Location: Wicked Wolf Hoboken

Promotional Description:

Steamroller Picnic is the ultimate rock & dance party! They have a long prestigious history in the East Coast band scene, And still consistently impress crowds from Vermont to Virginia. So come out for their return to Wicked Wolf to listen to them live and be prepared to have a great time!

Wicked Wolf Hoboken

Address: 120 Sinatra Drive Hoboken, NJ 07030
Website: http://www.wickedwolfhoboken.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wwolfhoboken
Facebook: http://facebook.com/wickedwolfhoboken
Email: wickedwolfhoboken@gmail.com

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July 1, 2010

Hoboken411 Misleads Readers on Hertz Corner Cars

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One thing that we have not done here on The Boken Online is engage the biased other news source in town Hoboken 411.

We feel that this time we need to intervene and stick up for the city of Hoboken.

In response to their post titled “Hertz Corner Cars Exempt from Street Cleaning” written on June 30th Hoboken 411 goes on to say:

“Since the Connect by Hertz Corner Cars launched in Hoboken recently – Hoboken411 has been receiving a steady stream of concerns about this community car sharing program that city transportation czar Ian Sacs said will “remove 750 cars from the streets.”

So far, over 100 residents have signed up to the program, but no cars have been relinquished.

Some comments from the residents I’ve spoken with:

  • “Only $100 a month? I’d pay double that to have my own private spot in front of my apartment!”
  • “Who inspects the cleanliness of the parking spots? What’s the fine for non-compliance? Why can’t I be exempt from street cleaning if I sweep my spot too?”

Hoboken411 goes on to say:

“It seems to me that the concept behind this Corner Cars program, is so lazy residents don’t have to walk more than a block or two before they can sit down again and drive wherever they’re going.”

Wow, so not only are we going to bash the City of Hoboken for trying to improve the parking situation but Hoboken411 even goes so far as to insult the residents by calling them lazy.

Lets cut through all of this and get to the facts, we checked with the city administration, and this is what the deal is regarding keeping the area clean.

1. Care maintenance and cleaning (every 2 weeks) is coordinated to coincide with street cleaning regs.
2. Regular use of the vehicles will often result in the cars not being parked when street cleaning occurs
3. If 1 and 2 are not working hertz has agreed to manually clean up the area around the car.

The Bokens response to the resident who said that they “would pay double to have a parking spot in front of their apartment” you wouldn’t mind sharing your car with 50 other families now would ya?

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